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BITE user comments - Myskolive

Comments by Myskolive

The King and Queen, Wendover

Three of us blokes decided to visit the five pubs in and around Wendover High Street mainly to sample the beers, ambiance and general atmosphere of the place. Unanimously this was the best, also the ONLY pub that had more than two "true" locals, in fact there were nine !
Yes.................more grovelling sychophancy that is so richly deserved on this site.

20 Sep 2009 10:34

The Black Horse Inn, Byworth

Great pub, this is one of my favourite pubs in South England.
When staying within twenty miles of this pub a visit is a MUST. You will not be disappointed.

20 Sep 2009 10:26

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

Great news! The phoenix is rising and hopes to be back in business sometime during November 2009 according to a construction worker I engaged in conversation on site.

20 Sep 2009 10:23

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Went in here with a well known and respected person in Wendover to see if there was any improvement in the general manner of the place.
Didn't know a soul except Dolly who was delighted to see us after so long.
Really nothing worth mentioning.Beer acceptable, atmosphere none existant, not a "local" anymore, just a chain restaurant/bar with none of the warmth, friendly welcoming atmosphere of previous times where if you were a local you could guarantee to see someone you knew and strike up a conversation. Fortunately this STILL happens in the Swan and Kingey.
From reading the postings on this site by Martin the landlord, everything seems okay and hunky dory, jolly good! Keep up the good work! Let visitors judge for themselves.

20 Sep 2009 10:20

The Crazy Bear Hotel, Oxford

Still my favourite pub of all. One thing though, some of the prices are getting a little silly. Justin the owner has opened another establishment with the same name in Beaconsfield, well worth a visit too.
Very good food. The ambiance is still one of the main attractions and the pub has several conversational attributes.
Can be quite romantic there, good place to go to impress on a first date.
Trust me!

24 Aug 2009 10:22

The King and Queen, Wendover

You still get a warm welcome here. Good food, good beer and always a local to chat to. This and the Swan are the only "local" pubs left in the village now.

11 Aug 2009 22:15

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I'm absolutely delighted to hear from Martin that The Red Lion is prospering so well. Well done and good luck.
However, The Six O'clock Club, The Harley Bikers Club, The Cricket Club, The Bridge Club and many other clubs, societies,shopkeepers, gatherings of friends and others probably amounting to 150 or so people now prefer to go elsewhere and not have to put up with petty annoyances such as the car parking charge and the pettiness associated with the RL.
There are many saddened (real) locals whom have used the RL for forty or more loyal years that won't go near it now. I wonder why?

11 Aug 2009 22:12

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Not suprisingly I see this has the lowest rating of ALL of the Wendover Pubs.
What I said several months ago appears to be coming to fruition.
Nothing of any note here, the meal for two deal is ok, beer crap.
The many people that deserted this pub are still to be seen at the King & Queen.
I really wish that the Red Lion would get back to its former glory as a great pub.

30 Jul 2009 17:24

The King and Queen, Wendover

This pub still appeals to me as a locals pub. The crowd of about 15-20 people that use to meet in the Red Lion after work still use this pub and that gives it an atmosphere. Also in these times of financial prudence it worth pointing out that the prices here are amongst the most competative in Wendover.
Dear abizwemmer............if you are going to dish out rudeness, abuse, dirt etc do you really not expect some retaliation. I notice the people at BITE removed one of your slanderous postings.
I doubt I will bother with this site anymore, its degenerated into personal abuse just for expressing an opinion.
It was all started by Eamon Tabasco because I supported and respected the Peace Campaigner in total innocence.
Mysko Livermore.

13 May 2009 19:26

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I've received a personal message from someone complaining about my "sqabbling" about the Red Lion and to take my comments elsewhere Please read my comments those of you that wish to and judge for yourself.
As for gobion_ osei ( the man from Ghana) do I need to say more.

8 May 2009 20:47

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Already the "Beer Festival" several months ago. For what reason do you suggest? To ask for a loan !
Mr My-sko-live.

6 May 2009 20:09

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

Disaster!..............This pub has been almost completely destroyed by fire this morning 26 April 2009. This is a terrible loss to the local community.

26 Apr 2009 19:55

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

Disaster!..............This pub has been almost completely destroyed by fire this morning 26 April 2009. This is a terrible loss to the local community.

