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Comments by OldhamSheridan

The Odd One Out, Colchester

Been once before the football. But it does stand in the mind due to its excellence.

Good points:
Drink is top notch, and I mean TOP NOTCH. You won't get a better pint anywhere on earth. It was so good I expected a priest to be pooring it and mumbling about Jesus.
It has no mobiles to be spoken into and no swearing.
The beer garden is very nice, and if you want to you can get away with quietly swearing down your mobile.

Bad point:
It's dingy.

Overall, if you are in Colchester and you miss this you are the biggest idiot the world has ever seen. Ever. I cannot recommend a pub more than this one. I just can't.

13 Mar 2011 11:05

Revolution, Newcastle

Depends what you are after this one.

Ale and cider is a none starter. Cocktails and Vodka it is pretty spot on.

Word of advice, if you are going buy a Rev Card it saves you a fortune.

Gets very busy late on though.

13 Mar 2011 10:58

The Cumberland Arms, Ouseburn

Oh my golly gosh! What a pub. What a selection. Six ciders, ten ales - all off the wall ones. This pub is amazing.

Absolute top marks.

The question remains - how the hell am I going to get from the Durham countryside to Byker every other week?

Get a taxi, walk it, go on the bus - I'll just get out to this pub, it's awesome.

Not seen one in the North East better than this.

13 Mar 2011 10:55

The Cluny, Ouseburn

Has a wide selection like most Head of Steam pubs, but like other HoS pubs, is a bit wine barish. Has no atmosphere at all.

It's okay.

13 Mar 2011 10:43

The Cluny, Ouseburn

Has a wide selection like most Head of Steam pubs, but like other HoS pubs, is a bit wine barish. Has no atmosphere at all.

It's okay.

13 Mar 2011 10:43

The Free Trade Inn, Byker

What a surprise!

You walk in and wonder which part of the 70's you've walked into. But the drink is good. It's clean, and worthy of a good mark.

Definately one to go to.

13 Mar 2011 10:41

The Tyne, Newcastle

Decent enough bar. Excellent bottle selection. Certainly one of the Ouseburn run.

13 Mar 2011 10:38

The Pitcher and Piano, Newcastle

Poor pints, poor selection, full of the 'crowd' Can't think of a good thing to say really.

13 Mar 2011 10:35

The Red House, Newcastle

I can't think you'll get cheaper on the quayside. 2.50 a pint, but it is the common drinks (Strongbow, Kronies, etc...). A bit of a different pub though, with many enclaves.

Seen better, seen worse.

13 Mar 2011 10:32

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Seems a nice pub, fair few ales on, although the cider is limited.

Empty in the daytime. Rammed in the evening.

If you are passing Newcastle it is probably the best pub for a visit from the train station. About five minutes walk.

13 Mar 2011 10:30

The Forth Hotel, Newcastle

Very nice pints. As mentioned before though, you pay for it.

The pub itself has a nice feel to it too.

22 Aug 2010 18:14

The Cricketers Arms, Bridlington

Without doubt the worst pint I've ever had.

It took me days to recover. Go at your peril.

NB. Negative a million is my rating. It appears for some reason that there is a zero limit.

22 Aug 2010 18:12

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

In a place of awful pubs I expected the worst of things, but it was 22:30 and I was sober...

They sold bottles of Abbott Ale (and a few others) and Old Rosie Cider. Much above what you expect from a Wetherspoons. Surprisingly okay.

22 Aug 2010 18:09

The Ship and Castle, Aberystwyth

This pub is criminally underrated. The guy behind the bar gives advice on what is good, what you'll like, what is new, what is tried and tested. The drink is excellent. As a ciderhead (with a beery friend), the cider was spot on.

A really excellent pub.

22 Aug 2010 18:00

Dun Cow, Durham

Hits the heights of 'alright'. Couple of real ales on, cider is Strongbow only. Gets hot inside (sweating hot), and often is rammed due to being just round the corner from the registrary office.

22 Aug 2010 17:56

The Half Moon, Durham

Full array of drinks. Gets very full on the usual full nights.

A very nicely drawn pint. A lot of different bottled ciders (only Strongbow on tap).

A nice beer 'yard'. Up there with the better Durham pubs.

Has the Durham Brewery cask pints, so worth it just for that.

22 Aug 2010 17:48

The Shakespeare Tavern, Durham

The good point: It is atmospheric.

The bad points: The place stinks of bleach. The drink is average. The glasses are at best rinsed. the toilets are dark to say the least.

This place could return to its former glory if they did the simple things right (and carpeted the place). As it is, nah. Just pop along to the half moon.

22 Aug 2010 17:43

Bridge Hotel, Durham

Decent pint, but expensive for the North East. A pint of cider is 3.10 for instance.

Nicer inside than it looks outside, and reasonable pint.

If you have 40 minutes from the train station, well worth dropping down to.

22 Aug 2010 17:39

Tap and Spile, Framwellgate Moor

Love this pub (I travel for about an hour to get there). It has two sections, one a rammed spit and sawdust side - which is always full to the brim, the other more like a dining area (no food served though), which is less full.

It stands out for its serve of drink though. A country mile above every pub in Durham.

22 Aug 2010 17:36

Ye Old Elm Tree, Durham

Bursting in old atmosphere. A proper pub serving nice beer (only Strongbow in cider as they dropped the Weston's). The hardest quiz in Durham on a Wednesday night.

Up there with the best in Durham.

22 Aug 2010 17:32

Angel Inn, Durham

Reasonable drink. A rock bar which is a bit of a dive. Ciders are Strongbow and Old Rosie (from the box).

There are many worse in Durham.

22 Aug 2010 17:29

Market Tavern, Durham

It's either too full or too empty, never in between.

Drinks are average, cider is just Strongbow. Slight rough element, but nothing too much.

Hits the heights of 'alright'.

22 Aug 2010 17:27

Head of Steam, Durham

A different pub.

On an evening there is little space to sit and it is full of, frankly, the not very nice types of Durham. You are never in danger, but better can certainly be done.

During the daytime, the Northroaders don't go in, seats are available and it is a nice place to stop.

However, this place excels in it's drink. Beer galour in bottle. The whole array of ciders (well the Westons ones). Second behind the Tap & Spile for drink in Durham, although not far off the level of the Half Moon and the Elm Tree.

22 Aug 2010 17:24

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