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Comments by Muzthing

The Queens Head, St Pancras

Impressed by the old fashioned decor, comfy leather sofas, range and quality of beer. Bit surprised that it wasn't mobbed - does nobody else go out boozing on a Tuesday night?

25 Jan 2012 10:11

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I really like The Falcon. Sure, its a station pub and a bit rough around the edges, occasionally smells slightly of wee, but the beer is actually rather excellent. Always a bewildering selection available too.

28 Feb 2011 15:27

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Astonishing. I was refused entrance to the pub on the basis of my gender. I'm not entirely sure what sort of pub turns away customers for being the wrong gender. It wouldn't surprise me if they were also unhappy about admitting "blacks, Jews or Irish". I'd encourage everyone to stay away - there's no place for pubs like in this century.

28 Feb 2011 15:04

Dixie's, Battersea

This bar has closed and turned into The Merchant.

27 Oct 2008 21:33

The Grosvenor Arms, Mayfair

Strangely enough, the interior of this pub reminded me of a coffee shop.

26 Oct 2008 13:01

The Duke of Cambridge, Islington

Nice old-fashioned styling inside, pretty spacious and excellent beers.

However, organic or not, it was all a bit pricey for me. I wouldn't have minded so much but the man behind the bar seemed terribly surly. Cheer up!

20 Apr 2008 19:27

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Perhaps I've just been lucky - but I keep finding really good pubs in Southampton! This particular example I found to be what I would call a perfect Saturday afternoon pub - quiet, but certainly not dead and spooky. It's cosy size and living-room feel certainly help give the place a friendly and laid-back feel. And the beer is good too.

10 Mar 2008 23:38

The Sovereigns, Woking

As chain pubs go, I reckon the Ember Inns chain is a pretty good brand. This example of the species I found to be exceptionally good. I found it to be friendly, roomy and comfortable but without it loosing too much atmosphere.

The real star is the beer, which I found to be in excellent form. Great range, something for everyone (on my visit at least). I reckon a good indicator that a pub will take care of its beer is an extensive collection of pump clips behind the bar; this place has many.

30 Nov 2007 20:10

The Anchor and Hope, Clapton

I loved the canalside location, with views over Walthamstow Marshes. It almost felt like I had stepped back into the industrial revolution or something. Limited space available inside - perhaps you could describe it as "cosy". A fairly eclectic crowd seem to drink here, which I reckon adds to the character. Plus the Fullers range of ale was in fine form.

29 Oct 2007 21:59

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Looks and feels rather like a Youth Hostel kitchen inside, but the beer was tasty and varied so certainly no complaints from me.

29 Oct 2007 21:53

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

I had an excellent time here - great beers; I like the idea of a "guest brewery" rather than just guest ales. Everyone seemed friendly, and the pub is bedecked with various afican-style paraphenalia giving the place something of a voodoo or New Orleans feel. I went on a Sunday and found some delicious (although not that cheap) roast on offer, along with some classy live jazz. Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

22 Oct 2007 19:26

Willow Walk, Victoria

There are few surprises here: it's a 'spoons right by a major national rail terminus and so is patronised by builders, commuters and a few suits all looking for that magical Wetherspoons formula of very cheap beer.

Always busy and bustling, though I've never had to wait unduly long before being served. Sometimes it's a bit cramped for space though as the pub itself is rather narrow.

29 Sep 2007 02:05

The Tyburn, Marble Arch

Modern bar-style Wetherspoons. The beer tasted better than I normally expect from 'spoons so that's a plus. Probably not quite as cavernous as most Wetherspoons places but it's still fairly spacious.

5 Jul 2007 10:21

The Foresters Arms, Horsham

Every time I go to this place there seems to have been a change of management! The new couple seem to have put a lot of effort in to make this place a success; and I'd love to see them succeed. Nice friendly people and the beer is very good now.

1 Jul 2007 20:43

The Captains Cabin, Piccadilly

Fairly ordinary pubco sort of place, Bomdardier and Courage on the pumps. Fairly touristy, but you'd expect that given the location.

20 May 2007 15:33

The Constitution, Pimlico

A proper locals pub right there in the middle of Pimlico. Most old fashioned and fairly comfortable decor, except the TV screens showing MTV. Fairly friendly atmosphere and the beer was OK too.

12 May 2007 14:02

The Albert, Primrose Hill

Quite smartly done out place, bigger than it first appears as it continues through the back into a medium-sized beer garden, complete with attractive tree and gas heater. On my visit, ales on offer were the ubiquitous GK IPA and Bombardier, which seemed in reasonable nick. Mostly a late twenties-early thirties crowd.

29 Apr 2007 00:06

The Victoria, Surbiton

Spacious. Interior had a nice dark wood sort of feel to it. Football on the big screen on my visit, but I was still able to find a quiet area with a nice table to sit around having a chat.