26 Apr 2009 19:55

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Martins comment has urged me to post my comment, I am a real customer and have visited the Red Lion for food and drink, it's okay but lacks the atmosphere of previous years. Hopefully when the summer arrives the locals that have gone elsewhere will drift back and meet up at the seating area outside at the back, like days gone by.
This pub has the possibility of being the best pub for miles around like it used to be. I don't know the solution though, wish I did!

31 Mar 2009 08:08

The Old Plough and Harrow, Aylesbury


31 Mar 2009 07:59

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Well, I was finally convinced to have a meal in here and was very pleased with the result too.
Good food, very good value for two, no complaints at all.
Beer, mediocre but acceptable.
I just ignored the car parking charge! Nothing happened and the police didn't arrive!
The only downside was I didn't know a soul in there, and this was my local for over forty years.

3 Mar 2009 06:40

The White Swan, Wendover

Don't quite know how that happened but I'm back!

The Guinness here is absolutely top notch and the beers are always well looked after and presented.

Highly recommended.

24 Feb 2009 22:46

Aristocrat, Aylesbury

Blimey! What a transformation, great atmosphere, good beers. I now apologise for my comments made last year. This is now a really good pub with a great atmosphere and has totally changed from it's previous status.

12 Feb 2009 19:22

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Abizwemmer.................what aliases? If you think there's a problem or I'm ten people then contact BITE. Follow the links for guidance and they will investigate.I guarantee you though there are three people on here from Wendover with more than one alias, maybe you could make it four!
I really don't think any of this petty bickering is useful or conducive to the pubs concerned do you. May I suggest it stops. If you wish to slag me off do it on the personal message site.

12 Feb 2009 07:26

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

........Yes abizwemmer I HAVE a great life thanks, and it's not from going in The Dead Lion that's for sure.
Keep it up!

10 Feb 2009 18:02

The Boot Inn, Chester

Damn good pub near the town centre. Very well priced beers, loads of crumpet too! Highly recommended for the well served first class beers.

2 Feb 2009 19:44

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Abizwemmer, think whatever you like.Several others have mentioned the parking charge too.
The fact is that many long time users of the Red Lion including myself for over 40 years are annoyed at the arrogance of a parking charge refundable or not, and now choose to go elsewhere. You may find my attitude "disturbing" the management of The Red Lion would find it even more "disturbing" if they knew how much business they have lost by such pettiness.

1 Feb 2009 19:46

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

For the benefit of the Gentleman from Ghana.........well observed ! I am Myskolive and my wife is Bibasmummy. We both have our own opinions and both visit the pubs we have written messages about. Sometimes we are together, sometimes with friends. We don't always agree on some pubs and on some we do.
I do hope that clarifies the situation, and that we have our own INDIVIDUAL opinions.
I know of three people who use this site with more than two aliases and live in Wendover, they confessed to me that they did that, not knowing that I use it too.
We may well take up Martins invitation to visit the Red Lion again and report back soon.

30 Jan 2009 22:43

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

My sincerest apologies to mcrewe, I got in wrong there.
The confusion arose from previous comments left by Martin.

27 Jan 2009 09:38

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Hello Biker, I really don't know if the car parking charge is still there or not, I don't go near the place mainly for that reason and probably never will now. Most of the old regulars and my friends and family have settled in pubs elsewhere for our victuals. Also the RL is most definitely NOT a locals pub anymore so there is no reason to go there.I have heard even Dolly is leaving soon after 70 yrs working there, but don't know for sure as I never visit it anymore but heard from two sources in Wendover.Perhaps someone can confirm this?
As for the Harley's, a group of Harley Owners used to gather at the RL but that particular gathering doesn't happen anymore for obvious reasons.

25 Jan 2009 18:08

The Village Gate, Wendover

I too agree with the previuos correspondent about the chav/oiks. I was in there too enjoying a good beer.
However in this ridiulous age of political correctness etc. it would be almost impossible to eject these money spending oiks.
Great shame as the new management have made a great effort. Hopefully this is a temporary problem.

25 Jan 2009 10:41

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

......................and 256days since the old regulars, the six o'clock club, and the Harley Bikers and several others stopped using the RL.
Must be a record!

