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Comments by Mr_ESB_Harry

Ye Olde Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead

Beer quality has improved which is good and there are more people visiting. The beer tends to be cooler than the white wine which should encourage more clients to drink beer instead

30 Apr 2016 17:04

The Royal Oak, Chipperfield

Now an Indian restaurante. They did give me a free bottle of Cobra with my dinner which was a nice gesture. However, sad to see the pub go but if locals don't use it what do they expect. Last time me and my missus was visited there were only 2 others which means it was struggling back in 2014.

30 Apr 2016 17:02

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

A gem of a place, easily missed by the curry hunters and hipster beard types. I only discovered it by walking up Brick Lane at night time! I tried the Brewers Gold and wasn't disappointed. My only disappointment was that I had to travel back to Euston to catch a train. Seemed to be full of people from up north, especially Liverpool on Sunday. Nothing wrong with that just strange being in the East End of London!

30 Apr 2016 16:55

Euston Tap, Euston

Visited twice in the past week. It was quiet on Sunday with most punters being blokes having a swift half before getting the train. There was one lone female enjoying a beer which was great to see. Last Friday it was packed outside but even so service was very good. A good selection of different beers and worth a visit if beer is your thing.

30 Apr 2016 16:51

The King Offa, St Albans

This was Benskins last pub they built before being absorbed by Ind Coope. CAMRA are trying to save the pub based on this and not on the Ale (or lack of).

23 Nov 2015 06:32

The Black Horse, Mobwell

Friendly place though the range of ales was a bit limited when we visited but the Rebellion IPA was nice. My wife had some Guinness which she also really enjoyed. Nice and comfortable and I'd recommend a visit. We hope to give the food a try sometime.

29 Jun 2015 19:15

The Pheasant, Chesham

Nice traditional pub with welcoming bar staff / landlady. Nice session beers available.

1 Dec 2014 08:14

The Spotted Bull, Hemel Hempstead

Seems to be on the up with a new owner and new décor. Craft beers are very nice and my wife likes the range of wines on offer. Friendly bar staff so hope that the pub is able to attract the right crowd. At a recent visit a pedestrian got run over outside the pub and the landlord was straight out there with the first aid kit until the ambulance arrived.

1 Dec 2014 08:13

Ye Olde Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead

Went there on Saturday night and it was very quiet with karaoke which seemed to drive away other non regulars. Beer OK quality but nothing special. I wish the current owners would decide what they want to do with this pub as it has a lot of potential with all of the new homes being built in the surrounding area.

1 Dec 2014 08:07

The Crown, Covent Garden

Managed to get some seats on a busy Sunday afternoon of shopping. Beer pleasant enough but pricey and neither barman seemed to want to fill the pint to the correct mark. My wife said the Guinness was excellent as the temperature was almost what it should have been.

1 Dec 2014 07:40

The Kings Arms, Tring

I had an excellent pint of Moongazing upon my first visit with an impressive selection of the real stuff available. Had the feel of a local's local on entering but given the location off the beaten track this is not surprising. Parking can be difficult.

2 Oct 2014 06:25

The Swan, Wembley

Great venue for sports including GAA. No real ale but the Guinness is good. Friendly crowd and only 15-20 mins from North Wembley station.

23 Sep 2014 20:30

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

A rowdy group were just leaving/being ejected when we arrived; if they had remained I doubt if we'd have gone in. Beer was OK but not as nice as the previous place we visited that day; packed with tourists and a private party (of it seemed one couple only) that reduced seating even further. Much more pleasant when there are less people around but then we did visit on a warm Saturday evening so wouldn't have expected it to be quiet.

7 Sep 2014 11:42

The Cheshire Cheese, Temple

We were looking for somewhere off the beaten track and found this gem of a place. We stayed for food too which was good value and very generous portions. The landlord is a real character too! We'll be visiting again I'm sure when we go to London again.

7 Sep 2014 11:18

The Parador, Belfast

would have given 0 as like The Errigle my first visit ended in frustration as inept bar staff were unable to serve people despite it not being that busy. However after the rugby I ventured back in and even though it was busier the service was great and I had a few more pints of Stout than I should have.

