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BITE user comments - ThePilgrim

Comments by ThePilgrim

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Changing hands in January sold for £1.5 m
Lets hope it goes back to being a lovely village pub not the poncy place it is now.

8 Dec 2016 13:04

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

I always take what `wealdman` writes with a spinch of salt.

18 Oct 2016 19:48

The Cyder House Inn, Shackleford

Is this pub still open???????????????????????

8 Feb 2016 16:59

The Dog and Pheasant, Brook

A lovely cozy pub with good food and a very good choice of real ales, I stayed on one from a brewery in Dunsfold which i`d not come across before, top notch.
The food was excellent and service friendly and on the ball.
Recommended. 9/10

2 Feb 2016 18:37

The Lobster Pot, Farnham

Found out today it`s being turned into apartments.

2 Feb 2016 18:31

The Lobster Pot, Farnham

Not open the other lunch time (Thur`s) looks more of a restaurant.

1 Feb 2016 14:17

The Mulberry, Farnham

Closed for refurb

1 Feb 2016 14:16

The Ball and Wicket, Heath End

Closed down, now a house

1 Feb 2016 14:15

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

Not sure if this is a pub or bar, but very clean and tidy 3 pumps of ales all good, just off the beaten track.

13 Sep 2015 18:16

The Pilgrim, Dorking

Closed at the moment

13 Sep 2015 18:12

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Another good back street pub, Fullers house if you like their beer, clean and tidy

13 Sep 2015 18:11

The Robin Hood, Guildford

Good back street pub, good beer at reasonable price`s, considering it`s a Punch house.

13 Sep 2015 18:09

Casino, Guildford

Still over rated at 1.2/10

12 Apr 2014 17:16

Bar Med, Guildford

Gone thank goodness

12 Apr 2014 17:16

The Old House At Home, Dorking

More of an eating house.

12 Apr 2014 17:15

The George Abbot, Guildford

Fe opened looking good.

12 Apr 2014 17:13

First In Last Out, Winchester

Is this pub still open or not ?

11 Oct 2013 17:25

The Albany, Guildford

Nice chilled atmosphere, more of a bar than a pub,but it`s ok.

13 Jul 2013 18:52

Rogues Wine Bar, Guildford

An ok bar, the best thing about it is the over 25 bit.
A lot of people with their heads up their own backsides is the downside.

13 Apr 2013 20:29

The Forresters Arms, Guildford

NoDisgrace outskirts of Guildford and was.

13 Apr 2013 20:23

The Keystone, Guildford

Lease is up for grabs and on the market.

7 Feb 2013 17:31

The Seahorse, Shalford

Average place,there are better private owned pubs in this area to eat.

7 Feb 2013 17:28

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Closing for another refurb. Why ????

7 Feb 2013 17:26

The Ship Inn, Pitch Place

Yep closed for good,well done Thomas the tosser.

7 Feb 2013 17:24

The Rowbarge, Guildford

Went past yesterday and it looked as if it`s closed down,shame if it has.

7 Feb 2013 17:20

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Passed today and a lease for rent sign up.

30 Aug 2012 14:14

The Astolat, Guildford

Always find this pub clean and tidy it`s just outside Guildford so away from the hustle of the town. They had 2 ales on last visit which where fine.

30 Aug 2012 14:11

Kings Head, Sutton Valence

Am I Mr King exo are you barling ? Click on my name and see where i`ve been.

2 Aug 2012 16:15

Kings Head, Sutton Valence

Well well no comments since 2009 then all of a sudden 6 within a month of each other !!!
Smells of Haddock to me.
Mr King it looks like one person has a problem and just keeps coming on here with different names.

30 Jul 2012 10:29

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Sad times,I see more village pubs going in this area if locals don`t back them,but most villagers don`t give a `Rats Arse` sorry to say.

23 Jun 2012 15:43

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Good luck to you and yours Lionel,sad days.

9 Jun 2012 16:47

The Edmund Tylney, Leatherhead

Not very `Random` these pubs of the day more like month.
Is it me or is this site getting worse ??????

9 Jun 2012 16:45

The Albion, Epsom

Sounds more like the moron`s running it, than the pub it`s self.

