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Comments by Serlo

The Bancroft Arms, Stepney Green

Proper East End, old boys pub this. It has not been decorated in a while, but that adds to its charm. The beer is pretty reasonably priced and has a few TV'S in there for the sport. It just never seems that busy, although it odes have a loyal set of regulars. As it goes, it is good it ain't that busy durting football and other sport as you get a decent view and are spared the argy bargy of a packed pub during a match. Thisn is much more preferable to maybe more popular pubs near by which get crammed during matches. Much prefer the space here.

5 Jun 2015 13:41

The Monarch, Chalk Farm

When the Metal Works band got moved here for their Sunday night gig, that was when I discovered this place, and I am glad I did. It is a big pub and has an ideal layout for gigs; with a stage, balcony and plenty of floor space. It is also a nice pub during the day, although it is rare that I venture that far from Camden station on a crawl, unless the Metal Works band are there to tempt me there. Lazy, I know.

5 Jun 2015 13:34

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Feel I should say more on this place. A good place to meet and easy to spot, as it is huge and next to the station. As I said, me and some old compatriots meet here every other month to discuss current affairs and other isues and so on. Plenty of seating and unless football louts are in there in large numbers, usually a good place to meet people for a relaxing drink. It is a Weatherspoons also, so no music. No music can be a good or bad thing depending on your mood and situation. Also food served of course, I always enjoy their meals, so no complaint there. It is to Liverpool Street, what The World's End is to Camden Town: A huge pub next to the station, there for an ideal meeting place!

1 Jun 2014 08:54

The Worlds End, Camden

Very big pub and if your meeting someone in Camden the place to start off, as it is opposite thet station. Always lively and full of all sorts of characters. Is a bit pricey, but the size and location means this place must have a huge monthly rent to pay. Have been drinking here for over a decade now, although not regular as I do not live in Camden, but when ever I go CT I will go there for sure. Used to be the Mother Red Cap. A nod to this is in the larger bar area where a pub sign with that name is displayed in the mock city, painted around the squared bar in the middle. Does Lowenbrau too, which is a rare bonus.

1 Jun 2014 08:41

Garlic and Shots, Soho

This place used to get packed in the early 00's and beyond that I would dare say. However due to other clubs or nights of a similar genre (Rock / Metal) moving away from the immediate location has lost alot of trade. Used to be barely able to move in there, now you get served in no time, even on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The bar staff are also friendly and talkative, although I thihnk that might be due to sheer boredom these days. Great novel place to go, would not redcomend the pricey, small [portion food upstairs though.

1 Jun 2014 08:34

The Milton Arms, Bow

It was one of the top pubs in the Roman Road area. The place to be on Sunday with the karoake. Was never the same after a tragic event took place there in Feb 2004. After lingering on the edge for a period there after, it was dealt a fatal blow, when it was run into the ground by a really, twitchy, sweaty guy called Lee in the last half on 2005.

1 Jun 2014 08:19

The Albert, Bow

My pally pal Bartholemew also loves it in there I might add!

1 Jun 2014 08:09

Lord Cardigan, Bow

There is a mad drunk Woman in there alot. She always has a bottle of soft drink instead of buying the pubs own vsoft drinks and drinks with it huge amount of vodka. Makes the place seem very messy.

19 May 2014 21:57

The Albert, Bow

Landmark of the Roman Road. Nice decent pub. Also does a fun karaoke!

5 May 2014 08:59

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

I like this pub. Me and some old friends meety every other month. It is very big too. Be warned though, quite a lot of louts frequent this place, especially during a football match.

5 May 2014 08:53

The Dog and Duck, Soho

Nice pub this, although cramped. Have been coming here every so often for a while now and especially like the upstairs. There you can really see the goings on in the nitty gritty of Soho. Apparently John Christie used to drink in here while he was on the run from the Law over the murders he commited, due to the fact he could drink upstairs away from too many prying eyes and passers byes. I think its called the Orwell bar upstairs, but am not sure.

4 Nov 2013 21:51

The Worlds End, Camden

Big ole place this. I go there with all my friends who I follow around in there. As for the toilets, well ... I COULD SMELL IT!!!

20 Sep 2013 09:35

The Morgan Arms, Mile End

I could smell it!

20 Sep 2013 09:33

The Northcote, Leyton

Great pub! I used to live in Mile End and this is like the Little Driver, except better! It is two bars and put together it is a large pub. It also has a pool table. Owners are really friendly as well as the regulars. A place I have looked over and gone further afield, until now. Just goes to show that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and I should just go to the pub down the road, like this, instead of travelling all over London looking for a great night out. Really am looking forward to some great times in this place, as of now!

19 Aug 2013 00:34

The Green Man, Soho

A good pub to go to for food and for sport, as it has many fair sized flat screen TV's in there and normally have sports on them, especially football. Not sure which company run it. For a pub in central London it is quite big and has a seating area. It even had a pool table too at one point, which is very rare for central London. Very clean and well mantained, get just ordinary people in there, also has a Juke Box, although I never see anyone using it. I would say easily up in the top three of best pubs in Soho.

26 Jun 2013 12:08

The Palm Tree, Mile End

This pub is so nice and unique and is separated in two halves like most pubs were in the old days. It is a Jazz pub and this is apparent made by all the photos above the bar by various Jazz artists. I do like a little bit of Jazz so is ok for me. Th actual pub is like a walk in relic and could easily have not been touched since the 50's, although is still clean and cozy. I am a beer and crisp man normally, but for some reason when ever I go there I have an urge for Guinness and Twiglets lol. The punters are a mixture of locals and students, both of whom are well behaved and polite. It is also by the canal and a nice bit of green, so a place to go in the summer too. May even go later on today if I can persuade a mate or two to join me. Just a little bit pricey and when one half of the bar is closed the far side, then doing a number 2 is not an option here, unless your polite to staff to open it quickly to use.

24 Jun 2013 14:45

The Little Driver, Bow

Used to be my local till I moved out of the area. In my opinion the best pub in the Bow / Mile End area, especially after the current couple took it over in 2011. Very big inside and an amazing beer garden, a good range on tap too. Also a range of friendly locals and passers by who all get along fine. Food is top notch too, courtesy of Jeff the Chief, not sure if he still there now though mind. Oh and they also have a great Juke Box. Have some great personal memories in there too.

24 Jun 2013 14:19

The Intrepid Fox, St Giles

Reallyu like this pub, may not have the history of the old one, but makes up for it with great staff and punters. Much more relaxed than the old one. Love the lay out. The guys up stairs just take their pool a little too seriously though lol. Will go there in a few weeks time for sure.

23 Jun 2013 14:27

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