25 Jan 2009 10:33

The England's Gate, Bodenham

First class pub serving very good food and beers. A warm welcoming pub, not too far from Hereford. The nearby River Lugg provides excellent fishing too.

10 Jan 2009 14:07

The King and Queen, Wendover

Well done staff at the Kingey for coping so well with the Christmas rush, food first class and good value, friendliness and quality of service 10/10. The crowd from the pub round the corner that used to spend a lot of time and money there, now come here. A true "locals" pub.Good food, well served beers, warm friendly welcoming staff and no ridiculous, petty annoyance of a car parking charge!

26 Dec 2008 10:44

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Curiosity got the better of me last night (Christmas Eve) and I popped into the RL. with a friend. Although fairly busy this is no longer a locals pub,all of the clientele were unknown to me (despite me being in the village for forty years) and were probably not locals.........fair enough. I prefer to go in a pub where I can speak to friends and people that I know and not feel a total stranger in a place that I've used for four decades. I gather from some people that the food available is quite good now.When the RL gets it heart back then maybe myself and scores of others will return, but NOT until that ridiculous parking charge is scrapped. The car park is now bigger than ever and there is ample space without charging for it.

25 Dec 2008 11:47

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

If you look at the stocks & shares pages in the papers you will notice Marstons have rapidly tumbled much faster than the norm for the present climate.
Sadly, no improvement at Red Lion, my family and friends will continue to enjoy the warm friendly ambience and quality of the King & Queen.

20 Dec 2008 09:05

The Anchor Inn, Yateley

I can highly recommend this pub, beers are very well presented and looked after.I frequent Blackbush Airport fairly regularly so whenever I'm in the area this will be my watering hole. Food good too and fresh! Warm welcome from bar staff also.

15 Dec 2008 18:04

The Royal Swan, Blackwater

Went in here instead of waiting on railway platform for half an hour, what a mistake that was, smelly, foul beer, oiks, and rude indifferent staff. Nearly got into a punch up just by sitting at the bar silently minding my own business reading a paper, the potential assailant backed off when I arose from my stool and I offered to teach him some manners outside (I'm six four and big) I then left NEVER to return. One of crappiest foulest holes I've ever been in.

15 Dec 2008 17:53

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Although I've lived in the area for forty years + I didn't know about this place until scanning BITE. What an oasis, good beers, good ambience, and a peaceful serious drinking venue.Staff a bit vague but thats sadly the norm nowadays. I'll be back with my serious beer drinking pals.

10 Dec 2008 22:27

The Grapes, Aylesbury

Absolute crap!

10 Dec 2008 22:19

Aristocrat, Aylesbury

Popped into this pub for the first time for about 11 yrs. Curiosity got me.
What a terrible place! Avoid!

10 Dec 2008 22:16

The Buckinghamshire Yeoman, Bedgrove

I decided to try this pub as it's had a change of management and the lights have been dimmed to give it an atmosphere, or so it looked from the street. Firstly I had to get past the stench given off by the smokers hogging the entrance. (I beleive the law states an area of nine feet or near that has to be clear of smoke from an entrance)
Very disappointed upon entering, first thing that I heard was a barrage of swearing from some oik before I'd even got to the bar. Same clientele as before, no decent beers at all, even the Czech beer has gone now, waited at bar for three minutes despite eye to eye contact with the bar staff twice, then gave up never to return.

10 Dec 2008 22:12

Three Legs, Leeds

After reading the comments about this pub I just had to satisfy my curiosity and visit it. Wow, what an eye opener.
I sat there and was entertained with a constant stream of all kinds of people from all sorts of life. I was totally left alone ( probably because I'm 6'4") and big too! The beer was fine and quite cheap. 10/10 for entertainment value. Real spit & sawdust place.Worth a visit to see the people that gather there.

10 Dec 2008 09:50

The Eagle Tavern, Leeds

Whilst visiting the nearby BMW dealership I popped in here on the recommendation from a BMW employee.
Being a Southerner, I was really overwhelmed by the welcoming and friendliness of the staff in this Pub. The lunch was absolutely supurb, generous portions, hot, and well presented.Excellent choice of beers that I wanted to try that we don't see down South, but if I did I'd end up in trouble.
So I settled for the Sam Smiths. In future ALL my trips to Leeds will include a visit to the Eagle Tavern.