12 Apr 2007 19:09

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Seemed OK on my visit, although I didn't stay long because I didn't fancy sticking around for the karaoke. I'd be happy to take a pint in here whilst waiting for a train though.

12 Apr 2007 19:05

The White Swan, Pimlico

I found this place a bit uninspiring, mediocre selection of beer, and it felt like it's really designed for lunchtime eaters rather than evening time drinkers. It's a bit harsh of me to say so but this place reminded me a bit of a Little Chef.

5 Apr 2007 18:04

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

Nice spot by the Thames, although watch out for the fast road outside...Nice old fashioned feel to it. Youngs beer, quite nice. What particularly won me over about this pub were the picture on the wall of the late Queen Mum pulling pints.

5 Apr 2007 18:01

The Market Porter, Borough

Excellent bustling pub near Borough Market. All sorts of ales and all sorts of people fill this friendly and busy boozer. Worth popping in for a pint to wash down a delicious steak sandwich from the market.

4 Mar 2007 15:25

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Nice cosy little place tucked down one of those narrow little city selection was fairly uninspiring but served well, friendly atmostphere. The decor is kind of historic but without seeming to try too hard, which I like. Also open on a Saturday, not really the norm for pubs round here.

25 Feb 2007 12:14

The Royal Oak, Westminster

Fairly pleasant Youngs pub, with the standard Wells & Youngs range. Quite small and a tiny bit drafty. Bit quieter than the other nearby pubs and a bit less smokey as a result. I quite like it for a quiet after-work pint, but dont expect a wild time.

23 Jan 2007 22:10

The George, Balham

Neatly done out, leather chairs, spacious (as previously noted) wooden floors...young Balham-y crowd, busy with people in watching the football. Beer was OK.

21 Jan 2007 22:10

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Amazingly busy for a Sunday afternoon, which means they must be doing something right. Packed full of all sorts of people, mostly slightly odd people but I don't mean that in a bad way. Excellent bit of piano entertainment happening when I was there. Bewildering array of beers, I opted for a pint of Dark Gold Mild, which was marvellous.

21 Jan 2007 21:09

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Amazing interior, loads of history and stuff like that. Definitely worth a visit, make sure you have a look round at all the rooms; I could almost believe that it hasn't changed since the alleged 17th century origins...having said that I still have my reservations about Sam Smiths pubs...I can't really put my finger on why, I certainly don't have any complaints about the's all a nice idea but they never seem to be run with "love".

20 Jan 2007 02:21

The King and Keys, Fleet Street

Think I caught this place on a bad draught beer whatsoever, and most bottled beers sold out. Empty and without atmosphere as a result. Left after a quick drink. I may give this place another go sometime if I'm in the area.

The style is almost galley-style, also attempting a sense of history judging by the blurb on the back of the food menu but I'm not sure they can compete with Ye Olde Chesire Cheese next door.

20 Jan 2007 02:17

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

I enjoyed my visit to this interesting and varied selection of tasty ales. Fairly friendly atmosphere for a weekday night (at least until closing time), and a reasonably fun pub quiz. Well worth a visit.

11 Jan 2007 17:49

The Old Kings Head, Borough

I found this to be a pleasantly down-to-earth and unpretenious place, fairly friendly atmosphere although a bit drafty by the window. The window was actually wedged open which seemed a little odd for January. I think the beer was from the Greene King range. My only other slight gripe was the slightly overbearing football screens, but that's what people and it brings the punters in so mustn't grumble. Other than that I quite liked the place!

8 Jan 2007 21:20

The Royal Oak, Borough

Interesting two room pub, a little quiet when I visited on Sunday afternoon, maybe it's a bit more lively at other times. The interior is old-school, plenty of wood around, plus shelves of books to make it feel like yer living room. The beer selection comprised only Harvey's, which I found slightly disappointing as I'm not so found of them; would've been nice to have a guest on just for variety.

Certainly worth a visit, but I wouldn't go miles out of my way.

8 Jan 2007 20:42

The Lord Clyde, Borough

I thought this was a great pub. Although I feel that it should be called a battle cruiser rather than a pub. Cosy and warming on a cold Sunday evening, with amajor warming atmosphere to match. Seems to have stayed pretty similar for the last 50 years or so, with the only really modern addition being the Sky Sports, which I felt wasn't too intrusive (since I don't really follow the footie). Beer was OK, all the standard London ales avaliable (by which I mean Pride, Youngs, Adnams and Greene King IPA). There are other pubs nearby with better selctions, but this is place has a really nice feel so I would recommend it anyway.

8 Jan 2007 20:35

The Spread Eagle, Camden

This struck me as a fairly pleasant, but run-of-the-mill Youngs pub. Mostly wooden interior, fairly clean, pictures of old-time London on the walls, that sort of thing. The beer was good, not amazing. Atmosphere was a little quiet when I visited on a weekday evening, I suppose that is to be expected. In all, quite pleasant, but there is probably plenty other more interesting places in the area.

