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The Gosforth Hotel, Gosforth

The first copies of Viz Comic were sold in this pub, in the room above when they had bands on.1979. Chris Donald had to leg it back to his Mam and Dads house in Jesmond for more, because they'd sold all the copies.
That's The Gosforth Hotel's claim to fame.

28 Dec 2009 23:37

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

It isn't closed.
Why are there two seperate pages for the same pub?

1 Nov 2009 12:30

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Went today with 3 friends and we were all in agreement that it was one of the best pubs we'd ever visited. I tried 3 of their own beers and they were all very different and all outstanding. Perfect beer, never had better.

25 Sep 2009 21:28

Grey's Inn, Embleton

The pub was great, the beer wasn't.

13 Jul 2009 00:17

Wooden Doll Inn, North Shields

Will someone please remove all 19 of the crappy photos?

7 Feb 2009 17:59

The Victoria Hotel, Durham

If this pub is that great why can't someone post a picture of it?

29 Oct 2008 23:25

Royal Oak, Ambleside

This is a very good pub, always have decent beer on and a quality jukebox. I don't normally bother about jukeboxes because they are normally sh*t but this one isn't.Nice open fire, nice seating outside for when it's sunny.
There is a seperate hidden entrance for locals to a side bar so they can save themselves 5p a pint off the "offcomers" rate. They are welcome to their dingy dark hole, I'd rather pay the 5p extra and sit in the light and see people I wasn't interbred with.

10 Oct 2008 19:55

The Watermill Inn, Ings

I always considered this pub slightly over rated until my last visit which was nearly perfect. Between us we tried 8 different beers which were all spot on and the food was excellent too, particularly the Polish dish, I think it was called Bigos.
Definitely a pub that deserves national recognition and would be enjoyed by all who like good beer and good food.

3 Jul 2008 22:26

The Riverside Hotel, Kendal

To echo the previous comments it's worth visiting only for the 2 Hawkshead beers they usually have on. It's not really a pub though.

3 Jun 2008 16:21

Globe, Kendal

There should be day and night shifts of people outside this pub, marching with placards warning those who go in.

and on the other side


Dunno what the food is like but when they charge 2.80!!!for a pint of cloudy vinegar and expect you to wipe your arse with your bare hands I wasn't staying to find out.

22 May 2008 22:16

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

With around 10 seperate rooms of very different sizes this is the most un barn like pub I've ever been to and also one of wetherespoon's best.They always have loads of excellent local beer on. The rooms and bars are so different that this could be a wetherspoons pub for people who don't like wetherspoons pubs.

A barn!
I can't beleive he said that. The moon under water on deansgate in manchester is a barn.

22 May 2008 21:56

Fitzgeralds Newcastle, Newcastle

That has got to be the worst pub photo on this website!

22 May 2008 21:37

Victoria Tavern, Kendal

Matt's charming review tells us almost all we need to know.
Oh and they've never heard of cask ale and it's very expensive for the rubbish they would like to pour into your glass. Horrible.

14 Apr 2008 15:34

Bridge Hotel, Kendal

I haven't been in here for a while but the landlord Nige has been there since about 1992 and he is a great landlord. Always was a very friendly local.

14 Apr 2008 15:21

The Quayside, Newcastle

On thursday 3rd April we (me and my family) crossed the Tyne bridge from Newcastle to Gateshead for a laugh. We returned to Newcastle via the Swing bridge. We instantly realised that we were very close to the pub under review, (although we didn't think of it in those terms at the was more a case of we need a wee, here is a pub) Anyway we really liked this pub the beer was fantastic! The view was second to none if you got a seat out the front next to the river. We ended up in a very charming and big courtyard to the rear.
This was my favourite Wetherspoons visit, perhaps because I didn't eat the crap they call food, perhaps because it was sunny and perhaps because we'd had such a lovely day but it might have been because The Quayside is as good as Wetherspoons gets.

6 Apr 2008 23:39

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Great choice of real ale and a very nicely fitted out pub. The toilets are a bit of a climb but worth it for the superb photographs of Newcastle on the way.

21 Jan 2008 23:23

The Churchill Hotel, Ambleside

Has the atmosphere of a Blackpool pub that has been bypassed by hordes of drunken stag parties.
This would be bad in Blackpool but it's even worse in Ambleside.

10 Jan 2008 21:50

Sportsman Inn,, Ambleside

Anon....How could you have not noticed the nature of this sh*thole of a pub earlier?
There is one of the best pubs in the lake district within 200 yards (The Golden Rule) and you chose to spend all night in this dive.
Grow up! Go to a grown up's pub.

9 Jan 2008 23:10

White Lion Hotel, Ambleside

For your ten quid you always get a huge plateful of food here. Unfortuanately it's nearly all chips and salad. All they care about here is getting you in and out as quickly as possible and charging as much as they dare for the truly appaling menu.
Only go for a drink (which is very expensive too) just to annoy them. Then as the last poster says go to a proper pub. Or eat sandwiches.Don't eat in an Ambleside pub.

