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The Dukes Head, Putney

What is happening to London Pubs? This used to be such a lovely place, full of character and soul. Now it is nothing short of a student union bar trying to be classy. I know Punney is not cheap, but 8.55 for a glass of house red and a lager seems abit harsh. I wonder how the management of this now money cow can justify that? Anyway I have learnt my lesson and will avoid in the future. My original rating was 8 a couple of years ago, its now gone down to a piss porr 0.

8 Jun 2007 11:40

The Puzzle, Earlsfield

Another bar run by Aussies, and if that is not enougth it shows sport.It is an empty and souless moneycow. I get the impression that the manager (who is ausie)is not interseted in he needs of UK punters, but only that of bloody aussies. AVOID!!!!

31 May 2007 03:47

The Halfway House, Earlsfield

Thank god this pit of a place is closing for a month. It has taken the management of this dump to realise that it needs updating. I cannot wait to see the nicotine coloured walls go. Lets wait and see, maybe the red necks who run this place will discover taste.

30 May 2007 02:44

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

I was a bit confused with this place. It was as if it could not make up its mind wether it was a hotel lounge , gastro pub or student pub. The bar staff seemed friendly and there was Queen being played in he background. The food was very plain...nothing to email home about. So I still do know wether I like this place or not. It is the "Switzerland" of pubs.

30 May 2007 02:40

The Moon Under Water, Balham

I thought places like this were stuff of legends, it is so bad I thought I was on the set of Shameless. You only go to a place like this to spend your war pension, get murdered, murder someone else, get food poisoning, trip out on the toxic smells in the gents or to find that last minute inspiration to top yourself. You have been warned.

21 May 2007 14:34

The Bedford, Balham

Went to this place on the night of the cricket world cup final It was just to crowded for my liking so we had to sit outside with sulky door staff. Also lacked soul and atmos. Reminded me of a southend family theme pub.

21 May 2007 14:25

The Slug and Lettuce, Clapham Junction

Another souless money cow. Also full of pouting office workers. Avoid.

21 May 2007 14:22

Blithe Spirit, Balham

Nothing to write home about. Aussies seem to like for some reason. Very bland food.

10 May 2007 01:51

The Rocket , Putney

I popped in to this place earlier this evening just to see what all the fuss is all about. What a souless aweful money cow of a place. Why do they only sell bottled beer? There are far too many of these artificial "IKEA" type bars in SW London.

8 Feb 2007 02:53

The Victoria, Hitchin

Seemed abit run down, cold, unfriendly and shabby. Also abit creepy...not sure why. Shame.

22 Jan 2007 13:25

Corn Exchange, Hitchin

Several years ago I visited this place with a friend of mine and we had a nice afternoon. It had a nice atmos and civilised punters. However I paid a visit last weekend and how this place has changed. Its now full of chavs and a meeting ground fro the local village idiots. It was also very cold, and I dont know about you but burnt chips with my burger is not quite my thing. Also seems to be the hang out place for Hitchins chav single mums. Shame. Also what is it with all the flat screens everywhere?

22 Jan 2007 13:22

The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth

The service in this place is aweful, it took 20 minutes to get served. Why do they hire staff who don't give a bugger about good customer service? Apart from that its a typical "spoons" place. Yes...full of chavs and odd locals.

8 Jan 2007 02:29

The Slug and Lettuce, Bournemouth

I must agree with BFT, this place was aweful. I am not sure why there was so many bugs flying around my beer. Apart from that this place is nothing special, another souless chain pub.

8 Jan 2007 02:25

Brasshouse, Bournemouth

Umm what can I say about this place? Well lets first start not sure wether it wants to be a pub or a nightclub. It is far to big to be a pub but not classy to be a club. What is it with the fair ground games?

8 Jan 2007 02:21

The Kings Head, Chertsey

Went into this place for a spot of lunch. As expected being a Young's pub the food was overpriced for what it was. Apart from that its not a bad little boozer but got the impression it gets busy at weekends with sporty types.Also had a cosy decor, seemed to have the original fixtures and fittings what is a nice change as Young's seem to have a habbit of ripping these out and replacing it with white plaster.