6 Jan 2007 13:00

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

I found this place a bit depressing to be honest. Nothing really wrong with it, just not very exciting. Run-of-the-mill M&B type place last time I was there.

28 Nov 2006 12:50

The Hobgoblin, New Cross

I rather like this place, it's cheap without being grotty. Reminds me of being a student. Set up for the "alternative" crowd, whatever that means; no bad thing as far as I'm concerned. Nice tunes, and I had no problem with the beer when I visited.

28 Nov 2006 12:44

The Elusive Camel, Victoria

A bit too funky for my catholic tastes, and rather expensive. Not really sure why it's expensive either because it's not really an amazingly good pub. Poor selection of beer really (no ale either).

28 Nov 2006 12:42

The Nightingale, Balham

Nice cosy little place. Excellent Young's beer, seems like a nice place to go on a Saturday afternoon, maybe have a spot of lunch. Although I've not had the food yet, so I can't really comment on that.

28 Nov 2006 12:38

The Cardinal, Victoria

It's a Sam Smiths pub so you don't need me to tell you what to expect. An OK place to drink.

28 Nov 2006 12:36

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Historic, like all other Sam Smith's places. There's not really much else for me to add...worth visiting to see the interior, but as for drinks, atmosphere etc you don't really need me to tell you, just go to your nearest Sam Smiths pub. It's like that.

28 Nov 2006 12:35

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Intrigueing place, nice interior etc. Cheap because it's Sam Smiths. A lot like all the other Sam Smiths pubs to be honest. I'm not totally sold on the whole Sam Smiths thing, but what is clear is that they are all good pubs.

28 Nov 2006 12:31

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Yes excellent place. Hidden away in a manner reminiscent of the infamous Turf Tavern in Oxford. Only I like this place a bit more. You could say that it is claustrophobic, but I'd prefer to say that it's intimate. Solid selection of beer. I also appreciated the fact that toasted cheese sandwiches are avaliable throughout the evening.

28 Nov 2006 12:27

The Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

Seemed OK when I was in there. A fairly uninspiring selection of ales, but a reasonable selection of other drinks. Service seemed fairly friendly when I was in there. Quite nicely done out in antique leather sofas and whatnot.

4 Nov 2006 09:52

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Amazing interior, as you can see from the pictures. Nice beer, and a reasonable selction of it too. But boy does this place need a good clean. As noted, little flies everywhere! Really quite minging, and this pub deserves better. Could be a fantastic pub but isn't because someone has hidden the bucket and mop.

28 Oct 2006 12:57

The White Horse and Bower, Westminster

Yep not too bad, beer is quite good. A bit too quiet maybe. Perhaps everyone has gone to the Barley Mow up the road...

28 Oct 2006 12:52

The Barley Mow, Westminster

Well, you can get a decent pint here. I think it's quite nice actually.

28 Oct 2006 12:51

The Bierodrome, Clapham

Pricey, yes; but not actually all that bad when you consider that it's quality belgian beer you're paying for. Take your time to savour you drink. Wasn't all that busy when I went in so the service was fine.

28 Oct 2006 12:46

The Rose and Crown, Clapham

Nice pub, reasonable atmosphere, quite liked the music that was on when I went in. Not particularly overwhelmed by the beer, a bit too much emphiasis on Greene King and its subsidaries.

28 Oct 2006 12:40

The Yard Bird, Birmingham

Pleasantly surprised by this one...I expected a fairly grotty soulless pub of the same ilk as the 'spoons next door and the now closed (thank the Lord) Raphael's. But in fact you can get a tasty pint for only a few shiny coins. I particularly like the fact that Landlord was served in special Timmy Taylor's jugs. Apparently there is live music sometimes but I've never sampled this myself.

18 Sep 2006 11:20

The New Inn, Harborne

Not bad at all, and all the better when compared to the chain pubs nearby. Nice traditional interior, three rooms as noted. I particularly liked the helpful finger posts, usefully pointing out such locations as "the bar" and "seating". Also as previously noted, it's mostly Banks's which normally isn't really my thing. But you can get a perfectly passable pint of Pedigree.

25 Aug 2006 11:30

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Great place, great pies and good beer.

Unfortunately I've had to revise my rating downwards after consistently being confronted by bad service. Slow at best and miserable, rude and couldn't-care-less at worst. To the management: sort out your staff! A smile wouldn't go amiss.

In the manner of a school report: shows excellent potential, must try harder.

23 Aug 2006 13:52

The White Swan, Edgbaston

How much for two drinks?

Recently refurbished from an old Toby Carvery, The White Swan is now a too-cool-for-school poseurs paradise. Decor is very swish and modern, on a black theme. Drinks are equally swish and fancy, with trendy forgein lagers, and if you're lucky some TT Landlord (not necessarily on top form though).

However, prices are far far too expensive, and as such I can't see any particular reason to return.

8 Aug 2006 17:53

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

Small place with good welcoming small-place atmosphere. Beer was nice.

