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Comments by Henners

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

I do not understand how the beer quality can go from very good to very poor under the same management, been poor for well over a year now. Shame was a good pub.

21 Jun 2016 12:27

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Still a great pub with well kept ales, looking forward to next weeks beer festival . I hope they have B&T'S Dragon slayer to ward off the landlady though!

19 Apr 2015 19:05

The Atlas, West Brompton

I have stopped going here for the same reason, they have killed what was the best pub/Gastro pub in London with this attitude. Got to also add the boring choice of ales hasn't helped either. Staff still pleasant though. well said Grovetown

10 Apr 2014 14:15

The Bearded Man, St Albans

I tripped over a very lengthy grey beard on entering and fell into the beer gut of all beer guts, and was bounced straight to the bar area, Result. On offer were , Back Street's brewery , Discarded Razor clippings and Y Valley's Large White Pants, a subtle beer with hints of old spice and gout scrapings. The place looked more like an office but did have a lot of books about beer in it. I would have added a photo but did not have my CAMRA with me. 10

17 Feb 2014 17:34

The Boot, St Albans

Daft name, I don't think there were bars when this was named about five hundred years ago

16 Feb 2013 19:11

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Popped in a few times over Xmas, the beer range was simply superb, Magic Rock, Marble , mallinsons, Oakham etc. The beer brewed on the premises was excellent too. Well done

8 Jan 2013 12:05

Plan B, Copenhagen

It is now closed, I went last year and it did seem a bit rubbish , so not Surprised!

4 Oct 2012 10:07

Bryggeriet Apollo, Copenhagen

Big light restaurant where they brew their own beers . The oktoberfest beer was good but very expensive. lovely looking copper tuns and a clean loo with copper sinks was a nice touch but there are better places in Copenhagen to drink beer. Food menu limites to lots of meat and meat .

4 Oct 2012 10:06

BrewPub KÝbenhavn, Copenhagen

Didn't like the beer in here, dark or light they tasted a bit similar, oaky kind of taste. Lights years away from The Mikkeller Bar who had some great beer.

4 Oct 2012 10:01

The Defector's Weld, Shepherds Bush

mordern looking bar opposite the green , comfy sofas etc expensive looking but somehow very bland . Five ales on which were not particularly remarkable but Ive only been here once so maybe other days choice is better. Best bet within short distance of station for an ale if that's your taste.

26 Sep 2012 17:11

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Big one bar pub with lots of Milton beers from Cambridge on, young crowd for an ale house with excellent pizza on offer. I stick to the two guest beers as I haven't found a Milton beer I really like yet.

26 Sep 2012 17:07

The Cock Tavern, Hackney

Tidy little pub with a good young crowd when I visited on friday, local beers were ok but the Marble Summer was superb. The Italian behind the bar was very friendly and knowledgable about his wares, more space than the Southampton arms which was good. I had a pork pie that was'nt to shabby but they don't do alot else, The Pembury up the road does marvellous Pizza but those Milton beers are so so.

26 Sep 2012 17:03

The White Lion, St Albans

I see the lease is up for sale , Hope it doesn't ruin what is a great pub

26 Sep 2012 10:02

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

I come to Wareham regularly and this was the pub I always used to go to but the beer quality hasn't been the same for a while now and my usual Fish pie is about half the size and not as tasty as it used to be. Shame as The Kings Head has a boring choice of beer but served much better. ( my kids miss the fish tank too)

25 Sep 2012 13:55

The Castle Inn, Corfe Castle

went in here in the middle of August as I had heard they had good beer here, They only had the dreaded Doombar on So I left swiftly.

25 Sep 2012 13:52

Harry Smiths, St Albans

is that like a see through Bra?

21 Sep 2012 11:57

The Village Inn, Arrochar

Agree with below, was served by a charmless redhead with pigtails and tattoos down one arm, why be in a service industry with a stinking attitude. The ale was good as always but i didn't eat this time as the lass behind the bar put me off, I went to the chippy down the road instead. I will be back though as I like the location looking over Loch Long and the Fyne ales, I just hope it was an off day.

15 Aug 2012 19:27

The Six Bells, St Albans

Up for sale , 1.3 mill seems a alot for a pub but its a great pub in a great location.

16 Jul 2012 19:58

The Plough, Lower Cadsden

Full of eight year old Tory girls running around on their own,I asked for an Ale , I think called Coalition but they said it was off, The toilets were all clegged up too, so I chequred out quickly.

11 Jun 2012 09:58

The Spotted Bull, St Albans

came in on the saturday night before xmas , it was dead, beer choice was a Tring beer and two other boring national beers , was hoping for a Hophead as previous poster, ive looked at their last pub on BITE and see that has mates posting for them too. You have alot of work to do here as the pub is quite scruffy and not close enough to town to get the punters in. Hope it goes well as it would be nice to have an alternative to the other ale based houses.

29 Dec 2011 16:04

The Halfway House, Brenchley

Been in her about half a dozen times and its always been very good, the first time I came across it it had a beer fest on, I like the way they have a kids garden and an adult garden. They always have local beer on from Goacher , Rother as well as beers like Betty Stogs from Cornwall. The food I had on the 23rd was good and about the right price. The beer is gravity fed so if you are a northerner , think like november 5th and bring your sparklers with you as there is less head than usual. Top pub!

29 Dec 2011 15:53

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

My wife insisted I go here even though I said "Tourist trap will be crap" So we braved this large dark pub with good views for the lucky few with window views, and I definitly think it exceded by presumption of crapliness into a new world of dog turderm extreme, an hour for the food to arrive , mine the fish pie with bits of fish caught in the triassic period and the vegetables arrived looking pitiful , and im sure I heard a little cry from them of "Water water" they were dryer than that guy from Ice cold in Alex. The beer was from Adams and a Brentwood blonde which was duller than the Essex girls.
My wife said under bited lips " you were right" and then said " no wonder people jump from here , they probably had to eat that garbage"
M&B hang your heads in shame!

29 Dec 2011 15:43

The Rose and Crown, Sandridge

We we all look out for lots of excellent reviews of a pub in Stevenage now then

9 Dec 2011 16:31

The Rose and Crown, Sandridge

Found them very friendly here, the food looks good although I have not eaten it. The beer choice was a average and served just about ok. I am tempted to mark it down as I do not like owners and friends commenting on their pub as it makes pubs difficult to judge for the rest of us. If you feel its that good you shouldn't need to do that.

30 Nov 2011 09:50

The Queens Head, Sandridge

annoyingly says no kids allowed by law, other pubs allow kids under the same law , like the Elephant and castle where we ended up for sunday dinner. If you don't want kids just be honest don't hide behind license laws that no one else adheres to, also don't offer the garden when its pissing down with rain. nobody was eating , and about ten blokes in there , quite loud , making it feel like a clique pub , but then what do I know from one recent visit!

9 Sep 2011 20:20

The Dickens Inn, Tower Hill

large pub in a great location, beer was terrible,didn't try food as it looked too expensive for what I saw on peoples plates. Such a shame a pub can have a location like this but be so poor, just to finalise its utter crapdom it had one of the guys selling stuff and wanting you to give him a quid in the loos. St Katherines dock always worth a visit on a sunny day though.

8 Sep 2011 12:32

Kilcreggan Hotel, Kilcreggan

popped in here again at the beginning of august , was busy with alot of people eating , the ales were a Bass and a kelburn Gold something. I think they change the ales regularly here. Locals also seem very friendly in here, only minus would be the garden which could be oh so much better.