1 Dec 2008 21:35

The Betsey Wynne, Swanbourne

Very well run pub with good food, fine real ales, pleasant decor and a friendly atmosphere. It's in my top ten pubs within 10 miles of Aylesbury.

29 Nov 2008 10:34

The George Inn, Winslow

Absolute dump, avoid!

29 Nov 2008 10:31

The Firecrest, Aylesbury

I pass this pub several times a week and have noticed that the car park is always full (and it's a big car park). So after an absence of ten years I decided to have lunch in there. It was my local when Bob ran it under the name of the "Office".
Upon entering I was politely greeted and was shown to a table and given a menu to peruse. About 35 people were there all of whom were eating ( a good result for lunchtime). My meal was served quickly and I really enjoyed a freshly cooked meal good beer and pleasant surroundings too. Sensibly priced quality food well served and presented. I can see why its so busy especially at Lunchtime Sundays. Recommended 8/10.

27 Nov 2008 14:41

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

My partner and I have conducted a little survey amongst friends and people that we know on our visits to pubs in Wendover other than the RL. Over a period of two weeks we asked 41 people most of whom have deserted the RL.
The number one thing that surprisingly was top of the survey was what 82% called the ARROGANT car parking charge. Locals whom had patronised the RL for many many years felt it was an insult to be charged to park in a place that they were going to spend considerable amounts of money in, and for this reason went elsewhere. So it appears to be a matter of principle with the old regulars.I popped in there recently and had a good few pints served properly by the number one bar person Theo. A full pint each time served right up to the line and with a smile. YES, SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT THE RL AT LAST. So take note management, you may find people coming back during the Festive Season if you scrap the stupid parking charge.

27 Nov 2008 14:17

The Bridge Inn, Upper Beeding

I have forgotten to mention this pub that I visited back in the summer on a recommendation from a friend whom lives locally.
Very good food, well presented quality beers, a really nice country pub. Its very pleasant just to sit outside and listen to the countryside sounds and watch the river nearby. Recommended

25 Nov 2008 18:00

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

danny11. I respect your opinion as I hope you respect mine. do you explain for example, the six o'clock club ( a gathering of 15-20 people that meet after work) don't use the RL anymore. Regulars like myself, and 30 or so that I could name whom have used the RL for 30yrs or more, now along with the six o'clock club gather in the King & Queen.I gave the Red Lion several chances, not one or two but in reality 8-10 opportunities to remedy their teething problems and after much effort by the management it hasn't met up to previous expectations or standards. I could name several negative irritating things about the RL but that has already been done buy several other angry people. As for your comments about postings from the same people, myself, my wife and some of my offspring use this sight and all have put their INDIVIDUAL comments and opinions on their postings. Also if I see a terminology used by someone else that I like then it tends to get used by me and others also.
May you have many more happy evenings in the RL. Regards Myskolive.

23 Nov 2008 11:57

The White Swan, Wendover

Dearest Farian+ Aliases
Was it not you or one of your aliases that trashed...Alison (Red Lion) Blakey (White Swan) Peter Doriasamey especially by name, and "The Cocksuckers" in the White Swan, and others?

22 Nov 2008 19:35

The Five Miles From Anywhere No Hurry Inn, Upware

I found this pub today by chance whilst avoiding a huge traffic jam on the A14...........I'm so glad that I did.
Firstly I was greeted by a lovely warm smile from the bar staff, and shown the menu. I decided to have a steak and boy was it good. Without doubt one of the best steaks that I've ever had. Very generous portions cooked to perfection. Extensive sweet menu too. I tried the "Nelsons" beer and it was first class in perfect condition.Toilets clean and well looked after.
Very nice riverside pub. Highly recommended.

21 Nov 2008 20:11

The Globe Inn, Linslade

Went in here for lunch today with my family of six and re-arranged ONE seat to accomodate us all round the table. I was immediately pounced upon by a jobsworth employee telling me very abruptly that by moving the said chair I was contravening the Health & Safety act.
Naturally we all left straight away for fear of the H&S police arriving.
Total loss to pub approx 110.
Ended up having a damn good ruby in Leighton Buzzard.