7 Aug 2006 15:18

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

I felt this pub was a bit sterile and touristy. The setting is nice and the beer is OK, but somehow the atmosphere just seemed, well, touristy.

7 Aug 2006 13:37

The Bartons Arms, Aston

It's a beer anorak's paradise, and, since I am a bit of a beer anorak, I rather enjoyed my visit. Sports a full menu of fancy belgian beers and a fine array of quality ales. Really nice thai food. Fantastic interior, immaculate victorian style stuff, very impressive. I was there on Saturday lunchtime so I can't vouch for atmosphere. Although there was a cheery bunch of locals in who seemed to enjoy chanting "lager lager" whenever they wanted another drink.

10 Jul 2006 12:56

The Cardinals Hat, Worcester

An Austrian themed bar! Actually very pleasant, interesting old building with timber beams and the like. Excellent Austrian beer, a little pricey, but I think it's worth it for a bit of extra quality and something a bit different. I had a tasty white beer, perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon.

19 Jun 2006 16:24

Hopwood House Inn, Alvechurch

One of those pubs that tend to crop up in places like Hopwood and next to canals; a bit like a Brewer's Fayre but not quite as bad. I think this one is connected to the Banks' brewery. This place is not too bad, you'll get a nice beer and it's spacious. I haven't tried the food. But you probably won't find much in the way of atmosphere or character.

19 Jun 2006 16:19

The Gallows, Birmingham

The real purpose of this pub, it seems, is to serve as a warm-up venue and rendezvous point for those intending to attend the nearby rock club Edwards No. 8. It does extremely well in serving this purpose. The beer is nothing to write home about, the best you will do is Newcastle Brown Ale or Kronenbourg, depending on your tastes. Good rock tunes, an excellent place to start your evening of rock.

4 Jun 2006 14:29

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

The Bear & Staff ain't so bad you know...nobody is unwelcome here, the people are friendly enough. I wouldn't rave about the beer; I find that Banks' tends not to agree with me too well. But it's still a nice place to go.

30 May 2006 14:20

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

I had a very pleasant visit one sunny evening. Appealing selection of fancy beers, cask ales, Belgians and draught lagers. The pub was populated by young professionals in their sharp suits enjoying after-work drinks. Everyone was having a nice time relaxing in the pleasant beer garden. The service was a little slow, but these things happen and I did enjoy my beer in the comfy upmarket surrondings.

12 May 2006 14:07

The Vaynol Arms, Nant Peris

This is a nice pub with comfortable surrondings, opposite a handy campsite. Busy with tourists, not necessarily a bad thing as everyone is having a nice time. The food looked and smelled good, but too pricey for my pocket. Recommended though, a decent place for a pint at the end of the day.

8 May 2006 11:20

The Stile, Highfield

An agreeable place with plenty of tasty ales to keep you occupied. Wooden decor which I always welcome in a pub environment.

24 Apr 2006 11:27

The Hobbit, Southampton

An excellent pub, lively atmosphere, lots to see and do, plenty of lovely beer. Lots of different floors and rooms and expansive beer garden thing. Seem to have a busy schedule of things going on. Recommended.

24 Apr 2006 11:22

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

I picked a quiet time to visit, but still found the place friendly enough, and you can't fault the selection of tasty beers. I would recommend this pub.

13 Apr 2006 10:35

Keel Row Lloyds No 1, Newcastle

There's not really too much to say, it's just a Lloyds no.1 bar. Not very big. Cheap as chips. There are a number of much much much better places to drink in Newcastle.

13 Apr 2006 10:32

Crows Nest, Newcastle

Now no longer sporting the australian theme, it is a run of the mill pub of which there are hundreds in any given city. It's spacious and conveniently located, but I can't recommend the beer.

13 Apr 2006 10:28

Crown Posada, Newcastle

Nice place, cheery atmosphere. Reasonable selection of ales. No complaints really.

12 Apr 2006 09:40

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

Interesting location, seems to be set in an old gentleman's club. So there's a plethora of different rooms to explore. It seems cleaner than your average Wetherspoons. But beneath all of those good points, it's still a Wetherspoons; their format doesn't really float my boat. You could do a lot worse than here, but you could probably do better too.

10 Apr 2006 15:12

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Very pleasant, good food and good beer. Nice outside seating area. I'm reliably informed that this pub is best visited outside of the university's term time and outside of the main summer tourist period.

6 Apr 2006 21:48

The Bookbinders Ale House, Oxford

Now called "The Old Bookbinders", I found this to be a comfortable and pleasant watering hole. The staff seemed friendly and took care to pour me a good pint. Plus there's monkey nuts in a barrel.

6 Apr 2006 21:45

Ipanema, Birmingham

Apparently Brazillian themed, but I didn't notice much Brazillian about it. This is a trendy Broad St. bar with trendy fixtures and fittings and trendy fizzy lagers. Nice toilets.

