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Comments by Rivington

The Queens Head, Horwich

Up for rent again.

21 Jun 2007 12:58

The Toll Bar, Horwich

Makes me feel sad to look at it when I remember how good it used to be in the days of George & Daphne and Vinny and Sheila. This pub has great potential, it just needs someone with the ability to realise it.

21 Jun 2007 12:52

The Black Bull, Horwich

Is now in the stages of being turned into an Italian restaurant.

10 Dec 2006 22:01

The Bowling Green, Horwich

Currently serving two cask beers - Wells Bombardier and one of the local Bank Top offerings, always a good pint, pub pretty consistent these days, worth calling in, can be quite busy at weekends.

23 Nov 2006 21:19

The Clifton Arms, Bolton

Has now been re-decorated and renovated and has re-emerged as THE GATEWAY, apparently taking its name from the new and adjacent bowstring bridge over the railway line. (This is supposed to represent a "Gateway To Bolton" but the view through it is of two sex shops and a tattoo parlour). As for the pub, it still looks to be attracting for the same workshy punters as before.

30 Aug 2006 15:58

The Toll Bar, Horwich

The young DJ's who seem to think that they are playing the Dance Tent at Glastonbury but are in relaity playing to 4 tracksuited "Shameless" lookalikes in an otherwise empty pub could be the key. Dump them, complete with the lazers and smoke machine and people MAY start drifting back in. If people want to go clubbing - and are old enough to get in the clubs - the will go to the real thing.

1 Aug 2006 16:11

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

Remains about the best in Horwich.

1 Aug 2006 13:37

The Bowling Green, Horwich

Seems to have been open a bit more of late, remains one of the better pubs in town. Only one cask beer on offer now as a rule but always good.

1 Aug 2006 13:35

The Queens Head, Horwich

Looks a lot better from the outside but little change inside. A missed opportunity.

11 Jul 2006 16:38

De Garre, Bruges

If you're in Bruges don't miss it! It's only a short distance from the Belfort - the big tower - in the market place.

3 Jul 2006 11:59

The Bowling Green, Horwich

This pub should be renamed "The Unforseen Circumstances" due to the amount of times there is a notice pinned to the front door giving this as a reason for closure. The landlady just doesn't seem to grasp the idea of a "Public House" and the need for it to be open regularly and predictably as far as customers, staff and potential regulars are concerned. I think boltonbloke has the right idea. A shame, but I'm fed up of trailing up there to be confronted with a closed door.

3 Jul 2006 09:38

Blundell Arms, Horwich

Pretentious descriptions of food on the menu started a new "game" the other night. One of you invents a meal, i.e. sausage and chips and the other has to describe it in Blundells Arms Menu speak - i.e. "succulent wild reared Gloucester Old Spot pork sausages with fresh wild herb seasoning served with hand picked, peeled and sliced Lincolnshire Red potatoes sauteed in fresh Italian olive oil". Beer still expensive.

22 Jun 2006 15:19

The Bowling Green, Horwich

The honeymoon certainly seems to be over here as the landlady now only seems to open the pub when she can be bothered, which this weekend didn't include Friday or Sunday nights, both of which would have been very busy. After all the effort and money that they have put into getting this pub up and running this is very hard to understand.

5 Jun 2006 09:00

The Black Bull, Horwich

Now appears closed - can anyone confirm?

26 May 2006 15:04

The Courtyard, Horwich

So far, so good. The new landlords seem to be carrying on in the same vein as before including the live music.

26 May 2006 15:03

The Queens Head, Horwich

Currently closed for refurbishment. May re-emerge as the excellent pub that it could be....but somehow I doubt it.....

26 May 2006 14:59

The Old Poet's Corner, Ashover

What a great pub. Really welcoming, with a good choice of draught beer and ciders, continental lagers plus very good food. Regular folk/acoustic/blues music, with weekly open mic night. Scenic views from beer garden, B&B.

24 Apr 2006 09:31

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

A gem of a pub, a bit rough and ready but full of atmosphere and interest, occasional traditional music sessions add to this. Great beer.

19 Apr 2006 15:05

The Greenwood Arms, Horwich

Large, corporate(John Barras)pub aimed at Food, Families and Fooball. Definitely easier on the eye than it was in it's previous paint scheme. If you want a pub to take the wife and kids to to watch Sky Sport on the big screen, this is for you. Also has occasional music, usually in the form of singer + recorded backing.