18 Nov 2008 14:47

The Ferry, Cookham

Lovely location, good beer and food. Rather irritating loud (look at me I'm important) types incapable of talking quietly into their mobile phones, rather spoilt the ambience. I politely requested one to lower the volume of his voice as the whole place could hear him, he blanked me until I stood up and walked over, and then he apologised (I'm 6' 4") amist loud clapping from everyone else in the bar. All together a very pleasant pub and eating place.

17 Nov 2008 18:52

The St George and Dragon, Wargrave

I visited this pub today with a business client on the recommendation of a magazine. I thought it rather overated and probably relying on its Thameside location. However, the beer that I had was well served and tasted fine. The food was okay too, though we only had a snack and it was served quickly and well presented.Prefer the Woolpack at Stoke Mandeville which is in the same group/company.

17 Nov 2008 18:37

The King and Queen, Wendover

A very good Sunday Roast, served hot (not tepid like some places), generous portions, nicely presented and good value for money. First class beers and Irish coffees & cocktails for the ladies. Deserts to die for. A warm welcome too from the friendly staff. These and other factors make this the best pub in the village. A real proper pub, without any pretences (nor car parking charges) Highly recommended.

16 Nov 2008 14:41

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I contacted Marstons a while ago via their website mentioning several issues that very many regular locals were unhappy about with what was their meeting place/ centre of the community for many years.
Marstons didn't even give me the courtesy of a reply.
All the more business for the King & Queen with my family of six that eat out three evenings a week.

16 Nov 2008 12:55

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

1825hrs Thursday. Completely empty in the bar! King & Queen packed.
Says it all sadly.

15 Nov 2008 12:09

The King and Queen, Wendover

I nipped into the Kingey for a quick one on the way home last Thursday evening.Once inside what struck me immediately was the warm friendly atmosphere, a sincere friendly greeting from the Landlord (Pete) who asked after my partner and childrens well being.I knew 70% of the 25 or so people in there and made conversation with many there. The beer was excellent as was the company. A truely, friendly locals pub, a visitor would not be ignored and could easily make conversation with anyone.After an hour I walked back towards the High St and glanced into the Red Lions main bar, it was completely EMPTY! I found this sad as it was my favourite pub before it was ruined. Full marks to Pete & Julia for making the Kingey what many I think would agree is the best pub in Wendover.Good food, good company, good atmosphere and a warm welcome.

15 Nov 2008 12:05

The Jolly Sailor, Saltford

I visited this pub back in the summer. I enjoyed a good salad meal whilst sitting by the riverside. Good beer, good food, good staff, good view of river, we'll be back!

10 Nov 2008 17:50

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Seems a lot of bitterness going on between members.
Quite simply, people vote with their feet and go to the pub that they enjoy the most. I have turned my back on the Red Lion because of the parking charge, poor beer, no atmosphere, poor staff attitude (not all) and a dislike for Marstons attitude. When these problems are resolved then I will return. I used to spend 1000's in there when it was a good pub, and was in there EVERY night.
Good luck Landlord!

10 Nov 2008 17:06

The Birdcage, Thame

I'm so annoyed with myself for not going into this pub before as I'm always in Thame.Very good selection of ales/beers good food with genourous portions. Proper pub, Highly recommended

10 Nov 2008 09:02

The White Swan, Wendover

Popped in with an old pal recently, I don't use this place very often, but I will now. First class well served beers served right up to the brim (Take note Red Lion) friendly locals pub. Rather odd weirdo there, muttering and talking to himself. Could this be the "world famous in Wendover" eamonn_tabasco_boy that I keep reading about on this site?

10 Nov 2008 08:46

The Home Sweet Home Inn, Roke

This is one of my favourites of all.Try it, I'm confident you'll like it.

9 Nov 2008 09:35

The Crown, Pishill

Whenever I get the oppurtunity we visit this pub as it is always good on the beer and food.Great to sit outside on a summers day. Highly recommended

9 Nov 2008 09:32

Jubilee Inn, Pelynt

Highly recommended for Sunday Lunch. Good food, good value, warm welcome. Best visited out of season because when the visitors come in the summer it gets busy.
Worth travelling the few miles out from Looe as Looe hasn't a pub good enough to compare with this one.