9 Jun 2012 16:43

The Anchor Inn, Godalming

Still an Indian Restaurant.

20 Apr 2012 14:51

The Refectory, Godalming

Nice Ad. Gastr0naut you didn`t say what position you hold in this firm !!!

20 Apr 2012 14:34

Pub, Chilworth

Get your credit card ready if your going to buy a round when it reopens.
This hasn`t been a pub for years and that won`t change,money and greed come to mind.

15 Mar 2012 10:35

The Great Northern Railway Tavern, Hornsey

This pub has been crying out for some TLC for yeats.
In the past the beer was very hit and miss lets hope thats changing.
Lovely olde pub could be one of the best but I see the dreaded `Punch` own it, bloody shame that as they are to pubs what Iran is to world peace !!
Wish the new guys all the best.

15 Mar 2012 10:31

Four Lords, St Blazey Gate

Too right `flap` all be upstanding for Ashley & Jill hip hip bowlox.

16 Jan 2012 19:58

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

This is a good local pub but needs support from `Locals` as well as passing trade.

13 Dec 2011 20:10

Hush, Godalming

Now opened as an Italian restaurant

13 Dec 2011 20:08

Bel and The Dragon, Godalming

Closed and has been for a while now.

13 Dec 2011 20:06

The Compasses Inn, Gomshall

We have always found the range of beers here very good and mostly on top form.
This pub could accommodate a new beer from Shere !!!!! you don`t have to go all the way to Epsom !!!!

13 Dec 2011 20:03

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

Some of what you say slerpy might be correct but over Shere way there are plenty of pubs that could accommodate a launch of local ales (I could name 6 or 7).
I know a few local landlords ( within say a 5 mile radius of Shere) and I expect they`d be a little put out.
Glad the beer was good and yes I will keep missing it if its in the Epsom area.

13 Dec 2011 19:57

The Royal Oak, Brockham

A member of staff by any chance ?

11 Dec 2011 11:14

The Jolly Coopers, Epsom

Have I missed something here ?? Tillingbourne brewery based in Shere launch their beer in Epsom why ?
Far more local pubs they could have used and if I were a local landlord I know what i`d say !!!!!!!

11 Dec 2011 11:11

Pub, Chilworth

Due to reopen April 2012,not really missed.

21 Nov 2011 20:09

The Keep, Guildford

Not a bad bozzer for a town pub just away from the main drag 2 real ales on when I visited ,worth a stop off if nearby.
Last 2 comments signed up same day within half an hour of each other ? possible Roland alert me thinks.

3 Nov 2011 16:53

The Partridge, Partridge Green

Another wasted PR job by dickie boy.

4 Oct 2011 17:58

Pub, Chilworth

A second fire today finished the rest of the upper floor off.

29 Aug 2011 18:53

The Foresters Arms, Egham

Thats against my religion atthebar thanks anyway.
But reading your last post only a very sad person wants to hurt someone`s business and who ever is trying should wind their necks in and get a life.
Peace be with you.

23 Aug 2011 17:48

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Boarded up.

22 Aug 2011 12:39

The Foresters Arms, Egham

You sound like a gem attherbar Not

22 Aug 2011 12:38

The Mucky Duck Inn, Tismans Common

Good ale and pizza`s are great.

19 Aug 2011 20:00

The Crown, Alfold

Should think this will be a house in the not too distant future.

19 Aug 2011 19:56

Alfold Barn, Alfold

Could not get in the other Thur`s night at 9 pm lights on but no one at home Mmmmmmmmmm.

19 Aug 2011 19:55

The Three Compasses, Alfold

A real olde country pub rustic and all.Beers on top form, I think there were 3 available on our visit.

19 Aug 2011 19:54

The Sun Inn, Dunsfold

On our visit we found the place looked a little tired needs some TLC.Beers ok not alot more to say.

19 Aug 2011 19:50

The White Lyon, Worplesdon

All closed cafe and all. How long before it`s pulled down.
Another `pub co.` cock up.

17 Aug 2011 19:36

The Oak, Aston Clinton

picketipple I take it you don`t rate this pub Der.