4 Dec 2006 15:56

The Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth

This place is now more a a food place then a pub. Seemed to be full of the fulham crowd flashing their credit cards about. Horrible.

4 Dec 2006 15:47

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Decided to pay a visit to this pub after a couple of years. Looks like it has new owners as a[] the beer was very pricey and b] there is now a gastro resterant up stairs. Also had the normal Fulham crowd. Oh well.

4 Dec 2006 15:46

The Crane, Wandsworth

What has happened to this place? Its been argued that this is the oldest oub in the area. However the new owners decided to turn it into a branch of McDonalds. All the original fittings and timber beams have been ripped out, it now has a juke box and a tv. On top of that the night we paid a visit it seemed to be full of chavs and their screaming kids. Needless to say we moved on after our pint.

4 Dec 2006 15:44

The Jurys Out, Brighton

Not sure where to start with this one, but all I will say that this is a pretty shoddy. It looks cheap and vulgar. Its a shame as the pub looks very inviting from the outside. Looks cosy and warm on the outside but the inside has the atmosphere of a working mans pub/homeless shelter. The only plus side is that its 2.80 for a pint which is not bad for its location. Apart from that void.

12 Sep 2006 11:57

The Shakespeares Head, Brighton

I dashed into this place by chance the other week to avoid the rain. The interior is abit cheesy plus a scary barmaid behid the bar [i think she was the boss], apart from that not much to moan about. It did have a odd mixture of drinkers in when I paid my visit. There was a couple of goths, inbred yocals, chavs, a well dress middleaged asian gentleman in the corner on hi own, the couple on their second date together looking out of their depth and the normal chavs. Enjoy.

10 Sep 2006 02:57

The East Slope Bar, Falmer

This bar is a hole. Considering its open to both Brghton and Sussex Students aswell as staff the bar manager has gone out of her way to make it very un welcome. And why is it so smokey? and the state of the toilets is wrong. The only positive of this place the open mic night. It could be such a unique place, but oh no they have to make it like any other sudent bar on the campus. Oh lets show sport aswell. Need I say more.

16 Jul 2006 05:27

The Railway Bell, Brighton

This must be the worst pub in the area. Its more of a working mans club atmos then a 21st century pub next to Brighton station. I get get the impression that to be excepted to this place is that you must need a skin head, smoke b&h, swear alot, wear a football shirt, have a prison number and to be a elite drinker of this plave have a asbo or prison number. The owners/Management must be so proud.

16 Jul 2006 05:07

The Duke of Wellington, Brighton

This could be such a lovely pub, but as usual they insist on showing sport. What is it with that?. Filled with a mixture of locals..some friendly some no so. Its not the sort of place you go to for a quiet drink with you other half or somewhere to read the paper in peace.

16 Jul 2006 04:57

The Eddy, Brighton

Been to this pub twice in the last several months. By the looks of things it trys to make out that its something special in Brighton. However all I saw was sport on TV, bar staff more interested in talking to their friends then serving us mere punters, and pouty "urban young professionals".
A good pub is where you can go in a be treated witha smile and read your paper over a pint without the feeling that you are not very welcome. This is not one of them. Shame.

16 Jul 2006 04:52

The Market Inn, Brighton

Popped into this place by chance the other day. A Mistake, I wont be back. If any of the staff are reading this all I can say is that I am so sorry for ordering a pint, I did not mean to ruin your day.
The pub looks lovely from the outside but the interior is drab and cheap.
It is a shame that to have such a central location this pub does not make the most of it and have a cosy atmos that the exterior hints at. Ha ho its their problem.

16 Jul 2006 04:37

The Standard, Brighton

Popped into this place on the off chance of trying to find a civilised pub on west street. Can any one guess what I found?...thats right, another chav/sports bar. This place does not have the right to be called a pub. I think its in competition with Yates or Wetherspoons to be the most scummy pub in Brighton. It has the usual suspects;
1. Shaved Headed Chavs.
2. Sport on 100 TVs.
3. Doorman [Very Bad Sign]
4. More Chavs.
5. Barstaff who have walkie talkies and find it an effort to serve a pint.