9 Nov 2008 09:25

The Black Rabbit, Offham

One of my favourites this, mainly because I enjoy sitting outside by the river people watching.Great in the Summer on a hot day but as to be expected gets very busy. Food fine, fairly good selection of beers. Nice views of Arundel Castle and the River Arun.Recommended.

8 Nov 2008 20:45

The Five Bells, West Chiltington

Well worth a visit. Good beers, friendly staff. I didn't eat but the menu looked enticing.

8 Nov 2008 20:39

The Gribble Inn, Oving

Not a bad place but I'm not going to rate it as shipmate 1 and narwhal11 are probably the same person and most likely associated with the establishment. You both spelled friendly the same incorrect way within minutes of one another. Shame.

8 Nov 2008 20:37

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Are Marstons really so stupid not to think that if I want to pop in for a "quick one" that I'm going to pay a car parking charge. They have MOST certainly got it wrong with their marketing strategy this time. I may have popped in for a quick one at lunch time and come back later in the evening with my family of six for a meal, but not with that attitude. WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS AT MARSTONS!

8 Nov 2008 11:54

The Woolpack Inn, Boot

This rates as one of my favourite pubs in England, why?.......1st class beers, good food, good service and a warm friendly welcome.A good place to look forward too after a long day on the fells.

5 Nov 2008 16:37

The White Lion, St Leonards

We visited this pub for the first time for nearly a year recently (for no bad reason) and were very saddened to hear that Gary the previous landlord had past on. However, the pub is truly what a country pub should be, good beer, good company, warming and first class food and service.Good choice of beers and as a bonus NOT too pricey. Well done! This is a proper pub and we will be recommending it to friends and fellow drinkers in Wendover area.

5 Nov 2008 16:15

White Horse, Chorleywood

We were taken here recently by our daughter to watch a live band.Good well served beer, food was also above average with generous portions too.
Really enjoyed the band and the sound level wasn't a problem.
Friendly staff, we'll be back!

5 Nov 2008 15:57

The Crazy Bear Hotel, Oxford

This is my favourite pub of ALL. Where do I start..........Excellent choice of well kept beers, wine list fit for a king,a list of rare malts as long as my arm, rare and hard to find exoctic spirits and cocktails,extensive menu serving good quality well presented food, great atmosphere, good music without being intrusive.Good service from very well trained staff. Spotless toilets. Lovely gardens with water features. Being a freehouse it's not tied to any stupid policies or regulated beer etc. Five star accomodation is provided with various "themed" rooms but at a five star price.A well run, well looked after pub. Once you visit it, you'll be back.

4 Nov 2008 15:03

The Green Dragon, Welton

Very enjoyable meal washed down with some good quality beer.
The landlord was on of the most pleasant chaps I have ever met.Highly recommended for family, couples or just on your own. A very warm welcome is guaranteed.

3 Nov 2008 19:47

The Kings Arms, Tring

I have visited this pub on & off for 20 yrs and it is still top of my list for what a proper pub should be.NO MUSACK.Superb choice of well presented real ales, good food, and congenial company. Sadly, I believe John & Vicky are leaving after many years, but cannot confirm this. So get there while you can and sample the superb ales & food.Truly worth a visit, a gem!

2 Nov 2008 11:02

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

In response to Eamonn, yes I do have a problem spelling it's due to an abnormality called dyslexia.
You appear to be supportive of the Red Lion, thats your choice. Mine is not to go there.

28 Oct 2008 19:13

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

This website isn't intended for personal correspondence and I don't wish to use it for that purpose in future but it is the only medium I have to answer to "World famous" Eamon, Eams, Ted. (Sorry I don't know you) I have since been informed of the Peace Campainer's actions and withdraw my previous comments. At the time they were written they were sincere.
Eamon, as regard to your comment "stay away" from what may I ask?

28 Oct 2008 15:26

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

With all the new hype about my old local I thought I'd investigate. Upon looking in the window at 6.20pm there were THREE people in the bar. At that time there used to be 40-50 having a drink before going home and the six o'clock club which slowly dispersed from 7-10pm. I then walked round to the King & Queen, it was heaving, very busy with practically all the old regulars from the Red Lion, and I knew almost everyone there, a true "locals" pub. Need I say more. I wish Martin well at the Red Lion, he has a mammouth task to entice people back. May I respectfully suggest, check the pipes that serve the beer daily, scrap the "sparklers" (we're not idiots) scrap the 4 parking charge, be more selective on the bar staff, bring out nibbles for the regulars, that was always done before, and kept customers in to spend more.Having Theo back is an excellent step in the right direction, but will he stay as its not the pub he once new?
Good luck Martin, do some investigating, you might get some ideas from the locals.

