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Three Crowns, Stoke Newington

Dropped in for a quick drink on Saturday afternoon. Had a pint of Mad Goose which was really nice and to my surprise seemed relatively sensibly priced. It was quieter than I've ever seen it and I have to say I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

18 Sep 2012 16:48

Grand Union, Brixton

Oh yeah, and they had a toilet attendant, which for me just topped off the evening perfectly.

18 Sep 2012 16:44

Grand Union, Brixton

Yak. Went to a friend's birthday drinks here. The one real ale was off and what there was was very expensive. In a desperate attempt avoid drinking Heineken all night I tried one of those 'Jeremiah Weed Brew' things which was like a cross between an Innis & Gunn and a ginger beer with a slug of Tizer thrown in for good measure.

The garden is nice though.

18 Sep 2012 16:43

The Thirsty Bear, London

Weird place.

You order drinks from tablets on the tables, but you have to wait for a member of staff to bring you a card before even being able to look at what's available (pleasantly surprised to see a couple of ales on the list), ordering and having them brought to you. All of which takes quite a lot longer than it would have done to buy from the bar. If you want lager or cider then you can use your tab to fire up one of the taps on various tables or on the bar and pour your own. When you want to pay up you 'close' your tab and wait ten minutes for someone to come and collect your money and give you your credit card back only to find out that you have to go and pay at the till anyway. So it's a pretty gimmicky concept. On the plus side you can order food on there and build your own burger etc; you can 'buy' music for the jukebox and you can go on youtube for some reason.

Music was way too loud when we went (invalidating the 'I like to able to sit at the table and talk to my mates' comment in the glowingly positive review at the bottom of the page) and the staff were pretty rude when we asked them to turn it down, one of them saying "What's wrong with you people". Nice.

On the plus side it has a free pool table upstairs, which we spent a good long time on and there's a dart board downstairs.

18 Jul 2012 15:37

The Coach and Horses, Clerkenwell

I'd been to this pub a few times before last night and I seem to remember it used to have a reputation for doing quite special food and having some decent beer. They used to do roast duck hearts as a bar snack!

I went along last night for the first time in a year or more and the place was virtually empty with only Landlord and London Pride on. Had a pint of the Pride which was below average sadly. Couldn't see any sign of decent food either.

Quite sad because the service was friendly! Maybe I went at the wrong time.

22 Mar 2012 16:14

The Birdcage, Stoke Newington

Having now tried the food here I can recommend the various mezze platters. Good value for money and friendly service!

16 Nov 2011 09:51

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Agree with Stokeyblokey - I had a really disappointing Sunday Lunch in here a month or two back. Disappointing because the one I'd had previously (must have been about a year back) and the other meals I've eaten here were great.

Still a great pub, but maybe give the roasts a miss.

16 Nov 2011 09:44

The Alma, Newington Green

Was here on Sunday.
Wandle and Fortyniner both great, but the food is insanely priced - 13.50 for a couple of scraps of fish and some mash. It was well cooked and all, but I need a lot more on my plate to justify paying that much. Wife had a decentish slab of goat's cheese type tart thingy for a tenner but it only came with a pile of leaves.
Nice friendly atmosphere though and can't fault the service. Lots of kids running around, so maybe one to avoid on Sundays if that's not your bag.

5/10 for the tiny portions!

21 Sep 2011 10:45

The Birdcage, Stoke Newington

I agree with Hotfoot. We live just down the road and have visited this pub a couple of times. The place doesn't seem to know what it is- they have a beautiful building with some gorgeous period features which has been decorated in a rather odd pastiche of styles (really nice middle eastern lamps and a few rugs, framed Parisian-style Art Deco posters). There are both pizzas and a very intruiging selection of mezze stuff on the menu. Two real ales (Landlord and Pride) are on offer, though not very well kept, and they have the full gamut of other stuff from lager to cocktails and a big coffee machine. It's usually pretty dead on a weekday evening, but I've heard live music coming from upstairs and there's usually a crowd outside on the weekends enjoying the sun.

Anyway, weirdnesses aside it's a friendly enough place. Like I said, beer isn't great, but I'm looking forward to testng out the menu someday and if I wanted a decent pint I'd go down the road to the Jolly Butcher anyway. The Bird Cage is good for a bog standard lager in the afternoon sun and for watching the locals coming out of Morrissons.

14 Jul 2011 11:07

The Master Gunner, Moorgate

Went here for the first time on Monday evening and had a very poor pint of Bombadier.

As I said, it's the first time I've been, so I don't know if this is the norm or an unfortunate blip, but I'm not sure if the place deserves another chance given that there are other excellent pubs round here.

13 Jul 2011 12:44

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Despite originally hailing from Newcastle I'd never even heard of this place until last weekend when I was taken here by my brother.

It's a gem!

Great beer, great atmosphere, good music, friendly staff. Just the right level of busy at 9:30 on a Friday night. AND they have the best beermats I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

13 May 2011 13:30

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

Great pub for the beer and the food and the lovely staff.

Although yes, i agree, it's not cheap (much like The Greenwich Union, my favoured old local).

My main gripe with this place is the lack of space and the open feel which means you end up sat with your elbow in the neighbouring table's fish and chips and have to shout to be heard despite there being no music playing.

I reckon they need to put up a few screens or something to break up the space. Judging by the positive reviews they can probably afford it!

Minor gripes aside, this is our favorite Stokey Pub.

13 May 2011 13:25

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Great pub- tend to go here when I'm up for Christmas with the folks. It's always been very busy when I've been, but the bar staff seem to do a pretty good job at keeping everyone happy.

Really good wide selection of beers; one of the best I've seen. Food looks good but have never eaten here.

4 Feb 2011 12:31

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

Been here a few times. Beer is great as is the food- burgers very good. I was a bit disppointed with the fizziness of their London IPA until it was explained to me that they offer both cask and pump and that the cask is the 'flat' version. D'oh.
Staff always helpful and quick to serve even when it's full- which seems to be quite regularly.
Cons- rather pricey.

8 Jun 2010 15:56

The Millbrook Inn, South Pool

Came here on the sunday of the bank holiday weekend. It got pretty busy, but me and my (new) fiancee were made to feel very welcome chatting with locals and staff.
The Millbrook beer is very good, and there was a BBQ on which was attracting a lot of attention, and not without reason! The burger was the best I've had (and I've had a few!) and the steaks looked and smelled fantastic.
We had a great night, and though we don't live anywhere near the place I'll certainly be visiting again.

7 May 2010 16:54

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