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Katzenjammers Bierkeller and Restaurant, Southwark

I work in the area and am quickly becoming a regular in this authentic Bavarian bierkellar. The atmosphere is unbeatable, especially on Fridays when they have a brass band on in the evenings. We've eaten here a few times and the food is always excellent, the range of beers is fantastic! Many a sore head come Saturday.... Top notch German-style drinking hole.

9 Sep 2010 22:27

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

I am the manager of the Wheatsheaf, in response to grantyb82 i would like to put my side of the story. I had already barred grantyb82 for urinating in a pint pot whilst standing next to the gents toilets, after a couple of months he returned and begged for another chance, promising he would never act up again. It needs to be said that a few of my regulars were not pleased and took exception to his anti social behaviour. On the night in question grantyb82 asked a regular whilst in the gents toilets if he could see his penis and that he would gladly show his, The regular immediately reported this inappropriate behaviour to a male member of my bar staff. It was at this point we ejected him permantly. He fell over during an argument when we insisted he return a drink that had been sneekily bought for him by a mate. As for smack heads??? I think Sir is having a dig to hide his embarresment.
Danny Manager of the Wheatsheaf.

15 Aug 2008 21:00

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Aaahhhh The 'Sheaf! Easily one of my favourite pubs in London. Very well kept beer, cracking atmosphere, best staff for miles. What more could you ask for??
The perfect place for meeting friends for a few pints.

Keep up the good work guys! Always a pleasure.

11 Aug 2008 22:34

T J Duffys, Northfields

A wonderful pub, with a wonderful atmosphere!! I am always pleasantly surprised when I visit T.J Duffy's.

I was there again on Friday, when the bar was FULL of people having a good time, even the bar staff seemed to be enjoying themselves! The food is always SUPERB and I highly recommend their Sunday Roast.

If you are looking for a pub with the best of everything, where you can really let your hair down, this is it.

22 May 2006 09:32

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