3 Jul 2011 11:33

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Small cozy pub can get a bit packed when live music is on.

31 May 2011 15:39

The Blind Busker, Hove

Staff have got at the site. Roland alert.

29 Apr 2011 15:11

The William Bray , Shere Guildford Surrey

Up it`s own backside, not welcoming.
This village needs a family run pub.

29 Apr 2011 12:52

The White Horse, Shere

It`s a `Punch` outlet Say No More !!!!!

29 Apr 2011 12:51

Bel and The Dragon, Godalming

Poor in every sence of the word.

29 Apr 2011 12:48

The Wey Inn, Godalming

Sad news the place has now closed and will not be reopening as a pub.It had looked of late as if it was on the up but I must have been wrong.
It will be a function venue only. Bah hum bug.

29 Apr 2011 12:46

The John Snow, Soho

Just across the road fron an art shop I use,always find this place friendly and beer well kept not had any food here so no comment on that,all in all a good pub.

16 Apr 2011 17:58

The Crown and Mitre, Kings Lynn

Bit of a give away this, of the last 5 super dooper reviews 4 are one time wonders,`Every picture tells a story don`t it`.

10 Feb 2011 16:27

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Called in on the way passed the other day 2 real ales on Courage and Broadside both well kept,nice open fire,had some good pub food and well priced (as said most mains about 6) friendly landlord what more can you ask for ??
Don`t miss the pub as it`s on a sharp bend.

26 Nov 2010 19:28

The Robin Hood, Guildford

Lease up for grabs but I would not touch it with a barge poll.
1/ it`s a Punch pub and they only look after themselves NO one else.
2/ the area manager for this area is not to be trusted he will promise the earth but come up with Zilch bewarned.
This was always a good drinking pub small but friendly it can not be anything other than a drinkers pub.

31 Oct 2010 18:33

The Spade Oak, Bourne End

Jim I smell a Roland too mate,but you just have to look at the FireFly to see that Bourne End have one or two very sad people with nothing better to do !

7 Oct 2010 10:03

The Abinger Arms, Abinger Hammer

Just seen the GGG post will make a point of calling in when next in the area,wish the landlord the very best luck.Locals will all moan if the pub goes but dont get of their duffs to do anything about it.

17 Aug 2010 21:14

The Britannia, Dover

ps got to ask are there any good pubs in this awful town ??

17 Aug 2010 10:52

The Britannia, Dover

This like The Flagship looks sad and again I see flats here in a couple of years.

17 Aug 2010 10:51

The Flagship, Dover

Looks very sad and is still up for sale,I see this being flats in a year or two.

17 Aug 2010 10:47

The Harrow Inn, Compton

Roger0803 this was always a `Punch Pub Co.` pub has this changed.
We agree with all your other comments not been back for quite a while because of the unfriendly staff.

5 Aug 2010 11:18

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Holbornboy good reviews my son. Not got a clue wat foghorn`s on about but i`ll have half of wat ever he`s on.

21 Jul 2010 17:13

Pub, Chilworth

All kicked off in here the other night what a mess.
Pegs for sale if you get my drift.

21 Jul 2010 17:10

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

But whats the drinks like.
Lucy you sound so classy !!!!!!

21 Dec 2009 16:54

The Wey Inn, Godalming

SurreyPubMan nail on the head it is an old trad drinkers pub,called in recently and its getting better.

18 Dec 2009 20:00

The House of Blues, Godalming

Still all shut up,hope it`s not for good.

18 Dec 2009 19:57

The Britannia, Guildford

Good to see this pub open again,its had a mixed few years (up and down) I do hope your right Trev and its on the way up again, as this used to be one of the better pubs in Guildford. Will be in to sup its finest shortly.
I wish the new guys all the best.
ps coolbreeze go take a dip in the Wey.

17 Dec 2009 16:01

The Britannia, Guildford

Der shut a pub in December for a refurb,what clown made that decision who ever it was hasn`t got a scooby.

9 Dec 2009 15:04

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Went past the other night ( Mon.) and looked dark and closed,anyone know if it is ???