5 Sep 2011 19:46

The King William IV, St Albans

I have to say I am surprised at the recent downers on this pub, I been popping in now and again over the last 15 years and I feel it was always been a rotten pub whatever the name of it is, in fact I like Ember signs as its a nice big sign telling you not to bother coming into this crumby M&B rubbish, If you like their pathetic efforts at pubs you might as well go and get mad cow desease at The Prey for about £3.69 for eat as much turd as you like .
Although there are a few of the Nicholsons pubs in London that are quite good!

3 Sep 2011 14:23

The Dolphin, Weymouth

I think the Landlord just proved your point about this one Slerpy! as the kids would say LOL

30 Aug 2011 10:13

The Castle, Bodiam

Great garden here to sit and try and enjoy your Sheps beer, at the end of the garden a little stream , and further on a little Steam with the view of the Kent and East Sussex railway.

26 Aug 2011 16:01

Tullie Inn, Balloch

back again this year, worst service I have ever had in a pub, and Ive been to a few. The beer was very sour but not quite as sour as the pathetic , slow rude barstaff. If you are going to be in a service industry learn to smile , learn to serve . If you got of the train here as a tourist and this was your welcome to Loch Lomond I don't think you would come back.

26 Aug 2011 15:57

The Mermaid, St Albans

Had a marvellous pint of a 9% Oakham beer in here a couple of weeks ago, thats what you get here, good ale to try. Dulldolly, is this a gay pub? I did see the exterior of the pub eyeing up The Peacock once when it had that shockingly bright orange paint job.

26 Aug 2011 15:53

The Salehurst Halt, Robertsbridge

Has a beautiful garden on a fine summers day, with views over the hills , a ping pong table to mess around on and most importantly for me, well served beer. The last visit I made I had a lovely couple of pints of Thornbridge Kipling.

26 Aug 2011 15:43

George Inn, Eccleshall

The worst example of a Brewery Tap you would ever see, although the beer isn't brewed on site anymore it should still be their flagship pub, beer quality was average to low. Slaters beers used to be ones I would look for at a beer festival or pub and I have even been to the George a few times in previous years to sample their wares but it all seems to have gone Pete Tong, the pub was empty while the Royal Oak, Bell and Badger were very busy. Maybe Slaters should look at Titanic as an example of local beers doing the right thing or they will go bust.

15 Aug 2011 09:18

The Kings Arms, Stoborough

I caught the end of the beer fest this year and have to say it was very poor quality, not much point really having one is there if the beers poor

5 Jul 2011 18:37

The Taps, Lytham St Annes

Greene king pub with a better choice than the average King pub. very well conditioned beer in a lovely pub, thought the beer choice could have been a little better but a very good , welcoming pub.

21 Mar 2011 20:48

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

liked the vibe in here with the Jazz on Vinly, not as beer geekery as expected. 12 ales and about five ciders so is a beervana for those like me who like ale. . The beers included brewdog and Thornbridge beers who mostly deliver the goods.Shame the Gospel oak station doesnt seem to have trains at weekends as would be visiting more often.

21 Mar 2011 20:46

The Courtfield, Earls Court

walked in here saturday when straight to piss stinking toilets, lucky for me my mates hadn't been served yet so we could leave without buying. What a toilet of a pub, went down the vastly superior Blackbirds instead.

21 Mar 2011 20:41

The Red Lion, Preston

Had a lovely shep pie in here last week and a couple of pints of Goats Milk which was perfect even though I was the first in on the day. Lovely village full of the rich, asked a guy if there were any small house in Preston , he said "oh no" Funny Iwent to the Preston the city a couple of weeks ago , the contrast is amazing , wealth and poverty . The garden here is excellent too,and if you like a good ale not to far to the excellent Strathmore Arms which has a differerent sort of charm.

21 Mar 2011 20:38

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

proper pub this one, back steet friendly pub with five real ales in which are served just about ok. Definetly worth popping into if you are on your way to the Southampton.

21 Mar 2011 20:32

The Windsor Castle, Kensington

worth a visit , interesting inside too many booked tables and had a poor pint of Copper Dragon,will try again hoping its an off beer day. The Uxbridge which I have been to a few times has much better beer than here, shame could be a classic.

21 Mar 2011 20:29

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

perfectly served pint of pride in here, in a busy pub with Winston memorabillia absoloutely everwhere , but no mention of Derek and Clives worst ever job. Had a good Thai meal in here with all dishes at £7.50 which isn't to bad for round here.

21 Mar 2011 20:27

The Black Horse Inn, Byworth

A good pub thats a bit restauranty, we had a fine meal and some ok beer, there were four ales on , Youngs and three local ales which were not perfectly conditioned when i went in, one was called Hip hop which tasted a bit like a poor mans Hophead, brewed by Langhams I think. Bar staff were very good in here.

21 Mar 2011 20:23

The Shovels, Blackpool

wasn't as good beer choice wise as last time I was in, strange pub, like a chef and brewer but with good beers , Im not sure I would bother again coming out of town for as its easier to get a train to Lytham than to get here. Still better than the turds of pubs in Blackpool

21 Mar 2011 20:18

The Market Tavern, Preston

another sruffy Preston pub with a right miserable lass behing the bar when I was in, didn't think the beer was all that either. Only been in once so might have been a bad day.

21 Mar 2011 20:15

The Black Horse Hotel, Preston

Nice pub if you like Robbies beers, went during the day and it looked a bit tired , needs some loving care. The interior is good but could be so much better with some tlc, beer was in good nick.

21 Mar 2011 20:13

The Atlas, West Brompton

Oi En cantrell, no answer yet to your operating theatre,was in their saturday noticed the guy behind the bar called Mark, I will think it was you unlesss you let me see your reviews on other sites. Beer was ok on saturday but choice has got more boring.

6 Dec 2010 19:15

Bar 62, St Albans

I was in briefly last night , never seen it so dead, it was the girls behind the bar who looked miserable to me, went back to The Blacksmith which was really busy with a great band on.

27 Nov 2010 10:28

The Atlas, West Brompton

Its over 30 games a season now with cup games which is more than twice month, and enough to know the beer quality has gone down. If on your other site someone mentioned one pub, talked about beer, coffee and wine wouldn't it sound like an advert. How often do you go in there and what site do you "operate " on so I can see your fair and honest opinions, I shall put my hands up apologise and even buy you a pint.

25 Nov 2010 17:04

The Atlas, West Brompton

its a good pub , beer not as good as it was. Sort this out before reviewing yourselves or getting mates too, it ruins this site an is obvious when you only have ever reviewed one pub. Check me and the last opinion we can give an HONEST opinion.

25 Nov 2010 08:00

The Wellington, Birmingham

16 hand pumps of well tasting ale, one long room. You order your ale by number, Im used to getting fried rice when I order by numbers but they do not do food in here. I liked it alot but prefer the Pubiness of the Anchor . Only been here twice so might find it more cosy if I was a regular, which I would be if I was local.

23 Nov 2010 11:14

, Digbeth

Liked this place more than the so popular Wellington, has three rooms and a snug if I remember . Excellent ale and a diverse crowd when I went in early saturday evening. Just seemed more like a pub than the Wellington where they one long room and you order the beer by numbers. I don't have to worry about ticks as im bald.

23 Nov 2010 11:07

Blue Anchor, St Albans

Jimmy Hill

23 Nov 2010 08:34

The Atlas, West Brompton

I go to this pub most home games and the quality of the beer has noticiably gone down hill, had a terrible pint of Otter the other day. Its a shame as its been spot on for the last few years, the new manager is obviously not an ale fan. Will be sticking to the Sloaney pony now until I hear beer quality is back. Also noticed them reserving tables which they had never done before, last time I ate the food was still ok.

