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The Rose Cottage Inn, Polegate

Pub has just shut down and is on the market. The new owners didn't make it work so lets hope someone else takes it over. The pub had gone down hill a bit before closure.

20 Jul 2017 16:16

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Busy but got served quickly. Prices good compared with the real world outside and a good selection of beers. Perfect place to wait for a train as you can see the departure boards from the pub.

26 Oct 2016 13:34

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Not as old as it appears and much of the interior only dates back to the 1990s. Pleasant enough though and the St Peters beers are O.K. I particularly liked the mild but the best wasn't to my taste. Normal London prices c.£4 a pint. Apparently can get very packed and the bar area is small, as is the pub. I went on a Monday afternoon so it wasn't too busy. Worth going to if in the area.

26 Oct 2016 10:33

The Eight Bells, Jevington

Visited after a long gap as we had heard that it had improved and it has. Now owned by a local villager it has been cleaned up and the food has improved immensely. They had Harveys best and a couple of Hurst Brewery's beers on draught, which were all well kept. The staff were efficient and friendly and it has become very popular again. Well worth a visit and we will be back soon, now that it has improved.

20 Oct 2016 09:49

Blue Lion, Holborn

This pub used to be run by my relatives in the Truman's days so I have found memories of the place. It has changed considerably and not necessarily for the better. However, I found the beer range to be good - I had the Landlord which was in very good condition. The staff were friendly and efficient and the food was good. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit again but overall a reasonable pub for the area.

13 Jul 2016 07:59

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Visited for the first time in many years. The beer range was the normal Youngs and was in excellent condition. The place was starting to get a bit tatty and one serving area had been taken over by (wine?) boxes which reduced the space to order from. It's not really been the same since Youngs stopped brewing and changed its focus but still one of the best pubs in the area.

13 Jul 2016 07:54

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

Revisited yesterday, as it has been refurbished. What an improvement! The refurb has been sensitively carried out, retaining much of the original character. The beers were Spitfire Gold, Bishops Finger and Whitstable Bitter, all in good condition but no Masterbrew or Spitfire Bitter. The staff were friendly and the food very good. We had burgers but the fish looked good as well and was being praised by our adjacent table. The pub seems to be moving towards a table service but the prices were reasonable for this type of location, adjacent to the harbour. Will definitely return soon.

17 Jun 2016 16:08

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

This was my lunchtime local for about 40 years and my first visit since its refurbishment, as I no longer live or work in London. I had been warned that the pub had been ruined but I was pleasantly surprised. Although larger and more up market, it still is recognisable as the Wheatsheaf. The pub was packed on Tuesday evening with a mixture of office workers and some tourists. I was served quickly by friendly staff and the Youngs Ordinary was in excellent condition but at £4 a pint it should be.

6 Nov 2015 09:58

The Roebuck Inn, Laughton

Recently re-opened after a long closure. Some refurbishment still to be done but a very nice pub with friendly staff, serving good food and beer including Harvey's and a range of guest beers. Fairly quiet on a mid week lunch time but hopefully trade will pick up. Well worth a visit.

9 Oct 2015 14:26

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

Revisited this pub recently and were a little disappointed. The food was pretty awful. Bottled beer from the chiller was warm, although the Masterbrew was O.K. This pub seems to have lost its way which is a shame as due to its location it could be little goldmine. Shepherds Neame management need to take a close look at the pub as I think they are missing an opportunity.

4 Jul 2015 07:50

The Barley Mow, Selmeston

Passed by last week and a sign said that they were re-opening on 22 August under new management. So hopefully they are now open.

25 Aug 2014 11:47

Golden Cross Inn, Hailsham

Visited recently and the pub was closed. They have a new website but there is no info. about opening times etc. According to Daltons Weekly it is on the market.

14 Aug 2014 11:23

The Plough, Upper Dicker

We did a circular walk from Chalvington and visited the Plough, as it is getting a good reputation locally. The pub has been nicely refurbished but when you walk in lunchtime nearly all of the tables are set for meals, which can be off putting if you just want a pint. Having said, that the staff were pleasant and welcoming and the beer (Sheps and Harveys) was in good condition. There was an extensive menu (not always a good sign) but the food was very good. We will definitely return but avoid the weekend as it can get very busy.