26 Nov 2009 19:34

Scrumptious, Guildford

Now closed down,hope its nothing to do with the kabab house next door !!!
( has to be a non pc joke there somewere,but will leave that to Bi gAle Drinkhead pmsl )

26 Nov 2009 19:33

The Prince of Wales, Shere

Neil look in your Bite box.

19 Nov 2009 19:42

The White Lyon, Worplesdon

This is another place living on borrowed time far to big for todays drinkers,never any good as a food pub,and the last 5/6 landlords have not made a go of it.
Was one of a chain, Wooden Bridge & Green Man Burpham being the other 2 that coach`s stopped off for refreshments on the way to the coast.
It had a link to The Queen mum hence the spelling of Lyon (dont know what the link was tho.).
I think the same architect did here and The Bridge.

5 Nov 2009 18:33

The Royal Hotel, Guildford

A few years ago this was a good pub for live music,a few years before that it was a army pub you either pulled a wrac girl, had a fight with a squaddie or both.
But went down hill over the last 5-8 years,its big place and could not keep going as a drinkers pub.

5 Nov 2009 18:23

The Hautboy Inn, Ockham

Place looks so sad now.

5 Nov 2009 18:08

The Talbot Inn, Ripley

It could be because The Talbot and the other 4 in this chain are reportedly in administration.

5 Nov 2009 18:07

The Royal Oak, Guildford

A shame to say but the last 2 comments are spot on ,this place has lost the pub feel it once had that made it a good drinkers pub.Yes it does have a dart board,but what kills the atmosphere is the smileless service and the telly thats always on showing basicly adverts.
If the staff showed the customer some respect then may be the pub can turn around and get back to the good times,after all The Oak is a small pub that needs its drinkers as for a food pub it ain`t.

31 Jul 2009 10:22

Scrumptious, Guildford

Small bar nothing going for it.
Spot on BestBeerBoff looking at the other places xkianx drinks I will keep well clear, Bridge Street yucksville.
Isn`t there a link between this place and Flares ??
Also saying everyone had a smile on their faces (WEIRD)were they sitting on something hard or just on something??????

14 Jun 2009 10:14

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

Always liked this pub have been told it`s closed is that the case ????

14 Jun 2009 09:56

The Charterhouse, Godalming

Not a bad drinkers pub I was on lager which was fine, food looked good place was clean and tidy.
Got to say about the last comment rosieog do you have something to do with another pub because all you have done is slag off most pubs you`ve been in except one,now thats what I find strange maybe it`s an age thing!!!!

14 Jun 2009 09:44

The Robin Hood, Guildford

Had a great time in here a couple of days ago,muisic was really good.Could not fault the ales (3 on I think),good crowd all in all a great pub.

19 Apr 2009 15:13

The Legion, Guildford

The last comment sums this place up.Oiks place so it fills a gap as someone has already said.
And because someone drinks real ale does not make them an "old fart" so please grow up. And fasssssssssst

19 Apr 2009 15:00

Pews, Guildford

I agree PubMessenger this has lost what made the place different and worth spending a night .Staff have not got a clue how to pull a pint the Guinness I had was 3/4 Guinness 1/4 head whats that all about.Music was ok but its just like stand in a tent when your in the "garden".
Ok for some not for me tho.

19 Apr 2009 14:55

The Keep, Guildford

Called in the other night and it was very quiet,2 real ales on (I could only see 2 real ale punps on the bar)The pub has lost its olde Guilford pub touch,it has been done out well but a pub look it ain`t.
Lager was good.
I can see where Beersupper is coming from,but I do wish this pub well.
Poss. some where to take your g/f for a cozy drink.

19 Apr 2009 14:50

The Anchor, Wisley

Some of the advertising comments on here say pub full (of course it is its pure and simply the location that does that Der) food was quick ( well microwaves are fast you know Der).
taxanimal let me know when your next going so i can get good sevice as well as on the 3 occasions we have called in it`s been crap and the food second rate and damm expensive.

2 Jan 2009 16:30

The Market Hotel, Reigate

Lostparker it must have still been empty then !!!

