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BITE user comments - Paul_Rochdale

Comments by Paul_Rochdale

Kings Arms, Offham

This was a tremendous local pub, run successfully (too successfully) by a couple of young brothers. As profits grew from year to year, the greedy Enterprise Inns Bandits increased the rent annually until they could squeeze no more blood out of the stone, so the brothers have gone. And so has the fantastic Thai cooks on the successful Friday and Saturday nights. Well done Enterprise Inns!!!

21 Dec 2016 10:02

The Bull, Penenden Heath

Hmmm, well I seem to keep well clear of Greene King pubs, mainly because the beer is SO boring but today we met friends there and had a few pints of Abbey, really really nice. Nice pub lunch, the chips were exceptional! So not really my sort of pub but we've taken the grandchildren in there in the past, the playground is really good too, and the place is not at all bad.

3 Feb 2016 16:35

Queens Head, Charing

This pub is boarded up.

4 Aug 2015 17:25

The Oak, Charing

This pub is closed up. Bankruptcy apparently.

4 Aug 2015 17:24

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

At last, I got in! Alan, the previous and decidedly strange landlord has finally gone, and the pub has been taken over by a young couple who recently ran The Pilot in Upper Stone Street. What has changed? Almost nothing, its still brown and cream but the atmosphere is so much much better. And its clean! The friendliness is refreshing and the landlord and his wife are chatty. Excellent well kept Goachers beers and freshly made to order rolls. Its now what it should have been all along, a lovely friendly old fashioned local with good beer. 10/10.

5 May 2015 19:06

The Crispin and Crispianus, Strood

After many years I believe the rebuilding has just about been completed but the pub has still not been re-opened.

24 Apr 2015 09:55

The Alma, Strood

Since I worked in Strood some thirty or so years ago, many of the old pubs have closed down but the Alma was one I used to frequent during my lunchtimes. A very plain, slightly whiffy, L-shaped bar although the newly formulated MasterBrew was excellent. Large TV with SkyNews on all of the time but not much else to say. I heard that it may be closing down too. One pint was enough as we left to find an excellent micro-pub.

24 Apr 2015 09:10

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Oh dear! I'd not visited the Man of Kent for some years so looked forward to returning at last. A superb array of handpumps serving Kentish beers and my pint of Gadds IPA was fine. It certainly seemed to have been brightened up since my last visit as we discovered an outdoor decking area. Never mind the grubby seats which could all do with a scrub or replacing, and then we noticed a dog turd, then a second, then another. Five dog turds - the landlord's dog or a customers - were dotted around the edges of the deck. We found this disgusting and they had clearly been there for some days. My mate now refuses to return. Reading previous reports, there are clearly some issues with this pub which need addressing. A shame as it's got so much potential. 5/10 unfortunately.

24 Apr 2015 09:05

The Granville, Lower Hardres

This is a sister pub to the Michelin starred 'The Sportsman' at Seasalter so is in effect a gastro-pub rather than a local. We arrived there at 1pm and this remote pub was pretty empty, and the first pint of Earlybird was off. This really annoys me because there's absolutely no reason for this happening. It's happening time and time again and sometimes I think we are stepping back to the bad old days. It was changed without question for a pint of Masterbrew which was perfect. We had come for their lunchtime menu which was really tasty and beautifully presented. The service was perfect and the lovely landlady very chatty. For two lunchtime meals with coffee and a couple of pints of beer, the bill was about £42 which we felt was very good value for money. So gastropub rather than local boozer. We liked the place and will return.

1 Apr 2015 17:49

Saxon Shore, Herne Bay

Oh dear. I always look out for Wetherspoons pub where ever I go somewhere but this must rank as one of the dreariest. A warm Spring lunchtime, a gloomy dark inside with few customers, and a small yard with tressle tables. OK, join the nicotime addicts and lager drinkers. No kidding, with some excellent beers to choose from, everybody was drinking lager! The place needs a lick of paint and a few members of staff, kicks up their gloomy arses. Can't fault the food nor the excellent Sweden microbrew but please, brighten the place up a tad. It was depressing!

8 Mar 2015 15:26

Sun, Hoddesdon

A nice enough pub, a pleasant stop for beer and food on our way down the A10 to Kent. Food? No complaints. Surroundings? Fine, and clearly recently redecorated. Staff? Helpful and friendly. Beer? Oh dear. If this was typical of McMullens I shall steer clear in future. There were four real ales and I wondered if there was a clean tasting, citrus flavoured ale. I tried AK and it tasted of.......water. Not a trace of hops or malt. Quite odd. I couldn't face the whole pint so went back to the bar and asked for a pint of Tail Dragger. 4.2 I think but that was weird as well. Lacking in body and flavour. I really think the brewery should tried a beer such as Oakham Ale Citra. This is very popular and the way beers are going. Clean tasting, very bitter with a hint of lemon. Nice place but 5/10 because of the beer. Sorry.

5 Oct 2014 21:08

The Rose Inn, Herne Bay

Very attractive small pub in pedestrianized street, with attractive hanging baskets outside for which it has won awards. A pint of Master Brew was fine, unlike the land lady/barmaid who could barely manage a grunt as I tried to pass the time of day. Personality bypass, I think, but a good pint nevertheless.

16 Sep 2014 22:26

The Hare and Hounds, Lingfield

We last visited here a couple of years ago, a handy half way point between our home in Kent and our daughter/son-in-laws in Twickenham, and this time we met Joan and Jimmy, our son-in-laws parents. Two out of three real ales on - Doom Bar tasted like sugar water but Harveys was pretty decent. It was Sunday lunchtime and the place was half full, and I'm sure that on previous visits it was far busier. Food was OK, my roast chicken was nothing special but our guests really enjoyed their meals. For what it was, I felt it a bit on the expensive side, and lacked the atmosphere of previous visits. I must lower my previous 9/10 score though.

16 Sep 2014 22:21

The Harbour Arms, Margate

These micropubs deserve to do well. When I found the Turner Contemporary closed - it was Monday - and raing, I wandered along the pier and found the Harbour Arms. Three beers and a friendly couple in there. The beer was fine and the Pork & Chorizo roll turned out to be a cold sausage roll whatsit. OK but a crusty cheese & onion roll would have been far better. What better place to go on a wet and windy Monday in Margate, and thanks for the tip about the 'Hair of the Dog' in Minster which I visited later in the day.

12 Aug 2014 12:52

The Hair of the Dog, Minster

What! 4 out of ten? Good grief! A superb little micropub in a quiet village. Nice and clea and fresh with a lovely chatty landlady. Three real ales, the two I tried were terrific. No food but a free pickled egg homemade by the landlady if you are nice to her. This place is friendly and deserves to do well. The previous business was a ladies hairdressers hence the name of the pub.

12 Aug 2014 12:47

Bryggeriet Apollo, Copenhagen

Very pleasant. Sat in the sunshine, people watching and drank a glass of their Scottish Ale. I preferred the Mikkellers which was a five minute walk from here, but oddly not listed here.

11 Jul 2014 15:23

The Cardinal, Stavanger

I was there a couple of weeks ago. Terrific pub with a massive collection of bottled beers (which I didn't try) and about a dozen beers on top. Eye wateringly expensive at around £10 a small glass. Friendly staff who spoke excellent English. Everybody used credit cards to buy beer and the bar has a number of fixed credit card 'machines' for that purpose. Best pub in Norway? Well I found an excellent microbrew pub in Kristiansand which was just as good.

11 Jul 2014 15:16

The Ten Bells, Leeds

The pub has now been demolished and houses built on the land.

11 Jul 2014 10:21

The Chequered Flag, Castle Donington

What a gem of an alehouse! Excellent beer. Friendly and helpful landlord and landlady. A converted butchers shop with high tables and raised seating, and possibly the smartest loo I've come across. As a local said to me, "It's the best thing to happen to Castle Donington for years!"

23 Jun 2014 12:11

Yew Tree Inn, Sandling

After being boaded up for quite a while, the place has opened under new owners, four real ales and excellent food. It's good to see a closed pub re-open.

24 Apr 2014 09:19

The Lifeboat, Margate

The strange landlord has a justifiable reputation for his rudeness to customers and in converstaion with some locals in a Ramsgate pub on Saturday, it seems his Broadstairs pub is no better. On our visit we bought 'home made' meat pies which were clearly none of the sort, and we believed microwaved. When my wife asked if the pie came with chips, he responded with "Does the menu say it comes with chips?" We hear that he is planning to sell up as the place deserves somebody who CARES.

14 Apr 2014 13:25

The Hovelling Boat Inn, Ramsgate

A really excellent little alehouse with four real ales. Few vacant seats when we arrived on Saturday evening and a nice buzz of people chatting. No bar so waitress (barmaid) service. Seating outside at the rear with an excellent petanque square to watch others at play. A local beer (Gadds?) would have been nice.

14 Apr 2014 13:19

Belgian Cafe, Ramsgate

Crikey this place needs a lick of paint. It looks run down from the outside. One pint of Belgian beer was £7.20 but a pint of Leffe Blonde was a bit cheaper. The fish stew was really excellent, packed full of fish & mussels, and reminded us of why we always visit the Belgian Bar when we arrive in Ramsgate. Please tidy the place up.

14 Apr 2014 13:16

The Thirty-Nine Steps Alehouse, Broadstairs

We visited there on Saturday - what a find! A simple bar with seating either side, a glass fronted 'cupboard' displaying six or so real ales on gravity. It's an alehouse so no spirits. Friendly landlord, newspapers and CAMRA stuff to read, excellent pint of Gadds (and a 1/3pt for my wife) and a platter of cheese, biscuits and piccalilli. Excellent.

14 Apr 2014 13:11

The Bell Inn, Selsley

I have not been to this pub but it was featured on last night's BBC2 prog "The Restaurant Man". After extensive renovation, the place was opened on 2 November last year and after a few hiccups began to look impressive. The landlord and his wife have a farm nearby and the food in the main comes fresh from their farm. We shall visit next time we're in Gloucester.

6 Feb 2014 12:46

Society Rooms, Maidstone

I like the Society Rooms and regularly meet a mate here every Thursday afternoon for a couple of pints before wandering up the road to the Flower Pot. At £1.99 the beer is cheap and always in perfect condition. The place is clean and quiet (during the afternoon) although there's always a small group of noisy, middle-aged knuckledraggers with a child's pushchair to spoil things. Lacking in atmosphere? Well with very large plate glass windows - it used to be a furniture store in a previous life - it's never going to be cosy and intimate - but it's very popular and if having a pleasant chat with a friend is your thing, this is one of the better pubs in town.