9 Jan 2008 23:00

The Riflemans Arms, Kendal

Pleasantly situated local being next to a green close to the woods. 2 very good real ales on and the landlord was very attentive, and seemed to care about the beer he was selling. Highly regarded by the local CAMRA membership.

9 Jan 2008 16:00

Bourgognes, Newcastle

Now Demolished.

1 Jan 2008 16:45

Burgundys Wine Bar, Kendal

The best pub in Kendal by a long way and reputedly the first "wine bar" to be listed in the Good Pub Guide. Known to most Kendalians as simply The Wine Bar, Burgundy's has hosted an annual Cumbrian Micro Challenge Beer Festival since 1992. They managed to squeeze in 15 this year which was a new record.
There are always at least 4 real ales on here, typically 2 being local, as well as a big range of whisky, continental lager such as the Kriek fruit beer and the Landlord's own cocktails.
Always great for conversation on the afternoons it opens (Thursday-Saturday). Very lively, but never rowdy, on the weekend nights.
A true Freehouse (The Landlord Mike converted it to a pub from a shell in 1986) A quite unique place.
Almost fotgot to mention that they do also sell wine.

14 Dec 2007 20:23

Bridge Hotel, Newcastle

Great pub! The patio/smoking area at the back has a view of the Tyne bridge and is walled by the ancient City wall.

18 Nov 2007 16:27

Bar 99, Kendal

Cheap and very nasty.

18 Nov 2007 16:18

The Shakespeare Inn, Kendal

Pub has a new Landlord who is interested in real ale and the beer is diverse and kept well. Usually has London Pride on which is a rare sight in this area. One of Kendal's better pubs.

18 Nov 2007 16:16

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

The staff of this website seem to be very unconcerned about blatant spam. Is there anybody there???

29 Jul 2007 20:21

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Victorian green tiled splendour in a desert of ugly plate glass windowed modernity. Great beer, great atmosphere and people from Coronation Street sitting on there own reading books. You can't get better than that. Best pub in Manchester.

23 May 2007 15:43

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

This place is ok but the soft drinks are outrageously expensive

23 May 2007 15:34

The Vine Inn, Manchester

Have always found the barstaff here very friendly.The beer is good but it would be better if they had more range, it's always Hobgoblin and one other. I've just noticed that every other reviewer is mentioning the friendly staff so top marks to them it can't just be me! There is a magic mirror at the top end of the pub.

23 May 2007 15:28

Crown Posada, Newcastle

It's small. Cathedrals aren't.

13 May 2007 13:45

The Bodega, Newcastle

The beer in here is excellent. Lots of local ones, the Prince Bishop being best of all.I've never had a bad pint of anything in here though.Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and it's interior, especially the glass domes and the tall tables, are a joy. If it comes a second to The Crown Posada of all pubs in Newcastle that's only because it's up against one of the best pubs in the country.

29 Apr 2007 11:37

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Manchester has many excellent pubs and this is certainly amongst them. You'd think it was a one room boozer until you need to go to the toilet and then you find yourself sticking your head into all these other little chambers. Quite a treat. Nice beer garden at the back as well. Beer excellent. The barman who looks like Avid Merrion even drew us a map to get to the Lass o'Gowrie. I don't drink whisky but if I did I could stop here for a year and never drink the same one twice.

8 Apr 2007 15:39

The Miles Thompson, Kendal

Beer is nearly always excellent in this spoons. Unfortuanately the staff seem to tolerate an abusive old man who is always in there and is always abusive.

7 Apr 2007 17:14

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

I liked this pub because it was full of men doing their shopping and putting their bet on. The carrier bags and betting slips made it so homely.

7 Apr 2007 16:23

New Inn, Bridlington

Dark, dirty, and expensive.
Otherwise awful.

7 Apr 2007 14:24

The Castle Inn, Kendal

A very good pub indeed. By far the best of the traditional kind in Kendal. It always seems calm in here, even when it's packed everyone seems happy, and when there are few in, mid-afternoon it is serene.
The beer is excellent as they always have a selection of usually local real ale guest beers, although the splendid Timothy Taylors Landlord does occasionally play. As far as pub food goes the homemade stuff here is top notch.
I've never in all the time i've been in here seen any sign of trouble, there again I always leave pubs if I notice that there's a wake on.

6 Apr 2007 16:19

The Crown and Anchor, Manchester

I've been in here a few times, but have never stopped for more than one pint. It would be half ok due to the Holts beer if it werent for the "free" video blaring on everywhere you look. Christ if you have to have a telly on of an afternoon show the racing or something! Don't waste your time in this pub, Manchester has so much more.

6 Apr 2007 15:50

Prior John, Bridlington

This pub has the worst service of any Wetherspoons pub I've been to and that takes some doing.
Went in for the curry special thing and the onion bhajiis were burnt to a cinder so we complained and the waitress took them away only to return 10 minutes later with what were obviously the same burnt onion bhajis, only now cold as well as fire damaged.
The service at the bar was, if possible, worse.

