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Comments by Honeybadger

The Bear Hotel, Devizes

New Chef who has 'upgraded' the menu and binned the old popular favourites to the detriment of choice. Prices to match of course! Beer is also no longer well kept. Managers son thinks he is Gods gift to bar management and is universally loathed by the normally very competent staff. Gents toilets flood when it rains. Log fires kept alive by customers as a rule as logs are rationed ! Lounge bar populated by strange escapees from care homes, or at least should be in one.

2 Feb 2014 14:52

The White Lion, Cricklade

Now shut and sold for residential.

5 Dec 2013 22:09

The Old Nick, Wootton Bassett

Now even worse.....................

4 Oct 2013 08:15

Old Bell, Warminster

Re-opens 15th October after much needed refurb!

3 Oct 2013 08:46

Red Lion, Wootton Bassett

Full of pikies for karoke on Saturdays and Sundays. Scum.

3 Oct 2013 08:40

The Waggon and Horses, Wootton Bassett

Currently run on a TAW, manager in on behalf of a third party who is getting out as soon as his Sky contract finishes in 5 months. Well done Enterprise!

3 Oct 2013 08:35

Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton

Now run by Hannah and Ryan and what a difference! They've been here a month and the difference in attitude couldn't be more marked. Didn't eat but listened to comments from the ones who did, it was all very complimentary. Ok so it's only Waddies beer but the world's not perfect. By the way their own brand Stout, Corvus, beats Guinness hands down !

3 Oct 2013 08:09

Eliot Arms, South Cerney

Nightmare landlady, Chef has walked!

18 Aug 2013 10:52

The Bees Knees, Cirencester


18 Aug 2013 10:50

The Cross Keys, Wootton Bassett

Remember this is the same company that had a mysterious fire at the Beaufort Arms which is now all housing......................

18 Aug 2013 10:46

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

Now boarded up after eviction of drug dealers.

18 Aug 2013 10:44

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

Shut, for sale as 'former pub' so thats that !!

29 Apr 2013 09:52

The George, Wraysbury

Sorry to disillusion you but keg returners are commonly available for about 60 in the back pages of the Publicans Morning Advertiser and others, and are in common usage in far too many pubs.

3 Oct 2012 10:10

The Assembly Rooms, Epsom

Sorry mate but if you think that's bad try Spoons London Inn in Torquay!!!

2 Oct 2012 18:17

Red Lion, Paulton

Well we popped in again on our way through, Sunday.
Screaming rugrats in the food area; two vile 4 year olds sat at bar on stools whining while mother swigged pints. Local alcoholic scum from the Lamb propping up bar. Sky Sports bellowing out in 'quiet area' for one pleb. One barman struggling, 5 pubescent girls hanging about as 'waitresses'.
Pub is on Punch web site. 'Nuff said.

2 Oct 2012 18:16

The Downgate, Hungerford

I completely agree about this lovely pub, it's one of the few Arkells haven't screwed up. Long may it survive!

16 Sep 2012 17:27

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

Definitely the best real pub in Bath; will be there tomorrow morning when I've finished arguing with the Halifax. Hope the Exmoor Gold is still on then the boss can drive home!

16 Sep 2012 11:16

The Old Smithy Inn, Welcombe

Unless I missed it, was the error admitted and refunded? If a card payment it can be done without the need to refer back to the client. If cash I am amazed they haven't pursued it. I confess to being a little surprised that a 30 overcharge wasn't noticed at the time by the clients !

13 Sep 2012 11:55

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

Just heard Arkells have sold the freehold to the current incumbents, which means a possible decent freehouse in Bassett at last! Good luck to them say I and many others I suspect.

8 Sep 2012 10:10

The Old Nick, Wootton Bassett

Lease for sale, free of tie, 59k, 40k rent.

8 Sep 2012 10:08

Red Lion, Paulton

Well, dropped in again as I am rather fascinated by this outlet!!
Menus on tables, food A boards everywhere outside, so I was laughing in my reasonable pint of Butcombe when two gentlemen came in, collected their pints and sat with menus only to be told when trying to order 'sorry no food today' !
The quiet area is now to have big screen Sky Sports, the outside decking in the rear is to be closed off as the local idiots are offending people as they walk through the dining area for a cigarette or pint. Landlord openly called Quasimodo by pissed up apache the other night, he's short and stooped but trying hard to pretend he didn't hear. The C word much in evidence. Dog ends every where by the two entrances. Symonds cider to go in favour of Thatchers Traditional. Carling to replace one of the lagers. All this in three weeks! This is like watching a slow motion car crash.