12 Aug 2014 07:05

The Sussex Ox, Milton Street

This pub has recently changed ownership. The new owners are making a few changes, some good ones and some not so good. You now have to wait at your table for someone to take your food order. I went to order at the bar and was told I could not order food but I noticed that the waitress was giving the food orders to the barman to input into their system. I wasn't very happy as I had to wait before someone came to serve me at my table. On the plus side, they now allow dogs in most of the pub. The new owners seem enthusiastic and trying to improve the pub, lets hope that they do it in a positive way.

3 Jul 2014 07:04

Badgers, Petworth

Visited here many years ago and, as they are meant to be dog friendly, we paid a lunchtime visit when in the area recently. A nice pub with friendly staff. Youngs and Doom Bar on offer and I had the Youngs, which was in good condition. Food was very good and good value. We both had their excellent burger which was £10 but they had light lunches for £7. The menu looked good. Will definitely return.

31 May 2014 11:57

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

Have known this pub for over 40 years and recently visited after a long break. It lacks the atmosphere it used to have before the refurbishment but is still a nice pub. A few tourists ventured in but clientele mainly local office workers and passers by. Youngs Ordinary in good condition and food looked better than it used to be. Will probably visit more often when in London in future as it is handy for Victoria station.

29 May 2014 11:37

The Rose Cottage Inn, Polegate

The owners want to convert the pub to residential use, which would be a great shame if they can get away with it. Suggest you visit this excellent pub while you still can.

6 Apr 2014 07:09

Ye Olde Smugglers Inn, Alfriston

The new landlord (brother of the previous one) has made some improvements including better food. He is also on the right side of the bar serving. The beer range is very good and kept in good condition, with Harveys being always on, including Old during the winter. Very convivial atmosphere on a Saturday evening with locals and visitors. Still my favourite pub in Alfriston, although the competition isn't that great.

6 Apr 2014 07:07

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

I visited this pub on a quiet mid-week afternoon and I didn't really like it. It seems to lack any character and has obviously been refurbished at some stage to make it trendy. Having said that, it does sell an excellent pint of Harveys from the barrels behind the bar and was reasonably priced. It perhaps has a bit more personality when it is busy.

29 Jun 2013 09:08

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

I used to go to this pub a lot in the 1980s when I worked nearby. It used to be a classic Young's pub but like them all its had a number of makeovers, most of them for the worse. This one has high stools and high tables, which I hate. Normal Young's range and I drank the ordinary, which was in good condition. The prices were reasonable for the area. Pleasant enough place to stop for an afternoon pint but it gets packed in the evenings.

15 May 2013 07:15

Golden Cross Inn, Hailsham

Visited for the first time today. What a friendly pub! Excellent food, all home-cooked - portions very large. Harveys well kept and in good condition. Part of the pub and toilets have been recently refurbished. Will definitely return.

7 May 2013 18:32

The Black Rabbit, Offham

Seems to have undergone recent refurbishment. Staff were efficient, place was clean and beer was ok. Lovely views. Sadly the food we had was awful - cheesy chilli chips. Portions were very different sizes - mine had hardly any chilli or cheese. Both were topped with so much squirty mustard, that was all you could taste - and who wants mustard on chips? I'd not want to eat there again, and yet is was very busy.

1 May 2013 21:02

The Old Oak, Caneheath

First time we have been here and initial impressions were good. The beer (Harveys) was in excellent condition, although a bit expensive (£3.50) for the area. The pub was clean and comfortable with a nice log fire. We ordered food which arrived quickly but my wife's had burnt garlic which badly affected the taste and shouldn't have left the kitchen. We mentioned this to the barmaid at the end but got no real reaction. All rather disappointing but we will give them another chance sometime. We gave it 5 but it would have been more if the food had been better cooked.

17 Apr 2013 17:18

The Yew Tree Inn, Chalvington

A lovely pub, with a cosy, traditional interior. Good beer and food is good value. Enjoyed the visit and will return.