19 Nov 2010 13:41

Blue Anchor, St Albans

Too right mr Diggler ,promoting yourself and slagging of the opposition is low grade. Wanker. I won't be going there again, even though I thought it was ok, value for money , you are having a Bubble bath

18 Nov 2010 11:56

The Harwood Arms, Fulham

Sorry but the Atlas kicks this place's arse , the way they order to stay by the bar is just rude. It is not a gastro pub it is a restaurant.

4 Nov 2010 16:17

The City Arms, Manchester

Agree with below, proper pub with good ales , good service and good Banter. I would change its name to the Carefree Arms Though.

27 Sep 2010 17:09

The Angel, Manchester

Quiet for a Saturday night but a good pint of Hornbeam . They had about five or six Ales on. There was a guy playing the Joanna who was a cross between Les dawson and Eric morecambe in style. Still a bit different. Too close to the excellent marble for you to want to stay too long, but still a 7 out of ten.

27 Sep 2010 17:05

The Marble Arch, Manchester

If you don't like this pub you might as well give up on Pubs and start trainspotting Starbucks.

27 Sep 2010 16:58

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Thought this was an excellently welcoming pub, best pint of Tetleys Ive had in years,which is lucky as that is all they had on , there isn't enough room to swing a Mancky cat in here ,two small rooms adorned with photo's half of which seemed to be George Best. They will serve you at the table as the bar is a about a foot long. The loos are surprisingly big compared to the rest of the place. Its right next door to the Old Monkey which isn't I am informed , called that after Carlos Tevez's head.

27 Sep 2010 16:55

The Perseverance, Bethnal Green

Hope your Pub is more organised than you mad moon guy

29 Aug 2010 22:43

The Harp, Covent Garden

Good condition Hophead on saturday, I think four Dark Star beers was a bit ott though as they also had two of the crap Wandle beers on. Still a fantastic pub.

18 Aug 2010 19:10

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

Had a few perfect pints of amarillo in here last night, two bar , very friendly pub. They had about eight real Ales and a cider on. The beer list is changing regularly. They do not do food other than crisps and alike.

18 Aug 2010 19:06

The Fox and Hounds, Houston

Beer still excellent and the bar food was very good too. On the downside its in Houston which is no where near where I live .

18 Aug 2010 19:03

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Attractive looking pub in the inside with a restaurant upstairs where I had a very Nice Haggis Neeps and Tatties, the beers were from Micros mainly , the only one I remember was the Houston Texas. The beers were on ok form only. I went in the afternoon and found the Dark bar downstairs led to every punter looking particularly miserable,maybe it was the rain,or them being on the fringe of the Fringe.

18 Aug 2010 19:00

The Bridge Inn, Ratho

Three ales on when I went in, Ossian, Deuchars and Speckled Hen. The food and beer was served well and the service was excellent. Pretty location next to the Union canal ,pub with mordern feel inside almost restauranty very pricey at £3.80 a pint.

13 Aug 2010 19:17

The Cross Keys, St Albans

Had a tasteless pint of ale in here, served probably by Kelvin as the beer was minus 273 in temp.

18 Jul 2010 08:30

Blue Anchor, St Albans

had some very good food in here the other day, but its not a pub anymore. It hasn't had many people in here for years now ,so I suppose they had to do something with it. The Rusty Anchor beer is not just rebadged Mcmullen Im assured, but a special brew just for this pub/Restaurant,so if you are a Ticker of beers ,you should come in,and then go down to The Six Bells where the beers taste better.
ps , they have a Celebrity Chef called Paul Bloxham running it,never heard of him my self but the people making his dishes for him , did a good job when I was in.

12 Jul 2010 14:30

The Eagle Ale House, Clapham

unpretentious sort of pub with excellent well served cask ale ,got a few well worn chesterfields thrown around and a few well worn customers,including myself. I like it alot. I would change the lagers on offer , as it might be hard to get my Lager swilling mates to come back in here with me.

12 Jul 2010 14:15

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Very convenient for Station, lots of different real ales nice looking pub,but something missing somehow. Its is good for watching the busy world outside go by if you can get one of the limited seats,maybe they should chop up the long bar and put more in, I mean the long bar isn't as good as The Horseshoe in Glasgow.

12 Jul 2010 14:06

The Mermaid, St Albans

yes I know I can't spell b4 some smart a points it out.

21 Jun 2010 20:57

The Mermaid, St Albans

kevin in hear keeps a very good pint of beer and always has a mild/Porter on which I like. I agree people have been a bit harsh about this place, im not sure why , maybe they are West brom fans? Its not as expensive as the White Lion which also serve a good pint but can be hard on the wallet.

21 Jun 2010 20:54

The Goat, St Albans

I have to say the Football they were showing last night was atrocious,the pub should do something about it. I spent alot of money on beer in there and I get served up clueless one paced football, they could have atleast had a recording of South American team to show us instead of this below mediocre mess, it just gets my Goat up so much.

19 Jun 2010 09:20

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

No he wasn't . My dad fought them in the war. The Germans do brew a good beer though and can take a good penalty. Are you a mate of Leghorn?

11 Jun 2010 18:04

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

He is entitled to his opinion, his other reviews are not negative,like some miserable sods who slag of everything, so whats your problem. Ive normally had a excellent beer here, but fests can sometimes be a let down. Using the C word is low grade and should only be used against bar staff who offer you john Smiths Smoothflow when they have no ale on.

11 Jun 2010 17:41

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Went up in May to Liverpool and did alot of the real ale pubs again, this one was fairly average and I found the staff rude, prefer The Baltic,Roscoe,Philarmonic and particularly the Ship and Mitre. Ive also reviewed more than one pub.

10 Jun 2010 15:14

The Horn, St Albans

Popped in last friday, paid me fiver but no ale on as promised! Went on the brown ale, atleast the music was good, not the usual covers bands like Bumford and Puns or something , someone called Sounding something but then had to leave early as was in search of Ale. Please put some cask ale on here.

25 May 2010 17:00

Holly Bush, St Albans

This is the sort of place you take your granny in to make sure she doesn't forget you in the will. All very clean and civilised and has had the same manger in since granny took her granny here. Fullers beers are usually on top form but have heard some bad remarks abour the cooking lager before.

17 May 2010 13:34

Green Man, Ickleford

no ale. terrible pub

20 Apr 2010 12:02

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Its like two pubs this,the lively side with footie ,bands etc and the other bar which is quiet and tends to have an older feel. The beer is always top quality, I stuck to a Nelson sauvin from Buntigford Brewery on Sunday night but they had another six on I think,mainly micros. Only been in half a dozen times as not local to me but have always been made welcome. I got lumbered into going to Champneys In Henlow with my lovely wife and this place was an oasis in the desert of health farm drivel, the clients in the pub seemed mostly slimmer than those in said farm. If Carlsberg made pubs this would be it ,but it wouldn't serve their piss! Actually it did have Fosters on , so caters for all.
landlord did seem to forget Derby's average attendance in the mid eighties was only 11 thousand though .

