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Comments by Snug

The Black Bull, Burnley

Now an Indian restaurant.

18 Apr 2010 21:44

The Gordon Lennox Arms, Cliviger

Closed for three years, awaits demolition before houses are built on site.

6 Apr 2010 21:01

The Wellington, Burnley

Sadly this wonderful old pub is now a Turkish Kebab "Restaurant".

6 Apr 2010 21:00

The Shepherds Arms, Burnley

Known to locals as the Peeps (Peeping Toms), been closed for years.

6 Apr 2010 20:58

The Plane Tree, Burnley

Closed for about 5 yearsm now derelict.

6 Apr 2010 20:57

The Fleece Inn, Burnley

Closed for a few years now, an insurance firm now uses the premises and calls it Fleece House.

6 Apr 2010 20:55

The Duke Of York, Burnley

Sadly closed for years, up for auction.

6 Apr 2010 20:54

The Cross Keys Hotel, Burnley

Really good old fashioned pub, 4 constant Real ales from Bowland, Thwaites, Copper Dragon and Moorhouse's. Bit poncy inside now but at least they have kept many of the old features, although at some point in the recent history the fantastic Venetian bar was partly dismantled - criminal. That apart - well worth a visit.

6 Apr 2010 20:54

The Derby Arms, Burnley

Sadly demolished March 2010.

6 Apr 2010 20:47

The Corporation Hotel, Burnley

Pub has been closed and up for sale for 3 years.

6 Apr 2010 20:47

The Coal Clough Hotel, Burnley

Used to be a good pub but has really gone down hill ale wise, on last visit the only real ales were mass produced Worthington and Courage, we left without sampling. Is it any wonder local pubs are closing? "Massey's" no longer on tap, I have it on good authority that only the name was the same!!

6 Apr 2010 20:46

The Coaching House, Burnley

Recently demolished, a care home is to be built on the site.

6 Apr 2010 20:44

The Brunshaw, Burnley

Now a Tesco Express.

6 Apr 2010 20:43

The Borough Hotel, Burnley

The Borough has been closed for about 5 years, now an empty estate agents.

6 Apr 2010 20:42

The Talbot, Burnley

Recently re-opened and renovated and what a good job they have done. 3 Thwaites Ales a Timmy Taylor's and Black Sheep, Wainwright's at 2 a pint. Well worth a visit, big spacious and comfortable pub.

6 Apr 2010 20:41

Swan Hotel, Burnley

Chav tastic! Burnley's very own Stone Island/Burberry stronghold, such a pity as the structure of the building is fantastic. The toilets are in the old police cells! Has apparently started selling real ale but never been available when I have dared enter. Real pity that such an iconic building in Burnley is such a poor pub.

6 Apr 2010 20:38

The Bridge Bier Huis, Burnley

Decent pub but overrated, uncomfortably busy on a football match day and too much effort is put into the pubs attempts to serve as many Real Ales as possible and this means that the beers are constantly changing, not really satisfactory for a session drinker. Of course they do have the distinctly average Hydes on permanently. Could do with another regular to give regular visitors the chance to stick with one ale. Daft name as one of the posters has already mentioned, saying that the pub was once turned into Bar Mambo, so a slight improvement on that! What's wrong with the traditional Bridge Inn? Beer quality is usually good but please stop constantly changing and give us a bit of stability. Think less of targets and more of customers!

6 Apr 2010 20:35

The Ministry of Ale, Burnley

Old fashioned basic pub, cracking beer first, comfort second, constantly changing two guest beers and two staple home brewed (Moonstone) beers. Great atmosphere, trouble free, just a pity they changed the name from the traditional "Nelson".

6 Apr 2010 20:27

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