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Comments by Pumpkinjuice

White Hart, Southwark

I'm glad the White Hart has finally appeared on BITE. I work just around the corner and while the Charles Dickens is the 'work local', the White Hart makes an appealing alternative. Whilst it is not really one for the real ale enthusiasts it is what I would term as a 'proper' pub, family run with no fancy themes or pretensions, marked out by the fact that it doesn't produce over-priced gastro-grub and the barstaff don't change every five minutes. The WH has a friendly atmosphere and locals, builders and suits mix perfectly comfortably. It is blessed with a large paved area out the front with strange, large benches thoughtfully provided by Southwark Council, so it's a bit of a magnet during good weather. Off the beaten track which also helps. Oh, and in contrast with the Dickens, clean, modern khasis !

13 Aug 2010 12:28

The Cardinal, Victoria

Hmm, what to make of this place. Made my first visit last Friday night. The first thing that struck me as I entered was the most appaling and overbearing pong, as though the local 'street drinkers' had just left after a vomiting competition. Not nice. However, after getting used to that I have to say that it was very busy, full of rather jolly locals and assorted civil servants all getting happily snotted on the cheap beer. As other reviewers have noted it does have a certain dank, oldie-worldie, charm. It wouldn't be a surprise to see an old man in a corner, dressed like something out of Dickens, taking snuff. But efficient and friendly staff and reliably cheap (and O.Kish) Sam Smith's beer. I'll make another trip some time but I hope they've cleaned the carpets by then...

6 Apr 2009 13:16

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Used to like this pub. It's got a nice range of beers and is in a great location. Sadly the sheer ineptitude and rudeness displayed by the bar staff means I'll be going elsewhere in future. Whoever runs the place seems to think that the pub being located next to Borough Market guarantees its clientele and there's no need to bother to recruit and train half-decent barstaff. Maybe they're right...

30 Mar 2009 11:51

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Over the last couple of years I've visited Manchester twice, after a space of 20 years. Each time I've stayed in the Jury's Inn which is, as luck would have it, right next door to this gem. Coming from London it seems such a shame that the capital has so few of this sort of old school, unadulterated pub left. Maybe that's the way Manchester is going too but it would be a tragedy if this place changed in any way. Great beer, fabulous surroundings and, in my limited experience, very friendly bar staff. And 300 whiskies ! Heaven...

25 Feb 2009 13:45

The Townhouse, Borough

Quite a reasonable boozah in an otherwise slightly dilapidated area. Nice interior, beer seems well kept (pals were happy with the Deuchars) and friendly and efficient barstaff. Interesting choice of 'glamour' pictures in the Gents, which apparently have to be regularly replaced as they get half-inched by over eager punters. I can't say if the Ladies loos are similarly adorned...sorry...

22 Jan 2009 11:38

The Harcourt Arms, Marylebone

Very friendly pub tucked away off the beaten track, but obviously not that much of a secret as the bustling atmosphere demonstrates. Clearly quite an attraction for Swedish visitors to London. Didn't try the food but the beer selection was OK. Worth a visit.

16 Oct 2008 12:24

Sheephaven Bay, Camden

Doesn't look much from the outside but surprisingly pleasant inside. Spacious and nicely refurbished. Big screens for the sport but the place manages not to be dominated by it. Beer's good and locals seem friendly. Overall a very good addition to an area with a lack of proper local pubs.

5 Aug 2008 13:02

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

This pub certainly has its own style. Mixture of young lads straight out of work and crusty (but friendly locals). Visited late afternoon so was able to get a seat in the tiny bar. First time I'd been in this pub for over ten years and it's nice to see it's not really changed. Sadly the Hurlimanns seems to have gone but a nice pint of Oranjeboom and the usual fine standard of Shepherd Neame ales.

5 Aug 2008 11:46

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Cracking little local pub. Nice interior even if the hard wood benches can pain the behind after a while. Always an excellent range of real ales which seem to change almost by the day. Eclectic mix of locals, office workers and the odd thespian, fresh from a rehearsal in the arts centre acorss the road. Graham Norton was in there a couple of weeks ago..

1 Aug 2008 16:41

The London Pub, Bloomsbury

Visited this place under duress from my cousin who passes it from work on his way to Euston every night and thought it worth a look. Previous comments describe it well enough. Large, characterless and formulaic 'station' type pub underneath a huge hotel. Service was OK and TV's everywhere which was handy as the Euro 2008 semi final was on. Despite its charmless side it is indeed packed full of tourists who on last night's showing were a) friendly and chatty, and b) quite often young and attractive.

26 Jun 2008 13:12

No.77 Wine Bar, West Hampstead

Apparently this has closed due to Camden Council telling the owners they had to relocate the toilets from the first floor to the ground and remove the spiral staircase in the process. Health and safety blah blah. This was going to cost many thousands so the owners gave up on it. I wasn't a regular but it's still sad to see it go; there aren't a great many watering holes in Wampstead left that are worth going to...

31 Mar 2008 11:34

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

Visited this pub for 'working' lunch with some colleagues at about 1.30pm on a Monday. While the service was prompt and friendly, there was no fish and chips available, no fish pie (it follows ?) and no burgers. The optimistically named Sicilian Chicken that I ordered was due to arrive wrapped in proscuitto. Clearly they'd run out of that too as it appeared with a rasher of bacon perched upon it. Perhaps they thought I wouldn't notice the difference ? Poor...

12 Dec 2007 13:05

The Speaker, Westminster

Visited about 7pm on a Friday evening and as the weather was nice there were quite a few people outside, leaving plenty of room inside. Lovely pub, has character and charm. Good place to people watch although I suspect that a substantial number of the clientele are attached to Westminster in some way or are civil servants from the locale. Friendly bar staff and I liked the pack of cards left on every table, each card describing a different type of hooch. Will definitely be back.

7 Aug 2007 11:22

The Intrepid Fox, St Giles

Not quite the same as the old Fox but its doing its best. Friendly crowd, barstaff with attitude and a handy patio area outside for the smokers, where you can watch the local wildlife go by. But don't go there wearing football colours as you might not get served !

10 Jul 2007 13:58

Sirous Bar and Restuarant, West Hampstead

Preferred this place before the refurb which greatly reduced the bar area. Much more of a restaurant feel about it now although it does have the advantage of some tables out front. If you're lucky enough to grab one on a sunny day it's one of the prettiest bits of West Hampstead.

10 Jul 2007 13:53

Duke Of Wellington, Belgravia

Nice old fashioned convivial sort of place. Friendly and enthusiastic bar staff and one or two charmingly ditzy. The clientele seemed mostly well-heeled which is hardly surprising 100 yards from Sloane Square. As for the presence of that social stereotype, yes, there were a few sloaney types in attendance but they seemed harmless enough and one or two certainly brightened the place up. Good beer too.

6 Jul 2007 14:26

The Alliance, Kilburn

I thought I had to say something about the accusation of racism posted a while ago. I've been using this pub for a number of years along with a number of white, black and asian friends. None of them have ever felt uncomfortable there. In fact it's not so long ago I saw Mick the landlord tell a pickled middle-aged woman (who I'd never seen before), who was expressing idiotic racist views, to shut up or leave. It's fair to say that the Alliance still has a substantial contingent of white working class regulars but they don't growl at strangers, take snuff or scrawl BNP slogans on the toilet walls...

4 Jul 2007 14:34

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