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Comments by Nigekirk

Redesdale Arms, Moreton-In-Marsh

When in Moreton I would choose the Redesdale. Good food good Beer good service

11 May 2008 14:51

Sweeney and Todd, Reading

This place was built on a pie and a pint for a fiver. Those days are gone now but if I had to choose somewhere to go for a bite to eat this is the place to go. I have never had a bad pint here and the pies are top drawer.

11 May 2008 14:47

The Rising Sun, Reading

The beer here is awful and I wouldn't venture in if you don't like rock but if you want somewhere to go thats open late and isn't full of kids in their Newcastle glad rags it may be worth a visit. The theme decor is almost antique now as are some of the locals I know. Just need to decide what to drink ... it'll have to be a JD then.

11 May 2008 14:42

Iguana Bar, Reading

If you are looking for something different then this is the place I'd choose. I always drink Cocktails and Coronas in here and find the regulars are always amenable for a conversation.

11 May 2008 14:32

The Hook and Tackle, Reading

In the old days before the big influx of town centre Wetherspoon's and Yate's this was the best pub in Reading. Its a little bit out of the way but this is a real pub. I will keep popping back here to support the place hoping for a revival of the good ole days.

11 May 2008 14:27

The Alehouse, Reading

I never went in here for customer service or clean toilets but the range of Beer served here makes the place a must when you are out and about in Reading. Take a break from the shopping for a quick Draught Budvar and sit in the sun watching all the people go by. Real Cider, Real Lager, Real Bitter, all taken with a bit of traditional spit and sawdust.

11 May 2008 14:20

The Gateway, Reading

This always was and will be my favourite pub in Reading. Its got the best Guinness in town and I must have drunk a few barrels of it from here. The landlord seemed like a top bloke when I met him and he has done a good job of sprucing it up from the Spirit Group Days.

11 May 2008 14:13

The Corn Stores, Reading

I missed out on the hookahs when I used to go here I guess its gone back to the quiet little bar it always used to be now the ban is in. The beer was good here and it makes for a nice little chill out bar before the headonism of the rising sun on a busy night

11 May 2008 14:06

3Bs, Reading

Nice little bar popular with all ages. Real Ales vary and are usually fairly good. Nice place for a chinwag and a few beers. Often been here to see music or soak up the sun outside.

11 May 2008 13:56

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