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Comments by Orinoko

The Swan Hotel, Staines

Location is great as is the range and quality of the beers - though at a price! I like to start here and quaff a couple before moving on.

18 Aug 2009 20:29

The Holly Tree, Englefield Green

These days, the Pride seems to be consistantly bad - cloudy and on the turn. I dont know if they simply dont sell enough or what. Otherwise I like the place.

18 Aug 2009 20:26

Masons Arms, Blackwood

Closed! As is the George on the High St - what is happening to Blackwood??

16 Jan 2008 20:39

The Holly Tree, Englefield Green

Me and her indoors have kind of switched to this pub from the Gun as the Gun stopped doing Pride. Despite other posts below I have not had a bad pint. Also the food is good quality and value.

19 Oct 2007 16:58

The Star Inn, Talybont on Usk

Lovely pint of Rhymney Dark. Great pub/location.

29 Jul 2007 19:45

The Jolly Farmer, Staines

Called in here for a quick pint the other day - it was Courage Best and was sour! Landlord was sorry and offered me a bottle of London Pride for the same price. OK otherwise.

25 Jul 2007 20:51

Iguana, Egham

Had a pint of Deuchars IPA in here the other day - not impressed - a bit cloudy - though for some reason Jock beers dont do much for me anyway.

25 Jul 2007 20:46

The Marlborough Arms, Tottenham Court Road

Understaffed? You can say that again! It seemed that 2 out of the 3 bar staff were too busy collecting/washing glasses while the one that was pouring pints didnt make any effort to acknowlege the presence of cueing punters. In the end I walked out and enjoyed a couple at the Jeremy Bentham about 100yards away. No such problems there and nice pints of Youngs Bitter and Ruddles.

16 Jul 2007 14:47

The Albany, Twickenham

7.60 for a Guinness and a glass of wine!

But OK on match day as its off the road a bit and so quieter.

15 Apr 2007 18:55

The Godolphin Arms, Marazion

Great food and the Doombar went down a treat. Sat outside in early April and the weather was fantastic - brill views from the beer garden.

7 Apr 2007 21:53

The Armstrong Gun, Englefield Green

This pub now has a resident dog called 'digger'! A very friendly show labrador as hes had his under-carriage removed - poor sod.

London pride seems to be getting better.

24 Mar 2007 19:39

The Palladium, Llandudno

Great building - and I have a soft spot for it as I had my 1st snog with my wife to be in it!! Service was poor though - as its generally so crowded at the bar I guess.

3 Oct 2006 20:53

The Ship Inn, Wokingham

Best pint of London Pride I've had for ages! Nice pub. Tried a few other pubs in Wokingham on the way back to the station but was too bladdered by then to remember much about them! Good place for a crawl ;-)

6 Sep 2006 14:03

Molly's Millars, Wokingham

Popped in here as its the 1st you come to off the train and I was late for the Tri Nations test between SA and NZ. Fair do's it was on all their numerous telly's so enjoyed the game there. No real ale though - so I settled for Guinness which was good.

6 Sep 2006 14:00

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Wasnt too bad when I was in there a week ago. Yes there were an above average number of one eyed tramps in there and a slightly better looking group of women on a hen day but the pear cider went down a treat!

10 Jul 2006 14:07

The Queen Victoria, Llandudno

Nice pint of Banks bitter in here - went down a treat!!

7 Apr 2006 16:12

The Palladium, Llandudno

Had my 1st snog in here with my wife to be!! Magnificent building but did take a long time to get served.

7 Apr 2006 16:10

The Beehive, Englefield Green

Not tried it yet with the new management but will do soon. Hardly seems to have been anyone in there whenever I popped round in the past. Good beer though.

22 Feb 2006 15:58

The Monkey's Forehead, Egham

Too bright for me - not a bad pint of Green King IPA though.

22 Feb 2006 15:56

The Armstrong Gun, Englefield Green

Nice pub with a good pint of London Pride and a great Juke box. Nice barmaid with a geat smile too! If there is a negative its the fact that they seem to have a lot of 'wendyball' on the telly - cant have everything I suppose ;-)

22 Feb 2006 15:53

The Sun Inn, Hook Norton

Beers great but I prefer the other 2 pubs in Hook Norton as I'm a fish cake and chips bloke and not a sea bass and potato one!

22 Feb 2006 15:44

The Bell Inn, Hook Norton

Nice pub with Hook Norton bitter and 6X when I popped in recently. Strange set up where seemingly there is a chinese take away within the pub itself!!

22 Feb 2006 15:42

The Pear Tree Inn, Hook Norton

Had a session here on the dark and bitter after a nice walk in the countryside up to the Rollright stones. Great beer and B and B is good too. Charming place Hook Norton.

22 Feb 2006 15:40

The Hop Leaf, Reading

Nice pub with darts and bar billiards. But for some reason I cant get on with these hopback beers. Fortunately they also serve Stowford Press cider - very nice! Fond memories as I saw Ireland beat England on the telly here in last years 6 nations!

25 Dec 2005 20:54

The Monkey Tree, Blackwood

For the middle class drinker (so I dont go there much) who likes his nosh! Nice view from the beer garden as its high up. Cricket club just down the hill if you like the sound of leather on willow on Saturdys.

25 Dec 2005 20:39

The Hanbury Arms, Bargoed

No real ale and can be pretty rough but has redeeming fetures such as twice weekly live rock music and the occasional pair of fighting lesbians as additional entertainment!

25 Dec 2005 09:20

Capel Hotel, Gilfach

Great old fashioned pup with a nice selection of real ales Brains SA my favourite. Decent pool table, several rooms including a no smoking snug. Big screen which they will always switch on for you even if no one else is interested. For the curious theres an ancient weighing scales that takes old pennies in the hallway outside the gents! Nice characters on both sides of the bar.

24 Dec 2005 19:48

Porters, Blackwood

This used to be as rough as hell (slashed seats etc) until they tarted the place up into a very bright and glitzy place with no real ale. Bouncer wouldnt let me in wearing a rugby shirt - tosser.

24 Dec 2005 19:38

Sirhowy, Blackwood

Cheap range of decent beers and some nice bottled cider. Very crowded bar for a while on Fridays and Saturdays until most people move on up the High St.

24 Dec 2005 19:34

Masons Arms, Blackwood

No real ale so I drink Strongbow. Great on Fridays when they have a 'grab a granny' disco thing ;-)

24 Dec 2005 19:30

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