2 Feb 2014 10:00

The Harrow, Lenham

Well I have been back numerous times because of our kit car club evenings and nothing has changed. The 'landlord' is in fact a barman. The beer is always anywhere between slighty not right and vile. I will not drink draught beer here. Even the Guinness is odd in that it comes in a can with a widget, and get's vibrated on a tiny chilled pad. I have even complained to Shepherd Neame as the quality , or lack of it, of their beers can only do harm to the breweries reputation but nothing has changed. I now rarely go to the club nights. Never in many years of drinking have I come across a pub with such consistently bad beer. 0/10.

3 Dec 2013 06:03

The Phoenix Tavern, Faversham

Called in today, no blonde witches on duty, excellent couple of pints of Timothy Taylor Landlord to wash down my baked potato with cheese & bacon. Shame the potato was clearly microwaved though. Attract, clean pub with attractive barmaid and exuberant landlord. Amongst the best in Faversham.

4 Nov 2013 20:10

The White Horse, Sandway

Eleven months later and we retrun, my birthday celebration. Five adults and two small children. Two beers on, Harveys and Kent Brewery 'Black & Gold', log fire, warm friendly atmosphere, everybody in our party loved the place, food excellent. Tony the landlord welcomed us. The pub deserves to do well and we shall continue to return and recommend the White Horse. 10/10. And I am a picky barsteward.

3 Nov 2013 21:00

The Square Sail, Lincoln

As far as Wetherspoon pubs go, it was OK. The staff were extremely helpful when my wife struggled to get WiFi on her lap top thingy, the beer was up to Wetherspoons high standard and the chips were superb. Perhaps we are easily pleased but we liked the place....and the prices.

30 Oct 2013 09:47

The Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln

We have just returned home after a two night stay at the Pyewipe. We throughly enjoyed the stay although the Pyewipe does seem to fall between three stools. Is it a hotel, a restaurant or a pub? I agree that Old Speckled Hen and Ruddles County is a cop out by the management as there are so many better alternatives from local microbreweries. Having said that the staff were extremely pleasant, the food reasonably priced and tasty and the room at the nearby lodge had the mosty comfy bed and duvet I've slept in for aged. Not as good as our MemoryFoam mattress but still very good. We liked the place a lot. Incidentally the so called twenty minute walk along the towpath into the city took 35 minutes and we walk fast!

30 Oct 2013 09:43

The Bear Inn, Faversham

I called in today after a visit to the Anchor. I really should have stayed for another pint. Quite a narrow pub but which goes back a long way. I went into the far bar and found a bar filled with people silently munching away on their dinners, so returned to the tiny front bar. One other drinker, one barmaid, yesterday's 'Daily Express' and a pint of so-so Tonbrdige Green Hopped beer. Read the paper, drank the beer and left. No one else came in, no converstaion from the barmaid, all a bit drab. It may be a favourite with the CAMRA crowd, but not with me.

22 Oct 2013 23:36

The Anchor, Faversham

I am amazed at the low score this pub has. Three of us called in today at lunchtime. Raining outside but a nice enough welcome inside. I was told that the place had had a recent refurbishment and the main bar looked just right, my sort of taste. Lots of wood everywhere. There seemed to be little rooms everywhere and the loos were immaculate. The pint of Masterbrew was the best I'd tried in a long time but the star was Bishop's Finger on draught, a rarity and truly scrumptious. For a lunchtime snack I had a salt beef & horse radish doorstep sandwich which was just brilliant, accompanied by triple fried chips, that's triple fried in duck fat, piping hot and the best chips I'd ever tasted in my life! What a find and a shame I'd passed the pub by in the past. 10/10.

22 Oct 2013 23:31

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Called in yesterday after visiting the nearby Spitalfields Chilli Festival. Excellent US-made Pale Ale. Scaffolding inside the bar is still there. Very ornate ceiling. Busy.

30 Sep 2013 10:36

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

Still my favourite pub ANYWHERE. Chris and I meet up every Thursday afternoon and after a couple of pints in town, we make our way here. A delightful and friendly pub where Sharon copes with our eccentricities. I couldn't wish for a better place to drink beer in calm, sensible surroundings. We LOVE the place. Don't change a damned thing please. Excellent beer although not always to our taste. It's a real pleasure to visit there. And the Cornish!

22 Aug 2013 20:27

The Wheatstone Inn, Barnwood

A whole hoard of us turned up for a large family gathering last Sunday. I am amazed they weren't overwhelmed by us. I asked for a beer which was clearly off (don't staff test beer before selling it to customers?) One barman said "I don't drink beer", not a good sign. I chose another beer and the handpump was yanked back maybe thirty or forty times (I'm not joking) and way time passed and a couple of pints were brought to us 'on the house'. The Sunday roast was impressive and frankly over the top. I had a job to finish it, which I failed to do. Full marks to the staff though. We were a rowdy lot with the children running around but they did really well. 10/10 for effort but please look after your beer a bit better.

22 Aug 2013 20:22

The Druids Arms, Maidstone

Again, to echo the others, not very impressed. One chap behind the bar intent on chatting to customers at the other end about seemingly sod all. A pint of the house beer was actually pretty OK once I got it, then I went to sit outside in the alleyway. Knuckle draggers at the far end couldn't hold a civilised conversation without screeching and shouting. My mate turned up five minutes later and faced the same problem. Asked for a taster, given it, then the barman buzzed off to serve some food and failed to return. I doubt that either of us would return.

22 Aug 2013 20:15

The Dolphin, Portsmouth

We called in whilst filling in time waiting for our ferry to Santander. Bar maid ignored us for quite a while whilst she fumbled with her magnetic whatsit and failed to open the till. When the first beer arrived, it was changed without a quibble. Ok, I'll try another. Oops, just running out. Third time lucky. We say in the attractive covered back garden and watched a very elderly lady in a scarlet tight fitting cat suit talking to the camp 'landlord'(?) The food others were eating looked good but the staffing had a strange feel about it.

13 Aug 2013 09:39

O'Connells Bar, Chatham

"Lots of potential for the future?" The Railway Tavern is boarded up!

10 Jul 2013 10:32

The Cock Inn, Boughton Monchelsea

Benton, Three of us returned to the pub yesterday lunchtime, along with four week old grandaughter Alice, for me two pints of Sheps and yet another baguette. Spoke to the landlady and looked at the prices. We all loved the place (still).

2 Jul 2013 13:58

The Chamberlain Hotel, Aldgate

Popped in on a quiet Sunday. The bar is part of the Chamberlain Hotel and close to the Tower of London but apart from almost being empty, it was fine. Excellent Fullers London Pride. Comfy leather bench seats would prove a little embarassing for women to climb down off.

14 Jun 2013 19:19

The Cock Inn, Boughton Monchelsea

Excellent pub. Comfy and heavily timbered inside. Really good pint of Spitire to wash down the Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Sauce baguettes. Nice friendly atmosphere.

4 Jun 2013 23:43

The Rifleman, Twickenham

I called one lunchtime last week and was the only customer. Nice, cosy and clean pub with interesting framed collection of bank notes from around the World. Friendly landlord, good Twickenham ale and toasty sandwich. I hope business is better in the evenings and weekends as pubs like this deserve our support.

8 Apr 2013 09:55

The Blue Bell Inn, Beltring

Currently boarded up. Yet another rural pub bites the dust then.

4 Mar 2013 10:54

The Filo (First In Last Out), Hastings

Monday lunchtime, three customers plus us two. No food Monday lunch times not even a sandwich which was a shame. I am told the food is excellent and can be busy. Churches IPA was superb as was the Porter. It was a shame that the place had so little atmosphere but well worth returning to.

27 Feb 2013 20:59

The Vigo Inn, Vigo

The correct postal address for the Vigo Inn is FAIRSEAT. I last visited the Vigo many many years ago when it hadn't been decorated since WW2. Frequented by BoB pilots, they would 'walk' WRAF airwomen across the ceiling once they'd put wood ash from the fire on their feet. Those marks were still to be seen then. Closed for three years it's now re-opened and is extremely plain inside. Two long thin bars meet up in the middle and the furnishing is sparse. I saw about six handpump clips and found the Kent Brewery 'Pale' in excellent condition. Live music at weekends I'm told and a pleasant garden at the back. But not in December.

27 Dec 2012 19:15

Farriers Arms, Mersham

The map on this page suggests the pub is in the middle of a field to the NORTH of the A20. It isn't as it's SOUTH of the A20. Check on Google Maps before you visit. Incidentally I drank Farriers Christmas Ale at the White Horse at Sandway yesterday. Heaven!

12 Dec 2012 16:03

The White Horse, Sandway

Another visit with three friends, another good time. Timothy Taylor Landlord and Farriers Christmas Ale (Wow!) on handpump, food on the specials board £10 a head. Mussels in Cider starter, Beef in Ale Pie, then sat in comfy leather chairs alongside the log fire. Lovely atmosphere, Tony and his staff made us feel welcome. Some pubs DESERVE to do well and this is one of them.

PS No canned music, no fruit machines, no shouties, this pub may not be for you ;-)

11 Dec 2012 18:26

Gloucester Arms, Knightsbridge

We called in Queens Arms prior to an event but the incredibly loud racket in there by people not content with chatting but shouting and loudly laughing deafened us, and this was a late Sunday afternoon. We walked to the Gloucester which was quieter and we could get food without a great long wait. The shared fish platter was not bad at all, the Old Golden Hen real ale excellent. The three bar staff were all eastern European as English was not their first language. At least we could eat and drink for a couple of hours in relative peace.

4 Dec 2012 22:32

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

It's been many years since I visited the Rifle Volunteer, one of the strangest and oddest of Maidstone's pubs. It was like drinking in a mortuary, utterly utterly silent with no customers and a very odd scruffy landlord. Goachers has only two tied houses and both deserve sorting out. I visited the Rifle Volunteers yesterday afternoon at 3pm and (surprise, surprise) found it shut. So it was off to the Society Rooms followed by a 'real pub', the Flower Pot. I'll reserve my score until such time I can get through the door!