3 Sep 2012 19:49

The Clocktower, Torquay

Lease for sale with Bettesworth at 65k, not a hope. Turnover down 100k. 'nuff said!

1 Sep 2012 12:06

Red Lion, Paulton

Well went in again this week. Two weeks after re-opening. What a disaster.
3 ciders? one on. 3 ales one one. Staff headless chickens. 5 eating, mistakes all over, beefburger becomes chickenburger, etcetera etcetera. Toilets awful. Landlady up her ar**se. No locals. No cards. No wifi. No landline . Nuff said?

30 Aug 2012 15:08

The Golden Cross, Cirencester

I called in last week on my way to another pub just to see the much vaunted improvements the Arkells Dynasty have been trumpeting to the press, and to grab a sandwich. I wish I hadn't bothered! Service was slovenly, I sent my 3B's back, (after an argument), the second was as bad and got the old 'well no-one else has complained' excuse. Toilets awful. I left. Typical Arkells pub.

11 Aug 2012 10:38

The Rose and Crown, Warminster

Always running out of ales and lagers, especially on Sundays. Stop spending money on poorly attended bands and return to 6 handpulls full of ale !
Once very good pub, now dying, especially with JDW in town.
Landlady tired and bored.

1 Aug 2012 17:38

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Well, as promised I went back yesterday.
The barman had changed for the better.
The Funky Monkey was on its last legs. Temperature better.
My wifes chips were a very strange colour, the taste was also a bit indeterminate.
I stuck to the carpet in the hallway to the loos because of spilt food: the kitchen is at the end of the corridor.
Better, but needs to take a serious look at itself.

JDW have taken the Bath Arms in the center so to succeed the MA has to raise its game now !

1 Aug 2012 17:34

The Guss and Crook, Timsbury

Dump. Typical Admiral hole, on market, full of inbreds. AVOID

30 Jul 2012 17:17

The Bath Arms Hotel, Warminster

I was informed by two Admiral BDM's this week that JDW have taken the lease !! If so it's the kiss of death for most of the towns pubs with the exception of the Organ.

28 Jul 2012 09:41

The Bell, Buckland Dinham

Greenheart and Melody have pretty much summed up this pub. Bar is attractive and quirky but drinkers with no food are the pariahs. My son took his family here a few weeks ago and was very disappointed. Staff and Licensee are too far up their own a*ses for their own good. They have lost sight of their aim to the great god Food. Shame.

27 Jul 2012 09:29

The Masons Arms, Meysey Hampton

Another Arkells cock up ! Stick Pam Ayres useful hunting and fishing mate of the Arkells in and it can't go wrong. And oh boy did it !!!! Worse than before and the beer dreadful !! New people in now so will go in soon and report back. Why oh why don't the Arkells ever read these reviews and learn? Answers on a postcard to George Arkell.......................

20 Jul 2012 11:18

The Tavern Inn, Kemble

Typical Arkells outlet, no input from the Brewer to make sure his pubs reflect his attitude.............ah! maybe they do? AVOID

20 Jul 2012 11:14

The Churchill, Wootton Bassett

Place full of screaming kids running riot and microwaved fodder. Perfectly dreadful; stay away !

20 Jul 2012 09:54

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

I note that the Arkells website shows pictures of the interior 4 years ago. It also makes reference to a collection of chamber pots that went over 10 years ago. The only thing they have bothered to update is the name and picture of the sign!!
Typical of the attitude they take with most of their outlets sad to say.

20 Jul 2012 09:51

The Red Lion, Cricklade

I went here last Friday to attend an old friends wake, having drunk here in the past.

I don't know who writes some of theses reviews, or maybe I was in the wrong pub?

Bar staff surly and incompetent and just out of school. Operations Manageress like a headless chicken and so far up her own a*rse it was unreal. Tables dirty and sticky, no drip mats. Ten pumps only six of which had beer in them, unable to get an explanation for that. My Moles Best was indifferent to say the least. Bar was obviously changed to suit food operation. Blackboards everywhere written in childrens handwring extolling the food. Carpet disgusting.

