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Comments by Miss_M

The Alma, Newington Green

Quite pricey but the new owners have created a really nice atmosphere - it's got a touch a class but without the snobbery can that affect this part of town. It's been nice to see a good range of ages at the Alma - again this part of town can be so yuppie/yummy mummy it's really refreshing to see a few over-60s in an N1/16 pub.
Good selection and quality of ales and lagers and really friendly staff. Currently my favourite local hostelry.

30 Aug 2014 09:08

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

I've spent many happy hours in the Pillars over the years but a visit 2 weekends ago was the first in some time and it was a sorry reflection of its former self.
The ale was undrinkable (I took mine back and asked for a glass of water instead and another of our group left two thirds of his pint untouched), my chair barely had a seat on it and the staff were curt and unfriendly.
It's probably a reflection of Saturday evening in Soho with most of the punters knocking back crap like Jaegerbombs but I won't be rushing back any day of the week.

30 Aug 2014 09:02

The Old Eagle, Camden

What a pleasure - a decent pub in Camden! Good beer, friendly staff, unobtrusive music. Will defintely go back next time I'm in the area.

22 Mar 2009 13:37

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