28 Oct 2008 11:07

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

You people at the Red Lion just cannot get it right can you. Think, what does a car parking charge do for business? Answer is blatantly obvious.
If the car parking charge is refunded at the bar then that amount will probably put me over the limit. Well done Marstons yet again another idiotic brainwave.
Myself and most of the old regulars will continue to go elsewhere.
Shame, this was the HUB of the local community once.

23 Oct 2008 09:11

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

It's about time that "Honesty" & the Management of Marstons realised that the locals of Wendover are absolutely livid that their hub of the community and meeting place has been ruined. Many,including myself have been regulars for over forty years and are furious at the present situation in the Red Lion.
What it needs is a proper professional tenant like the previous (David&Linda) (Phil&Jan)(Tim&???) managers that know THEIR customers, and get some proper professional bar staff like in the past.
I'm convinced Marstons really don't care a damn, as the reply I received from them after contacting them was passed down to a local member of staff with a don't care attitude. Yes I'm bloody annoyed and so is most of Wendover to have their local ruined!

7 Aug 2008 21:24

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I'm now informed that the Landlord has left after only six months. Speaks volumes!
However I do wish him good will and all the best.

3 Aug 2008 14:26

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I note with interest the comment posted by "Honesty".
He/She describes some comments as "False". Perhaps they can explain why so many locals (The Red Lion management know who they are) now ALL go elsewhere.
And yes, I was a fan of the previous tenant, in my forty or so years of using the RL he was the BEST landlord in every possible area as far as customers were concerned. When he left that was why so many local customers turned their backs on the place.
Most people vote with their feet, I will continue to do that.

3 Aug 2008 09:50

The King and Queen, Wendover

The King & Queen appears to have taken most of the "locals" from the Red Lion, probably for the following reasons.
You're made to feel welcome, and the staff remember your name. Good beer, good food, sensibly priced drinks. Pleasant beer garden.Spotless toilets and most importantly friendly clientele where you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

28 Jul 2008 23:32

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

For the past 22yrs my Mother (83) comes up from Cornwall to stay with me for a couple of days in July. As tradition has it we ALWAYS have a meal in the Red Lion. Having previously told my mother that the RL had gone down the pan and wasn't worth going to visit anymore, she still demanded to go.Upon arriving it immediately struck my mother how deserted it was. Still determined to have a meal we sat and read the menu whereupon a torrent of swearing emmitted from the kitchen.I actually felt quite embarassed in front of my mother.Naturally we left, it was blatently a waste of time complaining as it would fall on deaf ears. Sadly a tradition of over twenty years has been ruined by a thoughtless moron in the kitchen.I wouldn't be surprised if this place shut down from lack of customers. This was once the BEST pub for miles around, known for its atmosphere and good food and being the hub of the local community. Don't bother visiting it, there's nothing to go there for.

22 Jul 2008 23:25

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

Sadly Leffe draught has been removed for a lesser English Fizz (Beer). Still available in bottles though. Why do they do this? grrrrrr!

26 Jun 2008 22:08

The Village Gate, Wendover

Its very sad to see this once lively pub now standing in total darkness, empty car park, no signs or boards outside. Some elightenment would be most welcome.

26 Jun 2008 22:05

The Greyhound, Aldbury

I used to avoid this pub due to the intense smokey atmosphere. Fortunately those days have long gone now. Good but expensive food, beers good standard and well drawn. All in all a good pub but pricey. Much better value at The Valiant Trooper just over the way.

1 Jun 2008 14:50

The Rose and Crown, Hawridge Common

I decided to pop in here with my family for the first time for several years.WHAT A FABULOUS MEAL! cant rate it highly enough, good beer, clean well managed toilets, friendly staff. Highly recommended!.