16 Jul 2006 04:29

The North Star, Ealing

What has happend to this once great boozer? It used to be a good old fasioned pub where you could meet mates over a few decent pints. Now they have dj's blasting you out and the place looks like a branch of IKEA. Shame.

12 Jul 2006 23:30

The Cricketers, Brighton

As expected from a central Brighton pub it is pretty pricey, but hey it seems to keep the chavs away. The seedy bar at the back of the court yard ruins the atmos. Apart from that no complaints.

12 Jul 2006 23:23

Molly Malone's, Brighton

Avoid, its just a horrible rip off bar with skin heads strutting there stuff with their shirts hanging out. No atmos this place, its for the london crowds and ASBO boys.

12 Jul 2006 18:01

Hotel du Vin and Bistro, Brighton

Very friendly staff and good menu also good to read the papers on a quiet saturday afternoon. However can get busy with the "urban young professional type" who think the world revolves around them. It does have a bice little garden which is lovely on a hot summers day. Seems to be in a mobile phone network black spot, orange does not seem to work in this pub.

12 Jul 2006 17:55

The Good Companions, Brighton

What a hell hole! fom the outside it looks cheap and ugly but the inside is no improvement. Its a typical chav/football pub. horrible

12 Jul 2006 17:50

The Druids Head, Brighton

What a great little boozer. It has nice back ground music, newspapers, 2.74 for 1664 and friendly staff. Also nice central location. The food also loked and smelt pretty good.

12 Jul 2006 17:44

The Montpelier Inn, Brighton

Very busy on footy night so avoid if its not your game. Apart from that its nothing special and yes the gents pee troths are high on the wall.

12 Jul 2006 17:39

The Duke of Norfolk, Brighton

Nice little pub this one and it even has a non smoking section. Avoid at at weekeneds as gets busy with london types and young couples with lille Johnny in their 3 wheel wheel buggies.

12 Jul 2006 17:35

The West Hill, Brighton

Very ordinary place this one, does not stand out of the crowr at all. One gripe of mine would be smoking at the bar. As far as I know most pubs have banned smoking at the bar, but it seems that this one does not give a monkeys. Also in general its a very smokey place what can ruin a nice quiet evening out with my bit of squease.

14 May 2006 20:10

The Shakespeare's Head, Brighton

Not a bad little boozer this one. It was nice to find a pub which did not sell the usual 1664 or Stella. It has a very relaxed cosy atmos a not a chav or footie wally in sight. However its best avoided on a friday/Saturday evening as it is full of the "oh look at me, I read the Guardian" types. It also gets very smokey. You have been warned. 7 for bangers and mash seems abit steep....haho.

14 May 2006 20:00

The Standard, Brighton

Horrible Place this one. Has the usual sport on the big screen and tribes of "what ya looking at" chavs. It had no atmosphere and seemed very gloomy. Also why bar staff need to walk around with walkie talkies is beyond me. So to sum up....avoid.

20 Nov 2005 16:01

The Fiddlers Elbow, Brighton

Fab Pub, it has a great atmos....very chilled out. Very unprentious and to make things better it was only 3.88 for two pints. The food also looked great.
Did not see a chav in sight and had a good mixture of locals and non locals a like. However the night we paid a visit it was very windy outside and for some reason the Manager insisted on opening the window next to us. So every few seconds we got blasted out. So we closed the window, but the manager would reappear and open it for us....ha ho.
Apart from that this must be one of the best pubs in Brighton.

6 Nov 2005 10:36

The Prince Arthur, Brighton

Lovely Pub this one. Its great if you want to escape the students and London Types who invade Brighton at weekends. Also have great staff, very friendly. Nice back ground music, good beer and to top it off it has its own pub dog called Rascal...a very Bouncy JR.
If you must pay a visit keep it quiet, this boozer is a secret.

26 Oct 2005 21:14

The Registry, Portsmouth

I loved this place a student. It had a great juke box, pool tables, unhealthy food and cheap beer. It was also 5 minutes walk from my halls. I will miss the Rg.

20 Jul 2005 05:10

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Can anyone explian why they charge 3.30 for a Pint of Stella?...maybe its to pay the sulky bar staff.
Its a shame that this palce is so false, all it does is attract the Fulham crown and price out the locals.