6 Apr 2010 19:19

Wheatsheaf, Crowborough

This is a good pub, why mark it down if you haven't been there. I been on a few occasions and the beer and welcome has been excellent. They have a good beer festival where they ask the locals what their favourite beers have been, and they try and get them in. Normally would have all the Harveys range in. It is certainly the best pub in the area ( except for youngsters)

19 Mar 2010 12:34

The Harp, Covent Garden

Jonaphon and Jilly went up the Pimlico to fetch a pail Of ale
Jonaphon fell down and broke his Wallet
And Jilly's Purse came tumbling after.
Up got Jon , and to the Harp did trot
The Cask not as good as on Paper

15 Mar 2010 09:43

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Great pub, Chavvy is under the illusion he is funny but his humour is flatter than kylies' chest, and as someone who has studied Psychology i would say that he is technically, what is known as " a nob "

6 Jan 2010 18:10

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Chav man, you seem to old to have all that angst, have you tried getting some friends or maybe prolonged spells of masturbation?

17 Dec 2009 16:14

The Bree Louise, Euston

Ive only been in half a dozen times but have to say the beer has always been disappointing. Only the odd pint is crystal clear, on beers which are clear in other places like the Harp. I think they would do better to keep a couple of easy to keep favourites like Dark Star or landlord, amongst all the others . maybe I have been unlucky or maybe some people think a good pub is somewhere with loads of Ale choice and a discount for CAMRA members.

3 Dec 2009 18:10

The White Horse, Parsons Green

This pub always served a good pint but since mr Dorbar left I think its got even better. The pub normally offers a number of real ales, belgium beers and other "world beers". I like it best when they have jaipur IPA or a Brewdog beer on. Have eaten hear a few times in the last few months and its of a good standard and price is ok considering the area. My only gripe would be the number of tables reserved and the world record prices for a burger at the Barby.

3 Dec 2009 18:03

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Lightly spray a non-stick frying pan with olive oil spray. Add green onion, spinach and dill, and cook over medium heat until spinach is wilted. Remove from pan and season with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Lightly spray pan again with a little oil. In a bowl, whisk egg whites with electric beaters until soft peaks form.

Add egg whites to the pan and cook over medium heat for 2 minutes or until nearly set. Sprinkle spinach filling over half the omelette and cook for further 3 minutes or until the base is golden.

Carefully fold over omelette to enclose filling. Serve immediately.


7 Nov 2009 11:04

Cock, St Albans

Serve a crap pint of Abott in here.

14 Oct 2009 19:01

O'Neills, St Albans

not been in for awhile but had to meet some old mates in there, had Black sheep on at £2.55 which was a bonus and quite well served . There was a good band on and a good atmosphere.
The Bouncers in here are a nightmare,especially the bald older guy,something from the eighties,having a go at a woman for nothing. I thought the power trip for these guys was a thing of the past. Shame on you.

8 Oct 2009 11:37

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

Too right, everytime I go in atleast a couple of beers are off, they serve too many. The Duke in Wareham serves their beer better than they do.

29 Sep 2009 10:24

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Friendly boozer with two good ales on when I went in, Landlord said he normally has three on. Had a few games of pool, would have stayed longer but they were not doing food.

25 Aug 2009 08:18

The Shovels, Blackpool

Had some very well priced food in here for all the familly and some excellent beer. The Brew Dog beer was particularly good when I went in. The pub itself looks a bit like many other food outlets like a Brewers Fayre or similar , so the beer quality is a real surprise.

25 Aug 2009 08:16

The Sandacres Free House, Sandbanks

Good ale in here surprisingly, kick you out at three which is a bit odd in this location. I presume they just can't be bothered. Spent fifty quid in here but they wouldn't let me leave the car in the car park for another half hour so We could go on the banks for a bit .

16 Aug 2009 19:55

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

The beer in here was very good when I went in, 8 ales on and good service . It didn't stink when I was there. The ale was actually better than The Tennants down the road which reads as the more popular pub on here.

16 Aug 2009 19:50

Tennents Bar, Glasgow

Good selection of ale , and a good atmosphere in here. The Glasgow real ale places seem to have a better all round atmosphere than Southern ones which can be full of CAMRA types ( not that thats a problem , I just prefer a mix of clintele in Pubs)

16 Aug 2009 19:47

Tullie Inn, Balloch

Came in here last year and it had some good ales , now back to national choice beers , Deuchars, Speckled Hen etc. Preferred it when it had Fyne beers on.

16 Aug 2009 15:48

The Balloch House, Alexandria

always ok, Ale served far too cold though. Food is usually pretty good.

16 Aug 2009 15:46

The Globe, Dunstable

Good pub, very much like the Welly in bedford, lots of different ales and pleasant atmosphere but not quite as good as the atmosphere in the Victoria not to far away which seemed to have far more of a buzz about the place and a few good ales too.

1 Aug 2009 17:39

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

no you are not being cynical , just realistic, never trust a review from someone who has only ever made one review.

29 Jun 2009 14:46

The Colney Fox, St Albans

still got rude staff

21 Jun 2009 17:26

The Woodman, Wild Hill

Had a good welcome here last week , and a couple of lovely pints of Betty Stoggs. Food is simple and affordable. Some Greene King beers plus good guest Ales on. I wish it was my local.

16 Jun 2009 16:23

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

Beer and welcome always on top form here. Has Five or six ales on Including a few micros, food is good value for a pub these days. The summer beer fest is always good also.

16 Jun 2009 16:20

The Lordship Arms, Benington

Agree this is an excellent pub, very friendly , nice garden and most importantly good beer. They have Crouch Vale Brewers Gold, Landlord and Black Sheep as regulars plus four Guests including a lovely Mild the other Day. Will be back as soon as I can.

16 Jun 2009 09:43

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Last time I went in they had a Disco on playing eighties rock like Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi etc. You forget how shit that music is over the years. Beer ok , but not like it was in the good old days,after Bon jovi by a while and before lily Allen.

23 Apr 2009 12:51

The White Lion, St Albans

Still in top form , and have the lovely Beccy around these days. Best Pub in Snorbans (unless you are under 30 and drink Lager)

23 Apr 2009 12:46

The Vine Inn, Tenterden

The food was ok here, and the Sheps easter beer good but I just hated the place. It looks like one of those M&B Ember jobs,I.e it sold its soul to the Devil. Maybe somewhere to take your great Aunt when your thinking about inheritance.

23 Apr 2009 12:43

The Langton Arms, Tarrant Monkton

Bloody expensive , and not worth it. Kids meals were about £6.50. The beer was in good form but I don't like to have to get a Mortgage out when I go to a pub.

23 Apr 2009 12:38

The Kings Head, East Hoathly

Been in here a few times in the last couple of months and the beer is always on excellent form. usually three of their own and one guest. The 1648 Signature is very good. The food is not bad either. If you get ten of you to go you can have a brewery tour (cowshed at the side I think!) Carefree

23 Apr 2009 12:36

The White Hart, Newenden

Excellent pub serving a beatiful pint of Rother valley, level best I think. Good garden for the kids , Boules for the adults, and a friendly landlord, even if he is a Hammer.

23 Apr 2009 12:32

The Wheel Inn, Burwash Weald

Friendly pub with a good pint of Harveys. Dog friendly and Chelsea friendly.Food looks alright at a distance but haven't tried yet.

23 Apr 2009 12:25

The Boot, St Albans

This place as gone downhill since I last went in, beer not in best condition and choice really boring, Adams , Bass , Youngs , Pride etc of usually suspects. Got caught a bit short and had to take an unwanted away game in the Gents, no light, no lock on the door, no me come back to this pub.