6 Apr 2014 20:53

The Errigle Inn, Belfast

inept bar staff seemed unable to serve people in any order that represented when they were arriving at the bar to get served. Unlike the bars south of the border they seemed to be only able to serve one person at a time. Hence unable to rate the place which is a shame as they served Hilden's.

6 Apr 2014 20:48

Golden Lion, Watford

Now open again. We walked past and it was packed and very noisy so didn't venture in. I'll do so at a later date to suss the place out.

23 Feb 2014 09:40

The Estcourt Tavern, Watford

Popped in on our way back to The Junction. Not our normal pub, but Druids looked like it was open again, but packed and very noisy so we tried the Estcourt Tavern. This was an inspired choice as there was a band on and the old fashioned local pub feel where strangers can appear but don't feel threatened. Bar staff were excellent and very efficient. Good prices too - pint of Belhaven and a medium glass of Pino Grigio was £5.90 and my missus liked the wine, served as it should be cold and in a clean glass.
Didn't try the food but it looked good value.

23 Feb 2014 09:37

The Six Templars, Hertford

I've been twice (both on a Tuesday evening) and both times I had to walk out as despite there being a massive queue they only have 2 people behind the bar. Some of the clientele don't help either, probably attracted by the steak night, by having to check if the person they're buying the drink wants ice, diet coke etc and then having to walk back to the bar to convey the choice. There was also a barmy woman who was letting people behind her order first. Seems like queue jumping was the only way of getting served. There also seemed to be a lot of young children in the bar who were ordering things (I assume food or crisps rather than alcohol). It's a shame as they had what looked like a good range of ales, but sadly I wasn't able to try them.
Third time lucky perhaps!!

22 Jan 2014 18:55

Holly Bush, St Albans

Definitely a one off for around here. Not the cheapest place by a long shot but doesn't strike me as a place you'd go to get drunk. Beer served in jugs, crisps served in china bowls, polished furniture and a wooden draw to keep the cash in - need I say any more. Worth a visit at least once, but bring plenty of cash..........
Last visit though had a barman (trainee artist or something like that) who couldn't multiply by 2 without a calculator, although on the positive side we were undercharged for our first round by said barman!

15 Jan 2014 19:57

The Young Pretender, Kings Langley

Stella Black was OK but at >£4 per pint it should be! They show rugby (as well as football) so that's a positive. Haven't tried the food for a long time. Bar service can be slow when the other side (eating area) is busy.

15 Jan 2014 19:50

Cotterells Club, Hemel Hempstead

Now serves real ale in the shape of Doombar and is usually served well by a very nice looking bar maid!

15 Jan 2014 19:46

Ye Olde Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead

This pub does not seem able to serve cold white wine so my wife doesn't like it. The Ale in contrast seems cold! Work that one out? Needs someone running the place who knows what they are doing. This place used to be rocking now it's closed by 2130 some evenings.

15 Jan 2014 19:43

Paper Mill, Hemel Hempstead

Went there today for the first time in ages. Many different ales on so I tried the ESB and each was served in the proper glass (the new handled one). My missus had the house red (Syrah) which she really liked. Service was OK if you hit the bar at the right time, but you could be in for a wait, despite there being 3-4 people serving. £3.85 / pint for ESB - on par with some London establishments but with many people living near by working in London, not surprising..

23 Nov 2013 22:22

The Trout, Hammersmith

We enjoyed our visit before a gig at the Apollo. Food reasonably priced as was the drink too. I suppose we were lucky to get a seat - we shared a table with another couple who were already in there (and had never met before). We'll go there again, perhaps over the weekend to see what it is like.

23 Nov 2013 22:16

Golden Lion, Watford

Looks to be closed now.....

23 Nov 2013 22:13

St James Tavern, Piccadilly

Popped in as the Northern Line was up the spout so had to change at Piccadilly Circus. London Fields was good and the barman even topped the head up, but others weren't so lucky; perhaps I looked like a serious beer drinker. My wife liked the wine as it was cold (not always a given) and fresh (likewise). Had difficulty getting served for our second drink and I suspect the bar man only did so after we were comparing the service we get in Ireland (which is excellent). I'll call in again another time to see if my experiences were one offs or standard.

