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The Gipsy Hill Tavern, Upper Norwood

I agree - a smashing pub with the legend that is Frank manning the pumps and looking after all. The traditional Irish music sessions on Sundays are brilliant too.

19 Feb 2009 13:21

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

This once great pub - check the old Evening Standard pub of the year award - has fallen on hard times and is now strictly the preserve of drunken locals. If you are keen to enter prepare yourself for a Slaughtered Lamb experience, darts stop in midair and everything halts.
Go to the Tavern instead, much better

19 Feb 2009 13:19

Bertie's Bar, Wimbledon

Okay, this is a lovely setting and not full of some of the less appealing inhabitants of the Broadway bars and clubs, of that there is no doubt. The service however, is appalling, with all the charm and warmth of ex-Soviet Bloc countries although at a slightly slower pace. Be prepared to spend up to 20 minutes at the bar as the bar staff are regularly not there and even when they are bring a whole new definition to the word slooooooow...

20 Dec 2007 14:19

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