23 Apr 2009 12:23

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

I think it would look better in Pink

28 Mar 2009 12:22

Blackboys Inn, Blackboys

Probably one of the most overrated pubs Ive ever been to. Only been twice, but on both occasions very poor service and average beer. The food is well over priced too. I think maybe this is one of those places living on earlier reputation.

21 Mar 2009 17:59

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Quirky sort of pub with good Harveys beer. Loved the Porter , but didn't love the stench of Piss the Pub Eminated.

9 Mar 2009 16:04

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

I think it might have gone downhill due to a different maagement team, something to do with that lot in the Three Blackbirds in flamstead, I think they have both leases, They are consistently inconsistent.

5 Mar 2009 18:04

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

I have two very well behaved children who I would remove immediately if they made noise. I would only take them into a pub during the day and always supervised. Please don't judge children as all the same , as just like adults they are all different.

22 Jan 2009 19:02

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

I went here last summer and thought the beer was excellent, and I have done loads of reviews! Will visit again when im down again.

20 Jan 2009 09:58

The Speckled Hen, St Albans

Looks likes the sort of place that you can eat with kids , so you try because others might not let you in,but then they are rude and don't want kids , so whats the point of this decidely average craphole? The IPA in here is worse than other GK places which is a feat in itself,so well done on something.

2 Jan 2009 19:04

The Cat Inn, West Hoathly

Went to meet someone here on a Monday, Closed on Mondays and sunday nights too. Pull your fingers out .

17 Nov 2008 10:39

The Mermaid, St Albans

This placed has really improved under the new tennants, beer is excellent quality with a good variation of product, and they have built up a good atmosphere in the pub. My favourite St. Albans pub at the moment. £2 Real Ale on a Thursday is a nice touch too.

1 Oct 2008 13:47

The Boot, St Albans

Beer great, young staff shit, or maybe thats unfair ,but black polo shirt guy , I have a long memory and my wife will not always be there! See you in awhile but not too soon or you will know.

26 Sep 2008 00:05

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Not in this years Good Beer Guide! Only a few weeks ago Roger Protz had an article in the Independant highlighting this pub as one of the best in the country but its not in the 2009 guide. Whatever your your arguments on this pub are I cannot accept that anyone thinks it is as good as it was.

20 Sep 2008 12:04

Adam and Eve, Westminster

They had a terrible selection of ale when I went in,Bombardier,Youngs,Adams and Pride.The Pride wasnt served too well either.Ill give it a chance another day as the location was handy and staff pleasant.

17 Sep 2008 09:10

The Brook House Inn, Boot

Excellent welcoming hotel and six good localish beers on.Had two meals which were good too.The kids loved the location next to the Lil Ratty railway.Would recommend to anyone,unless you hate beautiful scenery,good beer and sheep.Carefree

15 Aug 2008 20:09

The Weld Arms, East Lulworth

very friendly staff,Palmers and Ringwood best good but had 35 beers ready for the beer festival the next day which I couldnt try! D'Oh!

15 Aug 2008 20:05

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

kelburn beer was excellent ,and will definetly visiting again.

15 Aug 2008 20:03

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Had two good beers ,not sure if served quite conventionally but tasted good.Food portions rather small,and overall much prefer the Blackfriars around the corner.

15 Aug 2008 20:02

The Eagle, Arundel

Had the worst pint of Harveys best Ive ever had here,toilets werent the best either.Where do you get Arundel beer around here,pubs very disappointing in the town.

15 Aug 2008 19:57

The Verulam Arms, St Albans

We sat in the garden the other night for a peaceful drink or so I thought, buts its got Digby the biggest extractor fan in the world making loads of racket and spewing chip fat stink into orbit.They only had one ale on also.Bad night I hope.

31 Jul 2008 17:06

The Vintry, St Albans

The beers started of ok in here when it first reopened,now they serve a very poor pint of Pride.Barn of a place midweek to have hardly any punters in.I bet M&B wished they hadnt wasted all that cash and left it to the Alcopop bunch.I do also, atleast I used to know where the kids to avoid were.

31 Jul 2008 17:03

The Greatham Inn, Greatham

I came here to avoid some traffic and wasnt disappointed.Had a lovely pint of Palmers and excellent meals for the familly.Looks small from the outside,but must be one of Doctor Whos'locals.Staff were very friendly and helpful too.

27 Jul 2008 19:53

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Popped in for a couple of pints and must say both were in excellent condition.The staff were very friendly too.I look forward to visiting for a longer session next time.

27 Jul 2008 19:49

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

I have to say this place is soulless and as a brewery tap the worst ive been too.Ive been in three times recently and they only have one of their beers on,which is in good condition along with the TT which is a great beer but on everywhere now.They also rudely kick out dead on 11.20 during the week and they cant blame licensing for this just lazyness as it used to be open to midnight.I brought 12 people in the other week for a planned monthly get together and ththe rudeness at the end of the night has left me looking for another venue.Stop worrying about the bloody sign on this pub but at how downhill it has gone.

24 Jul 2008 12:46

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Excellent quality ales,Food standard fair.The small garden was wll kept and overall a very pleasant experience.

29 Jun 2008 21:47

The Anchor, Seatown

Gone down hill since my last visit,decidely average food and needs a refurb.Palmers wasnt on best form either.Please dont rest on the laurels of the excellent location!

20 Jun 2008 11:36

The Verulam Arms, St Albans

Had an ok meal here recently,three of us had fish,two of which were rubber,but were replaced with no quibble.The beer was good but I like to to have something more interesting on tap like their sister pub The Boot.Realale realfood obviously runs this as he has only reviewed the two pubs.Not much room here just to have a pint.
end of term report "could do better"

5 Apr 2008 16:19

The Black Bear Hotel, Wareham

Very friendly ,in an interesting building.Three ales on,which can be served a bit too cold but for service alone worth a high score.

23 Mar 2008 13:00

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

I have eaten two very good meals here recently ,and had some fine beer to go along with it.Four good ales on and large menu with many fish dishes on.Best pub in Wareham by a long chalk.

23 Mar 2008 12:58

The Brewery Tap, Shefford

For a Brewery Tap I expected a little more,I swear the Dragonslayer tasted much better at the Hitchin beer festival last week.The Mild was excellent ,but the pub seemed a little quiet for a Thursday night,although I was in quite early ,so I might have caught it at a bad time.

21 Mar 2008 19:21

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Best pub I have been to for many a moon.The beer and service were excellent.Its a shame people mark down pubs they haven't been to.This is not just a beer geeks pub,Yes it has loads of excellent ales but it caters for all,one bar has no music and is a good place to chat,the other has a jukebox and a T.V for sport.There is obviously plenty going on for those lucky people who have this for a local.Those who have marked this down without visiting ,can you please just fu*k off and stop ruining this site for people like me who find it useful.

21 Mar 2008 19:06

The Barley Mow, Southsea

Lovely frendly local pub that I wish was one of mine.I have only been twice but on both occasions had a friendly welcome and a nice pint of beer.The first time I visited they had a Porter and a mild rather than just Bitters.Cheese toasties at £1.50 go down well too!

4 Feb 2008 17:46

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

place full of character and characters,nice pint of Harveys and a dodgy trip to the bog ,which gets worse as you drink more.I never seem to see the pussy when I come here,but that could be the story of my life.

16 Jan 2008 15:19

The Portsmouth Hoy, Poole

Had a lovely pint of Pickled Partridge and a lovely soup to go with it.Good location on the Quay and friendly staff.

16 Jan 2008 15:15

The Brewhouse, Poole

Tried the "beer" and the Mermaid and both were excellent pints.Its a bit scruffy here but they were friendly enough,and its nice to find a real ale lovers pub with pool tables .