18 Aug 2013 17:42

The Bedford Arms, Watford

Pub closed and looks to be in the process of being converted to a house :-(

14 Jul 2013 11:37

The Estcourt Arms, Watford

Popped in while waiting for the last bus home. London Pride was excellent (and better than the beer served up in The King Harry, St Albans earlier on in the evening). Seemed quiet for a Saturday evening but I guess as it was hot many people had stayed in for a Barbie. Nice character pub and glad to see at least one corner of Watford unspoilt by the ingress of pub chains and trendy plastic bars.

14 Jul 2013 11:31

The King Harry, St Albans

Two real ales, one cloudy but not vinegary. The other, Doombar which was completely clear. Most people seemed to drinking lager although a crowd of French fellows all went for the Doombar!

Tried the food and it was OK and seemed reasonably priced to what I'm used to.

14 Jul 2013 11:26

The Yorkshire Grey, Fitzrovia

Hseemed quiet for a Saturday evening but there were a good few regulars in. Seemed pricy for a Sam Smiths pub so maybe they've succumbed to economic realities.

25 Nov 2012 10:21

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

Found this place while on a visit to Baker Street and what a find it was! We were looking for somewhere to rest our feet and we were lucky to get one of the snugs to relax in. Fullers Jack Frost was in perfect condition - my wife thinks the Guinness was a bit on the cold side (she's from Ireland as were all of the bar staff!). Only does lunchtime food on Saturday so can't comment but looked reasonable value price wise.

25 Nov 2012 10:09

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Good selection of beers and a nice atmosphere. We should have stayed here instead of venturing further into St Michaels!

4 Nov 2012 11:27

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

A truly awful experience last night as the barmaid appeared to serve who she wanted so we left after 10 minutes. Beer selection seemed limited for a real ale pub (not that I got to taste any of the bland offerings!). Seemed complacent and looks to be the poor relation to the nearby pubs. I will try it again, just to see if I experienced the pub on an off day, but I'm sure this has happened before; we'll see!

4 Nov 2012 11:25

The White Lion, Covent Garden

Nice pint of American Pale Ale and the bar maid even topped the pint up with no gripes. All clientele were tourists (like ourselves!) and seemed a popular place to meet up after a hard days graft at the shops!
Must be the only place that can only offer Oyster Bay as the default Sav Blanc (the Chilean variety had run out!) but the price didn't seem too steep.

I was pleasantly surprised for a bar in a touristy place.

22 Jul 2012 13:23

McGlynns, Kings Cross

Tried the Flying Scotsman and Courage Best and both were OK. Interesting mix of clientele here; I think some of Graham Norton's mates were staying nearby!! Worth a visit but pick the right road to get to the pub, if you don't you'll know what I mean!

22 Jul 2012 13:17

The Eagle, Clerkenwell

Pleasant enough place and nice for relaxing after a long walk. The Hackney Brewery Ale was nice enough but a little cloudy. We went there while the staff were having their dinner and despite this some of the customers insisted on being served meaning one had to keep getting up whilst eating.

22 Jul 2012 13:13

Boot, Sarratt

popped in on Sat afternoon to relax after fighting with the Watford traffic. After a nice couple of pints of Sunstar I felt a lot better. There were 4 real ales on at the time. My wife was driving and she fancied a cup of tea which was served without an issue. Menu looked comprehensive and we'll give it a go sometime in the future.

15 Jul 2012 11:33

The Plough, Smallford

Nice pint of Tribute and my missus liked her wine. Nice beer garden amongst the fields. Looked busy for lunchtime trade although we didn't try anything.
Handy for bike riders too, being just off the Alban Way.

27 May 2012 16:35

Ye Olde Bell Inn, Rye

Nice pint of Harveys and the wine was OK too. Had a couple of light bites and they were a good quality and value. Sat outside in the sun with the many tourists who were around. Looked OK inside too. The hot water in the gents was near boiling point so a bit of a shock!!