30 Mar 2013 12:49

The Rainbow Inn, Cooksbridge

Harveys was well-kept and a fair price. Food was excellent, and the decor was pleasant. Sadly we felt the staff were somewhat surly - with better and more friendly service, we'd have given it a 10. By the way, I'd like to be offered a slice of lemon in my water and would prefer to be asked if I'd like ice in it - I was given ice (fished it out with a fork) and the only lemon visible was on the plate with my fish.

8 Mar 2013 15:58

The Drove, Newhaven

Visited here for the first time yesterday as we were passing and needed lunch. This is a Brewers Fayre with a Premier inn attached. They had London Pride on draught which was O.K. and reasonably priced at £3.20. The staff were friendly and helpful and you felt welcome.

The food menu was the normal one for these type of places but the food was pretty dire. Although superficially reasonably priced it wasn't good value. I would rather have paid more for something I enjoyed than eat stale chips and a tasteless steak and kidney pudding with little steak and no kidney. I got a voucher for a meal at half price in future but I won't be going back.

8 Jan 2013 06:49

The Beachcomber, Seaford

Unfortunately the pub is now being demolished and will be gone in a few days. All a bit sad.

7 Sep 2012 20:27

The Giants Rest, Wilmington

Arrived here expecting a grotty dark interior with a grumpy landlord and scampi and chips on the menu. How wrong I was! Staff were very friendly, beer and food were excellent. Toilets very clean. And excellent wooden games on tables. Although we went at lunchtime, there was plenty of atmosphere/charm. Highly recommended - we'll be back.

2 Aug 2012 17:25

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Visited for the first time one lunchtime this week and it was very quiet and lacked any atmosphere. It was very clean and the staff were friendly and efficient and there was an excellent range of beers, including Long Man and Dark Star. All those I tried were in top condition. Presumably does get busy, otherwise they couldn't keep so many beers on tap. Overall a pleasant visit but for atmosphere (at least during lunchtime) I prefer the Old Plough. Will try to go back one evening when it is hopefully busier.

2 Aug 2012 07:24

The Eight Bells, Jevington

Visited again one lunchtime this week with some friends. We had to wait over an hour for our food, although we were among the first to order. There was no explanation or apology for the delay and the food was pretty mediocre when it did arrive. It was also still expensive for what it was. The Harveys wasn't too bad. I don't particularly want to visit here again but probably will, as it is on a popular walking route. Will bring my lunch with me next time.

26 Jul 2012 21:46

The Cricketers, Brighton

First visit to this pub and it was surprisingly quiet for a Friday lunchtime. Pleasant enough old traditional pub but with London prices (3.75 for a pint of Harveys). My pint was short measured but it was topped up when I asked, although begrudgingly. It was in good condition. The staff were generally O.K but there was no attempt to make you feel welcome. Will return if I have to but would rather not.

21 Jul 2012 17:27

The Yew Tree, Arlington

We reluctantly visited again yesterday evening as we had a local appointment. Much to our surprise it was a much better visit than our previous one last August. The staff were friendly and efficient and could add up. The beers (Harveys and Long Man) were in good nick and both our meals were very good traditional pub nosh. The place was packed and most tables were pre-booked, which I really hate having to do to go out to a pub. Other similar food orientated pubs seem to thrive without booking out all of the tables to diners.

7 Jul 2012 14:03

Seven Stars, Brighton

Popped in yesterday afternoon for a quick pint. A large pub which obviously had the Youngs makeover a few years ago but is now in need of some update. The standard Youngs beers were on offer, although the Special was off. My pint of Ordinary (3.20) was in excellent condition. The pub was very quiet so I assume it does most of its trade in the evening. Overall not a bad pub and worth a visit if you like Youngs.

11 Apr 2012 18:20

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

Nice pub in quiet lane, friendly and efficient barman. Beer kept in excellent condition. Characterful surroundings.

26 Mar 2012 18:43

The Plough and Harrow, Litlington

Staff friendly, especially towards dogs. Shame about the music, particularly in a rural pub - Rap through crackly speakers does little for the ambience.

26 Mar 2012 18:41

The White Hart, Pulborough

A very pleasant pub in a nice riverside location. A good range of local ales and reasonably priced food, which was also good. The tables were a bit cramped but it was a busy Sunday. We found the service to be friendly and efficient. Overall a good visit.

