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The Pheasant Inn, Wellington

ROBCamra - What in the name of the good Lord do you do work-wise to stay occasionally in Wellington? It is one of the worst places on earth and as far as I am aware there isn't any "work" there to be done?! I am from Telford and went to school in Wellington and am therfore allowed to say this kind of thing. Stay in Shrewsbury next time; its so much nicer! I can recommend loads of pubs there too - The Coach & Horses, The Nags Head, The Armoury etc, etc

2 Mar 2009 16:32

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

A wondreous pub.

20 Feb 2009 10:06

The Bush Inn, Morwenstow

THE finest pub I have ever been into. Stumbled upon it when spending a long weekend in North Cornwall. Ale is well kept, top landlord, food is excellent. Roaring fire, wonderful atmosphere, proper ye olde bar furniture. The Gents is outside across a cobbled yard - when I was there it was dark and raining with a strong wind coming in off the sea - I half expected to see Blackbeard at the urinal next to me. In fact, If a pirate had walked into the bar in full costume no one would have batted an eyelid - bloody marvellous. In fact it is so good it is worth dropping whatever you are doing right now and driving from wherever you are in the UK to The Bush for a quick pint!

12 Jan 2009 15:56

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

Jasper911 is your use of the english language.

18 Sep 2008 14:10

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

I don't know what pub Jasper911 went to! I travelled from London because I'd spied this pub as being a cracker. I went with my pregant wife for my birthday lunch on 16/08 and could not have been treated better. My fish and chips was fantastic and at 9.95 was good value; the fish was so fresh I almost had to slap it/ Locals were friendly and we had a chat with the landlord/chef who was a top man.I wish this was my local and I shall definately be back again soon.
Where do you usually go to Japser911, Wetherspoons??!!

18 Aug 2008 14:25

The Burlton Inn, Burlton

This pub used to great - good beer, really good food. Unfortunately it appears to have been taken over by a family from Manchester (I too am from that great city). The landlord swore like a trooper when he cocked up the PDQ machine doing my card, and his dreadful daughter and her husband sat at the bar quaffing lager and white wine and cackling sporadically all bloody night whilst their little kid with a shaved head and possibly an earing (aged about 6) ran around and eventually collapsed asleep on one of the leather couches. Never go. Ever.

16 Jun 2008 17:28

Royal Oak, Cardington

Excellent pub - great beers and really good honest food thats very reasonablby priced. Landlord was born to be a Landlord too. Only down side when I went was a girl in her late twenties picking here feet vigorously next to the inglenook fire place...quite off putting.

18 Feb 2008 17:35

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

A fine establishment with a fine Landlord. The locals can look a little intimidating if you venture in on a Fri/Sat night - but enter ye, and thou shalt be rewarded with great ales.

Beer garden is good on a summers night too amongst the 16th Century Timbers. Used to like hearing the Gay Meadow crowd cheer from across the river when they scored - which wasn't often if I'm honest...

4 Jan 2008 11:21

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

A fine pub with fine ales. Been going here for years and the new landlord has improved the place. Food is very good and the lounge/dining area now has a better atmosphere than it used to.

If you can bag a seat next to the fire in winter in the bar there is no finer place to be on earth...

4 Jan 2008 11:13

The Abbeville, Clapham South

Great food (although a little expensive) and great beer. The South African chap behind the bar is superb - friendly, and incredibly efficient. The Tim Taylor Landlord is to die for...

3 Jan 2008 17:31

The Lots Road Pub and Dining Room, Chelsea

Dreadful place. It used to be great a couple of years ago for sunday lunch - always busy, warm and welcoming with good beer. I went on Sunday 23rd Dec 07 for lunch with my wife, father and grandmother. I wish i hadn't bothered - food was awful. The place was cold and the staff were more interested in talking to the local Irish drunk who had staggered in for a pint or 10 swearing like I don't know what. Never ever go - bloody awful...

3 Jan 2008 17:26

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

This is a great place whether you go with your better half or with a group of mates for a few socialable ales. Good, well kept beer and friendly helpful staff who actually allow you to sample the beer before you commit to a pint - brilliant. Food is good too - great fish and chips - but sometimes can try a bit too hard with it to be honest. Cut down the menu a little would be my advice.

3 Jan 2008 17:16

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

A fine establishment. I last went into this pub in 1996 and was unfortunatley barred for life at some point in June of that year - can't remember the date exactly - but I was very drunk indeed...what a stupid student I was.

I have longed to go in it ever since - do you think they'd recognise me now? I seem to remember that their Guinness was really good. Good pub to people watch in.

3 Jan 2008 17:05

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