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Bar Risa, Reading

Be careful, students have been bottled in the fac, and attacked outside

17 Oct 2008 13:38

The Battle Inn, Reading

Its not quite open yet, and the signs say it will also be a restaurant, I must say I'm looking forward to it

30 Jan 2008 13:25

The Malthouse, Reading

Have been back here again recently, what a mess the landlord is making of the place, there was no draught beer the other night, just bottled, you have to wait for 10-15 minutes to get served, longer when its busy. At 9pm on a friday, they had one member of bar-staff, everyone was waiting and waiting, the landlord swanned in and swanned upstairs leaving him to it. The landlord is bloody useless, and a lazy fat bastard to boot, I give the Malthouse 6 months before its gone

23 Aug 2007 10:24

Ha Ha, Reading

Ha Ha? ......please theres nothing to laugh about here.

23 May 2007 16:53

Pavlov's Dog, Reading

Another hole of indescribable proportions, brimming with the usual chavs/students. Slow service, staff too interested in themselves to provide any form of acceptable service, they all need sacking. Its only saving grace is the occasional rancid waft coming in from the cheap and nasty indian fried chicken place a few doors quite suitable for the lower classes.

18 May 2007 15:51

The Union Inn, St Ives

We stayed in St Ives recently and the Union was our favourite watering hole, enjoyed the atmosphere, staff very frieindly and a nice touch was you only had to order your drinks once, each time afer the staff knew what you wanted. Grab a table by the window and let the world walk by.

18 May 2007 15:33

The Swan, Pangbourne

Meh! Take it or leave it

16 May 2007 15:45

The Horn, Reading

Common and dirty, and thats just the staff.

16 May 2007 15:35

The New Inn, Reading

Caters to the lowest common denominator along the Oxford Rd, a disgusting hole, most of the clientele should be taken out and shot....full of dealers, absentee fathers and slags. Oh, but you can score your coke and hash, in fact I've witnessed people( I use that tr=erm oin the loosest possible sense) lighting up their spliffs......nice touch. Yuk!

16 May 2007 15:34

The Malthouse, Reading

Recently been declared the new gay pub for Reading. Popped in a week or so ago, very quiet, though it was a BH Monday early evening. Seems ok, will visit again perhaps.

16 May 2007 15:26

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

Found it a bit cold and stand-offish to be honest. Theys hould really do something about the entrances, the constant banging of the doors, or when they were being left open just drove us away. Gents toilets leave alot to be desired though I understand as its a listed building

10 May 2007 11:39

The Castle Inn, St Ives

We stayed in St Ives recently and we spent a lot of time here, the staff are very friendly, as are the locals. The beer was kept well, the whole place was spotless. Try to bag the table ny the window and just watch the world go by. Bliss!

10 May 2007 11:36

The Pond House, Reading

Its called Pond Life by the locals, need I say more? C

14 Mar 2007 16:00

The Orange House, Reading

What can I say, its vile. Again full of the ne'er do wells of Reading, standing around with their plastic bags from the Pound Shop brimming with the weekly shopping.During the day its ok for a quick, and I mean quick, pint. Service is terrible, in fact I'm convinced the staff are trained to keep you waiting as long as possible. And yes, it turns into Snog-a-Dog Night once the Sun sets romantically over the Broad St Mall opposite. Mind you, one good thing for their clientele, the bookmakers is on one side and the pawn shop is on the other, so when needs must, regulars can pawn their sovereign rings for the next round.

14 Mar 2007 15:58

The Granby, Reading

Used to be a great place, especially before the refurb. It had a great atmosphere for gay people of all ages. Now since they added all the usual marble chrome etc its more a place for young, catty, think they're the first gays ever, little teenage queens. Swanning about in tight t-shirts, hair gelled to within an inch of its life. Rather sickening to be honest, if anyone over the age of 30 goes there its only to pick up "chicken" ...the saddos.

14 Mar 2007 15:46

The RISC Global Cafe and Bar, Reading

Not my first choice when going out but it makes a change now and again. All a bit too "right-on" for me, having a beer you can watch the local do-gooders go through to the meeting rooms, wringing their hands over the state of the third world. The whole place smack of PC correctness, hippyness, and veganism. Its not helped by all the fairtrade this and fairtrade that posters/signs everywhere. Please I want a drink in peace without havingto worry about all the children in India with cleft palates

14 Mar 2007 14:02

The Mansion House, Reading

Believe me its not worth the walk up the hill to get to it. You'd be far wiser to book yourself into the Duchess of Kent Hospice at the end of the road.....quite nice views though, I'll give it that.