16 Nov 2012 09:53

Wealden Hall, Larkfield

2 out of ten? The Wealden Hall is really a restaurant upstairs and a gastro pub dowstairs. Friends have started to drink here as well as eat so we popped in this afternoon. Not busy, two real ales on, Hobgoblin and Harveys. My two pints of Harveys was excellent and the lunchtime snack of cheese in chiabatta bread was excellent. This 16th century building is terrific with lots of oak beams, yorkstone floors and log fires, and the Italian staff are excellent. A really nice place with a massive car park at the rear and very large patio for warmer weather.

6 Nov 2012 19:57

The Walnut Tree, Eccles

Demolished and new houses built on the site.

2 Nov 2012 10:49

The Little Gem, Aylesford

November 2012 and nothing has changed at the Little Gem. Still closed with For Sale boards outside. What a great shame!

2 Nov 2012 10:48

The White Horse, Sandway

Yes, the pub has re-opened. The landlord Tony is an award-winning chef and I've heard good reports on the food. We enjoyed scallops with the best chips ever. People rave over Belgian chips but these are proper chunky chips. The Whitstable Bay handpumped beer was good to. The whole place has been given a lick of paint, a badly needed freshen up. Very few customers during the lunchtime. Tony needs to get some advertising done and word will then get around. It deserves to do well.

29 Oct 2012 18:55

The King George V, Brompton

A pleasant backstreet pub in Brompton Village. My two pints of Adnams was excellent and although I didn't eat, the plates of food other customers had looked ample. A malt whisky club is based here.

29 Oct 2012 18:37

The Three Mariners, Oare

Truly excellent gastro pub. I'd read a very complimentary article on the pub in (I think) the Daily Telegraph and thought I must visit one day. Today we nabbed the last empty place in the car park and went in. The place hummed with the wonderful smell of well cooked food and customers clearly enjoying their meals. I'm not sure I'd want to come here to drink as it really concentrates on food. Fresh crusty bread starters, then we chose the Walkers menu (12). Sheps Masterbrew and Late Red was fine. The mackerel was good but the Poached Plums and Cinemon Ice Cream was brilliant. Finished with good tasty coffee. Staff were friendly and efficient, we will certianly recommend this place to our friends and relative and will come again. 10/10.

16 Oct 2012 16:42

The Phoenix, Bristol

I'd just booked into the excellent hotel next door so popping in for a pint during the afternoon. The pub was almost empty with a couple of drinkers in the small garden. The Butcombe was OK, nothing more, but the thumping musak didn't do my tinitus any favours so I finished up and left. Perhaps it's more lively at night?

19 Sep 2012 10:44

The Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol

The first pint of Butcombe tasted of vinegar but was quickly changed. That sort of thing always puts me off a pub. The customer isn't a test pilot, tasting beer to ensure it's drinkable, that's the landlord's job! I tried another beer which was OK but the place looked a bit quiet and grubby, but it was early evening.

19 Sep 2012 10:27

Zero Degrees, Bristol

What a place! After walking up the Christmas Steps we needed a drink. The place is all galvanised steel, girders and echoey but at least they brew their own beer. After sampling two or three, we really don't like fruit beers, the Pale Ale was quite brilliant, nice and bitter and to my taste, Definitely worth a visit.

19 Sep 2012 10:23

Colston Yard, Bristol

I really liked this pub, the former Smiles Brewery I'm told. Bright fresh and in pastel colours, the staff were friendly and the Arbor beer the best I drank all day.

19 Sep 2012 10:18

The Addlestead Tavern, East Peckham

Sorry that should read "Indian restaurant".

2 Sep 2012 21:11

The Addlestead Tavern, East Peckham

I am puzzled why this is in here as it's been an Indian pub for some years.

2 Sep 2012 21:10

The Watermans Arms, Richmond

Pleasant enough pub, a pint of Naked Ladies and a sarny. Sat outside as the rain began to come down. Friendly oriental waitress. We then caught the river boat down to Hampton Court in torrential rain.

28 Aug 2012 21:45

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

Just stopped in for the one pint. Very friendly landlady, made me feel welcome. Why can't more bar staff be like this?

28 Aug 2012 21:41

The Harp, Covent Garden

My daughter Lucy and I popped in here yet again yesterday and because of the Olympics business, and possibly because it was 32f outside, it was half empty. Great! No overcrowding, a couple of pints of Dark Star bitter and a spicy pork suasage in baguette. Heaven. A lovely chat with the landlady too. Pubs in London don't get better than this. I shall change my 9 for a 10 ;-)

26 Jul 2012 18:31

Queen of the Iceni, Norwich

Big and busy. Miserable podgy barmaid with no sense of humour. Can't fault the beer at these prices and the lasagne was fine too. Sat outside and slightly bothered by a bunch of lager louts - men in their late 20s, shirts hanging out, effin this and effin that, getting primed for a night out on the tiles. Got talking to a friendly steward from the football stadium. Much preferred the Glasshouse.

26 Jun 2012 07:53

Glasshouse, Norwich

Clean and civilised, decent ale at 1.99 a pint. As far as Wetherspoon pubs go, this is one of the better ones, and certainly far better than the busy one by the riverside. Watched part of the European GP on a big screen with the sound turned down.

26 Jun 2012 07:48

The Coach and Horses, Norwich

This is a very, very popular pub which gets exceedingly noisy. Packed with red faced, middle aged 'shouties' who cannot/will not hold a sensible conversation without shouting at each other. Definitely not the place to go for a quiet drink. The beer however is pretty damned good although the session beer is too weak and wishywashy for my taste. I really enjoyed the Dreadnought and the strongest one were excellent. Friendly staff and decent reasonably priced food too. But for a quiet pint, I had to sit outside with the nicotine addicts.

26 Jun 2012 07:44

The Mariner, Folkestone

Nice quiet local pub with elderly customers. Acceptable pint of Gadds beer, read the newspaper. Nothing special but OK.

30 May 2012 20:55

The Man of Kent, East Peckham

My wife and I called in here yesterday afternoon. The last time I'd visited I was with my mate Smudge who at 6'8" had problems with the low beams. At 5'8" even I had to stoop a little, but that is part of the charm of the place. Pleasant landlady and four real ales, I chose Adnams. Sat outside and watched the numerous Chubb in the steam. A nice clean place and one I should have visited more in the thirty or so years since my last visit.

24 May 2012 09:40

The Prince of Wales, Pimlico

Not a bad pub. Friendly (and attractive) barmaid, my pint of Doom Bar was fine too. Nothing special about the place but OK-ish. Shame the sandwiches ordered came with white bread.

13 May 2012 22:17

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

Still my favourite local pub. 'Beer' yesterday was 1.05 a pint. Excellent beer festival. Yesterday afternoon the local band was part of Wheeler Street. Really really enjoyable. Sharon and Graham also make the pub a pleasure to visit.

8 May 2012 10:26

Style & Winch, Maidstone

We visited yesterday when they had a band playing out back. Can't fault the friendly staff but the beer! London Pride and Bombardier should never taste like soggy cardboard. Made worse as we'd been drinking nectar at the Flower Pot just before.

8 May 2012 10:22

The Ten Bells, Leeds

Passed the pub yesterday and it's boarded up. What can I say?

23 Apr 2012 11:13

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

A cracking pub, eighteen handpumps serving a bewildering array of real ale. A wonderful aroma of roast dinners greeted us when we arrived today. A slight lack of indoor seating is the only fault I could see. Roast chicken sandwich with roast potatoes, a sublime Yorkshire Pudding and a small amount of gravy. Excellent real ale and perfect service. 10/10.

22 Apr 2012 19:54

The Crown, Covent Garden

Very ordinary, corner boozer. The pint of Youngs Gold I drank was OK but there are better pubs elsewhere in the area.

25 Mar 2012 14:17

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

No real ale so I left. Not much more to say.

23 Mar 2012 08:38

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

3.95 for a pint? Jeez! Still the beer and the surrounding was enjoyable. With the Harp not far away, I'd prefer to go there though.

23 Mar 2012 08:35

The Harp, Covent Garden

I've been meaning to visit the Harp for some time as I've heard so much about it. With my ticket for the Lucien Freud exhibition for the 1pm viewing, I popped across the road for a swift pint. Twickenham 'Black Eel', and excellent dark beer. Eight real ales on handpumps many of which I'll have to wait another time for. Busy mixture of pin stripes and jeansy people, and busy. The large hotdog sausages cooking looked tasty but I was told they don't do food during the evenings. Lovely atmosphere especially with the leaded window concertina'd back on this warm spring morning. My favourite central London pub.

23 Mar 2012 08:25

The Lifeboat, Margate

I really HATE to say anything bad about a pub and perhaps my wife and I visited on a bad day. I had passed by weeks before (I don't live in or near Margate) and promised myself I'd returned to the Lifeboat as it seemed 'our sort of pub'. After visiting the Turner Contemporary we called in. It's a small, slight chaotic place with a bar no bigger than a dining room table and numerous real ales on gravity across the room as a sort of 'room divider'. I waited and waited for about five minutes and a man at the back of the pub, busy on his laptop, agreed to serve us. No problem with the beer, it was superb. Seeing the signs for homemade food we plumped for a couple of meat pies. "Does it come with chips?" I asked, and he looked at me like I'd trodden in something. Minutes later these floppy microwaved 'pies' arrived with the smallest piece of French bread. At 4 a throw, we thought it looked and tasted a rip off. Only yards away we'd seen signs for fish & chips at a mere 2.99. When we got up to go, the chap was busy either on the phone or chatting to someone else even though he clearly saw us waiting. We finally paid up and left.

Now I know this pub is popular and I hate to criticise when the place is trying in these difficult times to make a go of it but the 'service' was just rubbish. Yet the beer was great. I will go back as this might have been a one off.

28 Feb 2012 19:23

The Grasshopper on the Green, Westerham

Drove here in the 2CV with the roof back on a sunny late February Sunday. Two pints of Westerham 'Jubilation', excellent beer. others tried Timothy Taylor was was also praised. We sat in the back bar with the log fire. The food was excellent and very well presented. Chicken Curry for me. At least four real ales from handpumps. Really liked the place and will return. Food expensive? 78 pounds for dinner for four and six pints. Not bad was it?

26 Feb 2012 16:07

The Cock Inn, Luddesdowne

Yes, if this barmaid is the one I'm thinking of, her surly attitude spoils what is a truly fantastic pub, one of the best in Kent. It's a shame as she simply doesn't appear to enjoy her job.