11 Dec 2008 12:14

O'Neills, Bournemouth

There are certain people who`s comments you take notice of as they use different pubs. All these one hit wonders mean absolutely zilch,so take note theguv your not the first to try a stunt like this and you won`t be the last.If the pub is as good as you say then let genuine comments be posted and not all this bulls```t.
End of sermon. Peace be with you.

9 Dec 2008 09:12

The Prince of Wales, Shere

Have been told the pub is shut ??
The story go`s about this place that Youngs Brewery were building 2 pubs at the same time and the plans got mixed up which resulted in a London pub ending up in a village and a village pub ending up in London, if you look at this building it just does not fit in that well in this lovely village.

4 Nov 2008 10:50

The Hare and Hounds, Guildford

I hear this once busy pub is now closed.
Beersupper you might be spot on the money.

23 Sep 2008 14:16

The Three Compasses, Alfold

All in all a rustic gem,beer good food same and they don`t eat there young,worth a visit.7/10

19 Sep 2008 10:28

Pub, Chilworth

I have been reading these reviews as well curiousgeorge and have to ask are you 1eslie`s farther or boss,eh eh or just plain Ted???

19 Sep 2008 10:16

All Bar One, Guildford

Closed for referb.but how can that help the poor service and crap food ???

29 Aug 2008 10:11

Pews, Guildford

I like this place for what it is a bar.
What will put people off is the plastic ivy and flowers out front, you half expect to be able to buy lucky heather and pegs when you see that.

29 Aug 2008 09:40

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

I think this is a first!!!! Total 0/10,am i wrong are there other places with a low rating like this?

9 Aug 2008 15:02

The Keep, Guildford

Same as the keep i would venture shotboy.
Ps are you the barman here ?

9 Aug 2008 15:00

The Plough, Coldharbour

Totally agree with the last comments walkers and bicylcists are generally a pain in the harris (not all agreed) they go to a pub have a packet of crisps glass of the thames best and think they rule the roust.Some are very considerate others not worth a flying fig

28 Jun 2008 11:33

The Keep, Guildford

Never come across a toilet that sucks wonder if it will catch on.

28 Jun 2008 11:12

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

I would go with thommois comment as he uses other places not just this one.Makes you think huh

22 Jun 2008 13:58

The Star, Godalming

If and it`s a bloody BIG IF this or any other Govenment knew what they were doing with the pub trade they would stop the beer tie tomorrow and bag goes 60/70p off a pint,but they haven`t a clue.Punch and Entetprise will ruin this great tradition and close thousands more pubs in the next 10 years wait and see.
Rant over
Syd i totally agree.

22 Jun 2008 13:53

The Queens Head, East Clandon


19 Jun 2008 11:21

The Anchor and Horseshoes, Burpham

Does Joe Birney still rule, is grumpy still the manager,does Bub still know nothing about football,are the sausages still famous,is Crusty still drinking here and has The Silver Back been spotted recently ?. Thats what we want to know!!!

19 Jun 2008 11:20

The Jolly Farmer, Worplesdon

Got to say when this place was a Free House it was something special,to me it`s lost that now,but it`s kept the prices.Fullers arn`t a bad lot but not as flexible as they should be.You can go to other Fullers outlets get the same food at a far better price.It`s ok if you enjoy drinking Fullers ales in a restaurant enviroment.

19 Jun 2008 11:07

The Blue Ship, The Haven

Quaint country pub sat in the garden had a couple of lagers it was very relaxing.I just love the bar or lack of one brill.

4 Jun 2008 20:44

The Black Horse, Gomshall

When will these bloody pub companies learn,very high rents,beer etc.==== closed and boarded up pubs !!!! If it`s happening in this neck of the woods no pub in the country is safe.
Hand crankers.

2 Apr 2008 15:53

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

Looking at the comments below it`s not surprising to learn that the whole chain ( Yates,Ha Ha bar etc.)are in receivership,watch this space.

2 Apr 2008 15:47

The Seahorse, Shalford

We had friends who were invited to a preview of this referb`ed pub sorry restaurant(you are correct Stroller)very nice decor (not sure how long it will last)but the food yuck they can`t even send out hot food (chicken at that) even when trying to impress what chance for the rest of us?

