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Millers, Caledonian Road

I have known this pub for over ten years and whole heartedly agree with Captain Hook down there.
The staff are good, the bouncers are good and it's a BOOZER! If you don't like it that's absolutely fine but it doesn't pretend to be something it's not, ie. classy, so knob off to Camino if it's not for you.
It is nothing like the Scotsman and they don't encourage their punters in, it's unfortunate that it happens to be opposite. Any whiff of trouble and they are sent packing. It's a locals and regulars pub in an area fast being developed into ...god knows what.
Give it a go if you fancy a reasonably priced pint and a taste of a real London/Irish boozer. It won't bite.

21 Apr 2010 16:01

Rotunda Bar, Kings Cross

Yeah, cocktails.
Horrifically expensive.
Apart from the Amstell, weirdly.

21 Apr 2010 15:43

The Bridge Lounge and Dining Room, Tower Bridge

Fantastic food and a very tempting 5 Sausage'n'Mash deal on a monday night. I never popped into the Camel so cannot compare but The Bridge is a fine bar with friendly and efficient staff, surprisingly reasonable prices on the beer (for the area) and an upstairs with a cracking view across to the Thames and Tower Bridge. Music never seems too loud and no screens for those who may wish to avoid the sports crowds.
Quite a few pubs in these parts but offers both a more relaxed and classy atmosphere if you find yourself between bridges.

7 Mar 2008 19:58

The Prince Edward, Holloway

Love it.
The landlord is constantly adapting his outside area to accommodate smokers in all and any bother inside is apparently swiftly dealt with - "apparently" because I have yet to see any bother at all since regularly coming here from around a year ago.
Pints all under 3 - although sadly still no ale.
Sky/Setanta an' all.
Highly recommended if you are in the area and crave friendly staff (including the entertaining Sean) and equally friendly punters to welcom you in.
Well kept, good ole' boozer.

10 Feb 2008 14:27

The Gun, Shoreditch

Popped in for a couple of jars and a sit down. Whilst other half was about to order at the bar I was asked to vacate the table(by whom it seemed was in charge)for 3 tourists as they were GOING to order food!!!! Forgive me but, food profits concidered, it's a pub and not a busy one at that (and these guys were probably never coming back).
My main issue was being told rather than asked.
Needless to say we left straight away and ended up in the White Hart where we enjoyed a fair few in peace.

10 Feb 2008 13:19

The Rising Sun, Smithfield

The purpose of this site, as I understand it, is to give constructive comments? Banging on about the landlord you fell out with/barred you is well and good if it refects the true mood of the pub.
The "rude" Australian left over a year and a half ago - GET OVER IT! He turned it around from a losers hole that neede a damn good scrub into a pleasant little place to drink, play darts, do the quiz - proved by the rise in customers and profit alike.
Sadly, many of those barred for anti-social and theatening behaviour have now returned.
Whilst I still hold a fondness for this little place, there are many other good pubs in Smithfield to tempt the thirsty punter.

17 Feb 2007 12:37

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

A welcome escape from the "Wharfers" and a very friendly one at that.
A good pint all round and a till soooo old it's worth a visit just to hear it ping and clunck through it's charming (if a little dated) surroundings.
A healthy mix of punters from the odd office worker to locals and the occasional student clan.
Whoever has settled in for the evening I have never found it intimidating to those who wonder in for the first time.
A lovely pub.

22 Dec 2006 19:50

The Builders Arms, Kensington

Hmmm. Yes. I'm with fmark. Was a very attractive pub and does boast a small choice of wiess bier, with more populars such as Amstel & Adnams. Not enough.
Went in a few days ago and the service was appauling! Dirty mugs / plates / glasses / newspaper were strewn across the table we sat at (no others free) and it was covered in ash. After finishing a pint, a good twenty minutes later, I cleared the crap to the bar along with another couple who had tacked on to the table. The dosey barman was oblivious of this and his job apparently.... he was busy chatting and looking smug whilst "training" a barmaid in need of some common sense. Ages to get served - table wasn't wipped once.
No wonder Jenson Button didn't stop long.
Because of close proximity to work I made the mistake of a revisit. I waited forever for doseypants to serve me as they were training another confused looking girl.
I can find plenty of other pubs to die of thirst in.

22 Sep 2005 20:00

The Wheatsheaf, Tooting Bec

My brother decides which house to move into by its proximity to this pub.
Good pint of Guinness and a proper Irish (Tipperary) pub. Appears rough at a glance but is actually really friendly complete with crazy old locals.
I was enjoying a sunday social with my bro and his mates the other week when one of the mad old regulars staggered over to us and asked if he could stroke Fiona's hair.
Joe said yes.

16 Sep 2005 19:49

The Bedford, Balham

Best pub in South London? I think not. Regardless of what day it is it always takes an age to get served in here. It used to be a weird old mans pub until it had the Clapham make over complete with giant bear dogs, granted - this was an improvement however it then decided to disappear up it's own arse.
Plenty of entertainment to soak up your boredom of a night but avoid if a popular footy game is on as you won't be able to get close enough to sniff the beer - that's if you can actually get in the door.
Reasonable mix of people but a shed load who are trying a bit too hard.