14 Mar 2007 13:53

Old Orleans, Reading

The one and only time I went it stank of vomit...though the staff reassured me it was the Monterey Jack....practically all the food seems to be deep fried, plates and all. Please!

14 Mar 2007 13:46

The Griffin, Caversham

Nice food and the menu is always a treat to read, nice atmosphere, whatever you do DON'T smoke in the non smoking section as I did by mistake, I got shouted at and a blackboard sign saying No Smoking slammed on the table. For christ's sake if I SEEN the sign I have known....nice spot though. And yes, ditch the carpark and use the space as a garden.

14 Mar 2007 13:42

Yates's, Reading

Mind numbingly awful, caters to the lowest common denominator in Reading, Chavs a plenty, all alco pops and the usual strange drinks they think people will want, I mean what was that blob stuff they were selling a while back. Staff have personal hygiene issues.

14 Mar 2007 13:33

The Wishing Well, Reading

Not a bad little spot, shame its got the same people in the same seats at the same time every day. Its starting to get a little dog-eared. Friendly enough, glasses are kept clean, nice guinness, red lemonade, and yes Magners. But why have two TV's on showing diferent channels and music playing at the same time? thats its most off-putting aspect. Gets crowded very quickly being so small. Shame it has no garden at the back.Gets very smokey.

14 Mar 2007 13:17

Coopers Arms, Reading

The last time this place could be called decent was in the 80's

14 Mar 2007 12:16

Bar 38, Reading

Welcome to chav-valley, Reading's Oracle Centre. Decorated in the usual way bars seem to be at the moment, you could be in any bar along Friar street, or in the Oracle, they're all the same, soul-less atmosphere

14 Mar 2007 12:13

The Three Men In A Boat, Reading

Remarkable for its dreadfulness. The clientele are base sub-neanderthals, such a shame as it could be a very fancy spot as its right on the rivers edge. If you go bring your own glass and top up directly from the Thames, don't touch their beer.

14 Mar 2007 12:01

The Battle Inn, Reading

This is the local watering hole for the dregs of Reading. If you want to meet just-out-of-the-bog Irishmen then heres the place for you. Its caters for those with serious alcoholic problems, you know, the drinking never eating tramps, the sort you see on benches on the Oxford Road. The toilets are middens, the staff are rough as you like. I made sure to use a handkerchief to wipe the top of the glass before putting it to my mouth. Demolishion is its only way to go....preferably while the clientele are still inside

14 Mar 2007 11:50

The Wynford Arms, Reading

Popped in after avoiding it for many years, still the same old viciously sad queens knocking back the vodka. Beers not very good, clientele range from the usual screamy-queens to the downright scary types who just lurk.

14 Mar 2007 11:34

The Rose and Thistle, Reading

WAS a nice pub until they went football crazy, many locals now go elsewhere. Just has the usual no-home-to-go-to stragglers who seem unable to contribute to a conversation unless its about football.

14 Mar 2007 11:31

Queens Head, Reading

The food is nice, the beer is rather pricey a pint of lager at 3.10 nowadays, but its a great place for a quiet drink and the crossword

14 Mar 2007 11:29

The Purple Turtle, Reading

Stinks of piss, the clientele look like ex druggies. Only go if your completely pissed and DESPERATE for one last drink.

14 Mar 2007 11:26

The Allied Arms, Reading

Gardens are nice when the bell ringers at St Marys get going, takes you back 100's of years almost...well after a few Stella's anyway

14 Mar 2007 11:23

Sweeney and Todd, Reading

I am evangelical about this place. The pies are fab, the meats supplied by Vicars who have to be the best butchers in Berkshire. Even the pastry is homemade. Its the kind of place where you would'nt be surprised if Nell Gwynn came in selling oranges.

14 Mar 2007 10:30

O'Neills, Reading

Please its about as Irish as a plastic shamrock, does quite a nice Guinness but thats about it

14 Mar 2007 10:28

The Hope Tap, Reading

ONly go there if you're practically a down and out

14 Mar 2007 10:20

Bar Med, Reading

Dreadful, but so are all the eating and drinking holes in the Oracle.

14 Mar 2007 10:19

The Butler, Reading

Thsi pub has really turned itself around, nice atmosphere, friendly.

14 Mar 2007 10:18

The Claddagh Ring, Reading

Bit rough to be honest

14 Mar 2007 10:16

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