23 Mar 2008 17:58

Farriers, Guildford

This is an ok place but i do say just ok, but what do you want from a town pub.The food was nothing to shout about but the place has had so many chefs since it opened your going to get different standards each time it changes.

18 Mar 2008 11:02

The Rose and Crown, Godalming

I really like this pub good to see place`s like this still about small yes but very relaxed.Beer well kept.

15 Mar 2008 11:08

The Wey Inn, Godalming

Shame no one did a song "sprint on by"

15 Mar 2008 11:02

Bel and The Dragon, Godalming

Its been said before and will be again places have highs and lows this restaurant 3/4 years ago was the place to eat, not any more now part of a large chain its going down in all things service quality etc. but not price,there are far better places to eat in Godalming or if your driving try some of the village pubs here abouts.

15 Mar 2008 11:00

The Lounge Bar, Godalming

No anoymous just grotty!

15 Mar 2008 10:53

Hush, Godalming

This place is the pits sorry to say this but i`ve been in better toilets.
That old song again "Walk on by"

15 Mar 2008 10:52

The Villagers Inn, Blackheath

Talking of hidden agendas i don`t trust comments from people who only talk about one pub or is that just me??

15 Mar 2008 10:34

The Three Horseshoes, Thursley

I wish we had called in on the same day as Knighty711 because we had a far different experience to them.
We did only have a main course and desert but came out still starving,the food was very poor value for money and the service very slow.
One of the comments says that everything is made from scratch! well i bet Baldrick could have done a better job making a more tasteful meal from scratch.

7 Feb 2008 18:33

The Richmond Arms, Godalming

Really nice laid back pub, beer very good what more can one ask for.

31 Jan 2008 19:35

The Cricketers, Farncombe

Called in here the other day and as the comments below say it`s a good drinkers pub, beer was good if you like Fullers ales, would not eat here as it`s not that sort of pub..

31 Jan 2008 19:32

Slug and Lettuce, Guildford

Can`t be arsed to wait for a drink went some where else (flew to Hong Kong)still got a drink quicker than in here.

24 Jan 2008 16:04

The Kings Head, Guildford

This i would say is the best pub within walking distance of Guildford and far better than most places in the town by a long way.Its clean well looked after beers are limited yes as its a Fullers outlet but well kept,not a place i would take anyone for a meal but would for a drink.

24 Jan 2008 15:57

The William IV, Albury

I quite like this pub its ok not great but alittle above average.My gripes with this place are the barstaff are a bit up themselves and the bloody locals who will not move away from the bar so you can get served they are quite rude really so localsadvice tell them please.
The beer is good and foods alright but on a sunny day its a pain to get a seat.
As for local pork i thought there were strong laws and reg`s on this?????

15 Jan 2008 09:54

The Harrow Inn, Compton

This pub has always been known as the poor mans Withies the food here is not a patch on pubs in nearby villages so i would just keep on driving but miss out Puttenham.

8 Jan 2008 17:04

The Barley Mow, The Sands

I would turn the stakes into tooth picks myself could not use them here tho not enough food to get caught in your teeth.

8 Jan 2008 11:27

The Duke of Cambridge, Tilford

Lenka you missed out The Stag, if your going to use cheap tricks to promote a pub you work in or manage do it right.
Saying all that we have been to 2 of this groups pubs and been totally underwhelmed the food is very very average but pricey same with the beer.

8 Jan 2008 11:24

The Barley Mow, Tilford

It has been said many times before this pub is in a fantastic location but what lets it down so much is the up them self people that work and manage this place.
Bet this go`s missing like all the other comments that someone does not like.

8 Jan 2008 11:14

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Good pub this or it used to be its gone way downhill in the last 18 months.The new manager is trying to get it back up and running. But for me its to bright and what the hell is there a TV on for at lunch times????????

8 Jan 2008 10:55

The Guildford Tup, Guildford

When i used this pub it was know locally as The Spread and it was a good pub,its now like drinking in a fish bowl totally non inviting.I would rather sit on a park bench with the wineo`s than in here.
And why do these oiks keep changing the names of the old Guildfordian pubs makes no sence to me

8 Jan 2008 10:51

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