26 May 2012 18:24

Chequers, Bedford

looked closed when we visited. A shame as lloked a tidy place from the front. Another one bites the dust perhaps :-(

20 May 2012 18:36

Cross Keys, Pulloxhill

Very friendly owner who sat down and chatted to us and we found out that we'd worked at the same site (although different companies). Nice pint of Eagle but had to leave as they close at 3 on a Sunday (left at 330). Interesting and friendly locals; one old fella reckons he drunk 40 pints in one session. Must go back to find out the details! We will try the food next time as prices look good and they seem to be very busy over the weekend.

20 May 2012 18:30

Bob Trollops, Newcastle

Only 1 real ale and that required a lot of effort to serve it, however, once on it was top notch Deuchars. Food unbelievably cheap but very good. Definitely worth a visit even just to experience the vaults at the back.

22 Apr 2012 21:54

White Lion, Apsley End

Popped in for first time in a few years. London Pride was excellent as usual, but price had risen significantly - not sure how it compares with the near by Paper Mill.
Decor same as ever, but no Sky any more so the sports crowd have to go somewhere else which maybe explained why it was so quiet.
Barmaid and other customers were friendly so will pay another visit soon.

21 Mar 2012 21:00

The George, Holborn

strange modern looking place frequented by men in suits (Masons??). The Timothy Taylor Landlord was good quality when I visited and although the rugby was on I was at times the only punter.

The only downside was the toilets - very stinky!

18 Mar 2012 08:35

Three Pears, Warndon

Handy for the rugby and late closing to boot (mid night) when I was staying at the near by Premier Inn. Food OK too...

11 Mar 2012 11:12

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

I tried 2 Brodies brews and both were bursting with flavour. My wife liked the Guinness too!

Classic interior that just says London Pub. Our first visit, but not our last, if not just to read all of the stuff on the walls!

31 Jan 2012 07:14

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Went for a late night drink after the theatre. Atmosphere good as ever but spoilt by the miserable bar man who didnt seem to want to be there. Not used to having my pint pushed towards me (and not in its signature glass). But hey ho he might have had a bad day so it won't put me or my wife (who really likes the place but never has to buy the drinks!) going back again.

31 Jan 2012 07:10

The Lyceum, Strand

Nice atmosphere with snugs. Service was OK but I'll need to visit again to make a judgement. My wife doesn't like Sam Smiths pubs coz they do not serve Guinness (she's Irish) although their stout tasted good to me......

19 Dec 2011 19:48

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Unusually for a pub in this area it was open on a Saturday. Tried the pies, but had run out of veg so had to have salad. Later on veg was served so perhaps they'd run out temporarily. Anyway ESB was good, one pint was in the ESB glass, the other in a jug. Nice and relaxing

19 Dec 2011 07:31

The Fleece, Cullingworth

Old Spot was nice; friendly landlady and they put the rugby union on for us. No nonsense local pub.

11 Dec 2011 19:47

Holly Bush, St Albans

Visited last week and as good as ever. Where else does the barman empty a packet of crisps into a china bowl (hope it was n't a redundant ash tray!). Lovely wood fire too. Tried the Mighty Atom (in a jug of course) and was mightily impressed.

6 Dec 2011 20:37

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Visited on Weds 9th November. Was busy outside but was served within 30 seconds both times. ESB served in proper glass and was pretty good. Will visit again sometime avec the Missus.

15 Nov 2011 22:13

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Visited today for a quick one - nice atmosphere and good pint of Brodies, Kiwi (my first one ever). Got busy very quickly and I look forward to another visit with the Missus.

4 Nov 2011 19:18

The Oddfellows Arms, Hemel Hempsted

Classic "old fashioned boozer" with friendly locals. Good music to relax to on Sunday's. Guinness is good so I have not tried the real ales yet. I will do so soon and report back.

30 Oct 2011 20:07

Cotterells Club, Hemel Hempstead

No real ale but a nice place to relax.

25 Sep 2011 19:43

The Olde Kings Arms, Hemel Hempstead

Hmm, both Guinness lines were empty, but redeemed itself by a good pint of Bombadier and nice white wine for my wife. Some of the clientele had obviously been in the pub a long time but they didn't cause us any hassle. Our favourite seat by the window has disappeared though. Still worth a visit when quiet as the pub has a lot of character.