26 Feb 2012 15:58

The Victoria, Bayswater

I visited yesterday after a a couple of months away. Nothing much has changed but the food has got very expensive. I had a mediocre steak sandwich which cost me 7.50. It didn't have much meat in it and was small. Apart from this, the full range of Fuller's was on including Chiswick, which was welcome as I wanted to stay sober. Overall a nice visit with friendly barmaids, particularly the young Italian girl. Its still the best pub in the area.

23 Feb 2012 16:07

The Ram Inn, Firle

Following my earlier rather critical review I actually tried the food today on my return visit. My ham sandwich was excellent but at 6.95 it should be. I found the 3.00 for a pint of Harvey's reasonable though. For a Friday, the pub was pretty quiet which was surprising, presumably people are being more careful with their money at the moment. Not a bad visit but I still prefer Rose Cottage.

21 Oct 2011 17:51

The Hay Waggon Inn, Hartfield

Not a bad pub and convenient for the local walks. However, we found the food to be average and overpriced, although the weekday deal seemed good value at 9.95, if you want 2 courses. The beer was also a bit steep at 3.50 for an indifferent pint of Harveys. The Larkins at 3.40 wasn't too good either. Will try the Anchor nearby the next time we're in the area, although I am not very hopeful that it will be any better. Overall disappointing.

14 Oct 2011 16:30

The Gun Inn, Heathfield

We visited on a Tuesday lunchtime and it was very quiet. A largish pub with the majority a restaurant but they still have a nice bar area. I had the Black Sheep which was in excellent condition. There was also Harveys. They appear to rotate their beers to ensure variety. The prices are a bit steep (my beer was 3.60)

The food was excellent but pricey but they offer a 25% discount (with conditions) on Monday's and Tuesdays.

Overall a very nice pub with excellent service and, although a bit expensive, well worth a visit.

12 Oct 2011 07:35

The Star Inn, Alfriston

Recently visited the Star after a gap of many years and was pleasantly surprised as my previous visit was dire. The beer (Beachy Head) was in good condition although I prefer the Harveys that they used to serve. The bar was quiet. The service was O.K. but we had to wait in the queue for a longtime before being able to order the first drinks (at this point I felt like walking out but my companions were keen to try the food).

The food was reasonably priced and was cooked well. The problem with service appears to be the use of foreign bar staff who are expected to multi task. There was only one chap serving and he had to deliver the food, clear the tables and also take orders and deliver them to the kitchen. A tough job for someone familiar with the language and customs.

26 Sep 2011 16:11

The Standard Inn, Rye

Popped in for a quick drink and found it to be the sort of place to linger in. Only 1 beer on draught, which was unknown to me and I can't remember its name but it was a light summer ale and was in good condition. The pub appears to be popular with dogs and their owners and the food looked good. Will stay longer the next time I am in Rye.

9 Sep 2011 07:30

The Inkerman Arms, Rye Harbour

A pleasant surprise inside, as the outside is not very attractive. The Green King sign appears to be out of date as the only beer on draught was Harvey's best, which was in excellent condition and reasonably priced at 3 a pint. The food was very good and we ate fish, the pub's speciality, on both nights we visited. It was well cooked and very large. It appeared to be freshly caught and was not your normal frozen rubbish.

The staff were very friendly and efficient and we will certainly come back when we are next in the area.

9 Sep 2011 07:24

The Yew Tree, Arlington

We arrived today for our first visit to this popular local just on 12:00. Within 20 minutes the pub was full mainly of people somewhat older than us and I am nearly 60. The service was prompt although the barmaid had to add up our two drinks using a notepad! The same barmaid also had the same difficulty when I ordered the lunches.

My lunch arrived a little while later but my wife's was about 5 minutes behind mine, the reason was not explained to us and we did not receive an apology. My food was good but my wife had the king prawn platter, which only appeared to have 2 king prawns on it, the rest being the cheaper tiger prawns and bog standard frozen ones. The dish was padded out with copious amounts of salad including bought in coleslaw. All a bit much for 11.95.