8 Mar 2006 13:38

The Jug Of Ale, Moseley

What is clear is that this is not a place to come for a drink and a quiet chat. The beer is rubbish and it is busy, noisy and crowded. However, it IS a place to go and see live music. Frequent bands on, usually not too bad. You might even meet some nice people if you can hear them above the racket... Not a pub for everyone, but if you like a spot of live music every now and again then it's worth having a look.

2 Mar 2006 13:29

The Tap and Spile, Birmingham

Nice little place tucked away behind Broad Street. Usually serve nice beer, and it has a nice old-fashioned woody sort of decor.

13 Feb 2006 13:21

Rack and Manger, Crawley

Nice, although fairly run-of-the mill gastro-ish pub. Currently this is one of those Greene King pubs, which I think are pretty respectable in general; The Rack and Manger is no exception to this. The beer was good if you like Greene King's offerings, which I do, and the food was tasty and came in generous portions. There is a separate section out the back for the locals to drink, make of that what you will. Overall though, no complaints.

12 Feb 2006 17:21

The Ivy Bush Inn, Edgbaston

Slightly grubby Irish pub. Not really a lot to recommend it, not much to drink there, maybe you should be drinking Guiness in there. Pretty ordinary.

5 Feb 2006 12:34

Malt House, Brindley Place

I felt that this vast pub had a rather artificial feel. It seemed to be designed by some soulless property developer to attract families on boating holidays. The hugeness of the pub seemed rather unnecessary and somewhat silly when I visited. Beer selection was poor.

5 Feb 2006 12:25

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

I'm rather fond of this place. It really seems like some sort of haven tucked away behind the horror of Broad Street. A good old fashioned pub with real beer and real people. It doesn't get much more traditional than when the food menu includes faggotts and peas. Forsake Broad Street! Long live the Prince of Wales!

5 Feb 2006 12:21

Raphaels, Birmingham

Why would you want to drink here? It's like drinking in the food court of some tacky shopping centre. You can do far better than Raphaels...

5 Feb 2006 12:17

The Queens Arms, Birmingham

Completely deserted on a Saturday afternoon! The bar man seemed friendly enough though.

5 Feb 2006 12:16

The Corner House, Birmingham

Had the look of a recently refurbished pub, but it struck me as being rather ordinary. They did have a reasonable selection of beer though so one shouldn't complain too much.

5 Feb 2006 12:13

Utopia, Birmingham

Banker's bar! I was unable to make a fair judgment of the place when I visited on a Saturday afternoon, but they served some OK Church End beer and it seemed fairly pleasant. I could easily imagine this place filling up with suits and pretentious types though. The magnums of Bollinger behind the bar made me suspicious. And the name is somewhat tacky.

5 Feb 2006 12:11

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Was pleased to find Adnams Broadside when I visited, but this is still a very average city centre sort of place. The no-smoking policy is good though.

5 Feb 2006 12:07

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

Rather tatty city centre pub, somewhat claustrophobic and generally a bit dingy.

5 Feb 2006 12:03

The Old Nags Head, Edale

Not too bad, served quite nice Cornish ale. Nice warm fire, and has a tile floor so it's OK if you've still got yer boots on.

23 Jan 2006 12:34

Bacchus, Birmingham

This place is rather fun...sort of crazy faux opulence, high backed chairs and lots of plaster scultures and arches interesting place to look at! Good range of posh drinks to add to the atmosphere of poshness. Not the cheapest, but the idea here is to pretend that you are richer than you actually are.

11 Jan 2006 10:27

The Malt Shovel, Horsham

Seemed like a very reasonable pub. I'm not able to comment on the atmosphere since I visited at a quiet time but the range of beers was excellent, certainly enough to keep you amused. Included some ale straight from the barrel.

3 Jan 2006 12:18

The Evening Star, Brighton

I enjoyed my visit to this fine boozer. Excellent beers, many brewed by the associated Darkstar brewery, and a veritable smorgasbord of Belgian and German stuff. Good music too, not often the case in real ale pubs. I respected the fact that they didn't seem to serve any of the "usual" stuff like Carlsberg or Carling or anything like that. The lager they served was Darkstar brewed and quite tasty. Well worth a visit.

3 Jan 2006 12:13

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

Superb pub. Crowded on Friday but not unpleasant, good beer in cushy surrondings. And of course the car showroom opposite is fun. I also found the beer to be on tip-top form, and a good selection of whisky was avaliable as well.

12 Dec 2005 12:06

The Gun, Shoreditch

Fairly run-of-the-mill sort of pub. Popular with shoppers from the nearby markets. The beer was OK although not all that cheap.

12 Dec 2005 12:01

Project Orange, Battersea

Trendy rock themed bar. A bit dark maybe, but they served a very reasonable array of fancy drinks, including Belgian and Czech beers. But you're not supposed to go here for the're supposed to go for the atmosphere. The atmosphere was OKish.