16 Jan 2008 15:13

The Cock And Bottle, Morden

good pub,good beer,food good but not that good for the price!The beers are from Hall and Woodhouse of which I am particularly partial to the Pickled Partridge at the moment.7/10

9 Jan 2008 19:09

Red Lion, Ealing

A real Gem of a pub where I had a lovely pint of Porter yesterday,If only more pubs were like this.

14 Dec 2007 19:33

Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri a.s., Trondheim

Fantastic brewpub with excellent staff who all seem to be proud of the wares they are selling.On my two visits ,I tried the Pale Ale,Bitter ,Porter,Stout and the the winter ale which was over 7% .The Amber wasn't quite ready and I only sampled the Pilsner.The Porter and Pale ale were my favourites.I had a very acceptable Fish stew, which I was informed was a traditional paupers meal but was expensive now as the cod was so dear!Being English the prices are eye watering at over a fiver a pint,but I did pay ten pound a pint for a strong beer in a pub called the Good Neighbour!

2 Dec 2007 20:27

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Don't go for big Footie games ,they charge £3.50 to get in but give you a bottle of Becks ,but I don't friggin drink lager ! There is also 20p added to the cost of a pint,but the biggest reason why I will never watch a game there again is the annoying DJ talking over the game occasinally ,with comments on the score ,when if we are interested in the game I think we will know the score you Egit.Oh and also they turn of tv screens in some areas so the minor nations can listen to match build up,even though every proper football fan would rather watch any game rather than T.V. pundit drival.Right got that of my chest,nice pint of Brains SA though.

18 Oct 2007 08:45

The Globe, Moorgate

I agree with previous, I had better service from a 25 year old Capri and its engine oil would taste better than the swill they serve here.

5 Oct 2007 00:19

The Rose and Crown, Hawridge Common

Had a really good sunday Lunch here yesterday,tried the three real ales that were on,two from the Tring Brewery and one from Wiltshire and they were all served superbly.The garden was big and kept the young ones happy,there look to be some good walks and cycleways nearby.A small gripe is that the most of the pub was taken up by the restaurant area. Still knocks ten shades of Sh*T out of most pubs though!

1 Oct 2007 18:40

The Horn, St Albans

Worst Bar staff in St. Albans.I cant believe The manager would leave the bar to pubescent teenagers who act like Kevin from Harry Enfield.

27 Sep 2007 19:26

The Lamb Inn, Iron Acton

It must be a great pub this ! Its the only pubs the reviewers have ever visited by the looks of it! Subtle you aint.Ps , got any good beer in this pub then or is it just one big love in?

24 Sep 2007 17:23

The Cock, Fulham

They have now got another own brew beer, called Weasel which is pretty good , a good addition to the Monkey beer.It is a very friendly pub that seems to always have a good soundtrack on.To Mister "im not convinced it is" Its a bloody marvellous idea,especially as London has, in the main a limited selection,Youngs ,Fullers ,Adnams ,Greene King ,Yawn Yawn Yawn.

19 Sep 2007 15:16

The Roundbush, Aldenham

four quid for half a ham sandwich with no salad ,just a couple of crisps,looks like it had been prepared by a three year old who was also drawing a picture and picking his nose at the time!.Stop taking the piss ,improve your food or reduce the prices drastically.Shame as otherwise a great pub.(Or you will carry on losing your punters to the golf club.)

11 Sep 2007 20:06

The Rats Castle, St Albans

Its very tidy and lighter now, I had a good pint of Gales in what was a rather empty pub.I only drink ale so only ever came here when forced so I am much more inclined to visit now.The new landlords have pissed the locals off so much that they have got a petition up,not the best start for them,and Im not sure if they have the clientele they are looking for.Ps excellent curry house next door , the cafe Masala

14 Aug 2007 09:55

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

I was at the Loch Fyne Brewery the other day, and he said that the Mitre had ordered their beer,give it a try it is excellent.This is of course an excellent place to try any beer!

13 Aug 2007 15:57

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

Worth a visit for the interior alone, a proper old boozer indeed . I have probably tasted Cains better elsewhere ,which was a surprise ,but I have only been once ,so cant really comment to much on that.If in Liverpool and you like pubs ,come here.

13 Aug 2007 15:54

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

One of my favorite pubs I have visited this year, The Wapping ales were excellent and the quality of the beer was much better than the Cains Brewery pub not too far away.

13 Aug 2007 15:50

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Popped in Tuesday afternoon, and found the ales very well kept , four on tap.My lager swilling mate enjoyed the Baltic lager too.It has a very pleasant atmosphere ,with cozy seating and papers to read.

13 Aug 2007 15:46

The Clockwork Beer Co., Glasgow

Superb pub near Hampden park, enjoyed all the different Ales I drank which was quite a few .Its a large pub with lots of T.V. screens and some of the brewery gear is evident.I am surprised its got such a low score !

13 Aug 2007 15:44

Swan, Pimlico

This has gone really downhill,just take one look at the garden with the laden bins.Beer still ok ,but now not worth going out of your way for.

26 Jul 2007 18:05

The King Harry, St Albans

I come here for lunch quite often and find the food and beer very acceptable , but the prices are very steep,especially wine.The bric a brac furniture somehow works , and this is a little different to other Mitchells and Butler chain pubs like the Embers ( I think this is called a "Castle") The garden is ok ,but be warned its right on the roundabout ,so you get alot of traffic fumes,in fact it has its unique feel down to the fact a lorry hit one early morning and they had to do a quick refurb on it.

12 Jul 2007 11:07

Plough, Hemel Hempstead

Used to pop in with kids now and again, and regularly at lunch times from work.They obviously detest children now with the bolting off of the play area,and no under 14,S sign.The place has been terrible since Sue left who was the best bar staff they had ever had.You are going to go out of business,this is a poor pub with no atmosphere and no decent business ideas.Beer choice is tedious too!

5 Jul 2007 18:38

The Farriers Arms, St Albans

All I said was that I was expecting To be bitten by a werewolf on exit, I didnt say the beer was bad, I loudly said goodnight three times and was ignored coz this be a locals pub.( for those who didnt understand ref the slaughtered Lamb in American Werewolf in London.)The fact that that small comment was removed is a disgrace,Im not the only one saying its unwelcoming, I didnt swear,mention anyone by name, or drain the blood of one of the said locals.

26 Jun 2007 17:42

Kings Arms, Victoria

Really dirty pub, noticed they had dinner plates left out upstairs from the afternoon.,The beer was below standard too,Pride was off even though they didnt turn the clip around as seems to be the habit these days.

23 Jun 2007 20:34

The Arbiter, Fulham

Last time I went in it was the Twickenham ale, and sometimes have Landlord on.

22 Jun 2007 09:36

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

This pub has really Improved , the beer quality is now excellent.They have six ales with the marvellous Harveys best bitter as the mainstay.

22 May 2007 18:44

The Royal Oak, Bath

mr anon,The landlord told me, "why would I want Bath Ales you can get that anywhere around here,which was a good point ,but goes against what you are saying.I live in St. Albans ,Is that ok for you,or is it not up to your standards.Some of my mates drink crap lager,its up to them,I cant help it.Why do negative people never leave their name?

29 Mar 2007 10:04

The Arbiter, Fulham

Came in for an ale ,they didnt have any.I Departed,shall give them another chance,maybe.