18 Apr 2006 13:23

Albert Arms, Horwich

Attack on customers last Saturday by somebody in the pub with a hammer. This is not what you want in a pub anywhere, I hope it gets itself in order before it gets shut down. A sad tale.

17 Apr 2006 17:47

Bridge Inn, Horwich

A pub I've used ocasionally for 10+ years and I'm still rather feelingless about it. Comments about the variable standard of the cask beers are certainly on the mark, the staff can be a bit uninterested, out of all the pubs in Horwich this is the one where I nearly always have to ask to have my glass topped up! Music can be too intrusive as mentioned, and I fail to see why this is connected to how busy the pub is. Has the usual Horwich/Bolton football obsession with large screen TV but you can at least get away from it. Worth a visit - go there, have a drink and form your own opinions!

17 Apr 2006 17:44

The Rosehill Tavern, Westhoughton

Classic Joe Holts working man's pub - no frills but comfortable and draught bitter at a price to make a Londoner cry.

10 Apr 2006 15:06

The Hart Common Hotel, Westhoughton

A proper pub in former colliery village. Real ale, welcoming.

10 Apr 2006 15:03

The Ridgway Arms, Blackrod

Corporate food pub but still ok. I've always found it friendly and accommodating. Real ales from larger brewers.

10 Apr 2006 15:00

The Poacher, Blackrod

A good local Burtonwood's pub. Never had a bad pint here.

10 Apr 2006 14:57

Suzannas, Blackrod

Friendly and comfortable pub with several well kept real ales. Worth a visit.

10 Apr 2006 14:55

Zillermarkt, Berlin

Excellent and welcoming candle lit bar restaurant adjacent to Savignyplatz S-Bahn Station.

6 Apr 2006 10:45

The Black Bull, Horwich

A shame if it becomes a restaurant, particularly as there is a pub-sized one currently up for lease just down the road. Horwich already has some fine and varied eating establishments. Is a pub with good potential as explored by previous landlord but urgently needs somebody to get it together again.

6 Apr 2006 09:25

Albert Arms, Horwich

Several times now I've seen customers leave the pub then p*ss up the front wall. Maybe this is another kind of review of the pub, but I tend to think that it just sums up the kind of anti-social yobs who use it. Avoid at all costs.

6 Apr 2006 09:22

The Prince Of Wales, Chorley

A great pub with occasional music - blues, folk etc. Great beer and atmosphere. Don't miss it.

30 Mar 2006 09:30

New Inn, North Thorsby

Excellent country pub with darts, real fire and great beer. Restaurant attached offers first class home-made food. You can also eat in the bar if you want.

29 Mar 2006 14:53

The Smugglers Inn, Cleethorpes

Cellar bar on the sea front. Real ales, relaxed atmosphere, worth a visit.

29 Mar 2006 14:48

The Fisherman's Arms, Cleethorpes

Predominantly locals pub, liveley and a bit rough and ready.

29 Mar 2006 14:46

No 1 Refreshment Rooms, Cleethorpes

Well kept good selection of real ales and other beers in the original Cleethorpes station, later replaced (pre-1900) by the one which contains the No2. Enjoy a pint while the trains rattle by. Then have one in the No2, then have another in the No1 etc, etc...

29 Mar 2006 13:08

Willy's Pub and Brewery, Cleethorpes

Seafront bar with own microbrewery has been functioning as such since the mid-80's. Willy's Bitter and the stronger Old Groyne always on offer plus guest beers and imported lagers, absinthe collection. Loud and busy, has upstairs second room sometimes used for music.

28 Mar 2006 14:51

The No 2 Refreshment Rooms (Under the Clock), Cleethorpes

Known as "Under the Clock" due to it's location under the clocktower of Cleethorpes station. Has a small "Beer Garden" on the station concourse and now has it's own toilets! For years it didn't and you had to ask for the key to the one on the station itself. Well worth a visit, particularly in the summer.

28 Mar 2006 14:46

The Black Dog, Belmont

Very good pub serving home made food, Holts beers. Not quite as good as it was in the days of landlord Jim Pilkington, but still well worth a visit.

28 Mar 2006 12:48

The Belmont Bull, Belmont

A very good pub indeed, open bar area but other small rooms. Excellent cask beers and friendly.