17 Feb 2012 09:20

The Angel Inn, Addington

First time we've been to this pub in 35 years. We were the first customers to arrive on a freezing yet sunny winters day. Real ales were Courage Best and Harveys. Now I hate having the first pints drawn from a handpump as the stuff in the pipes has most probably been standing there since last night, and neither of the beers were brilliant. Not bad enough to complain about but not as they should be. The log fire and surrounding were excellent as were the attentive bar staff. The food was terrific, home made pies of the best quality. As they have live music, we shall return some time.

11 Feb 2012 17:37

The Fox, Twickenham

Relatives have visited since the refurbishment and tell me that the atmosphere and appearance has been well and truly wrecked. When I'm up there, I'll pay a visit and find out for myself.

4 Feb 2012 09:44

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

It's difficult to ad more to what has already been written. It's clean and quiet when we dropped on a Tuesday evening. Six handpumps. All in all, pretty decent town centre pub.

17 Jan 2012 11:30

The Old House at Home, Maidstone

Yes, I have to agree with many of the comments on here. Lots of shaven headed , lager drinking, middle aged 'shouties' struggling around a pool table with insufficient room to cue properly. Very male orientated. The pint of Doom Bar I had was drinkable but that was all. When my wife and her friend arrived, they as I did, felt the place felt a bit threatening. Not our cup of tea at all. Heck, even Muggletons is better than this.

23 Dec 2011 08:06

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable

Sorry, a slip of the finger. I mean't to say 2011 of course.

14 Dec 2011 17:15

Toastmasters Inn, Burham

The Windmill and Golden Eagle not to your taste then?

13 Dec 2011 19:13

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges


9 Dec 2011 10:45

De Garre, Bruges

A couple of Wednesdays ago, and armed with mt GBG 'Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg' guide book we found DE GARRE only to find it shut. DYVER was also shut, BRUGS BEERTJE was shut and CURIOSA was also shut. I should have read the guide more closely as it clearly stated that De Garre, Dyver and Bertie's was shut on Wednesdays but Curiosa was shut on Mondays. Standing outside De Garre with a puzzled expressions, four others would-be-drinkers joined us, all of us mystified. Oh well, another time then.

Fortunately, and keeping well away from the rip-off bars in the Markt, we found the CAFE DE KUPPE, in Kuipersstraat 19 which sells one hundred beers.

9 Dec 2011 10:41

The Joiners Arms, West Malling

Sheps MasterBrew at 3.80pounds? Really? Good grief!

6 Dec 2011 19:02

The Foundry, Canterbury

Located in White Horse Lane, just off the historic High Street, the Foundry is a former Victorian foundry where amongst other cast iron objects, lamp posts found throughout the city were made. This excellent brewpub seems to have been in existence for just a few months but wow! What sensational beers are brewed here. Sat at the short bar, the wonderful scent of hops waft through from the brews only yards away. There were six beer handpumps and one cider handpump when I called. I drank halves of Pale, Torpedo, Christmas Pudding Ale and another Pale. Gold is one of their best sellers too. Pale was exceptional as was the Torpedo but Christmas Pudding Ale was a disappointment as it tasted slightly of flat Lucozade. Sweet and weak the opposite of what a 4.6% should taste like.

There are two bars, one at street level, the other upstairs, and both are plainly decorated in cream and stained timber. The food looked really good value for money, and something to look forward to. The bar staff were yound, enthusiastic and helpful with the bewildering array of unknown (to me) beers

After two visits, this has become my favourite Canterbury pub and they deserve to do well.

6 Dec 2011 17:35

The Harrow, Lenham

I really hate to write negative comments about any pub. Publicans have a difficult time as it is without unhelpful remarks made by customers. However something happened last night which reminded me of the 'bad old days' and when buying a pint was a lottery. Our car club met at this pub for the first time last night. First impressions? Attractive yet isolated building, clean and tidy. with a blazing log fire. Beer? Only one solitary handpump with Sheps 'Master Brew' available. No 'Spitfire' or 'Late Red'. A customer ahead of me complained his beer was flat although it had a head alright. Our two pints arrived and - OMG - I could smell it was off. The pungent vinegary smell was clear to anybody. As the landlord was putting on another barrel, we waited. He returned to the bar and pulled a pint or so through then served up two new pints. It was no better. "It must be. I've just changed the barrel" he replied. When I asked if he's drunk any, he agreed he hadn't. Then began a comical spell as he brought small glasses of new beer along, not one was drinkable. "There's not much wrong with that" he responded. The three of us plumped for Guinness instead.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but customers should be the 'test pilots' for real ale? It's the landlord's job to know his beer and to regularly test it to make sure it's in top notch condition. If he was a chef and I had complained about the food, would the chef have stood his ground saying the butcher had bought the meat only that morning, and then bring small portions of the food to the table for me to taste. That's NOT MY JOB, is it?

Our club will be meeting there every month so in future I'll have to taste any pint with suspicion. I thought we'd got away from poorly kept beer.

26 Nov 2011 11:09

The Peter Cushing, Whitstable

I know Wetherspoon pubs are not everybody's cup of tea but you cannot dispute the fact that the refurbished old buildings are often quite exceptional. And this one is stunning and one of the best I've been to. A converted cinema tastefully decorated in an art decor style, in black, grey and white. Three large octagonal lamps hang from the ceiling. The real ales are the usual Wetherspoons selection and there's a nice subdued atmosphere in the place, no canned music or damned fruit machines. Opened in August 2010, I'm surprised this pub has only just added to BITE.

22 Nov 2011 17:59

The Alexandra Hotel, Chatham

Now thankfully closed down.

18 Nov 2011 17:20

The Sportsman, Seasalter

MeTheJudge is completely and utterly wrong. We visited here shortly after it was awarded it's Michelin Star and found the staff extremely efficient and friendly, and the meal the best I'd eaten for years. We always recommend the Sportsman to friends and relatives, and they all love it.

Clearly the low rating is down to a complete **** giving it a zero. Let's see if my 10 will up it.

18 Nov 2011 17:15

The Rose In Bloom, Whitstable

My wife and I needed to go for a walk to get some fresh air so parked the car along the road and popped into this bright and friendly pub. Pleasant pint of Doom Bar too. Nice to see the front door left open on a warm and sunny November day and the views from the garden of the sea really make this pub. A short walk took us down to the shingle beach which we followed into Whitstable.

18 Nov 2011 17:10

The Cartoonist, Holborn

Arrived on Saturday afternoon at 1pm after the Lord Mayor's Parade. Doors locked, nothing to suggest the pub was shut on Saturdays, people inside gave a thumbs down. Well that makes two of us. Fortunately we got a warm welcome at the Old Red Cow.

12 Nov 2011 23:44

The Albert, St James's

An attractive looking pub close to Victoria Railway Station. Wonderful engraved window glass. London Pride OK and the place had a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. But why of why the need for loud rock music. Completely out of place in the Victorian surroundings. People wanted to drink and talk, not get deafened by that row. The Chelsea Pensioner on our table tucked into his steak & kidney pudding and chips which looked nourishing. Not a bad pub at all.

12 Nov 2011 23:32

Ye Old Red Cow, Smithfield

What an excellent pub! After watching the Lord Mayor's Parade we walked up to look for the Cartoonist Pub. The doors were locked and people inside gestured that they were going to remain that way. Another ten minutes walk and we came across the Old Red Cow. It was very quiet when we arrived but slowly began to (noisily) fill up. Four real ales - Dark Star Meltdown, Saison, Sandrocks Junction and Hewitts Gorilla. Excellent chicken sandwich and chips. Friendly staff and very good beer. Unfortunately shreaking women (OK they were talking at the top of their voices) caused us to move downstairs so we could hear ourselves talk. Mt favourite London pub.

12 Nov 2011 23:22

Cricketers, Maidstone

Boarded up!

1 Nov 2011 19:17

The Windmill, Hollingbourne

It appears the pub has closed as the result of the landlords having done a runner, something that seems to be all to common these days.

26 Oct 2011 22:45

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

A nice little pub with well kept Sheps and only four minutes walk from Victoria Railway Station. A little gem! For different Sheps beers on handpumps.

26 Oct 2011 22:20

The Old Shades, Whitehall

A lovely building, attractive furniture and surroundings, but it has all the atmosphere of a mortuary. We called in this afternoon at 2pm and the black haired woman was fairly busy serving a customer so we waited and waited and waited.... Not one glimmer of recognition. "I've seen you Sir and I'll be with you in a minute" was not what I heard. After ten minutes a young Australian took over and we were served a very nice pint. As we entered, we notice a table nearest to the front door with two uneaten plates of food. The customers never returned. A strange place and not one I'd hurry to return to.

26 Oct 2011 22:07

The Hinds Head, Bray-on-Thames

It's a couple of years since we last visited and we thoroughly enjoyed the excellent food. Pub food yes but top quality. The beer wasn't bad either. Heston even put in a guest appearance much to the enjoyment of our daughter ;-)

21 Oct 2011 18:53

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

Daisy Claeys deserves a medal! Superb place, excellent beers, and the bread and cheese platter was just right. A gem of a place! An hour earlier I'd drank a Duvel at a bar in the Markt and was robbed of 5.50euros. The prices here were much more sensible.

23 Sep 2011 19:27

The Castle Tavern, Inverness

A terrific pub with a good range of excellent real ales. We really enjoyed the Tradewinds beer, the friendly bar staff and the footie on the big screens. Perhaps the best pub in town?

1 Sep 2011 21:50

The Blackfriars, Inverness

We turned up on a night when the group failed to turn up. I think it was the landlord who stepped up to the plate with his guitar and country&western music, a style of music I can't stand. I'm sure it's much better when the bands DO turn up but we stayed just for the one pint before crossing the road....

1 Sep 2011 21:45

Hootananny, Inverness

Only TWO comments on one of the best pubs in the city? A terrific place, packed every night with music on two floors. Black Isle beers are OK but not my favourite. Three of four deep at the bar. Noisy but the great mix of nationalities and the excellent Irish/Scottish music makes it all worthwhile.

1 Sep 2011 21:40

The Anchor, Wisley

Four of us visited the Anchor yesterday after a very enjoyable afternnon at the nearby RHS gardens. The pub wasn't busy at 4pm, and the barman was fine. Hall & Woodhouse beers are not my favourite but the two pints I had were OK but not brilliant. Nice and clean inside too.

18 Aug 2011 21:08

The Stage Door, Victoria

Too busy? You're not joking. Friday at 6pm, absolutely heaving, as were all the pubs close to Victoria Station. Outside? Chainsmoking lager drinking shouties. Black Sheep beer only fair. I won't go back.