12 Dec 2005 11:51

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

Excellent. Lovely cheerful atmosphere and a perfect array of ales...just enough variety to keep you interested but not enough for it to feel anoraky...excellent surrondings, old wooden stuff and bookshelves, but not in a tacky Wetherspoons sort of way. I rather liked the tradition of keeping empty bottles of champagne and writing the occasion for which the were opened on them. Highly recommended.

12 Dec 2005 11:46

The Latchmere, Battersea

Decidedly average with average beer and average prices. Quite nice decor, but for some reason I've never been all that keen on light and airy pubs. Not really much in the way of atmosphere.

12 Dec 2005 11:38

The Surprise at Chelsea, Chelsea

Nice tucked away pub in the darkest depths of Chelsea...very agreeable surrondings in which to enjoy a tasty pint of London Pride or some other nice ale. Plenty of cheerful locals in, often a good sign.

12 Dec 2005 11:34

The Red Fort & Akbar, Soho

Yes it does have funky music and it does have tasty drinks, but I stuggle to see how anyone can enjoy themselves with these exoribitant prices. However, if you have more money than sense, and enjoy watching pretentious city types dancing about and being charged about 3 or 4 times the going rate for drinks (plus service charge), then this is the place for you. It's certainly not for me.

12 Dec 2005 11:29

Goose At The Fighting Cocks, Moseley

Rough around the edges and cheap as chips, a place for ageing drinkers to drink mediocre beer. The interior decor is surprisingly nice, it has a pleasant air of history about it in the tiles on the walls and big clock.

6 Dec 2005 13:47

Bristol Pear, Selly Oak

I find it very difficult to say anything about Scream pubs...they are all so similar and so mediocre.

5 Dec 2005 14:13

The Village Inn, Moseley

Fairly depressing and grubby, this is a bit like a low-standard Wetherspoons only without the cheap drinks. Not really my kind of place.

5 Dec 2005 13:59

Bohemian, Moseley

Kind of trendy bar with minimalist style interior, refurbished and renamed from The Salisbury, which was a mediocre pub with really good beer. Under the new management they still serve good drinks, including a few Belgian beers and some Greene King IPA, and the staff seemed friendly enough. However it gets very noisy and unpleasently smoky when busy. Not very well ventilated so the smoke can get quite oppresive after a while.

5 Dec 2005 13:53

The Golden Fleece, Tremadog

Fairly decent freehouse serving decent beer in a cosy setting.

5 Dec 2005 09:27

The Square Peg, Birmingham

Well it's a Wetherspoons so everyone knows what to expect ie: poorly kept beer, indifferent bar staff, grubby interior etc. Not really my cup of tea, especially when there are far far better watering holes round the corner.

24 Nov 2005 15:08

The Suie Lodge Hotel, Glen Dochart

Probably the friendliest place I have ever drunk in! Technically it's a hotel, but they keep a public bar. It's such a fantastic watering hole that I think everyone should go. The owners are fantastic people, seems like they are never too busy to sit in the bar and talk nonsense with customers like me. No cask ale, but they do try and keep a stock of Fraoch heather ale and things like that. The whisky selection is superb. And the homemade food is delicious! Typifies almost everything that a good pub is about.

22 Nov 2005 18:50

The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

An OK place. I've never really been all that keen on Theakston's, and that's what's on offer here so I couldn't really recommend this place on the seemed pretty cosy though, had a nice fire on the go when I visited. However it seemed to be packed with ramblers just the wrong side of middle-aged, and I couldn't help feeling that it lacked the atmosphere of some of the other pubs in the area.

21 Nov 2005 12:38

The Golden Lion Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

Good cosy pub with good beer and decent atmosphere. A healthy contingent of friendly locals, always the sign of a good pub. Food was pretty decent too, except maybe the chips which were a bit crispy. But if the worst thing about a pub is the chips, then it's doing well. Would go here in preference to the other pub down the road.

21 Nov 2005 12:31

The Roebuck Inn, Sixpenny Handley

Visited at the beginning of summer, and this seemed like a reasonable pub. Suprisingly devoid of customers, but they served a nice pint of Ringwood. Plus I liked their wooden chairs.

14 Nov 2005 09:35

The Jug and Jester, Leamington Spa

I've only really been in this pub on a Saturday afternoon, and I can't comment on their beer as I'm usually driving when I go in. But it seems to have a nice atmosphere for watching sport. Decided to thoroughly test the bar staff by asking if they could make me a hot chocolate, which they agreed to, and after about 10 mins a triumphant looking bloke came over with a cup of Cadbury's and told me "That was the hardest thing I've ever done!". Bless.

13 Nov 2005 12:42

The Star and Garter, Leamington Spa

Wooden style pub, owned by Greene King brewery. Which is a good thing for me as I like their beers...was very quiet Saturday lunchtime, I suppose most of the shoppers are nearer town...but I had a nice pint of IPA and a decent lunch. The young lady serving drinks seemed friendly as she bounded around behind the bar.

