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Comments by RobbieMK

The Old Swan, Bletchley

This pub is fairly decent and with good beer, a decent mp3 jukebox and a sporty theme throughout, its one of the better in Bletchley.

9 Mar 2007 16:21

Suffolk Punch, Milton Keynes

Its scary.

9 Mar 2007 16:18

Secklow Hundred, Milton Keynes

Yes its good, and will benefit from a large gathering due to the opening of two large hotels next door. Good starting point.

4 Dec 2006 12:53

The Slug and Lettuce, Milton Keynes

Its closed thats why!

4 Dec 2006 12:52

All Bar One, Milton Keynes

A steady pint in here is a definite, but try to ignore the fellow drinkers who will be ridiculously pretentious.

4 Dec 2006 12:51

The Bier Keller, Manchester

Had a party here and yes its dingy, but the life size model of Lothar Matthaus more than made up for the interior. My impression of Andreas Brehme did not go well though especially as one of the waiters looked a little like Peter Shilton, and attempting to lob him with a packet of pork scratchings aided with a deflection off my mate did not go down to well with the doormen, or my head consequently hitting the pavement!

8 Dec 2005 10:12

The Oddfellows Arms, Newport

Whilst studying in Newport, I visited this pub to try and Watch the Cricket one evening. Kent Vs Hampshire, the landlord happily put the game on, and in the end most of the local got involved in the game. Nice friendly pub

5 Dec 2005 14:35

Lloyds No. 1 Cafe Bar, Milton Keynes

Since my last comment, you now can't wear Trainers on a Saturday????????????????????????????

But you can on a Friday. Confused, I was!

5 Dec 2005 12:16

The Fox and Hounds, Whittlebury

Really is a winner here. Great to take a partner or first date! Plush, well run, good drink, excellent meals. Top Draw.

5 Dec 2005 12:15

Fridays, Daventry

Was once the head of Daventry's late licence world, now has become one of a few. Has benefited from a number of refurbishments, they notice a new face here, which of course is good and very bad! I suggest you take the 10 or so mile drive to Northampton.

5 Dec 2005 12:13

The Penny Whistle, Northampton

Popped in on a themed Serie A night, was quite amusing, went as Paolo Maldini myself, but did not try the Karoake, my favourite moment was when a bloke dressed as Alessandro Del Piero sang Rick Astley's "Whenever you need somebody". Decided to leave when a Totti Wannabe tried to sing Joe Dolce's Shaddup ya Face!

5 Dec 2005 12:08

The Assembly Inn, Bath

This place is famous for the drunk Steve Ryder lookalike who stumbles around shouting and threatening the youth of Bath whilst swigging from an always empty bottle of Gold Label, Of which most of it has gone down his beige Pringle pullover!

1 Dec 2005 13:18

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Spent an intriging Saturday night in here, waiting to go home after a all-dayer, thought the place was quite dull, but just before Midnight, myself and a few of the locals got down to a bit of Rage against the Machine, had to be stopped when one rather drunk reveller smacked his head off the pool table.

1 Dec 2005 13:08

Revolution, Milton Keynes

Seems to have a high regard of its self as most of the customers do to! However if you like me have been to many of this chain's bars before, you will know that this one is quite small and not as good. Sorry!

28 Nov 2005 12:40

Shoulder of Mutton, Calverton

Hidden away in Calverton, is this gem overlooking the Bucks Countryside. Can be prone to have strange live music nights involving some musician with a fiddle, but is worth going for a relaxed session.

25 Nov 2005 11:02

Plough, Stony Stratford

Recently refurbished and looks good. Its reputation with Lads & Ladettes is probably unfair as it has a wide range of clientele. As with most pubs in Stony I don't think you can go wrong.

25 Nov 2005 11:00

The Rat and Parrot, Milton Keynes

Like most Rat & Parrots around the country, this one might just have had its day. Still it might turn into a Walkabout soon. (Please)

25 Nov 2005 10:55

Hogshead, Milton Keynes

A quick drink here will not do any harm. Besides they have Hoegaarden on tap.

25 Nov 2005 10:53

Bar:me, Milton Keynes

This pub firmly fits in to a scene, a scene of partucular music genres, if its dance/trance you like then this is your place. If like me that music gets you agitated and angry then its best avoided. Have witnessed numerous times gangs of lads in tracksuits hanging around outside. You have been warned.

25 Nov 2005 10:50

The White Horse, Stony Stratford

Cosy as previous reviewer says, the two large screens dwarf the pub a bit, and sometimes on evenings its so dark its like visiting an old cellar. Very popular, but beer is reasonably priced and the atmosphere is friendly.

25 Nov 2005 10:41

The Fox and Hounds, Stony Stratford

I have to say although not to my taste, this pub would suit alot of people. It has a lot of live music and if that is your scene, you will not be disappointed.

25 Nov 2005 10:39

First Base, Milton Keynes

Ahh the life of branded pubs is well alive if this place is anything to go on. Popped in on FA Cup final day to find the place swarming, very expensive and very much like a Walkabout only American and not as good.

25 Nov 2005 10:26

Pilgrims Bottle, Great Linford

Closed due to License issues

24 Nov 2005 12:20

Lloyds No. 1 Cafe Bar, Milton Keynes

Yes it is it slightly Townie, but I think its a mild haven from some of the tight rules of other establishments in Milton Keynes. Yes you can wear trainers, yes you can wear non collared shirts, and yes you can drink till late. Unfortunately you may get the odd psycho but hey its about the drink not the clientele. Isn't it??

24 Nov 2005 12:17

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