12 Aug 2011 22:12

The White Horse, Sandway

Our Kent Kit Car Club meet there as usual on the last Friday evening of each month, only to find last Friday a removal truck outside and the place closed.

"Two of the management teams are real ale buffs" but not businessmen perhaps?

We are now looking for a real ale pub in the area with a function room and a carpark, but with no risk of it shutting. Any ideas please Peeps?

3 Aug 2011 18:35

The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

A decent pint of Speckled Hen today, lengthy wait for a couple of Chef's Club sandwiches but they were pretty damned good when they arrived. Clearly a busy pub especially so as this was Dickens Week. Yep, not bad.

21 Jun 2011 22:32

The North Pole, Wateringbury

My wife and I called in during the early afternoon. Excellent pint of Pale. The food, it was quiche and real chips was excellent as was the attentive service and surroundings. Secluded garden at the back with a dedicated play area for under 6s. Very very nice place and more of a gastro pub than a traditional local.

8 Jun 2011 17:45

The Walnut Tree, Eccles

Now the windows are bricked up and due for demolition like the old 'Fleur de Lys'.

2 Jun 2011 20:40

The Woolpack, Iwade

The other day Mrs R and I cycled from the Strand at Gillingham following the coastline along the Saxon Shoreway until we reached Iwade. The Woolpack was very quiet so we sat in the sunshine on the patio. Even the ugly Pitbull Terrier at another table left us alone. We shared a Brie & Bacon Baguette and ejoyed a pint of Bombardier. Friendly and helpful barmaid. A pretty nice place.

5 May 2011 21:04

The Chaser, Shipbourne

What a surprise! After a gap of twenty years, we returned here to find a smart, clean friendly gastro pub with friendly and courteous bar staff. The bangers & mash were excellent as was the Hardy & Hansons bitter. We sat in the quiet conservatory and chatted whilst reading the newspapers provided. One of the best pubs we've visited for months. No loud muzac, no loud people, just comfortable chatty atmosphere. 9/10.

5 May 2011 20:56

The Medway Inn, Wouldham

Stopped here during a 19 mile cycle ride on a hot day (23c) but found NO REAL ALE. This must be the only pub for miles which doesn't serve real ale but the landlady told me they couldn't sell enough of it to make it a success. A very nice cool pint of Guinness though and a clean and friendly pub throughout.

6 Apr 2011 18:58

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

Pleasant enough pub in the centre of one of the most depressing town centres since I visited Chatham, pleasant staff, excellent real ale and really good (if pretty small) Five Bean Chillie.

4 Apr 2011 20:47

The Crispin and Crispianus, Strood

And even worse. Gutted by fire over the weekend. Surprise surprise!

28 Mar 2011 20:22

The Alexandra Hotel, Chatham

This has to be one of the worst pubs in Cha'um. At 6.30pm excrutiatingly loud 'music' and the strangest of knuckledragging customers. Beer was OK but I couldn't wait to finish it to get outside for some relief.

24 Mar 2011 20:06

The George Inn, Leeds

A friend and I left the White Horse at Sandway last night. We'd arrived earlier to find the four hand pumps, only one having a Whitstable Bay Stout clip. After a lengthy wait she began to serve a coupleof poor-ish pints. "No bitter?" "No it's gone off and I probably won't have time to put another on". Oh well. With a live band about to start, 50 or 60 people and a bout of double parking we hurried away from the unwelcoming place, and visited the George.

What a contrast! Friendly pretty barmaids, clean fresh smelling bar and a good pint of 'Late Red'. The blackboard listed some tasty sounding meals but we'll have to return for that. Isn't it strange how two neighbouring pubs can be so different? We'll definitely be returning to the George again.

26 Feb 2011 13:31

The Sun Inn, Bredgar


If the food and service was as bad as you say. why did you pay the full bill? What are they goig to do? Sue you?

24 Jan 2011 19:17

The Jobbers Rest, Cranham

Pleasant enough road house. Adnams and London pride on handpump but I got the impression this was a lager drinkers pub. Clean and well run, it was quite busy for a Friday afternoon. Nice to see a couple of newspapers for customers.

14 Jan 2011 22:38

The William the Conqueror, Rye Harbour

Crikey, what bad reviews. We arrived during the very first warm and sunny Sunday afternoon in January and the place was buzzing. Lucky to find a seat, there were plenty of dogs (mostly well behaved) and children. Too late for the crab sandwiches though which was a shame. Nothing DULL about the wonderful Shepherd Neame beers. We shall return one lunchtime midweek when we'll have more time and space to enjoy the place. Tatty? I've seen worse. The nature reserve and harbour was terrific.

9 Jan 2011 21:32

The Rainbow Trout, Broad Oak

Quite a pleasant pub in a hamlet a few miles west of Rye. Very quiet for a Sunday lunchtime but clearly the after effects of the Christmas break. Harveys on handpump. Large car park.The food also looks good too. We shall be returning on Sunday for a get-together of Citroen Specials owners.

9 Jan 2011 21:25

Bull, Barming

I'm told the pub has now been boarded up. Well surprise suprise.

8 Jan 2011 23:14

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

What an excellent and popular little pub. The Belgian family with their four children who sat next to us also thought so too. Very friendly staff, the Adnams Spiced Ale and the shared seafood platter was excellent. Terrific value for money and unlike the famous 'Pie pub' around the corner which was closed (for Christmas?) this place was deservedly popular. We'd come again!

2 Jan 2011 20:53

The Bear, Twickenham

Large, matt black, very matt black. A glass of Saltaire Triple Chocoholic was unusual and enjoyable and at 2pm we were the only customers. I imagine it would be heaving at night but it was fine. Very friendly barman, lots of black leather settees. OK.

2 Jan 2011 20:43

The White Swan, Twickenham

Paid another visit after 4th November to see if it was any different. Mrs R who'd walked from Teddington to Richmond then to the White Swan was looking forward to a mulled wine. "Sorry, it won't be ready until tonight" said the barman. OK, a hot toddy then? "Sorry, I can't make one". What rum, a spoonful of sugar topped up with hot water. Black haired woman was presumably the owner? Difficult to understand the 'English' spoken here. I'm going to have to alter my previous rating to 5.

2 Jan 2011 20:39

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Like most Wetherspoons, I wouldn't try the place at night but it's absolutely fine at lunchtime. Quiet, clean and an excellent glass of Yeovil Ruby Ale.

2 Jan 2011 20:32

The Fox, Twickenham

What an excellent pub! Unable to get food opposite at the Eel Pie, we tried the wonderful Fox. Excellent chicken burgers, super real ale and friendly staff. A really super place.

2 Jan 2011 20:28

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Hmm. After hearing that the food was good, Mrs R and I popped in one evening. Loud and numerous TV screens playing the oval ball game, no food because of a big game at the stadium. Beer was fine. Returned the following evening only to be told "We only do food lunchtimes". Bloody brilliant! So we went opposite to the Fox which was our sort of miles!

2 Jan 2011 20:23

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Excellent town centre pub by the green. My Fullers beers were top notch. Mrs R drank Mulled Wine and loved that too.

2 Jan 2011 20:17

Queens Head, Mereworth

Sadly I'm told this pub has now closed. Mereworth now has no pub at all.

2 Jan 2011 20:07

The Walnut Tree, Eccles

Currently boarded up and for sale with an asking price of 400,000 . Ye're........

11 Dec 2010 20:29

The Walnut Tree, Eccles

This pub has so much potential but was just about empty when we called. The caretaker barman told us the pub is on the market so may well be demolished for house building like the Fleur in Burham. Dog shit in the beer garden. Great!

8 Dec 2010 13:02

The Bush, Aylesford

Ah, Robert, but the FACT it's under new management isn't a FACT. In fact Kim has been the landlady for some years. As for being unclean, and scruffy, it's one of the cleanest pubs I know. In fact when the cleaner is away on holiday, my mate does the cleaning. Cold food? You did complain, didn't you? You didn't? I think your experience was an exception as the Sunday Roasts I know to be excellent value for money.

8 Dec 2010 12:53

Royal Harbour Brewhouse and Bakers, Ramsgate

I visited again today but the Belgian Cafe, as it's now known, is looking a bit tatty. The international flags flying outside are in tatters and some of the inside lamps have blown bulbs. I hope they don't let things slide too far. There's Bohemian and there's grubby. The Rochefort 8 at 5.20 was taking the piss.

7 Dec 2010 18:15

The Fleur De Lys, Burham

Sadly this pub has recently been demolished.

30 Nov 2010 21:27

The Joiners Arms, West Malling

Called in this afternoon after the Farmers Market and during the Christmas Fair. Busy but a superb atmosphere. The last time I came into this pub some years ago, it was grubby, dark and dingey. It's recently been re-decorated inside and out and looks really good now. Spitfire was fine and there was a lovely feeling about the place.

28 Nov 2010 19:31

The White Horse, Sandway

I visited the White Horse for the first time last night. Two real ales - Whitstable Bitter and Stout. The bitter was being served willy nilly by the barmaid even though it was as opaque at grapefruit juice. It was only taken off when customers complained. The Stout was wishy washy too but the replacement bitter was a good drop of beer. Not a bad place but pretty quiet for a Friday night. Large car park and a pool table.

27 Nov 2010 17:49

The Haywain, Bramling

What a cracking pub. Everything a country pub should be. Great atmosphere, perfect beer, friendly staff. A friendly get-together of Lomax kitcar owners. First class!

21 Nov 2010 20:54

Ye Olde London, St Pauls

My pint of Doom Bar bitter was fine and the pub was OK. Nothing more or less. I visited during the afternoon of the Lord Mayor's Show so the streets outside were still closed to traffic. Nice and quiet.

15 Nov 2010 20:10

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

This pub used to be one of the Henekeys chain of pubs with lots of dark oak, beams and stained glass windows. The building is great but sadly the only real ale was Samuel Smiths. I hadn't drink Sam Smith for many years and it was still as wishy washy as I remember it. My second drink was a bottle of Sam Smiths Porter. The food also was a let down. My Thai Curry was a less than hot microwaved grey mess with barely a trace of curry accompanied by cold rice. Wonderful building but little else to attract me for a return visit.

15 Nov 2010 20:06

The White Swan, Twickenham

I've just visited the pub once and found it fine. OK it may have once been brilliant but it seemed fine to us. Wonderful location and tortuous route to the loos.

