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The Dolphin, Sydenham

Have yet to go in since its last refurb, but it looks great inside. Moody lighting, candles on the table and couples enjoying the evening.

3 Feb 2007 00:04

One, Lewisham

It's kind of growing on me. The beer is actually great. A 1664 cold is actually cold!

As one of the rough, down and out, vagabond, tinker types that used to frequent the old White horse (anonymous posters have set the labels).

The one bar is finally getting an atmosphere, mainly when a large group of the white horse faithful meet up here. (wonder if we stood out in our typical lewisham chav clobber?) It's looking good for the future of "one" Good luck to the place.

2 Feb 2007 23:52

The Anchor, Southwark

Not bad, beer is reasonable (1664). had a works drink there on a friday evening, although it was packed we had a good laugh and I thought the bar service was pretty good considering it was packed!

21 Aug 2006 06:02

The Two Half's, Sydenham

New landlady in town!!!!
hopfully she can turn this dive around.

19 Aug 2006 03:28

The Greyhound, Sydenham


wait six days to get served!
new owners coming soon!

19 Aug 2006 03:26

Hobs, Forest Hill

Went in on a thursday night for the "comedy Quiz"

Absolutely brilliant, did not want to leave!

19 Aug 2006 03:24

Hobs, Forest Hill

Nice pub with friendly staff, a quality pinball machine and ok pool table. Have yet to go in the evening, but was there when a DJ was setting up and the old school house he started playing was spot on. My only gripe was the price of the Beer 6 for a pint of strongbow and a pint of 1664!!!!

22 May 2006 19:00

Victoria, Belvedere

After not being in there since 1999 and remembering how great it was as a locals boozer I was surprised to find that it's just got better! Great pub, great beer, great night out.

16 Apr 2006 00:15

The Royal Oak, Northumberland Heath

gotta say that I have taken my kids to this pub more than once as it's my dads local and I can honestly say that despite a couple of wrong 'uns it's a very friendly place and the beers top notch.

16 Apr 2006 00:10

The Duke of York, Kings Cross station

I agree the Toilets are dire, but the beers good, the bar staff are friendly as are the management, and unlike most staion pubs you won't get molested by big issue sellers or beggars every five minutes as the staiton's own security are on the ball and are often seen throwing them out! Again avoid during the friday evening rush as it can get crowded as with Football matches. But overall a great Pub.

15 Apr 2006 23:55

The Railway, Sydenham

Nice and friendly Pub situated 100 metre's walk from Sydenham train station. The beer's pretty decent as is the welcome.

15 Apr 2006 23:01

The Two Half's, Sydenham

Seriously dead Pub, which makes it OK for a quiet drink. Service is lacking a bit though.

15 Apr 2006 20:12

The White Horse, Lewisham

Sadly the only decent regualrs drinking hole in Lewisham has gone.... In it's place a Bistro bar is soon to open!!!! This is SE London not the West end!!!!!

15 Apr 2006 20:09

The Market Tavern, Lewisham

This Pub used to be good, with some great DJ's playing House, garage, RnB, DnB, and older soul. But this was back in the summer of 05 now it's just gone downhill.

15 Apr 2006 20:06

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