13 Nov 2005 12:37

The White Lion, Patterdale

It's not a BAD pub...the food did look overpriced, but I've never eaten there. Slightly disappointing beer selection (for the Lake District) but the beer is OK. That's the thing about this pub...I can only describe it as OK. Still it's a lot better than the dire places I'm used to in Birmingham.

7 Nov 2005 13:58

The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Langdale

Lovely place, I've always found the beer to be good (good selection too), the food tasty and the people friendly. Old fashioned and warm. The mood is somehow summed up by a comment I once overheard: someone was fiddling with a mobile phone and his friend said "Put that effing technology're in the ODG now!"

25 Oct 2005 15:34

Old Moseley Arms, Balsall Heath

I rather like this pub. Old school pub with wood panelling and a bit of character. They serve a good pint (at time of writing included Black Sheep Best and Enville Ginger Beer), in a friendly manner. The standard range of Diageo single malts is also avaliable. I agree with mrBean, seems to be an unusual mix of locals, students and business people, but it's a good-natured mix; everyone seems to get on.

22 Oct 2005 16:12

The Selly Park Tavern, Selly Oak

Despite being almost identical pubs (same chain), the Selly Park Tavern is better than the Country Girl up the road. They seem to run out of beer less often. A bit less busy than the Country Girl. Nice, but in an underwhelming sort of way.

18 Oct 2005 15:22

The Wellington, Birmingham

This place is really hidden away! But when you eventually find it you are rewarding with a really bewildering selection of real ales. A CAMRA-anorak's dream, and indeed many such types may be found in here, not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly worth a visit, if only to sample some wierd ale. Other than the admirable selection of ales, I felt the atmosphere was a little cold. Maybe that was just the weather though.

3 Oct 2005 14:40

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

Atmospheric. An interesting place for a drink, if a little cramped, but that's part of the old-fashioned feel. On my visit there was something not-quite-right with the Summer Lightning I was served, but that can be forgiven as it was a good place to visit.

8 Sep 2005 11:22

Greens Wine Bar, Winchester

Haven't visited for a couple of years, so it might have changed...but I never thought there was any real point in going to Greens. My main reasons for visiting a pub or bar is to a) have a drink and b) chat and socialise with friends. I found it difficult to do either of these in Greens. Due to the tiny size of the place, it was always too cramped and crowded to get a drink within a reasonable length of time. The volume of the music was deafening, so you can't talk to anyone. That's no way to spend an evening. And I always felt that most of the people in there seem to be a bit too cool for school anyway.

25 Aug 2005 14:52

Dixie's, Battersea

The main good thing about this bar is the food...American style fare, and it's pretty good. No ale, but there are some reasonable bottled beers which keeps me happy.

24 Aug 2005 16:26

The Horse and Groom, Alresford

This is an OK twee-ish market town kind of pub. Usually they serve decent beer, in the past I've had Ringwood and Brakspear. Old fashioned style: horse brass and big timber beams, that sort of thing. I've not really ever sampled the food.

24 Aug 2005 16:24

The Bacchus, Newcastle

This is a VERY nice pub/bar...they had an excellent selection of ales, seemed to be regularly rotated, and my personal favorite Bitter & Twisted as standard. Reasonable selection of whiskies too. My only reservation would be that it seemed slightly more posh than my normal kind of pub. But certainly decent for a city centre bar.

23 Aug 2005 22:18

The Hornbrook Inn, Horsham

Not too impressed when I went...aiming for the Sunday lunch crowd. Didn't seem to have any real atmosphere, but I did go in the afternoon. The beer wasn't very nice, and when I asked the I've-just-finished-my-A-levels barman for some dry roasted peanuts he gave me a look like I'd just insulted his grandmother.

12 Aug 2005 00:07

Solomon Cutler, Birmingham

I'm not keen on any of the Broad Street pubs, and I would regard this one as the least unpleasant of a thoroughly unpleasant bunch. They serve some fancy bottled beers which kept me entertained for a short while. Food is decidedly average.

8 Aug 2005 14:17

The Figure of Eight, Birmingham

Personally, I'm not very keen on ANY of the bars on Broad Street, and I would regard this one of the less unpleasant ones. It's Wetherspoons, so you know exactly what you're going to get, which to me is a slightly grubby interior, indifferent bar staff, and not-very-well kept beer. But at least you can hear yourself think.

8 Aug 2005 14:14

The Country Girl, Selly Oak

Not bad at all for a chain pub. This is one of the Ember Inn chain, which tend not to be too unpleasant. Reasonable beer, good selection of bottled beer, reasonable food, reasonable service.

8 Aug 2005 13:37

The Gun Barrels, Selly Oak

A pub close to my place of work, and not really of note for much else. One of the major student pubs, it can be very unpleasant and unbearably busy at the wrong times. But out of term time and in the summer, it can be quite reasonable to sit outside, skiving an afternoon off enjoying a pitcher of Grolsch with friends.