5 Nov 2010 21:27

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Popped in one afternoon, asked for a couple of pints. As he began to pull one pint he caught the second glass with the pump clip. As it appeared to be about to topple over, I mentioned it. "No it's not" he snarled. "Oh, I'm sorry Imentioned it" I replied. Strange atmosphere. The beer tasted fine although I wouldn't rush back.

5 Nov 2010 21:09

The Last Post, Southend on Sea

Thursday lunchtime and pretty busy. Lots of middle aged (unemployed?) male customers and old peeps like us. The beer was fine although the barmaid seemed to be expecting a cold and kept rubbing her nose. Tomato & Basil soupe was fine. As usual, cheap and cheerful.

5 Nov 2010 20:52

The Cricketers, Clavering

Some people here have had bad experiences it seems, but we loved the place. To celebrate my 64th birthday we booked a room for the night. Immaculate! The real ale in the afternoon was as it should be and the staff, all of them, would exceptional. The meal in the evening was terrific - sauteed lambs kidneys with bacon and black pudding - and the cheese board and red wine beyond fault. I would recommend this gastro pub to anyone.

5 Nov 2010 20:27

The Sun, Faversham

We, and others, stayed the night at the Sun Inn last Saturday night as our daughter got married in the Shepherd Neame Brewery during the afternoon. We only visited the bar for a short while but found the staff efficient and very friendly. Our friends had eaten the evening before and reported the food being excellent. We'll have to return and see what the place is like during the evening but the room was excellent.

16 Jul 2010 13:19

The Little Gem, Aylesford

Got a touch of constipation? The Gem will sort out that problem. Contrary to what I said before, it hasn't closed although one cannot help but wonder just how much longer it will limp along. The stand-in landlord, dressed in grey t-shirt and grubby holed Addidas jogging trousers told us he had another pub in the Darenth Valley so was helping someone out by being there. The first pint of Doom Bar lived up to it's name and was off. Clearly the first sold that day as the 2nd and 3rd were fine. He apologised and said that the pipes were dirty or had been three days earlier when he arrived. The cheese & onion baguette was fine as was the re-placed pint. He came up an apologised again about the beer, but the little place seriously needs a landlord who cares what he serves his customers. The solitary toilet had black mould around the bottom of the walls, no much better than the squelchy carpet that used to be in there 25yrs ago. We hear that the pub has been on the market for a year or so but with no interest shown. No garden, no car park, and being so small, the signs aren't good.

23 Jun 2010 09:21

The Chequers Inn, Aylesford

A nice enough pub but oh I does look a bit tired, particularly the patio area. We'd heard that they had a new landlord but this isn't the case. Almost completely empty when we called in, and on a hot summer's afternoon too.

23 Jun 2010 09:11

The King and Queen, East Malling

I don't know what Crowmen is on about. Yes, we were asked if we intended to eat, and we said we weren't and that was that. We called in yesterday afternoon and found to my delight one of my favourite tipples, Summer Lightning, which was in perfect condition. The place was immaculate but empty. It was a hot summer's afternoon and everybody was out in the very attractive garden. The staff were smart and friendly and efficient and it's certainly a pub I'd return to.

23 Jun 2010 09:06

Royal Oak, Barton Under Needwood

A really excellent village pub which had been awarded Best Country Pub by CAMRA three years on the trot. Very enjoyable real ale, cheese and ham rolls wrapped in cling film, and the friendliest landlord I've ever come across. As it began to pour with rain and we were some walking distance from our hotel, he even went to the trouble of phoning for a taxi for us. No fruit machines, no loud music, friendly atmosphere, just how a pib should be. Excellent!

21 Jun 2010 08:51

Redstart, Maidstone

After the ear-bleeding row of the Bull, the Redstart was a refreshing change. Clean, bright and airy, with Harveys and Spitifre on tap. Attractive ladies behind the bar, TV in the corner with the sound down, quiet music and the sound of people chatting normally. It reminded me of a European type bar. Immaculate loos. We were also brought a free plate of roast potatoes. Brilliant! We like the place and will go again.

21 Jun 2010 08:43

Bull, Barming

Called in with my son on Father's Day for a pint and to watch the World Cup football. Very nice pint of beer but then just as we sat down, some ear splitting obscene 'disco' music started. Conversation was all but impossible. I asked the barmaid if the row was going to go on all afternoon and was told it was. An all but unintellible Scottish knuckledragger stopped his game of pool to tell us that they were just having fun, that he was the manager and that we didn't have to stay there if we didn't want to, something we'd worked out for ourselves. Another customer - there were only four or five customers in, I wonder why - wasn't happy either but seemed resigned to it. We finished our drinks and walked out both agreeing that is there any wonder that pubs are closing down at such a rate. The once respected position of Mine Host seems to have been taken over by retards. So off we walked to the nearby Redstart. What a contrast!

21 Jun 2010 08:37

The Victory, Barming

I called in for a pint with my son on Father's Day to find they'd run out of real ale. Walked out.

21 Jun 2010 08:27

Swan Inn, Fradley Junction

A group us us called in the other evening and I had the Black Sheep ale. Really good as were the bar staff. All the chairs and tables out the front were taken but we found some unoccupied ones secreted out the back. Terrific location alongside the canals. Quite a few motorcyclists. The place had a nice atmosphere.

16 Jun 2010 23:39

The Crown Inn, Alrewas

Yes, the snug was excellent and really cosy. Beer was good too. Found a book of jokes which amusingly helped us pass the time. The banner outside mentioned the place was under new management although he didn't introduce himself to us.

16 Jun 2010 23:33

The Falcon, Painswick

We called in one afternoon last week and found one of the real ales excellent. Returned later in the evening to visit the annex where the large screen football was on. The Butcombe was undrinkable but was changed. The other one wasn't a patch on the beer we'd enjoyed earlier on. Food was OK but took ages to arrive. Much preferred the Royal Oak.

16 Jun 2010 23:29

The Royal Oak, Painswick

A new landlord took over a few months ago (Keith) and the place was really frindly with excellent beer when we popped in last weekend. Best pub in the village.

16 Jun 2010 23:24

The Little Gem, Aylesford

A friend in the village tells me the pub has closed.

21 May 2010 21:13

The Pelican, Addlestone

After mooring our narrowboat along the river bank, we called in here for decent beer and good food............and got both. It's a shame about it's setting on the edge of the industrial estate but the river was excellent as was the beer and food.

9 May 2010 17:26

The Leathern Bottle, Godalming

We met up here before going to the local boatyard to start a narrowboat trip. Hogs Back TEA was OK and the food reasonably priced. A decent local boozer.

9 May 2010 17:20

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

A good couple of pints of Timothy Taylor Landlord helped the Cumberland Sausages and spuds go down well. Good service and quiet as we visited them mid-week.

9 May 2010 17:15

Fishermans Arms, Maidstone

Went into the Fisherman's last night after struggling and failing to have a quiet conversation in the 'yard' of the Thirsty Pig. As Sharp says, it's been done up and is now rather nice. Two Sky TVs on but the volume wasn't up loud. Both Sheps beers were OK too. Just about the oldest building in Maidstone, built in the late 1400s and originally a farm house before becoming a pub. The Royal Albion is the towns oldest pub. But back to the Fishermans. Nice quiet pub and will go in there again.

29 Apr 2010 14:17

Ye Olde Thirsty Pig, Maidstone

Went in the bar last night at 8pm and it was baking hot. No ventilation at all. Took my beer into the tiny back yard but gave up trying to have a conversation as the nearby group of yoofs chose to shout at each other rather than talk sensibly. Finished the beer up rather quickly and went around the corner to the Fisherman's Arms.

29 Apr 2010 14:12

The Hare and Hounds, Lingfield

Brilliant pub. Nice laid back casual style. Very good roast dinner and decent London pride. Courteous staff. Really really good.

7 Mar 2010 20:23

The George Inn, Newnham

I agree. The best 'Late Red' I've ever drunk, bag full of hoppiness, really nice Bacon & Brie baguette, attractive and clean pub full of atmosphere and a landlord who knows his job. No damned piped music or fruit machine. No shouty chavs. We shall return for a 'proper' meal next time. I'll give the place a rare (for me) 10/10. Can't fault it.

7 Mar 2010 20:20

The Welsh Harp, Waltham Abbey

We popped into the Welch Harp last Friday lunchtime and it was quite busy. Smell of fresh paint. I was told that there is a new landlord and things are improving. Then about twenty singers from a local choir came in and the place was buzzing. McMullen's is not my favourite beer but it was OK. The round of sandwiches was excellent. Lots of atmosphere but I could have done without the piped musak. The grave of King Harold II is only 20yds away.

28 Feb 2010 21:37

The Dove, Dargate

The stripped pine interor and log fire was good start, and the barmaid was very elegant, however in a pub with only two customers, she had to go and check with the chef to see if there was available seating for two lunches. The snootiness of this gastro pub slowly became apparent and my wife thought the Onion Soup was excellent though overpriced. The Sheps Late Red was fine. Groups of people started to arrive and judging by the Mercs, Audis and 4x4s in the car park, this wasn't our sort of pub. We felt a bit uncomfortable. I wonder what it's like in the evenings?

12 Feb 2010 16:17

The Shipwrights Arms, Faversham

I agree what has already been said about the grumpy landlord although the rest of the staff are friendly. We had excellent pints of Goachers Mild and Goachers Shipwrecked Bitter today. Excellent pub with a log fire blazing away today. No canned music, just people chatting and enjoying their beer. Wonderful setting besides Oare Creek with the boatyard just opposite. They have a friendly Rottie called Lucy. We quite like the simple pub grub.

This should really be either in Hollowshore or Oare rather than Faversham.

7 Feb 2010 18:54

The Walnut Tree, East Farleigh

Excellent clean pub with welcoming log fire and well polished brasses. Master Brew was excellent and my son had a piping hot plate of cheesy chips. Welcoming landlord and clean loos. A good example of how to run a country pub. White Horse and Good Intent take note!

3 Feb 2010 22:19

The Good Intent, West Farleigh

After the drab White House, my son and I popped down to the Good Intent. In spite of the opening times claiming it was open, the doors were well and truly locked. Oh well off to the excellent Walnut Tree then.

3 Feb 2010 22:15

The White House, West Farleigh

Hmm, last visited the White House about twenty years ago. Nothing's changed. Still smells a bit, ghastly decor and fake stonework inside. Two ancient locals sat at the bar at lunchtime in stoney silence. "Sorry, no food but I could do you a sandwich". Goacher's Light was on gravity and pretty good. Pool table badly worn and old dog did a lot of coughing. Expecting him to pass out, we drank up and went down the road to the Good Intent. Well that was our 'Intent' but the place was shut in spite of the opening times in the window. No wonder some pubs are dying on their feet.

