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The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Dismal, huge, charmless pikemungusly chavtastic. But un-walk-past-ably cheap. Very poor service, and drinkers who know no etiquette of queuing for attention. Non smoking section which reeks of smoke.

But come on, a curry, poppadoms, chutney, nan bread and a pint of just this side of drinkable lager for a fiver?

14 Jun 2005 10:48

All Bar One, Bloomsbury

I dont know why you're looking for comments, you get exactly what you order when you enter All Bar Ones anywhere. Nice lager, church chairs, good place for a guaranteed seat early on, revolving staff - by which I mean they don't go round in circles, I mean they don't stay long...

31 Mar 2005 13:30

The Litten Tree, Bournemouth

Sticky floored chav infested simian bouncered replibar. Cavernous inside, the only plus points were watching people old enough to know better dancing-as-comedy. Air of latent violence, easy to imagine it 'all kicking off'.

20 Dec 2004 21:45

Bar Vin, Bournemouth

I like this pub, even though it falls into the 'church chairs' category. Its big and airy, does cheap cocktails through the week, relatively quiet and the staff are pleasant. One of the better pubs on the street.

20 Dec 2004 21:42

The Anchor Inn, Garelochhead

Slaughtered lamb more like. Dark and unfriendly, a local pub for local people.

20 Dec 2004 21:39

The Glencairn Lounge, Dumbarton

Dismal, dark, no music and can be deadly quiet - a classic Scottish pub. Full of Rennie Mackintosh design which has been spoiled by cheap 'refurbishment' - that said its got nice staff and probably the pick in the town.

20 Dec 2004 21:37

Point 101, Bloomsbury

Dismal sticky floored charmless I-hate-myself-and-my-life type of establishment. Watched a tramp peeing agains the window one night which was the highlight.

20 Dec 2004 21:32

The Bull And Mouth, Holborn

Closed. Shame, didn't like the pub much but their Kronenburg was nice. It is to let, so not closed for refurbishment.

20 Dec 2004 21:28

The Old Crown, Bloomsbury

Nice pub, private rooms available upstairs and a decent pint of Urquell. A tad pricey.

20 Dec 2004 21:27

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