12 Mar 2007 19:58

The Eight Bells, Putney Bridge

Good pub with local feel.Recommend the Hogsback T.E.A.Met a cool Chelsea pensioner in there who had been injured twice in the war, he was 91,with one eye but was still smoking, and drinking whiskey! Top fellow.

11 Feb 2007 20:17

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Popped in for a few yesterday lunchtime and found it a more than reasonable pub.The American behind the bar was very pleasant and the Taylors beer was excellent,had had a pint of Landlord in the Blackfriars just before which tasted ok but was really cloudy compared to in here.The Taylors mild was one of the best you get around.

11 Feb 2007 20:11

The Spotted Dog, Flamstead

Beers always good in here,with regular changes,and they have a good tuesday night curry and pint for £7.50. (indian restaurant standard too)I am not a local but they all seem very friendly in here even when I call them Inbreads from Flamstead.

1 Feb 2007 18:22

The Jolly Sailor, St Albans

I go in the non smoking side sometimes,it is quiet so they have a bell to for you to ring if you need serving ,and they always come in promptly.

1 Feb 2007 18:17

The Jolly Sailor, St Albans

The cricketers turned into a curry house just last year,over the last five years it was a pretty poor pub that had a sucession of poor managers,and finally an awful refit that killed it off.I expect it will return as pub one day when the trendy curry house thing finishes.( although did have a lovely curry in there last summer)

18 Jan 2007 18:18

Belle Vue, High Wycombe

Good pub with a local feel.Four beers on last night when I visited,Abott,exmoorgold,a ruby Bath ale and a wolverton ale.The staff were escellent too! Escellent ,I must be still drunk.

11 Jan 2007 11:40

The Prince of Wales, West Brompton

Ok pint but food needs to better in this day and age!Im surprised chicken in a basket isnt on the menu!Staff are efficient though.Carefree

30 Dec 2006 19:09

The Boot, St Albans

A classic old building thats been the "Boot" for about 500 years ( I think some idiots tried to change it to "Scruffy Murpthys a few years back!)Excellent beer choice,can be hard to get to the bar as its always crowded with people on the bar stools,but the staff give you that good eye contact that says I know you need serving.Cant tell you what it looks like as there is always a real pea souper of a smoke haze,maybe after the smoking ban Ill find out its an ugly old pub inside or worse instead of smoke it will smell of fatty bloke farts!8/10

21 Dec 2006 18:13

!CE, St Albans

I hated this place when I went in Last night but the people in there seemed to be really enjoying it ,karaoke night,so you are probaly gonna love it or hate it.Check out the description below from anon for a laugh,they obviously run it but are slightly blinkered to its quality!

14 Dec 2006 12:48

The Star Inn, Bath

Good pub ,good hosts,good beer,worth the visit to Bath on its own,although alas it was only right to visit another ten or so pubs,whilst in the City.

11 Dec 2006 18:54

The Royal Oak, Bath

I visited your fair city of Bath this weekend and although I was in beer heaven in this pub I couldnt stay long as my friends were Lager drinkers.They didnt like the organic stuff and so I had to leave .When I go out with people I often insist where we go has a good ale,but it would be hypocritical of me to try and make them stay where they cant find a suitable beverage.Lots of my mates would go for a Budvar or some other genuine lager,which surely wouldnt be an offence?Your host wasnt to keen to get into conversation either,even though I was polite and obviously enthusiatic about beer.Is this pub just his hobby?Still gets a seven from me,but with a bit more effort could be a nine.

11 Dec 2006 18:51

The Six Bells, St Albans

This has always been a good pub but suffered before from rude staff who wanted to kick you out at 11.19pm on the dot,actually snatching your glass of you.The new Landlords dont do this and the food has Improved also, with one more ale on aswell.

27 Nov 2006 18:32

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

This was also the first pub id visited in Luton,and I guarantee its going to be the best.It has a good local feel with well kept and interesting beers.Can they transport it to another town perhaps?

16 Nov 2006 19:20

The Radnor Arms, Kensington

I love this pub,Id forgotten to review it,its my favourite pub in London.Good beer ,atmosphere and alot of character.If you bored and on your own ,have a nice pint and stare at the fish tank.

13 Nov 2006 20:12

The Speckled Hen, St Albans

Too clean and no character somehow.Menu looks reasonable though.Not really worth a diversion if its not your local.

10 Nov 2006 17:01

The Globe, Baker Street

A bit tired this place now and it has less beer choice than before.Infact it has the most boring line up of beers you could imagine.

9 Nov 2006 13:45

The Harcourt Arms, Marylebone

Not a bad pub with ok beer,and a cracking blonde behind the bar when I went in.6/10

9 Nov 2006 13:43

The Duke Of Wellington, Marylebone

Excellent pub,good well kept beer and an interesting sort of chap behind the bar,likes his locals but didnt sneer too much at outsiders like me!A must visit pub .Have a nice day

9 Nov 2006 11:32

The Beehive, Marylebone

What the F*ck have they done to this pub,this used to be a lovely little place,and now they have ponced it up and taken away its character.Bloody makes my blood boil!
Although the staff wre very friendly (not their fault for this abomination)

9 Nov 2006 11:28

The Jolly Sailor, St Albans

I like this pub,traditional well run,well kept beer,including a regular guest and now have a decent telly to watch the football.Also note the quiet saloon is no smoking.

28 Oct 2006 19:55

The Harp, Covent Garden

This is a good pub by london standards because of its choice of beers for one,but it aint that good!Its definetly worth a visit but you would be disapointed if you thought it was going to be a top of the chart pub.Got to go now as my taxi for the pub has just arrived.

27 Oct 2006 19:50

The Lots Road Pub and Dining Room, Chelsea

Why do these pubs try and serve Ale when they cant look after it,I had the worst pint of pride I have ever tasted in here,well a few sips as I couldnt stomach anymore.This isnt a pub its a restaurant.I was tempted to get a taxi to the Atlas get a pint bring it back and make them compare and contrast!

22 Oct 2006 10:11

The Thai Bok Bar, Marylebone

pleasant enough place with good value food.The Guiness I was drinking went down well.The food portion was a bit small but at £5.50 a head in this location .....

8 Oct 2006 16:26

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

watched the footie in here yesterday,and thought it a well run pub with a sort of local feel to it.The beer choice was good and service excellent.Shame the football wasnt so good ,although the Scots in there were having a cracking time after beating the froggies.

8 Oct 2006 16:19

The Red Lion, Radlett

Been in here a couple of times recently and the beer and food was good.Its much better than its whitbread days.Somehow not got the best pub atmosphere though.

3 Oct 2006 19:54

The Fancott Arms, Fancott

In the summer this is a parents dream.It has a quarter mile miniature railway!It also has a good quality climbing frame thingy and a large football pitch to play footie in,complete with netted five a side goals.The food isnt bad either .The beer is a bit diaspointing ,Greene king IPA and speckled Hen but it is served well.It is also large enough to avoid kids if you dont like little people.This pub is quite unique.

22 Sep 2006 17:59

The Three Blackbirds, Flamstead

This place has had more managers than Man City.Lately the beer is crap and the food average.If you want a good pint of ale go to the Dog.

20 Sep 2006 18:57

Swan, Pimlico

This is a good friendly pub ,I visit at lunchtimes now and again.The food and beer have always been good.The garden is handy if you have the brats with you too.

20 Sep 2006 15:27

The Three Blackbirds, Boxmoor

The food and drink in here is cheap but I didnt eat when I came in as it was such a filthy pub.If its bad out front you can bet the kitchin is worse.