We were sat at a table laid up for 4 but I couldn't see how four people could eat at the table without spilling their lunch over each other's plate.

Overall a disappointing visit and we do not intend to return unless we have to, although, inability to add up aside, the staff were efficient and friendly enough.

9 Aug 2011 16:56

The Eight Bells, Jevington

I often visit this pub on walks and visited today with my wife and we were a little disappointed. There seemed to be a bit of a problem with the Harveys, which took ages to pull and was gassy. It tasted OK but nothing special. The food seems expensive for what it is. The main criticism was the cleanliness, particularly the ladies toilet which according to my wife was shabby. She said there was a bowl of dusty pot pourri on a shelf and the rubbish bin in the ladies was a battered old wicker basket lined with a carrier bag - she thought the profit they made on her baguette would at least fund a new bin. I also noticed an accumulation of dust and other muck on the shelf that houses the coffee cups. On the plus side, the staff were efficient and friendly. Due to its location on a main walking route we will inevitably visit again. Hopefully things will have improved by then.

8 Aug 2011 19:48

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

The interior is slightly shabby and dated, but in a characterful way. Visited last week and had excellent fresh crab sandwich with good bread. Beer was very good too. Really enjoyed the visit.

31 Jul 2011 09:58

The Ram Inn, Firle

I visited yesterday after the main lunchtime rush. Had to wait ages to be served. Only Harvey's best and a guest beer. Harvey's O.K but nothing special. I didn't eat but menu looked pretentious and expensive but the clientele looked like they could afford it. There were quite a few plates with uneaten food so I assume that the food was not that good. This pub is O.K as a stop if on a long walk but if time allows better to wait until Alciston and the excellent Rose Cottage.

16 Jul 2011 07:51

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

We visited yesterday afternoon and enjoyed a couple of pints of Deuchars delivered by a friendly young barmaid. The beer was in good nick. The pub was very quiet and we were the only ones in there for a while but it can get busy. I'm not sure why it is hard to find as they have a big sign hanging in the Strand at the entrance to the alley. One important point is to be careful going to the toilet downstairs, as this pub has possibly the most challenging loos in London, particularly after a few pints.

16 Jun 2011 06:59

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Visited this great traditional pub yesterday lunchtime for the first time in a while. It had hardly changed and the bar staff were the same, which is very unusual for a London pub. We drank Youngs, which was in excellent condition. The food was a bit average but O.K. As mentioned on other postings, there is a strange smell about the place but this adds to the character and I have found similar smells in other old pubs and put it down to age. Overall an enjoyable visit.

16 Jun 2011 06:50

The Six Bells, Chiddingly

Visited lunchtime today for the first time and was very impressed. Great unspoilt country pub and very busy for a chilly, dull day. The serving of beer did not come second to the food, as is the norm so often these days, and I had an excellent pint of Sussex served by an efficient and friendly barmaid. Would loved to have stayed all afternoon and will be back as quickly as possible.

28 May 2011 18:09

The Rose Cottage Inn, Polegate

Returned today after a long gap and found that nothing had changed. The welcome, food and beer were all excellent. They also sell fresh free range eggs and oven ready wild rabbit so it is a good place to do some grocery shopping as well. We sat in the bar area which was pleasantly quiet, although it can get very busy. A lovely pub in a lovely village and we will make a point of visiting it more regularly.

4 May 2011 17:05

The Sussex Ox, Milton Street

Staff are very friendly, although today when busy at lunchtime they needed more staff and customers were queuing to pay their bills. Food is usually very good, although we had a "blip" last weekend when the crab mayo open sandwich (a "special") was expensive and the crab was tasteless. Cater well for large groups. Were served a pint of Oxhead (their own version of Hophead) which was clearly off, but they happily changed it. Overall a pleasant visit.

2 Apr 2011 20:45

The Cheshire Cheese, Temple

Nice traditional pub tucked away in a quiet street off the Strand serving traditional pub food at reasonable prices. They served, Deuchars, Bombadier and London Pride, which could have been in better condition when I visited. They did however change the Bombardier which was then fine.

Overall well worth a visit if you want a quiet drink in a convivial athmosphere.

