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BITE user comments - Todrungren

Comments by Todrungren

The Old Post Office, Linlithgow

In here with friends years ago as I am not a local. I was told it had improved recently so for an after 10pm drink we tried it out again. Belhaven house that has recently had a change of management. Locals think the standards have slipped since.

Our visits were pleasant but on both the evening and lunchtime visits service was slow and it was obvious the staff were not properly trained. Short pints being the perfect example especially pouring a pint of Strongbow. Head disappears in two seconds and you have an inch short of a pint.

Keg beers were well kept as were the wines. Food looked good and seemed very popular although we did not try any.

It has the Spoons problem of a very long walk to the upstairs toilet.

21 Oct 2016 00:07

The Swan Tavern, Linlithgow

Back to Linlithgow to stay with an old friend for the first time in over 5 years.

This pub has hardly changed since my previous visits. No real ales but the keg stuff is pretty well kept. Staff and customers are friendly if you want company. Nice beer garden out the back but it was a little bit too cold to spend too much time out there. Be great on a warm summers day tho.

No food sold but if you just want a beer or a session you could do a lot worse than here.

Varying clientele. Young to old depending upon the day and the time of the day.

Will be back in 4 or 5 years.

20 Oct 2016 23:41

The Football and Cricketers Arms, Linlithgow

Different name now and apparently up for sale again. So I'm told.
4 real ales on tap when I visited and the 2 I tried were well kept. Jarl being the best. I visited in the afternoon and it was quiet. Excluding my Linlithgow buddy and myself there were never more than 7 people in and we were there all afternoon.
Barmaid unfriendly and spent her time talking to locals so in the Scottish way, if you wanted to buy a beer you needed to shout for service.

Not recommended.

20 Oct 2016 23:30

The Auld Hole in the Wall, Linlithgow

Very nice pub with friendly staff. Did not see any real ales but the keg beer were good. I was recommended to try the food by the locals. Excellent. On my two week visit to the area meeting an old buddy this was the best food in the area bar none.

20 Oct 2016 23:23

The Carriers Quarters, Bo'ness


1 Nov 2012 00:41

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Friendly bar that seems to cater for students tourists and locals. Lots of good real ales that seems to be well kept. Very enjoyable nights spent there. Over my six month stay in the area.

Only problem. Like many pubs, one barman wishes to serve friends and locals with a "smile", new visitors with a "grump".

Did not stop me going however as the beers and the local was good.

1 Nov 2012 00:28

The Black Bull Tavern, Edinburgh

Small pub that sells a decent pint without attitude from the bar staff. Most of the time. Staff turnover is a problem.
Great selection of beers and ales and foreign bottle beers. It can get a bit busy at night but the service is still good.
If you are in Edinburgh and like Heavy metal or Rock this is the pub to visit.
For a city centre pub the prices are reasonable.

Just watch the steps when you leave.

1 Feb 2012 23:49

The Elm Bar, Edinburgh

Well there goes a good pub. This place was sold a few months back. The previous owner knew how to get the punters in and served a really good pint. Always a good priced real ale or two. There was up to 8 televisions in this big bar for punters to watch the horses , football, eastenders or whatever without bothering others. Food was good and troublemakers were never allowed.

The new owners have decided they know better than the big money they had to pay to buy the place. Gone are most of the TV's. Previously barred punters now allowed back. Beers not well kept.

No longer a friendly place to go. I can never understand why people buy a pub that is making really good money. And they obviously had to pay a lot to get it. Then change the winning format.

Makes no sense to me.

1 Feb 2012 23:35

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

This place has gone downhill over the last 6 / 9 months. Used to be a great pub when I visited this area but staff changes and increased pricing have changed its character completely. The staff seemed badly trained and surely.

I ordered three pints of good real ale but because the girl/lady could not pour the pints properly more beer went down the drain than stayed in the glass. Also beer that was in a separate glass was used to top up one of the pints. I complained only to be told it was "just poured a few minutes ago". I did not take that pint and was told " I have poured it so you will need to pay for it". After a few minutes of polite discussion the manager came over and said " pour him another" and added "please leave when you are finished". As it was our first beers of the day we were happy to do so as there are plenty decent pubs in the area that value customers.

29 Jan 2012 22:29

The Swan Tavern, Linlithgow

Small pub that does not serve food bar crisps and nuts. It also could do with a new lick of paint.

However I agree with the previous reviewer. It serves good beer and lager at reasonable prices and the staff and locals are very friendly and helpful.

I was staying with friends in the area for 2 weeks and this became a regular haunt because it is a decent boozer.

10 Sep 2011 13:10

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