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Comments by LONDONASBO

The Edmund Halley, Lee

Avoid like the common plague poor service poor everything always out of products and shines a bad light on the JDW brand rather go lewisham spoons or Greenwich

4 Apr 2011 21:47

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

had a great time here, good atmosphere good beer and all together a fantastic new years here.

4 Jan 2010 00:46

Great Harry, Woolwich

Came in here on New years eve before i went somewhere more interesting to spend my new years. popped in there was two ladies working the floor. they wasn't exactly wearing typical wetherspoon uniform. one had 2-3 inches heels and the other had boots with a low cut top on. more suitable for other places . the atmosphere was like the moon. service quick unsurprisingly as there was more staff than customers. good selection ales and good service however not the place i would like to be after midnight... would come again as ales and staff are good, not the best but in woolwich this pub is certainly the one of choice.

4 Jan 2010 00:42

The Gate Clock, Greenwich

staff cant speak english, toilets always a mess on the weekend and really bad service.

5 Oct 2009 13:47

Great Harry, Woolwich

GOOD food GOOD drink GOOD service however the manager could cheer up a bit and it lacks ATMOSPHERE not the best wetherspoon but not the worst.

5 Oct 2009 13:45

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