20 Jul 2005 05:04

The Crane, Wandsworth

Is it true that this place is Haunted? If so we are there!

20 Jul 2005 04:58

The Dukes Head, Putney

awww, abit of heaven in SW London. Chav free and lets keep it that way.

20 Jul 2005 04:51

The Fox, Putney

Another London pub which seems to be obsessed with sport on TVs and hiring rude staff. they also like to charge 3 for their lager.

20 Jul 2005 04:50

The Litten Tree, Putney

I have been in this place only once, and never again. White trainers seem the dress code and if you seem to be above your late teens you are made to feel unwelcome. Also the beer is very flat.

20 Jul 2005 04:48

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

I was always told "never trust a pub where the bar staff dress better then you, no matter how nice it looks on the outside". This is one of those pubs.

20 Jul 2005 04:42

The Kingston Mill, Kingston Upon Thames

Fun student pub. Friendly happy staff who like having a chat and the beer is cheap. Its also on the river. What more can I say?

20 Jul 2005 04:39

The Bear, Oxford

Lovely pub, great on a cold winters night. Beware to those under 6 foot as the ceiling is very low!

20 Jul 2005 04:33

The Front Room, Wandsworth

My only problem with this place was the lack of lighting. It was a task trying to see the person in front of me who I was trying to have a conversation with. And that was on a saturday afternoon.

20 Jul 2005 04:28

The Kings Arms, Wandsworth

Nothing special about this place. Normal High prices that come with Young's pubs, no atmosphere, sulky staff..need I go on?

20 Jul 2005 04:26

The Pitcher and Piano, Wandsworth

Not a real pub this one, and also full of kids in the day time at weekends. But the food is good and friendly staff. But I still go by the rule of supporting my friendly local Independent pub.

20 Jul 2005 04:21

Yates's, Clapham Junction

This place had 35 Police call outs last year, need I say more.

20 Jul 2005 04:15

The Royal Oak, Wandsworth

Come on guys, give this pub a chance. The new mangement are trying their best with this place. It has friendly locals, great crub and the beer is good. You are also not blasted out by music. It also has one of the best Quiz nights in South London every thursday night. So give it a try and support your independent Local.

20 Jul 2005 04:13

The Rose and Crown, Wandsworth

ahhhh! Have mercey on my soul. I agree with the other guy, Wetherspoons was a aweful pub but now this plaxce is aweful. I drove past it at 10.30am last monday and old guys where downing their pints of Stout. Its a shame because it could of been a lovely pub considering the location, but no, its has to be the prime place to spend your War Pention.

11 May 2005 02:51

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Graet for a meeting plave to meet friends as it is near the station but it does get very smokey. Service is slow aswell.

11 May 2005 02:45

Yates's, Clapham Junction

Its a shame about this place. Its in a prime location however it sems to attract the "what ya looking at" crowd. The beer maybe cheap but the service is aweful and the locals look as if they have audtitiones for CrimeWatch UK.

11 May 2005 02:43

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

I'm sorry guys, I hate this pub. Been there twice and was faced by Pikies from Hell and Drunk Fottie Fans. The staff seemed over run by the amount of punters and Sport on the Big Screen was all I could hear.

11 May 2005 02:35

The Jenny Lind, Wimbledon Common

If you like Sky Sports and Chav locals then this is the pub for you. One more thing, what is the thing with white fans parked out side on most nights?

11 May 2005 02:30

The Angel On The Bridge, Henley-On-Thames

If an Alien from Mars asked me about this Pub I would say one thing...sit on the river side with a beer and relax. The riverside patio of this place is fab.

11 May 2005 02:26

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

This place has a good mixture of Town and Gown...and for once they seem to get on with each other. Maybe its due to the fact this pub has a warm atmos and chilled our bar staff and reasonably priced beer.
Its more of a night time pub rather then a day time pub....and is it true that it hanted? If so I will be interested to know.

11 May 2005 02:22

The East Hill, Wandsworth

This is an awefule pub. It has the usual sport on the several TVs and arragant bar staff. That and the aweful beer and food. I still cant work out why it gets packed on Friday nights.....oh yeah its the City Wallies coming up from the Station.