3 Feb 2010 22:12

Ship and Trades, Chatham

We called in the other Sunday after walking aroun St.Mary's Island and admiring the buildings and scenery. The pub is light and airy, and quite busy although we had no problems finding seats. Yes it was lacking in atmosphere and I always feel uncomfortable when I see staff in a common uniform. Sunday lunches are eaten upstairs in the restaurant but at other times (so I was told) food is eaten in the bar. Very nice views of the Marina outside. We intend to return and see what the food is like. Promising.

25 Jan 2010 10:06

The Royal Paper Mill, Maidstone

To my mind Goachers brew some of the very best beers around and whilst they are doing well selling to free houses, they do deserve better tied pubs than these two sorry places. I went a couple of times last summer when my son moved into his new home up the road. I couldn't complain about the beer, it was OK, but the dreary rundown interior was truly depressing. The garden was an empty square of grass with vacant pubgarden tables. The pub interior needed a total redecoration as it was grubby and smelled of a soggy bar towel. The staff seemed disinterested. Fortunately the Goachers Gold Star saved the day.

8 Jan 2010 12:32

The Oak On The Green, Bearsted

One of our favourite pubs to eat in. Terrific food and often very busy. Always two or three real ales on the hand pumps (Goachers?)

"Not quite on the green either". Doh, the Green describes the area not just a rectangle of grass. It's fifteen yards from the grass.

12 Dec 2009 15:01

The Sugar Leaves, Hollingbourne

I don't suppose you have as it's actually called the SUGAR LOAVES.

12 Dec 2009 14:58

The Ten Bells, Leeds

The pub has been taken over by Spence of the Lower Bell PH, Blue Bell Hill, Maidstone. I'll be interested to see how the pub turns out.

12 Dec 2009 14:56

Society Rooms, Maidstone

I'm going to have to change my review. I called in there yesterday (Tuesday lunchtime) and waited ten minutes to be served. Dithering people ordering food, unably to make their minds up. Some of the pump clips turned away but still some real ale to choose from. "Sorry, no real ale" I was told. What? How on earth could that happen? A dozen handpumps and no real ale? And why on earth weren't all the pump clips turned around to tell customers to stop wasting their bloody time? An understaffed shambles yesterday.

9 Dec 2009 14:42

The Swan, Maidstone

Very small Sheps pub, excellent Masterbrew along with two guest ales, the best cheese & onion sandwich in ultra-fresh wholemeal bread I've ever eaten. As the Society Rooms didn't have a single drop of real ale in the house (on at Tuesday lunchtime?) this pub was a breath of fresh air.

9 Dec 2009 14:37

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

Excellent pub. I tried Fullers London Pride and Adnams Abbey on draught on a wet and windy Monday afternoon. A real pub with bare pine floors and very busy. Superb venison sausages, mash and onion gravy. By the time we left for the Royal Albert Hall, the place was packed from wall to wall. Need more bar staff though.

9 Dec 2009 14:32

The Butchers Arms, Herne

Superb pub, one of the county's best. Very chatty landlord. Superb beer. I can never remember it's odd opening times and have sometimes found it shut. THIS REALLY IS THE COUNTY'S SMALLEST PUB.

2 Dec 2009 23:04

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

Called in the other day after discovering that the Man of Kent didn't open until 2pm. Excellent pint of Adnams Broadside and the food others were eating looked superb. Friendly people. Must return.

2 Dec 2009 22:58

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Called the other day at 12 midday to discover the pub doesn't open until 2pm. What pub opens at 2 in the afternoon? It's a shame as I've been there in the past and the beer was first rate.

2 Dec 2009 22:56

The Fleur De Lys, Burham

Currently closed.

2 Dec 2009 22:47

The Coastguard Inn, St Margarets Bay

Well there are some widely varying reviews of the Coastguard Inn here. Some are so extreme, I can't help wonder what on earth customers expect. As for bloomin' vegetarians, if would want to choose an unconventional eating habit, they could always make up a lunchbox of lentil sandwiches and celery.

My wife and I visited yesterday - the last time I was there was forty years ago - my first pint was a pint of excellent Gadds No5. The bar was light and airy although other diners seemed to think everybody else there wanted to hear their conversation. We had a small cheesey tart to start with followed by superb devilled crab. Really good. The staff were courteous and attentive and we were really made to feel welcome. A second pint of HRD Rapide was poor and was changed for a second pint of Gadds without quibble. The bill came to 40 for two starters, two mains, three pints and a coffee. Not unreasonable.

Set in a stunning location at the bottom of the cliffs and yards from the shingle beach, the white house 100yds away was once owned by Ian Fleming.

We liked it and will return.

28 Nov 2009 10:58

The Little Thatch, Quedgeley

A lovely old and mostly unspoilt building. Two real ales on sale. Strange old boy as the landlord. Refused to allow me to pay for a round of drink with a 50 note. He clained there are dud ones around although mine carried the watermark and silver line. Then he changed his reasons to "It would take all of my change". Very odd. Four rounds later and that would have used up most of the 50 note.

Couldn't fault the beer though.

23 Nov 2009 19:33

Sun Inn, Leintwardine

Can we please move the location of this pub to LEINTWARDINE, HEREFORDSHIRE where it actually is? Thanks.

It was featured on this mornings Breakfast TV (11.11.2009)

11 Nov 2009 11:32

Society Rooms, Maidstone

I really like the Society Rooms. The beer is ALWAYS in perfect condition which not too many pubs can boast and provided I visit during the day, it's fine. Weekend evenings though are just terrible (for me). I went once on a Friday night but never again. The bar was five deep with spotty youfs buying 'shots' of all sorts of rubbish and the awful din in the place was too much for me. Daytimes - fine. Evening - no thanks. I also think the food is OK. You get what you pay for, which is fine with me.

9 Nov 2009 10:02

Earl's, Maidstone

Remberence Sunday morning. First pint tasted a bit like vinegar. Apologies made and a fresh pint poured (from the same damned pump). A bit better but not by much. Left the beer and went up to the Society Rooms for an excellent pint. I can't see me returning to Earls again.

9 Nov 2009 09:55

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

I met my son in there at 9.30am on Rememberance Sunday. One barman, twenty thirsty customers, other bar staff moving trollies about. My Scottish beer was excellent but this excellent building had a tired and worn out feel to it, a bit like the bar staff. Asked for the sound on the large TV to be turned up - was was showing the parade passed the Cenotaph - but was yold it was Weatherspoons policy NOT to have the sound up. The standards have well and truly slipped here.

9 Nov 2009 09:51

The Red Lion, Stodmarsh

Called in this afternoon but too late for food. I'd cycled passed the pub a few weeks ago whilst cycling between Canterbury and Sandwich and back, and saw the 2CV pick up outside. A very friendly welcome from Robert who'd appeared in the documentary about Red Lion pubs. Wonderfully cluttered decor. I ignored the IPA on gravity which I don't care for but plumped for the Speckled Hen. Unfortunately I later discovered this is either top pressue or keg. We MUST return for a meal though. What a find!

30 Oct 2009 00:45

The Lower Bell, Blue Bell Hill

Recently the guest beer has been St.Austell 'Proper Job', a daft name for a truly excellent 5.5 beer. Definitely the best beer they do. Liz now gets a couple of newspapers in too. There have been good reports about their Sunday Roast as well. It's good to see the pub slowly getting better and better.

26 Oct 2009 22:51

The Northern Belle, Margate

Called in the other day and was made to feel really welcome. Landlord's partner has a Geordie accent as thick as Newcastle fog too. Excellent beer; the lastest Shep's one, just out. Apparently the brewery has lowered the strength of Spitfire.

26 Oct 2009 22:40

The Dukes Head, Hamstreet

My wife and I rode our bikes from Hythe with the intention of reaching Appledore but instead we found ourselves here. At 2pm on a weekday, there were perhaps five customers so deadly quiet. The Adnams Broadside was excellent and we shared Coronation Chicken sandwiches with real chunky chips. The food was really reasonably priced. A really nice stop during out twenty mile ride.

5 Oct 2009 07:57

The Quayside, Whitstable

We called in one day last week after a lengthy bike ride and found the pump clips to the four handpumps all turned away. "Any real ale?". "No, we've not had a delivery". (Not paid the bill then?) I walked out.

23 Sep 2009 08:26

The Old Neptune, Whitstable

This is one of theose pubs I really wanted to like. After all it's location on the shingle beach is to die for. As others have mentioned, going during the day was never going to see it at it's best and yesterady afternoon was no exception. After an 18 mile bike ride, we called in for a pint and a round of crab sandwiches, a rare treat for us. Can't fault the Harveys bitter, top order. The crab sandiches too. Really good.

Now I don't mind spit & sawdust pubs at all but this place could really do with a decent clean for once in a while. There's a pervading aroma of sweaty armpits about the place. Nor did the head banging rock 'music' go with the suroundings. The barmaid, who was alone, took for ever to serve the patient customers, but really needed to cheer up a bit. A cheery "Hello" would have been nice. We joined the other customers outside on the beach leaving the one solitary customer at the bar.

It's a shame. Do the place up just a tad, give customers a warm welcome. The pub's location is it's saving grace.

23 Sep 2009 08:18

The Hotel Continental, Whitstable

The brewery bar has better views? Well both are within 15ft of the beach so you are microscopically right. Also the brewery bar is almost always shut - no bloody good at all.

Popped into the Hotel Continental this afternoon after riding along the Crab & Winkle ride from Whitstable to Canterbury and back. The IPA was on gravity and was almost too tart to be right, but then again I haven't drunk much of Whitstable beer. The Stout was better as were the two bowls of fish soup we enjoyed. Nice airy atmosphere, attractive mural on the wall, friendly bar staff. We'll go again because I'm sure the IPA should be better than that.

18 Sep 2009 17:10

The Whitstable Brewery Bar, Whitstable

Friday afternoon and bloody closed! The signs says open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Great.

18 Sep 2009 17:03

Kings Arms, Boxley

Ooh err. We've been there a few times as the food is always very good as is the beer. The garden is nice and safe for children too. The previous revue seems a bit harsh but then we weren't there to witness it.

12 Sep 2009 08:39

The Bull, Penenden Heath

Big open areas, beer OK, pubescent bar staff in uniform and with name badges, not my sort of pub at all, but the people of Penenden Heath have few options.