25 Sep 2011 19:42

The Rabbit's Foot, Ardeley

Now the Jolly Waggoners again. Food comes from near by farm and was excellent. Ale very good as well - Adnams and a Buntingford product + one other. The one I had (Buntingford) was excellent.

21 Sep 2011 20:34

Golden Lion, Watford

Watched rugby and had the St Edmunds which was pretty good. Food good value and friendly bar staff. Would recommend to any rugby fans as the only rugby orientated pub in Watford.

10 Sep 2011 20:21

Magoos, Berkhamsted

Unfortunately closed (will now be a restaurante). Was a good place to go for pre-dinner apertif.

21 Aug 2011 22:12

The Crystal Palace, Berkhamsted

Had a nice pint of Firkin's/Hobson's (pump sign was confusing!). White wine was a bit rank. When we visited again after going to the Rex my wife had red wine which was OK. Lovely setting when the sun is out and handy for thr train station.

21 Aug 2011 22:10

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Went there today and it was the busiest pub by the canal by far. Beer and wine very good which we enjoyed by the canalside, taking in the sun and watching the boats go by. Only gripe was that the head on the Rebellion Blonde dispersed rather quickly but taste was spot on.

21 Aug 2011 22:05

The Nascot Arms, Watford

Visit cut short by a private party but the London Glory was spot on. Will have to visit again to get a better impression.

21 Aug 2011 15:11

The Bedford Arms, Watford

Seemed to have another new manager who'd just arrived a couple of days ago. No real ale, just John Smiths and the usual collection of lagers. Low on stock for mixers as well. Hope this isn't the end, but I'll have to visit in a few weeks to see if there has been an improvement. I remember the days when they used to have Fullers ESB on and it's a shame to see another good pub seemingly in uncertain times.

21 Aug 2011 15:10

The Three Horseshoes, Letchmore Heath

We visit on and off and I've always enjoyed the beer on offer and my wife the wine selection. Lovely setting where one can wander around the local pond while pondering over the mysteries of life and who's round is it next?

9 Aug 2011 19:16

Golden Lion, Watford

Good for Rugby (I'm a Sarries fan) and on the whole beer is good quality. Food usually OK too, but I've only ever had the burger there. Friendly bar staff.

9 Aug 2011 19:13

The Dunnings Bar and Restaurant, Watford

I remember this as The Stag and hasn't really changed inside for nearly 30 years. A good working mans pub to relax in after a day's work. Guiness is usually top notch. I like it but I'm sure it's not to everyones taste.

9 Aug 2011 19:10

The Estcourt Tavern, Watford

Pub is not closed - alive and kicking last time I went past.

9 Aug 2011 19:09

The Champions Bar, Watford

Now closed and boarded up. Unlikely to reopen due to past issues with loud music.

9 Aug 2011 19:07

Holly Bush, St Albans

Still as good as ever. Like beer served in a jug glass - reminds me of when I first went to pubs. Smoking ban has removed the ash trays which were bone china dishes so lost a bit of character. Sometimes appears to close early during first part of the week.

31 Jul 2011 22:04

White Hart Inn, Abbots Langley

Still saddens me every time I go past this former pub. Not right to see it decaying.

31 Jul 2011 22:01

Swan, Pimlico

Boarded upand unlikely to reopen - shame!!

31 Jul 2011 22:00

The Globe, Brighton

Visited the pub on Saturday 30th. Tried the "blonde" real ale and wasn't disappointed. My wife enjoyed her red wine too. Pub was filled with a mixture of local types and tourists and seemed a good mix. Only downside was the high prices for the beer.

31 Jul 2011 21:02

The Railway Bell, Brighton

Visited this pub while waiting for our train. I hadn't read any of the previous comments but they didn't represent my impressions. Friendly barmaid who checked the Harveys when I said that it didn't taste right and found it was at the end of the barrel - no quibbling. I was offered a replacement (Doombar) which was good. My wife enjoyed her white wine and commented on the clean glass it was served in. Form what has been written previously it would seem that the pub has been rebranded. I'll visit next time I'm in Brighton to see if my visist was a one off - hope not!!

31 Jul 2011 20:54

The Goat, Berkhamsted

Visited yesterday (Saturday) in late afternoon. Good mix of crowd (old n young). Nice pint of side pocket - pricey though so when the musical surcharge kicks in it becomes 3.60 a pint!