5 Aug 2005 15:56

The Black Jug, Horsham

Went during the day when it was quiet. Very pleasant out the back. Had a reasonable pint of Deuchars. Interesting array of decor.

5 Aug 2005 15:48

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

Good pub but perhaps a little posh. I've never eaten here, it's all very expensive. But they serve good beer and in cosy surrondings. In summer sit in the beer garden for a fabulous view over Alresford Pond. Perhaps more restauranty than pub-y but still a nice spot for a quiet pint.

5 Aug 2005 15:40

Aikmans / The Cellar Bar, St Andrews

Wide array of foreign (pricey) beers, but also a reasonable whisky selection. Nice atmosphere, seemed to have plenty events going on.

4 Aug 2005 11:18

The Westport, St Andrews

Not really my cup of tea. Probably a bit too cool for school, I thought the minimalist decor felt cold and hard, not soft and welcoming. Drinks probably a bit pricey, and they didn't really have any nice beer. Fine for some, but not for me.

2 Aug 2005 11:42

Central, St Andrews

Nice fairly old fashioned pub, good beer well kept, fairly reasonable selection of whiskies.

1 Aug 2005 14:39

The Foresters Arms, Horsham

Went on a pleasant summer Saturday afternoon. Opted for the Greene King IPA which was very pleasant, always a winner for me. The pub had a very "local" feel, but very friendly and everyone was very nice. Little garden outside. I enjoed my visit to this pub, it was cozy and quiet, but not in a bad way.

19 Jul 2005 10:27

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

Great pub, impressed when I visited. Exemplary array of drinks on offer: a wide selection of real ales, cloudy cider and a pleasing collection of fine single malt whiskies. I went in summer when the outside heaters were on, very pleasant atmosphere. Recommended if you are in the area.

27 Jun 2005 11:57

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

I liked this pub, the food was nice and there was a good selection of good real ales.

7 Mar 2005 15:27

The Station Inn, Ribblehead

Lovely warm and welcoming pub in the middle of nowhere. You can camp just over their back wall with views of the impressive feat of Victorian engineering that is Ribblehead Viaduct. Attracts lots of outdoor types. The beer is good, and the food is excellent. Try their delicious giant Yorkshire puddings! Rather nice.

7 Mar 2005 13:56

The Black Bull Hotel, Coniston

Good pub and home of the supremely good Coniston Bluebird ale. Nice little place and they serve amazing beer!

7 Mar 2005 13:43

The Clachaig Inn, Clachaig

This is the perfect walkers/climbers/outdoor types pub. They don't really mind you coming in with wet stuff on and drying off by the fire whilst enjoying a nice pint and one of their excellent square meals. They also have a dizzying array of single malts if that's your thing! Wonderful atmosphere, perfect place to exchange your stories of the time you nearly died on the hill. Occasionally they have live music on, which is a good thing.

7 Mar 2005 13:40

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Excellent pub and home of the supremely good Pots ale, brewed on site. The curry night is rather good too. One to visit in the summer; sit out underneath the knarled tree in the pub garden. Lots of good memories from this place!

7 Mar 2005 13:36

The Black Boy, Winchester

Quirky and fascinating...the walls and ceilings are covered in all sorts of miscellaneous objects that make this pub really interesting place to visit. Good range of beers too.

7 Mar 2005 13:34

The Cricketers Inn, Easton

Probably the perfect pub. Superb beer. Excellent food. But what makes it is the people...just extrememly friendly, clientele and staff. There's always plenty going on, and the landlord seems to try and organise lots of events and trips for the regulars.

7 Mar 2005 13:32

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

Superb pub. Very friendly atmosphere, you can tell it's a good pub by how popular it is on Friday night! Plus the beer is stunning, I'm a big fan of the Hopback brewery, and it's all here. I believe that it is Phil Harding's (of Time Team fame) local!

7 Mar 2005 13:29

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Set in an extremely impressive old bank, lots of shiny objects and things. Not all that cheap, but the beer is good (all Fullers) and the pies are rather nice too. Nice posh setting and pleasingly different from your average pub.

7 Mar 2005 13:25

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

Horrible smelly pub. This is the nearest pub to the university, and since the nearby locals pub The Brook burned down, both locals and students infest this dreadful establishment meaning that there is always a lot of unpleasant tension and not a very welcoming atmosphere. They do serve real ale, but they must store it really badly or maybe they don't clean their pipes. Because the beer here tastes really really nasty. One to avoid

7 Mar 2005 13:21

The Bell Inn, Harborne

Excellent pub, probably one of the best in Birmingham. It really is like walking into a classic country village pub. Nice warm fires (fake though). Very friendly staff and clientele. The two rooms are pretty small and so you almost can't help getting involved in the conversation! They serve OK beer too.

7 Mar 2005 13:16

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