This pub was once a beer mecca and a deserved South West CAMRA pub of the year having been runner up the year before. It is now trading on a reputation it does not deserve.

Met a bloke putting in an off for the White Lion over the road, if he gets it right it will be all to the good for beer drinkers and a kick in the backside for this place!!!

30 Jun 2012 18:33

Red Lion, Paulton

Punch financing major repairs before it falls down; internally being changed but no one knows what its going to be. Food driven almost certainly. All the morons who used to drink here have migrated to the Lamb, (if they weren't barred) and the Winterfield.

27 Jun 2012 20:20

The Lamb Inn, Paulton

Clean, warm, good toilets, 2 ales well kept. Very big plasmas for horse racing and football. Pool too. Very strange locals. Do not take your mother, wife or kids.

27 Jun 2012 20:17

The Woodshaw Inn, Wootton Bassett

Usual Arkells beer in poorer condition than usual. Pub structure is falling apart. Needs knocking down and the bricks used on something useful. Suggestions on a post card to George Arkell who will ask his secretary to explain the content.

24 Jun 2012 10:01

The Stones Cross Hotel, Midsomer Norton

Completely agree, drugs, pikeys, inbreds. Never again.

18 Jun 2012 10:56

The White Hart Hotel, Midsomer Norton

Being turned round by Wilf, Doombar and Bass straight from the barrel behind the bar, Judy the barmaid is worth a visit !! Lots of old but interesting locals during the day, some odd characters in the evening. Drinkers pub pure and simple. Oh and it has 5 daily pubs available.

18 Jun 2012 10:53

The Greyhound Hotel, Midsomer Norton

Shut, up for grabs on Punch site !

18 Jun 2012 10:51

The Vale of the White Horse Inn, Minety

Pretty much a pikey hang out in the evening, daytime is ok.

18 Jun 2012 10:38

The George Inn, Kempsford

Lovely old pub, lovely setting, very popular with the grey pound and ladies who lunch. Ideal to take your mum! One of the few Arkells pubs worth a visit.

18 Jun 2012 10:31

The Eight Bells Inn, Fairford

Just read that Kassy Harris has taken over after leaving the White Lion in Cricklade (now for sale) which may or may not be good, but she will still be fighting a huge uphill battle, especially against the other Arkells pub in the town The Plough. Hopefully the tarmacers and metal thieves will not follow her!

18 Jun 2012 10:19

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

Current tenants have handed their notice in, suspect will be sold on but not as a pub as one decent dedicated real ale house would crucify the rest.

18 Jun 2012 10:12

The Lion Inn, Winchcombe

Does anybody know if this has re-opened and if so whats it like?

18 Jun 2012 10:08

The Sun Inn, Winchcombe

Not a place to take your mum ! Very late drinking. Not tourist friendly in the slightest. Avoid.

18 Jun 2012 10:03

Railway Inn, Fairford

!st review was accurate but new licensees made the 2nd review more pertinent. Worth noting the local landlords drink here!

16 Jun 2012 11:09

The Eight Bells Inn, Fairford

Changed hands a few times now, typical Arkells pub. Unrealistic rents, poor brewery support, indifferent beers; though that may change now Don Bracher has been eased out and Alex Arkell is now brewing. You have to feel sorry for any landlord here as he cannot compete with The Railway opposite.

16 Jun 2012 11:07

The John Barleycorn, Warminster

Indifferent staff, lack lustre drinks, thumping music at weekends, usually a punch up between local morons and squaddies, (when will they learn these boys are trained to kick ass?), and toilets best avoided.

13 Jun 2012 09:44

The Fortune of War, Torquay

Totally agree!

11 Jun 2012 10:29

The Cider Press, Torquay

Lease just sold to Camelot next door, so major changes coming, including build works and prices: watch this space!

11 Jun 2012 10:28

The Clocktower, Torquay

If you don't like football do not even think of going here when matches are on!

Local gossip is current licensees are desperate to get out!