28 Mar 2007 10:34

The Golden Rule, Ambleside

Very friendly pub.Lovely real fire. Robinsons isnt the worlds best beer but they always keep it as good as it's going to get. Best pub in Amleside by a long way.

14 Jan 2007 08:03

The Beehive, Newcastle

As Geordie as it gets.

24 Dec 2006 18:23

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

This is a really nice local and really tiny but not quite as tiny as the Circus Tavern next door.
Something I found really funny once was I was talking to a bloke at the bar in here who was clearly a regular of some years standing if not decades and I mentioned to him the Circus Tavern which is at most 5 seconds walk away. And he said oh yeah I've never been in there!!!

13 Nov 2006 18:45

Corbieres Wine Cavern, Manchester

Jukebox is about the best i've ever seen or heard. Serves real ale too. Great atmosphere.

13 Nov 2006 18:37

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Can't possibly visit manchester without a pint or two in here. It's unique and always enjoyable

13 Nov 2006 18:32

The Bank, Manchester

Nice spacious pub quite elegant inside. Real ale and food good

13 Nov 2006 18:26

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

Gem of a pub. Been going for years on my frequent trips to Manchester and always the same faces in. The landlord looks like the actor Stratford Johns. Beer really good, everyone friendly, you always get into a conversation if you stand at the bar. It's a great traditional pub without TRYING to be, which makes all the difference.

13 Nov 2006 18:22

Crown Posada, Newcastle

This is easily the best pub in Newcastle.

1 Oct 2006 22:40

The Star and Garter, Manchester

Home to the Smiths and Morrissey disco which it now runs on the first friday of every month. Part of music history and the best possible night out in the world ever.

24 Sep 2006 21:33

The Mitre, Islington

This was once the best pub on Upper Street. It was a cosy dark cavern with lovely old, comfortable furnishing, and such great atmosphere enhanced by the candles at each table.
Now it is repellant, it's all metal and it looks like a spaceship.

17 Sep 2006 17:22

The Camden Head, Islington

Great looking pub. Well worth a visit for the centre bar, not often you see one.

17 Sep 2006 17:15

The Elk in the Woods, Islington

Had a very nice breakfast here last summer.Staff were quite friendly. It was a monday morning. I'd have avoided it if i'd read the reviews here first so I'm glad I didn't.

17 Sep 2006 17:11

The Hook and Parrot, Bridlington

Expensive and scruffy. Yobs banging on the window (from inside) and swearing seemed to be regarded as fairly affable behaviour. Horrible, avoid.

5 Sep 2006 17:08

Eagle and Child Inn, Staveley

Good food and well kept cask ales. This pub is comfortable, homely and old fashioned with lots of interesting adornments without being contrived. They often do weekend beer festivals in their lovely riverside beer garden with a barbecue, a really good afternoon out.

5 Sep 2006 16:57

The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

The beer is usually good here with plenty of choice 5 or 6 real als normally.The food is good.......if you get it, the sevice is atrocious. I gave up on this place after the fourth consecutive time my order was cocked-up. This can range from anything to not getting your food at all when you are waiting to go to the cinema despite several enquiries and several assurances that it's on its way. (Finally with 5 minutes to go before the film an apology of oh sorry we'll do it now). Or of course theres the regular overcharges on drink prices. Then you get the starters and main courses being brought to your table together. Or the humble 40 minute wait at a pre-booked table in the Green Room before the waitress even asks you what you'd like only to be told that the all of the main courses that we wanted and had been eying hungrily for 40 minutes were sold out.
The Brewery deserves an accolade for combining the worst possible Bar and Resteraunt managers ever known.

28 Aug 2006 15:48

The Gatehouse, Highgate

Had an enjoyable Sunday dinner here last year. Very pleasant location and a welcome sight after the long haul up Highate Hill. Cheekily friendly barman and ok food and beer.

28 Aug 2006 15:12

The Ten Bells, Shoreditch

Went to this pub on a sunday night last year after a Jack the Ripper tour walk. Loved the old tiles and the comfy sofas. Also liked the music the DJ was playing. We were sat next to him so kept putting requests on which he played straightaway.
I thought it had kept a lot of it's "Ripper" heritage and atmosphere without spoiling things by becoming a theme pub or a ripper museum. Nice place but toilets a bit difficult to negociate down rickety stairs and darkness.

28 Aug 2006 15:06

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

I first went here on a saturday night in december 1994 and I loved it. We were in the main bar at the front and there was a great atmosphere, busy but not crowded, real fire belting out heat. It felt like an old fashioned village pub yet we were in the middle of London.
I always visit when I'm in London and it never dissapoints. Went last summer on the day of that Live Aid II thing, there was also a huge Gay pride march in the city so London was just hectic and it was a red hot day. What a releif it was to be able to drink a lovely pint of bitter in the cool and serenity of the cellar area. Could have stopped there all day. It's an ever fascinating labyrinth and incredibly cheap.

28 Aug 2006 14:48

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