28 Mar 2006 12:45

The Jolly Crofters, Horwich

Great beer, corporate food looked fine but wasn't sampled. Cooking smells from deep fat fryer unfortunately pervade the entire building.

28 Mar 2006 09:24

Blundell Arms, Horwich

Historic pub, wish I'd known it before the corporate makeover (or maybe not), previous comments apply.

28 Mar 2006 09:19

Bob's Smithy, Montserrat

In superb location on the edge of the moors with views to the High Peak, North Wales and the Lake District. Good selection of beers. Great people watch in the evening, with wiggy and golf attired retired buisnessmen trying to chat up the barmaids plus porcine and loud success stories from the 80's flaunting the sovereign rings. Landlady tries for class and achieves Bet Lynch. Worth a visit.

28 Mar 2006 09:16

The Queens Head, Horwich

A missed opportunity. Could be really good, instead aims for the young chavs and slappers. There are more tracksuits on show in here than in JJB sports! This could be an excellent pub with the application of a bit of flair and intelligence. Instead it settles for the lowest common denominator.

27 Mar 2006 17:48

Hen and Chickens, Bolton

A proper pub, good beer and food, can be a bit too smokey.

27 Mar 2006 17:43

The Toll Bar, Horwich

A criminal waste of what used to be a lively and thriving stone built pub with big open fires and Thwaites cask beers. Over the last 10 years following a change of landlord it has degenerated into a hang out for 15 year old druggies. Ear splitting dance music of the type normally heard coming out of hot hatchbacks, and don't go in if you aren't wearing a tracksuit and a baseball cap. A crying shame. Apparently the Police allow it to go on like this as they feel it keeps all the yobs in one place (apart from the ones in the Queens and the Albert of course).

27 Mar 2006 17:32

The Bowling Green, Horwich

Recently taken over by an enthusiastic couple who seem to have sorted it out after several years in the wilderness. Can be a bit smokey and the Sky TV is intrusive if you don't want to watch it - they need to learn where the "off" switch is sometimes. Good beer, usually cask Wells Bombardier and Tetleys Bitter plus an occasional third. Opening times can be a bit spasmodic and random.

27 Mar 2006 17:27

The Nottingham Hotel, Cleethorpes

An institution. Bar, Lounge and Snug with Tetley's cask. Barmaid remembered our order despite the fact that we left the town over 14 years ago. Excellent Agrah Indian restaurant next door lies in wait for you.

27 Mar 2006 17:23

The Swash Buckle Tavern, Cleethorpes

A jaw-dropping experience. Popular with 40-somethings on the pickup. Disco dance floor which reminds me of the disco scene from the film Airplane. I just keep going back to stand and gawp in disbelief. In a way squalid but oddly compelling. Good cask beer, suprisingly enough. Avoid the ladies toilets unless you can hover confidently well above the seat.

27 Mar 2006 17:18

Sam's Bar, Horwich

Small, cheap and with a huge Sky TV screen dominating. No real ale. Popular with elderly drunks who start supping at tea time.

27 Mar 2006 17:12

Original Bay Horse, Horwich

Probably the most constant and reliable pub in Horwich. I just wish mein hosts didn't feel obliged to have Sky TV sets positioned in every corner where you can't escape them. I fully expect there to be one on the back of the shithouse door the next time I venture in. Lees Bitter always well kept and good, usually two others of which one is regularly Bank Top from Bolton. Other nicknames: The Long Pull, Fat Frank's (but not since Frank died), The Flea Pit (but not since the dog died). Bar staff range from effervescent to grumpy. An institution.

27 Mar 2006 17:11

The Crown Hotel, Horwich

I like this pub. Big, open and very Victorian with excellent beer. Background music kept quiet so it's one to go in if you want to talk to each other without having to shout. Old folks singalong on Sunday night with camp and toothless organist at which you can set your watch by who is singing what and when.

27 Mar 2006 17:02

The Courtyard, Horwich

A few years ago you would be lucky to find six people in it on a Satuday night. And it smelt of dog. A change of landlord turned it into a busy pub with regular live music at weekends. John Smith's cask ale. Sadly landlord is moving on, apparently in the wake of too many moans from residents about the noise from the bands. A good pub at present, though ignorant regulars propping up the bar make service difficult.

27 Mar 2006 16:55

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