1 Jun 2008 14:47

The Buckinghamshire Yeoman, Bedgrove

Absolute perfect pub if you like pool tables sporting loud, swearing players, intrusive TV screens, being called "Mate" by the staff and a choice of several Lagers.
Almost all the male customers were kitted out in football shirts, earings, tatoo's and shaved heads.Keen prices, short measures, and a mobile library in the car park.

1 Jun 2008 14:42

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I decided to give this pub another chance last week. What a mistake that was. The beer stank, three people in the bar! (there used to be about 60 at that time of the evening)It appears that the management are only interested in the restaurant.
Regretfully myself and many of the locals have now called it a day for the Red Lion. LIFELESS,NO ATMOSPHERE,SOULESS,DREADFUL BEER. I used to really love going to this place. It just prooves that the management of the place think they know best.It does get a bit busy with noisy youngsters on Friday Night having a drink before going clubbing in Aylesbury.Someone please do something!Get David & Lyn back or Phil & Jan..... staff that were customer focused and FRIENDLY not PATRONISING.

1 Jun 2008 13:26

The Village Gate, Wendover

I can't quite make out what has happened to this place. It hardly ever appears to be open, last Saturday it was shut despite a sign outside welcoming all to its special menu.This was a brilliant atmospheric pub once, people used to come for miles around to party here and attend functions mainly because it served excellent food and drinks, and had a good customer focused landlord (Tony Lamber)
I think the present owner is serving Greek Food but I'm not sure about that. TREMENDOUS potential! Sadly lacking any encouragement to go there at present.

1 Jun 2008 13:14

The White Swan, Wendover

Always guaranteed a damn good pint of real ale!

16 May 2008 22:32

Bell, Bierton

I travel past this pub almost on a daily basis and have been tempted by the signs "Home Cooked Food" and other notices praising their fayre. So early one Wednesday I went in. Imagine my delight when I saw one of my favourite Fullers Beers on draught. Imagine my disappointment when I was told it was off, so I ordered another beer only to be told thats off too, sorry! Feeling disgruntled I decided to eat so was shown the menu, I decided to have HomeMade Shepherds Pie, after waiting for 10-15mins I was told that was off too! Sorry! So I ordered a pie, after 20 mins a soggy pie floating in gravy turned up with some tepid veg along with some pathetic excuse that the chef wasn't there tonight. I walked out for good. Shame as it could have tremendous potential.

16 May 2008 22:26

The Woolpack, Stoke Mandeville

Without a doubt THE best pub around Stoke Mandeville, Wendover,Western Turville area. Why? Great selection of very well kept beers including Draught Leffe (Belgian) and some English Traditional Real Ales all sensibly priced, extensive wine list.Large selection of Malt Whisky and some rare international spirits.Really first class food with an extensive menu, comfortable leather sofa's and seats,pleasant decor,friendly helpful staff, outside seating (with patio heaters)if required. Spotless toilets, ample parking.I must also mention that my companion fancied a coffee at 1055pm, it was absolutely no problem at all ordering it, fresh good quality coffee served with a smile!

16 May 2008 20:40

Shoulder of Mutton, Wendover

Sadly this once lively pub has degenerated into a chain restaurant/pub.
Indifferent under-trained staff, stewed vegatables, cold potatoes, cloudy beer, smelly toilets, quite frankly don't bother going, the locals don't!

15 May 2008 19:35

The King and Queen, Wendover


14 May 2008 22:39

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

I've been a regular at the Red Lion since 1969 and sadly I have to say like many other "locals" that will no longer be the case. I liked the refurb but the pub bar area has lost it's heart and atmosphere.
I ordered a pint at the bar, when it had settled there was a large gap between the level of the beer and the pint mark, I asked Alison who was serving behind the bar for a top up and was met with a sigh and tut tut as if I was a nuisance. To add insult the beer was awful and smelt as if the pipes were not clean.The staff seem indifferent,I and many others are upset to see this "hub" of the community ruined and until they have a proper involved landlord/manager we are going elsewhere.I tried the food in the restaurant which was okay, but when I complained to Alison (again) about the torrent of swearing and shouting coming from the kitchen during my meal I was told "he's a proper chef" they all swear.For gods sake get it right someone and bring back this once vibrant,lively,FRIENDLY hub of the community.

14 May 2008 09:36

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