20 Sep 2006 15:23

The Market Porter, Borough

Went in last saturday afternoon and although busy the service was excellent.With the buzz of the market,standing outside with a perfect pint it was wonderful.Eaten in here a couple of times and the foods good too,try and get a table upstairs over looking the market,for a special sort of ambience.

15 Sep 2006 19:47

The White Lion, St Albans

Last night there was good music ,friendly staff and the usual superb beer.Best pub in St. Albans now.

13 Sep 2006 12:12

The Hare and Hounds, St Albans

This pub has really Improved,I was in there last night and the service was excellent as was the beer.Well done Hare and Hounds!

13 Sep 2006 12:10

Blue Anchor, St Albans

gastro pubs have been a godsend to me,cos when I take the mrs out for a meal I can drink great ale and not have to drink bloody Chardonnay.This pub is still keeping the public bar which is the only one regularly frequented anyway,and they charge less in there which is quite old fashioned and quaint.If you fancy a meal go next door and you will be able to have meal and a pint of country.Best of both worlds.PS Mcmullen only have 80 managed houses ,so they are hardly a massive pubco operation.

11 Sep 2006 13:42

Blue Anchor, St Albans

This place is only going to close for three weeks ,so I dont think its gonna be a major refit! A bit of fresh paint and the old gets like Daniel wont even notice the difference,lets face it ,the saloon is for coffin dodgers only ,so the brewery has to look further afield than the grey army!

10 Sep 2006 19:05

The Black Horse, Ireland

Dining pub ,but superb food and service.just go into the bogs to see how much they look after the place and the patrons.The beer is good to with the local Sandy beer on tap.

10 Sep 2006 18:49

The Pilchard Inn, Burgh Island

Nearly didnt come here due to previous comments but there is bugger all around here.To my surprize it was friendly and the beer was excellent,and local Devon beer too.Had a really tasty curry soup and watered down squash for the kids,thats the way I like it for the little uns.The location is exceptional and the kids loves the sea tractor.Carefree.

10 Sep 2006 18:43

The Church House, Harberton

excellent food and beer with a friendly service,and manages just about to be a pub rather than a restaurant.9/10, I will never give a ten unless the beer is free and the women are available and very dirty.

10 Sep 2006 18:38

The Church House Inn, Rattery

Had a great three course meal here,jam rolly poly nearly finished me off forever.Good food and beer,but I found it little bit restauranty which seems the way of the world these days.Still worth an 8/10 though.

10 Sep 2006 18:34

The Fox and Hounds, Houston

The beer and service here is excellent.They sell a good steak too.There must be some good pubs out there for this to be only on seven.The Killellan beer is very good.

6 Aug 2006 13:11

The Fox and Pheasant, Fulham

Superb pub,unspoilt and great beer.Is near the footy ground ,often have away fans mixing in a friendly atmosphere.The only downside is it obviously occasionally frequented by Snobby gets like the gentlemen who commented below!

28 Jul 2006 21:33

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

Excellent pub, Its got a great landlord which all good boozers need .The beer is always top notch and the food is also a class above most.The only downside is it isnt near enough to my Gaff.By the way Its never come across as the Slaughtered Lamb to me either.

28 Jul 2006 21:26

The Plough, Smallford

Good beer,food and pleasant garden.Always friendly.I thought the barmaid was rather beautiful last time I went in,which is always a Brucie bonus.

28 Jul 2006 21:22

The Roundbush, Aldenham

This is a good pub with well kept beers,the garden is great for kids as its enclosed so you can relax more,its also no smoking.I didnt think kids should be allowed in pubs until I had them ,funny that Hey!

28 Jul 2006 21:17

The Kings Arms, Stoborough

Best pub in the area with good food and ale ,can get busy ,but worth it .

29 Jun 2006 21:03

The White Lion, St Albans

I went to go in on saturday as the beer is always excellent and I wanted to watch the footy.When I asked if it was been shown he was rather rude sending me to the Hare and Hounds which was a bit to busy for an old git like me ,and the beer isnt so well kept.Why are footy fans treated like lepers by some snobby pubs,I love real ale and I love football,do they have to be mutually exclusive.

13 Jun 2006 19:21

The Market Porter, Borough

This pub has a great range of beers and is in a good location next to the market.Have eaten in here a couple of times and its been good value each time,the second time I brought the bairns and they were well looked after.I can see why ale lovers love it as its a change from the Youngs and Fullers that dominate London,while not enough pubs in London have such a good selection to choose from.God Im going on a bit ,must need a beer!

20 May 2006 20:32

Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

went here for the first time sunday and would highly recommend it ,excellent beer ,choice and quality,and seemed very friendly.Shame it wasnt open after three sunday as I would have had a few more pints.An oasis in the hell of a new town!

8 May 2006 20:29

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

This pub is a national treasure,the beer is served well,the Timothy Taylors Landlord is good,the Landlord is miserable ! It does pong a little these days but is still a must see pub.

27 Apr 2006 10:14

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Just came up for the Semi final and thought this pub was superb,great beer .excellent interior and a good ambience,nearly made up for losing!Please dont let any scouser in here ,they will ruin it ,they were a right horrible lot!

27 Apr 2006 09:56

White Horse, Harpenden

Yes gone extremely poncey,Novelli's franchise.It's a restaurant really not a pub,does have a couple of beers though.

4 Feb 2006 19:49

The Engineer, Harpenden

Just had a meal here ,The food was good and the service was excellent.welcoming and good beer including a guest.The only thing I would have changed is for my Mrs to have let me stay longer!

4 Feb 2006 19:45

The Waggon and Horses, Flamstead

warning , strippers all day everyday,I personally dont like flange with me pint,but if you do this is the place to go

20 Oct 2005 18:52

The Crooked Billet, Colney Heath

good beer

20 Sep 2005 19:52

The King Harry, St Albans

Good pub,ifact the only decent Ember Ive ever been in,good beer and nice fish finger sarnies

20 Sep 2005 19:49

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

excellent hosts and beer,good beer festivals and do brekie too on a sunday morning

1 Sep 2005 18:32

Green Man, Ickleford

good new landlords, good sunday carvery,not bad for a mcmullen

1 Sep 2005 18:29

The Nascot Arms, Watford

cracking boozer,one of the only pubs in watford worth going to

1 Sep 2005 18:20

The Steam Coach, Boxmoor

best pub in central Hemel area ,good beer and atmosphere.

1 Sep 2005 18:15

Crabtree, Hemel Hempstead

This is a an ember inn,M&B .beer is good here but sadly these pubs are all the same,Its like going Macdonalds in another town,if we ignore these pubs ,pub chains might try to make more effort!

1 Sep 2005 18:12

Holly Bush, St Albans

Very well kept Fullers ales ,cleanest and most polished pub I have ever seen.Beautiful garden in the summer.I would give it 9/10 if they were a bit friendlier.

31 Aug 2005 14:48

The Six Bells, St Albans

good food and excellent Beer,dont go anymore as they snatch your glass of you rudely at exactly 11.20.Go to the others like Rose and crown if you dont want to be rushed.

31 Aug 2005 14:43

The Portland Arms, St Albans

Excellent Fullers,good standard of grub,good traditional feel still

31 Aug 2005 14:40

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Good beer,and excellent staff who willingly let you try b4 u buy

31 Aug 2005 14:34

The Crown, St Albans

Used to be ok but now do not care about ale drinkers,worst real ale in St. Albans,good for footie though (drink Guiness)

31 Aug 2005 14:32

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