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Comments by Hertsman1

Stokes and Moncreiff, Twickenham

Impressed. Lot better now they have done something nice with it. Only 4 hand pumps but the manager stressed if it goes well he will get more in. Ale was well kept and dining/drinking areas quite well defined.

26 Feb 2014 17:00

Waterend Barn, St Albans

Another good visit tonight and whilst it is quieter than before, the clientele is massively improved. No hint of trouble and the staff were all smart and attentive. Bring on more over 21 pubs!

29 Jan 2011 03:21

Waterend Barn, St Albans

Hertsboy do you have a life??
I think the staff are great and tonight engaged well with 2 lovely girls behind the bar.
I would still rather drink here than most of the other city centre pubs and judging by your comments Hertsboy, so would you or you would give it a wide berth!

4 Dec 2010 01:58

Waterend Barn, St Albans

I think it depends what you are looking for with regard to this pub.
During the daytime it is a good example of a Wetherspoon pub. Reasonable ales and food at a good price in a beautiful setting.
At weekends it becomes a Lloyds bar with DJs, music and dancing.
Two very different animals but you know what you are getting before you enter.
The earlier comment about googling assault seems unfair. If you google any nightclub/late night bar with the word assault, you will get hits. It seems the majority of St Albans goes to this pub on a weekend night so it can't be too bad and feel sure the police would intervene if there was a serious problem.
You get what you pay for and if you want an expensive pint then go to any of the other pubs in St Albans but if you want a value pint in a beautiful old building with maybe a dance later, give it a go.

29 Jan 2010 08:31

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