16 Sep 2005 19:14

The Cock, Oxford Circus

Does what it says on the tin complete with the panda popalike cola that'll make your teeth fall out.
I'm slightly concerned about Rico drinking in pubs where you can't move. Squished (eg. The Tottenham) it ain't, granted, but this pub is bloody busy - true you can stand with some room but I find the lack of seating a bit of a pain; get in before 5pm and you stand a chance of being able to put your pint down.
The staff were friendly and charming, to the point of buying 2 or 3 pints and being charged for one! I did point this out to the girl on three occasions and then gave up. I hold her responsible for how pissed I got on a score.
Air-con? I stood in the doorway to catch the draught whipping downstairs towards the toilet if that counts.

21 Aug 2005 16:22

The Prince of Wales, Kensington

Used to pop in here after my jaunts around Ken market (RIP) and it hasn't changed a bit.
True, it does take ages to get served when busy but the food is as good as ever and I was lucky enough recently to be in there on a quiet night - and received table service from the landlord, well impressive!
Yes, I recomend this pub when you find yourself on the high street. Old men, maybe, but feels very homely on those cold winter nights.

22 Jul 2005 21:01

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

Alternatively known as The Nines. Please correct my facts if they are slightly wrong as I was told this a while ago but the story behind it is this:
The students from the RCM did and still frequent this pub in true artistic tradition, but something puzzled them. The rooms in the college went up to 98.....and then started again at room 100. Hence the regularly visited Queen's becoming 99 or rather The Nines. I really like that.
Anyway.....................yes, this is a very pleasant pub although it takes bloody ages to get served (even though there's two people behind the bar and no one else on your side) and the beer is pretty pricey. This is redeemed however by the bar stool seating down the right overlooking THAT car showroom with all those motors for you to dribble over. If in the area, definately worth a cheeky one. Good mellow atmosphere and hey - your surrounded by asthetically pleasing houses and cars that you could never afford.

22 Jul 2005 20:18

Janets Bar, South Kensington

Absolutely fabulous. I have been coming here for a good 5 years and I love it. It's open late which is always a plus as some of us work until stupid o'clock and Janet is the hostess fantastique. The beer is rrrrrrrrreally pricey but by the time I usually go there I'm over that and often you get some munchables and a little bit of live music in the end corner thown in aswell. It is small but very friendly. Unfortunately, as in many watering holes the urge for some punters to turn into pricks after a few drinks is all too tempting - but pray you're in there when they do and watch Janet in action - it's like watching Steve Irwin wrestle a rhino. Brilliant.
I am one of the endangered species you call Londoner and I too feel at home in this trendy but laid back haunt.

22 Jul 2005 19:48

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

Really liked this pub. Inside it is clean, the staff are friendly and helpful and the beer tasted good. It was quiet as it was a sunny saturday afternoon but the outside seating made drinking there a thoroughly pleasant experience. I'll definately pop in again and would advise anyone passing to do the same.

20 Jul 2005 20:35

The Horse and Groom, Great Portland Street

I'm sure it is a very different pub in the week but from my saturday afternoon visit - can't say I was particularly impressed.
Fair enough, it is a typical Smith's pub but having come via a couple of others in the area it doesn't really compete. The atmophere inside was a bit stale but there was only really staff and a few pissed regulars so not a lot to go on. None the less, the beer was good and the outdoor seating was a major plus. Maybe it's a grower.

20 Jul 2005 20:24

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

Loved this pub. I totally agree about the country feel, tucked away from the main chaos. The barman was charming and really quite witty (and he was only 18!). We couldn't have had a better starting point for our Sam Smiths crawl. It did however set a very high standard to which some 'Smith's' in the area fell short.
It was pretty quiet being a saturday in an area that is soooooo busy in the week but the atmosphere was still welcoming and you couldn't help noticing how lovely and clean it was. A well looked after pub.

20 Jul 2005 20:12

The Antelope, Tooting

The atmosphere is racist, homophobic and whilst I appreciate this may not be the attitude of all staff, more could be done about this. Also, the manager could be a little more welcoming to those he assumes aren't irish.

24 Feb 2005 20:59

The Hoop and Toy, South Kensington

Boring. Nothing offensive about this pub but very dull. Have had a beer in here from time to time but usually end up wondering why I bothered. The bar underneath has a pool table if you fancy a game, hardly any seating though.

24 Feb 2005 20:34

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

Had just arrived back in town after a nightmare sunday train/coach journey from a friends 30th birthday weekend and needed some serious food and re-tox. Stumbled across this pub with my fellow casualties and was thoroughly impressed, mostly because the the food was fabulous. The barstaff were friendly and the beer as it should be. The downstairs cellar bar was open for food and more relaxing than the main bar with a good choice of tunes playing. If you fancy a bite to eat I highly recommend the fish in beer batter - yum! My mates steak & ale looked good too. Paul said his chickeny barbeque thing was okay but quite frankly paled in comparison.

24 Feb 2005 20:18

The Zetland Arms, South Kensington

Working nearby for the past four years, I enjoy a jar in here from time to time. I can appreciate that it's not to everyones taste but if you want a traditional pub with a indie/rock jukebox you'll be more than satisfied. The atmosphere is generally 20-30 somethings in the evening although it's punters are across the board. Well worth giving it a go if you're out and about in South Ken. Conveniently near the tube for stumbling home too!
Best of luck to the new manager, not that you should need it.

25 Nov 2004 19:53

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