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Comments by Harvor

The Hen and Chickens, Islington

3rd time there last night. Average at best. Won't be going back there again.

1 Jul 2010 16:08

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Great pub... nice old school decor, and quaint little booths around the bar area. Definitely one I'd visit again.

15 Mar 2010 14:06

The Paternoster, City Of London

ok service, and pleasent enough. But has that strange interior that reminded me of a Berni Inn (anyone remember those!?)

outrageous prices: Shandy 3.65, coke 2.30.... doubt I'll bother going back, as it's not the best pub in the area, yet seems to cost a lot more. I was just being lazy in not being bothered to walk to them from my office :)

5 Mar 2010 14:01

The Riverside Inn, Chelmsford

This place is average. Agree with everyone else's feelings on it being over priced.

It definitely is.

I shan't be going to Wetherspoons though. That place is awful! (But, "does what it says on the tin" I guess)

26 Feb 2010 11:59

Yates, Chelmsford


25 Feb 2010 16:28

Smithfield Tavern, Smithfield

Went here last night as the one just up the road was unbelievably busy (and I didn't fancy battling through the queues)

This place was dead, and after going for a pint there, I'm not surprised! It smelt of puke, and the nearer you got to the screen and toiler (urine).

It's unbelievably average, with average beer, average glasses, average service....

the only thing that wasn't average was the price, which was just shy of 4 a pint! That's pretty ridiculous considering there are pubs like the Castle etc round the corner (where we subsequently moved on to) that have a much tastier and broader range of beers on tap, for less cash

Won't be going back here. There's far too much a choice of pubs in the area to waste any more cash in this one.

25 Feb 2010 09:25

Ivory Peg, Chelmsford

Well, this place is cheap. get what you pay for though

Cheap drinks, cheap clientele.... Mostly the same sort of people I used to see in there when I was a student (I'm only assuming they've been home or to work, and not stayed in there for the last 6 years frinking continuously)

never know though! :)

5 Feb 2010 15:20

The Wheatsheaf, Chelmsford

I think Jay28 has hit the nail on the head there. I'm in complete agreement! (and I'm mid-twenties).

And I've read a book :)

5 Feb 2010 14:47

Abacus, Bank

average. full of people who either have too much money in their pocket, of people who save up their measly wages so they can pretend to be in that situation!

still, I've heard there are quite a few easy-lay hounds that frequent there... not everyone's cup o', but I'm sure a lot of blokes think "urrr nurrrt"

I wouldn't give it more than 4/10.


17 Feb 2009 16:30

The Queens Head, Boreham

I popped into this pub when visiting a mate who lives nearby. it's a pretty small pub, with limited seating, but seemed good. served a nice pint, and the food smelt great.

I'll have to eat next time I go.

17 Feb 2009 16:27

O'Connors, Chelmsford

it's ok as far as pubs in chelmsford go. nothing special. reckon heinekan @ 3.10 a pint is fairly steep. (it's not the city of london!)

overall, 6.5 on 10

17 Feb 2009 16:24

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

I like to think of the Magpie as "Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNabb" (which gets better with every read)

8 on 10

20 Nov 2008 12:04

Thomas Mildmay, Chelmsford

My bad. I meant to type "awful". (I can, believe it or not, spell. (Unlike most of the people who frequent this venue))

20 Nov 2008 11:45

Thomas Mildmay, Chelmsford


20 Nov 2008 11:44

Yates's, Chelmsford

This place is a dive mate. I'm glad people see this too.

I had lunch in there once when I used to work locally. I opened up the jar of mustard and there was an old chip in it! I'm not even joking. I laugh about it a lot, but in reality it's a pretty poor show on the behalf.

Last went in there Summer '07 for a quick drink on my way out (was aroun 6pm). Beer was warm, there was broken glass on the floor and the place was empty.

No interest.

Avoid at all costs!

19 Aug 2008 11:30

The Original Plough, Chelmsford

I rarely spend my nights out in chelmsford any more, but when I do I sometimes come here. It's an ok place I think. Not amazing, but I reckong it does what it says on the tin. (Obviously not for the previous reviewer's food though)

Poor spelling of the word "Wetherspoons" in the review below, but that's just me being picky :-)

19 Aug 2008 11:05

Globe, Chelmsford

what a sh!t hole! Sorry, for being blunt, but this place is full of binge drnking pikeys! I absolutely hate it there... not been for comingup to a year and vow never to step foot in that place again.


19 Aug 2008 10:57

Edwards, Chelmsford

agree with the guy below! this place is dreadful. that whole "square" area is a disgrace though.

full of tanked up gypos cruising around being arrogant and rude. Man, I sound like an old fart, but I'm only 26! Maybe I just don't enjoy that type of behaviour

I tend to steer clear and take my business elsewhere (usually out of chelmsford)

19 Aug 2008 10:16

The Fox and Raven, Chelmsford

reasonably priced beers and plenty of space to sit, chat, drink etc.

average food though which is a shame. those chips.... I always think to myself "STOP RE-HEATING THEM... It just makes them taste bad and in no way makes me think they're fresh"

that's the annoying thing. with the meals you either get chips of mashed potato.

chips are rank, and the mash is that powder stuff they mix with water...

just make sure you have a bite to eat before going there (you'll save a few quid too)

18 Aug 2008 16:10

The Tulip, Springfield

Average at best. Very "local" pub. There's a sports bar, and another little bar the other side. Ordered a few drinks here as it's busy, but the local oafs at the bar made it really difficult for you to actually pay the woman and get your pints... they just didn't want to move out of the way (even though they weren't waiting to be served).

Rather strange behaviour...

Don't know what beers the other people reviewing this pub were drinking, but I had a pint of lager which was flat.

Distinctly average. I definitely won't be going back.

18 Aug 2008 16:07

The Magpie, Bishopsgate

Went here last night for the first time. And I've got to say, it was like a breath of fresh air. Good surroundings, good people and also reasonably priced beer which is surely a first for City pubs.

My friend Trev came with me. He's a man of the cloth and had a craking time. He had as many forks as he could handle, without staff even batting an eye-lid.

All in all, good pub. I'll definitely be going back. 8 on 10.

4 Jul 2008 09:34

The Gun, Shoreditch

I think this pub's ok and go here fairly regularly. Ok-ish beers and I didn't find the staff too offensive, as per other pub-goers.

They did have a pop at my friend Trev when he asked for a fork though.

3 Jul 2008 11:43

The Jamaica Wine House, Bank

yeah, it's an "ok" pub. But, like others have found out, it takes AGES to get served. I hung around for around 15mins trying to get a pint. I ended up going back outside and then one of the girls went in an got me one (think she did it in 10 minutes). This was last tuesday (1/7/08) too.. hardly a huge busy night!?

Needless to say, I won't be going back there, just because the service left much to be desired. It's a nice setting though - very chilled out.

I just hate queuing for ages.

3 Jul 2008 11:16

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