18 Apr 2005 00:59

The Star and Garter, Wandsworth

This is a real locals pub. Its vert grotty with "what ya looking at" clientel. When we visited a local family where teaching their teenage kids how to smoke. Need I say more. But it does have a cheap Pool table...75p a game.

17 Apr 2005 02:15

The High Spirits, Crowborough

I'm sorry biut this sort of place not work in somewhere like Crowborough. Highspirits might work on the Fulham Rd but not croft rd Crowbororough with the Farmers going by on thier tracters. Also it seemed on the afternoon we visited that it was the Bar Staff Entertains their mates day.

17 Apr 2005 02:08

The Crowborough Cross, Crowborough

AVOID!...its the local meat market. Don't go their with your girlfriend for a romantic night out. Aweful music, very smokey and very crowded. It was hell when we visited. Never again.

17 Apr 2005 02:01

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Used to be a fine Pub. Its now full of the Fulham Crowd who like shouting at the top of their voices. Also beer has gone up 20p since the pub was mentioned on TV.
Sorry guys.

17 Apr 2005 01:40

The Kings Arms, Oxford

I love this pub. Its a great mixture of Students, Tourists and locals. Its over priced but that is Youngs for you, but the atmos compensates for that. Its one of those pubs where you can go in on your own for a quiet pint in the afternoon and not feel intimidated. But be aware that it gets very packerd on friday and saturday nights.
The food is also great...its good old faishoned nosh.
Also if you get the chance Visit Wadham Coolege next door, it was my old College.

17 Apr 2005 01:37

Dorset Arms, Sevenoaks

Great pub if you are out with the lads to watch the footy, but don,t take the girlfriend there as it is a sports pub. Several unsaviour characters hang there aswell so hang on to your wallet and mobile.
Oh yeah the offie opposite is cheaper.

17 Apr 2005 01:30

The Chequers, Sevenoaks

Lovely pub this one. Great open Fire, big sofas and very friendly bar staff. Also very reasonably priced.
There was also nice background music.

17 Apr 2005 01:27

The Farmers, Sevenoaks

OUCH!, This place needs to go. I'm so glade to hear that it is....and good riddings. Its full of wannabe footballers and Chavs.

17 Apr 2005 01:22

GJ's, Earlsfield

Not sure what to say about this place. Abit gloomy abut thts about it. Im not to sure if this is a pub or a sports bar. At least its a improvement from that dodgy Irish place next door.

15 Apr 2005 17:36

The Brewers Inn, Wandsworth

AVOID! Full of the Pikies from the Oak next door waiting for happy hour to begin. Also very arrogant barman [fat bloke who seems cant dress himself properly]. Gets very packed on a footie night and is also expensive...3.10 for Stella. ouch. Also if you are a non smoker like myself its best avoided as it does get very smokey.

15 Apr 2005 17:30

The County Arms, Wandsworth Common

Not impressed by this place. Far to many kids in there when visited [a sunday night] and the bar staff seemed on another planet. It also has a feel of a Harvester and Airport Departure Lounge.
The only good thing to of come out of the makeover is that it now seems to be free of Chavs and grumpy old men.

15 Apr 2005 17:25

Tir Na Nog, Wandsworth

Weird Pub this one, its seems to be a hangout for the Village Idiot Brigade or the local Chav scum Brigade.
Very gloomy aswell.

15 Apr 2005 17:19

The Old Sergeant, Wandsworth

Not sure about this one. It did need the make over and is now looking great and the mixed crown can make it a lively place. However the food is a tad over priced for what it is and its a shame that they insist on showing sport every day....cant seem to escape that in Wandsworth now. The army of Aussy bar staff have also chosen the bar area as the place to entertain their friends rather then serving.
Also gets very have been warned.

15 Apr 2005 17:09

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

Moody staff, Overpriced Lager and gets very crowded.At least its a chav free zone and no bloody Juke Box. Also near to the station what can be handy.Why does the owner walk around the place as if he can walk on water?

15 Apr 2005 17:01

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Great pub this one and a Chav free zone. Also if you are a dog lover this is the pub for you.

15 Apr 2005 16:54

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