1 Sep 2009 15:37

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Excellent Harvey's pub but due to the small serving area you do have to queue for ages to get served during busy periods, when people are ordering food - why don't they know what they want before getting to the bar? There is also a tendency for them to pay by plastic which delays things further. The best time to go is after the main lunchtime rush, when you can relax in the excellent front garden over a pint of excellent beer straight from the cask.

1 Sep 2009 15:25

The Speaker, Westminster

One of the best traditional pubs around. Good, well kept beer selection and unpretentious food at reasonable prices. Yes, the landlord does wear loud shirts occasionally but this brightens up a bad day at the office.

1 Sep 2009 15:18

Ye Olde Smugglers Inn, Alfriston

This pub is in a prime location but there is something about it that doesn't work. The beer is generally good but the service is not the most welcoming. The food is fine for straightforward meals e.g. scampi & chips but anything more adventurous often ends in disaster but it is reasonably cheap. This could be a great pub but has a mixed reputation locally and needs to pull its socks up.

13 Aug 2009 16:02

George Inn, Alfriston

Have been using the George on and off for some years and it has a mixed reputation locally. We ate here recently and it was suprisingly good. As mentioned by an earlier reviewer, it is best to book particularly at the weekend. The downside was that the beer (IPA) could have been better and they did not have any guest beer on. The prices are also a bit steep and I suggest that the Smugglers is better value with a wider choice for beer but avoid the food

13 Aug 2009 15:57

Hermitage Inn, Morpeth

Popped in with my wife while waiting for a bus and had an exwcellent pint of Sneck Lifter. Like the previous reviewer would have stayed longer if I could. A really nice and friendly, traditional pub.

28 Jul 2009 12:21

The Ship Inn, Alnwick

As a "kagool and rucksack type" the Ship was a welcome place to come across on a long coastal walk. I had an excellent pint of pub brewed Ship Hop Ale and would love to have stayed longer to sample the other home brews . One criticism is that it took a long time to get served as there was only one person serving and lots of food orders being processed. The landlady seemed to be otherwise occupied on the customer's side of the bar rather than pulling pints. The pints were also short measure due to the large head - why do Northeners put up with this?

27 Jul 2009 10:29

The Newcastle Hotel, Rothbury

I arrived here in late afternoon after a long walk with my wife and was very wet. The member of staff did not flinch as we dripped all over the carpeted floor, so she must be used to it. Suprisingly the 3 real ales they had on were all from the South. I had an excellent pint of London Pride and the other beers were Spitfire and Green King IPA, hardly an inspiring choice down South but they must be of interest to Northern drinkers. They were due to have Camerons on tap shortly but why not more local beers? Overall O.K.

27 Jul 2009 10:20

The Red Lion, Alnmouth

I dropped in with my wife one evening after a long walk and found that I had to wait ages to get served due to the large number of food orders being processed. My wife and I each had a pint of Gladiator, which was excellent, but I had to drag myself down a long path to the beer garden where my wife decided to sit - it must be one of the most remote beer gardens from the pub that I have encountered and I was lucky not to have spilt half the beer. Despite this, it is well worth a visit and I will make a point of sitting inside next time, ignoring my wife's wishes. One point to note though is that food was being sent back by the people on the adjacent table, as it hadn't been heated up properly. So it might be best to avoid the food, although it looked O.K.

26 Jul 2009 18:43

The Victoria, Bayswater

Great traditional pub but the service does suffer when the manager, Chris, or one of the duty managers, is not around. Service is a particular problem during the quiet periods when there is normally only 1 member of staff on. If they get an order for coffee just before you, you may have to wait whilst they make it. If they get a group of tourists in I suggest that you give up and go elsewhere if you are in a hurry. The beer is normally in excellent condition but they do have their off days. Despite the above comments still the best pub, by far, in the area.

3 Jul 2009 16:06

The Wingrove Inn, Alfriston

Whilst I agree that this is a great place I would not regard it as a pub. It is more like a bistro which serves great food by friendly staff. The wine list is very good but it serves only lager on draught, although it does serve some real ale in bottles. Overall a great place to take the wife or girlfriend but not suitable for a night out with your mates.

3 Jul 2009 15:57

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