12 Sep 2009 08:35

The King Ethelbert Inn, Reculver

Last October we drove to Reculver, unloaded our bikes then rode along the sea wall to Maragte and back. There was also a massive sponsored cycling event at the same time. We reached the pub about 3pm and they were rushed off their feet doing food. From memory we drunk Gadd's which was excellent and the meal was really good too, especially as they were so busy.

12 Sep 2009 08:27

The Queens Head, Boughton-under-Blean

We often stop here after leaving Canterbury. A Sheps pub of course and the beer is often good. Stopped there this afternoon and Master Brew was OK but not perfect. The food here though is exceptional for a pub, with everything from light bites to full meals. We ate humus with strips of bread, carrot and celery. Excellent.

11 Sep 2009 23:05

The Sun Inn, Bredgar

Arrived at 2pm on a weekday afternoon so perhaps not the best time to judge the place. A few Mums with their toddlers in the large garden. The barmaid took ages to bother to come around to serve us. "Is everything alright?". Well clearly not as it was 28c outside and we were gasping. The inside of the pub was just about deserted. The Harveys was starting to turn but just about drinkable which was a shame. I just wanted a simple tuna mayo sandwich but it turned up with chips hence the 6+ price . Surely thin sliced bread has no place in a pub sandwich? Sorry but we won't be hurrying back.

9 Sep 2009 19:22

The Aviator, Sheerness

We turned up at The Aviator - named after the beginning of flight at Eastchurch - having cycled from Sheerness to Minster then Leysdown then back to Queenborough. This is a Sheps pub and the 'Late Red' I drank was immaculate. There were perhaps eight or nine other customers at 5pm and we found the pub very clean and bright. A pub people drive to rather than a local.

9 Sep 2009 19:11

Kings Arms, Upper Upnor

Hop Back 'Summer Lightning' - one of my favorite beers, in excellent condition. The barman was working his socks off on this busy Bank Holiday. The cheesey baked potatoes were over done by a million miles with skins like leather but the beer and the sunshine was unbeatable.

31 Aug 2009 18:31

Three Mariners, Hythe

The best pub I've drunk in for ages. Situated in the back streets of Hythe and surrounded by Victorain terraced houses, this gem of a place was new to us until today. This tiny free house was holding a mini-beer festival and for the life of me I can't recall what i was enjoying lunchtime. It was a pale gold amber beer which was outstanding. There were seven real ales (that i saw) and there was a lovely atmosphere about the place. One regular was auctioning a cricket bat signed by the losing Australian cricket side with the aim of donating 1000 to 'Help for Heroes' charity. Excellent. We sat in the garden (courtyard) where other cyclists turned up and parked their bikes too. A group of local arrived in roman fancy dress collection money for a charity, Kent Air Ambulance. A really cracking local pub let down, we feel, by a complete lack of food. Hey, a cheese & onion roll wouldn't have been too much, eh?

29 Aug 2009 22:24

The Flower Pot, Maidstone

My first visit to the Flower Pot in years and two of the hand pump beers were only 1 a pint. I soon discovered why when I found first one then the other was on the turn. The young barmaid had to telephone the landlord in order to serve me with a drinkable pint. I can only presume that he knew these two beers were going off, so reduced their prives. Unforgiveable. Would a restaurant serve meat which they knew was going off?

Nevertheless the other beers were OK. The young landlord has turned this grubby old corner pub around and it's furnished comfortable with lots of reading material. I hope he does well but six handpumped real ales is a lot for such a tiny pub.

I can't forget those bad pints, but I will return as that might have been a 'one off'.

22 Aug 2009 10:55

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidstone

Wasn't a young woman recently raped under a table here recently, whilst there were customers? Good grief. One visit only, lunchtime, dead as a dodo, food was cold so complained to the manager and got a refund. All that is bad about these places.

22 Aug 2009 10:48

The Royal Albion, Maidstone

Bar cluttered by a barrier of bar stools. Unexceptional Sheps. No atmosphere. Shalln't be returning in a hurry.

22 Aug 2009 10:45

The Pilot Inn, Lydd

We've been coming to the Pilot for about twenty years after reading a glowing article about in in one of the Sunday supplements. Turned up at 1230pm on a Sunday and couldn't get a seat anywhere. Returned a few weeks later and had the best (and biggest) cod & chips ever. Since those days, the original landlord has gone, and the quality of everything has gone down a lot. As has been said, avoid Sundays, Saturdays and Bank Holidays. The beer was OK but not brilliant. We now much prefer the nearby Britannia; ther food and beer is far better.

22 Aug 2009 10:35

The Britannia Inn, Dungeness

Cripes, what a lot of adverse comments. We've visited the Britannia a few times but never in mid-Summer before. My wife and I cycled from Hythe so were a tad puffed (well it was a headwind) and very thirsty when we arrived at 1pm. The pub was quite busy. With exception of one noisy toddler in the corner - what is it with parents who cannot tell their children to behave? - there was a nice mixture of old folks and younger families. The bar staff were exceptionally friendly, my steak & kidney pie and my wife's cod & chips were excellent. Actually a bit too much food as we had to cycle back. The Britannia seems to have taken over from the nearby Pilot which we once loved but has steadily deteriorated in recent years. All in all a really nice place when we visited and of course we shall return again and again as long as they keep up their high standards.

22 Aug 2009 10:26

The Red Bull, Eccles

Popped in on Wednesday lunchtime. Extremely quiet. Sat in the very nice garden and enjoyed a couple of the best pints of Sheps I've had in ages. From memory they do Masterbrew, Spitfire, London Pride and Abbot on handpump although the last two weren't on. The landlord and his wife, who've been there for two years, also keep twenty four chickens and fresh eggs can be bought at the bat for 1 for six. With this village pub being within walking distance from home, we must return again.

22 Aug 2009 10:12

The Guinea, Mayfair

By far the best steak & kidney pie I've ever eaten. Youngs 'Kew Gold' was also excellent. Bar staff friedly and the place was packed lunchtime with cufflink wearing office people with loud voices. My favourite London pub.

17 Aug 2009 14:08

The Gate Inn, Chislet

My favourite Kent pub and one always visited when we're in the area. Always excellent Sheps served by gravity and the Black Pudding and Pickle sandwiches are to die for. Just goes to show that country pubs needn't have to struggle for a living when the landlord get's it right. A great place.

17 Aug 2009 14:02

Royal Harbour Brewhouse and Bakers, Ramsgate

My favourite Ramsgate pub - isn't it now called the Belgian Bar or something like that? It's a great shame that Gadd's beer is no longer brewed on the premises as they are exceptionally good beers. Lots of Belgian beers on sale (for a price) and the food is pretty good too. A nice atmosphere.

17 Aug 2009 13:59

The New Inn, Gloucester

We stayed there for the weekend when we attended a local wedding. We have to echo what's been said before, it's very grubby and a bit down at heel. The dining room lacked natural light and the table tops were sticky. We got fed up waiting to be served so left. Didn't try any beers as we had more than enough elsewhere but the place really needs some love and attention. Scaffolding up in the courtyard but didn't see any work going on. Very disappointing.

14 Aug 2009 09:19

Toastmasters Inn, Burham

Ex-pub? Still a pub when we visited there a few months ago. The rear of the building is an Indian restaurant which also does takeaways and home deliveries. Nothing much wrong with the bar area and the real ale was fine when we were there, but there has been a cloud of uncertainty over the pub for quite some time as the owner (who appears to have nothing to do with the pub on a day-to-day basis) appears to want to sell it off for redevelopment.

We've been going there for many years, in fact since the days when the landlord was a retired toastmaster at London's Guild Hall. He sometimes when pressed came out to play a tune or two on an organ. It was alleged that he also had the greatest private wine collection in the cellar.

Again, it's a shame this excellent little place has been allowed to slide. It deserves better.

14 Aug 2009 09:10

The Lower Bell, Blue Bell Hill

Loud live bands on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunchtime. Far, far too noisy for us so we tend to sit out on the spacious decking. This pub has seen a massive turn round in the last few years when precious few customers visited. Spence has introduced the bands and the Wednesday night card schools seems to be popular. A few weeks ago, new pizza ovens were installed and their pizzas, paninis and ciabattas were fine. Greene King beers are not my favourite - the IPA in particular is wishy-washy - but they sold a humdinger of a winter ale last winter. Liz is the bubbly (and busty) manager who copes with the sometimes boisterous customers with wit, and she's brought some nice touches to the place. She often acts as a waitress too when she has time. Massive car park with resident burger van (for the time being). For a time there was an outide temporary bandstand for the groups but this area has now reverted to a childrens play area. Shame about that as sitting outside and listening to the music was preferable to being inside.

14 Aug 2009 08:58

The Little Gem, Aylesford

When we moved into the village 35yrs ago, the 'Gem' sold thirteen real ales - often some were in poor condition. Sunday nights would find this former Smallest pub in Kent' heaving with students with the air rining to the sounds from 78s being played on an old wind-up gramaphone. Those days seem to be long gone with a variety of owners/landlords/bar staff over the years. A couple of us visited there one evening whilst the motorcycle rally was taking place up the road at the Friars. Of the seven or so handpumps, only one had a pump clip (Sheps) so we left. It's a great shame as this is a delightful little building and it deserves to do well.

14 Aug 2009 08:48

The Bush, Aylesford

With so many pubs selling real ale these days, this pub is one of my favourites. The Fullers London Pride is always in tip top condition. I get fed up having to ask for another beer when the bar staff don't realise the stuff has 'gone off'. No need to worry about this happening in the Bush. Fullers HSB and John Smiths are also on handpumps but I'm content with the LP. Neat little garden/courtyard with hanging baskets tended by one of the locals who lives opposite. I'm told the food is really good and they are beginning to sell homemade pies made by a lady in the village. Car park at the rear can get congested.

14 Aug 2009 08:39

The Cock Inn, Luddesdowne

Almost faultless. We came across this superb pub only a few months ago when we discovered the local branch of 2CVGB (The Citroen 2CV Owners Club) meet there on the 2nd Monday of each month. So far the beer has been excellent especially the Goachers Mild. The friendly landlord welcomed us when we arrived. As he was sitting on the public side of the bar we thought he was a local. Modest food but really tasty ciabattas. Dominoes and Poker Dice on the tables, and a rare bar billards table. The place is a credit to the owner and an example that country pubs don't need to close down when they are run properly.

14 Aug 2009 08:31

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