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BITE user comments - LucyAnne

Comments by LucyAnne

The Dog and Partridge, Didsbury

Great boozer when it's quiet and when the TV isn't on full volume. Fun pub quizes, and nice locals when it's not too busy. The ales are okay too, although one we tried (can't remember which) tasted like it hadn't moved for a while. But a good pub, all in all.

26 Feb 2008 23:16

The Metropolitan, Didsbury

I am at a loss to understand how this place gets awards. The building is impressive, and they have an open family policy, which is always popular, but the food is truly dreadful and overpriced, and it is very impersonal, with staff who seem to think they are far too important to be working there.

The worst thing about it is that the food is so awful. I have been there more often than I want to (with work people) and I can't think of one time over the last five years or so when I had a meal there that wasn't either cold, tasteless, overcooked, or just plain inedible.

26 Feb 2008 23:12

The Nelson, Didsbury

Good, unpretentious pub. Plenty of racing chat from people nipping in from the bet shop next door. Used to be thick with smoke, but no more.

26 Feb 2008 23:08

The Fletcher Moss, Didsbury

Great unpretentious pub. Decent beer, clean tubes, good, busy friendly staff. Cheerful, normal local clientele. I wish more in Didsbury were like this.

26 Feb 2008 23:04

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