11 Jun 2012 10:27

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Well, to dip a toe in the water on this one................
I recently returned to Warminster to see an old drinking buddy and went here to see the improvements since the last disastrous pair behind the bar.
This was a Sunday afternoon and had maybe 8 people across the bars, however the barman couldn't get his phone out of his ear the whole time I was there, (3 pints), and that included whilst serving. I returned the first pint due to the large number of 'tadpoles' in it; you would have thought an apology? You would have thought I was asking him to perform an indecent act! The next pints were all way above optimum temperature. My companion drank lager, now I can see why.
Advice? Sack the barman, fix the cask coolers, train staff in correct service and offer ice with soft drinks. Oh, and control the language of the muppets in the public bar.
Good points? My wife insisted I check out the ladies! 11/10, very good indeed!!

And before anyone gets picky, I'm a retired ex-South West Camra winning Landlord!

11 Jun 2012 10:07

The Jolly Tar, Hannington

Lovely building. Typical Arkells pub, changes hands regularly, 'nuff said.

10 Jun 2012 14:30

The The New Calley Arms, Hodson

I think these reviewers are talking about the Calley Arms (Wadworth) in Hodson, not the New Calley the address refers to. The n
New Calley has been run by Simon and Leslie for over 12 tears and is in truth a really decent pub. To say Simon is quirky would be an understatement. Thoroughly recommend a visit.

10 Jun 2012 14:29

The Anchor Inn, Swanage

Absolutely awful pub full of benefit bandits and alkies. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

10 Jun 2012 14:02

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

Completely agree about awful service and surly attitude. Food poor and overpriced. Beer average. Poor choice. Trading on a reputation it simply does not deserve. Only saving grace is the view.

10 Jun 2012 13:59

The White Hart Hotel, Cricklade

Made the mistake of going in here. Very indifferent Arkells ales, food mediocre, toilets so so, staff oblivious to the world unless you were tweeting or texting.

Forget this dump, go to the Bear.

10 Jun 2012 09:35

The Swan at Southrop Ltd, Southrop

Agreed, lovely building and setting, but drinkers not wanted. Unless your one of the 'celebs' that hang out here forget it. Staff not in the least interested in the common man, and boy, does it show in the way your treated. Food indifferent too.

10 Jun 2012 09:30

The Riverside, Lechlade

I agree completely about the Landlord and staff; they couldn't give a sh*t. That's one good reason for Arkells to stop pretending managed houses work. Dirty, terrible toilets. Maybe James Arkell should kick his son George up the arse and turn up as a guest of someone else after the order is on the table, he might learn a thing or two.

Somehow I doubt it.

7 Jun 2012 10:57

The Winterfield Inn, Paulton

Holly leaves next Tuesday, new licensees new to the trade......................
Farewell party this Friday (27th) Venezualan Pig Rustlers perform.

26 Apr 2012 15:15

The Wunder Bar, Midsomer Norton


26 Apr 2012 15:12

The Royal Oak, Winchcombe

Just re-opened after refurb and managed by the excellent Giles Evans, (small but perfectly formed!), outstanding views and good service.

26 Apr 2012 14:47

The White Hart, Winchcombe

The last time I was in this pub earlier this year a local pissed up apache soiled himself at the bar, and I ain't talking fluids. Will NOT be back.

26 Apr 2012 14:44

The Wild Duck Inn, Ewen

This pub has a patchy history and has cyclical bouts of in/out with the Ag College students. Tends to be rather up its own ass and the non regular punter has a different attitude from the staff. The last pint of Duck Pond Bitter I had went straight back with the suggestion it would be better served with chips!

26 Apr 2012 14:40

The Old Nick, Wootton Bassett

Want to buy illicit substances? This is the place for you!!!

26 Apr 2012 14:28

The Borough Arms, Wootton Bassett

Stuart has now noved on from both pubs to the Conservative Club, the pub is more of a tea room than a pub and I gather the wine is very expensive!

26 Apr 2012 14:26

The Horse and Jockey, Ashton Keynes

Sorry to say driven to closure by Pubco, Punch or Enterprise I can't remember which. However given the size of the sight it will soon be developed I bet.

26 Apr 2012 14:23

The White Lion, Cricklade

Sad to say another once good pub bites the dust. Now full of itinerant tarmac layers and metal aquirers, so no locals at all. Pub now for sale with Savills at 400k which is twice what its worth. Stay away unless bare knuckle fighter.

26 Apr 2012 14:09

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