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Comments by King_Pubby

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Went here 18 months ago and was mildly impressed. Returned recently and was less so. Had a terrible pint of Adnams Broadside, and despite the bar being quite long they were only serving in one small bit of it leading to an unseemly scrum to get served. The men's toilet was broken as it was on my previous visit. On the plus side the lager selection is decent (bottles of Birra Morreti), and it's got a big garden which I expect is good in the summer.

30 Mar 2008 20:44

Firefly, Clapham Common

Good bar. Friendly staff. Decent selection of lagers, and menu is good and reasonably priced.

18 Apr 2007 21:35

The Microbar, Battersea

Great venue. Massive selection of ales. Friendly staff and atmosphere. Completely free of the rubgy shirted goons you get in some of the other bars in this area.

18 Apr 2007 21:33

The Goat, Battersea

Excellent selection of ales and lagers. However, the service is so poor you may never get to actually drink any. Last time I was in here, they had less than half of their food menu (which is actually quite good) available at 6pm on a Sunday evening.

18 Apr 2007 21:31

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