24 Jul 2011 19:43

Ye Olde Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead

Good selectrion of real ales - tried the Flying Scotsman and it was OK. Live Music was good today (sunny). Missus enjoyed the white wine so all in all a good time had by all. Shame they close early during the week - sign of the times due to lack of customers so can't blame them. Our local so we'll definitely support the pub!!

24 Jul 2011 19:26

White Hart Inn, Abbots Langley

Closed and unlikely to open again - what a shame!!

17 Jul 2011 22:24

The Leather Bottle, Hemel Hempstead

First visit for a very long time. Nice atmosphere, although was quiet (~4pm on Sunday afternoon). Sat outside and watched the cricket while quaffing a Tring Brewery offering (Side Pocket). Will visit again and maybe try the food.

17 Jul 2011 22:17

The Mops and Brooms, Borehamwood

Found by accident while touring the lanes. Seemed OK but service a bit hit and miss. Beer OK but nothing special. Food prices looked OK and we'll try it one day to see what the quality is like.

17 Jul 2011 22:10

The Royal Shepherd Inn, Skipton

Visited this pub on Sat afternoon. Good quality beer and friendly staff & locals. My missus wanted a hot chocolate but they couldn't do one, however they did make her a cup of tea which she enjoyed (she had been shopping so preferred a hot drink, unlike me!). Look forward to another visit soon.

17 Jul 2011 22:04

The New Inn, Denholme

Was in the New Inn last night. Good range of beers (Cullingworth and a guest Ale - Comma by Castle Rock Brewery). Tried Old Spot lager which was more like an Ale but very light just like a lager..but no gas! Friendly locals and bar staff so will look forward to another visit soon.

17 Jul 2011 22:01

The Blue Posts, Fitzrovia

Quite a find when you need to escape from the shopping brigade. Usual good value for drinks.

29 Nov 2009 11:40

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

Need to choose your time carefully - it can be very busy and touristy but I have had some good meals there and the beer has always been good. Tend to go for the London Pride or Discovery. Had Mr Harry a few years back, it was a brand new barrell and the bar maid brought it over to my table. It was heaven.

29 Nov 2009 11:29

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Nice place to relax if you choose the right time. Lovely decor. I like my Ale but the SS premium lager with the special glass is something special. My wife moans about the lack of Guinness (she's Irish) but she has had the oatmeal stout in a few other places and thought that it was actually Guinness!!!

29 Nov 2009 11:25

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

Went there earlier on in the year and was not disappointed. The gas light atmosphere has to be savoured. The prices were staggering (1.43 for the Ale) and the food was excellent value and very wholesome too! When I'm next in the area I'll be visiting again for sure. Didn't see too many tourists at this time.

29 Nov 2009 11:19

The Old Green Tree, Bath

I visited this pub before the Saracens vs Bath game and managed to get a seat in the front bar where I had some good beer and a ploughmans. The Scotch Eggs looked very good and I'm disappointed not to have tried one. A lot of people were taking them out to eat on the way. Friendly locals and got chatting to a good number about Rugby and things. Barmaid (Spanish??) new how to serve the beers properly.

29 Nov 2009 11:15

Ye Olde Red Lion, Hemel Hempstead

This my nearest pub & despite the post code is actually in Kings Langley.
Beer usually good - 2 real ales most times.
Some good bands on.

29 Nov 2009 10:08

White Lion, Apsley End

Look under Apsley

29 Nov 2009 10:06

The Society, Hemel Hempstead

closed and site for sale

29 Nov 2009 10:04

White Lion, Apsley End

Good place to enjoy sports, beer excellent although prices have risen of late. Provide traditional bar snacks at weekends. Used to go down there once/twice a week and on Sunday's until I started a fitness drive!

29 Nov 2009 09:47

Paper Mill, Hemel Hempstead

Beer has always been good quality and agree that the food is pricey (e.g. compare with prices in the Boat Berko, another Fuller's pub) but probably reflects the local clientel. Nice to relax in the evening with a book. My only real gripe is that the service can be very slow on occaisions.

29 Nov 2009 09:44

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