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Le Gothique, Wandsworth

First visit today. Quirky, difficult to find, and hugely overpriced. For a pub which hosts twice yearly real ale beer festivals they had 4 hand pumps with NO BEER available - had to settle for a half of lager, plus a small Bacardi & Coke for my wife - total £7.85 - at least £4 more than my local. The ladies toilets were filthy (I'm told), didn't try the mens. On the plus side, the girl behind the vbar was very pleasant and friendly, and the pub was generally very attractive and clean, but I do suspect very directed towards foodies NOT drinkers.

16 Feb 2015 18:49

The Beehive, Wandsworth

Called here for the 1st time ever today. Pub looked ok and (appeared) to offer a good beer selection. However an obviously inexperienced barhand wasn't sure which beers were actually available - I opted for the Brains which he thought was "on." Despite my wife being directly next to me he didn't immediately ask what she wanted, proceeded instead to turn away to the til. She then asked for a small white wine and would have just been given the first bottle he came to had we not stopped him to ask what choice there might be (apparently there were 2 other options on the wine list at the tables, but these were not offered). The operative then had to ring for instructions! I accept staff have to learn, but shouldn't be left to fend for themselves unsupervised.

16 Feb 2015 18:40

The Widdrington Inn, Widdrington

Went there on one of the hottest days of the year - the welcome was warm, the beer was the correct temperature (and yes, unfortunately there was only 1 real ale of the three available - it had been a very busy weekend and this was Monday Night), but the one was in great condition. The Food was SUPERB, the staff couldn't have been nicer, and yes the place was pretty busy - certainly for a Monday night. Will definately be back when I'm next in the area

17 Jul 2013 01:19

The Woodman, Carshalton

I don't know why I've come back to this pub: probably to see whether it's changed. Well it has: for the worse! It's dirty (I don't think the florr's been swept for weeks!), the toilets are disgusting; smelly, dirty, (and certainly the Gents) awash with - well I'll leave that to your imagination. Worst of all is the Manager/owner (whatever she is). Foul-mouthed, drunk and vicious. She seems to take great delight in humiliating her staff and customers alike, I'm amazed anyone goes in there at all, but I for one certainly won't be back, there are far better pubs in the area (even the Fox & Hounds down the road isn't as "chavie" as this place). How on earth did they win the "best pub in Sutton" award - it's perhaps a booby prize: maybe they get an award for entering, 'cos it sure as hell shouldn't win one for anything worthwhile.

14 Jan 2012 11:31

The Hooden on the Green, Mitcham

Now renamed back to The White Hart. Maybe it will restore some pride to the area. With the Cricketers next door gone, and the Burn Bullock re-opened under new management perhaps it's a chance to kick out the rough element and return the pub to the community.

20 Jan 2011 14:44

The Cricketers, Mitcham


After months of no support from the brewery (Youngs) (for example refusing to repair the heating). Two very cold winters later the landlady gave up the unequal struggle and left. Shame.

20 Jan 2011 14:41

The Greyhound, Sydenham


Will be turned into a "secluded Gated residential development"!???

20 Jan 2011 14:34

The Fox and Hounds, Sydenham

Currently called "Foxes" - it will either revert to it's old name or close within a year!!

20 Jan 2011 14:33

The Alexandra, Penge

Still going strong, despite the worst recession in living memory (except the last one). Yes, there are still some dodgy characters, but that is mostly what they are - characters. It's what every good locals' local needs, and makes for a really good atmosphere. The Karaoke still happens every Saturday and Sunday, with occasional disco/singers on Fridays, and a Quiz on a Wednesday once a month. Watch out also for special events (like the Burns night celebration on Tues 25th Jan!). Give the pub a chance - and that's what the locals will do for you. Have an attitude, and yes, I'm sure you'll get a hostile reception. (I notice Tonyjo never came back!)

20 Jan 2011 14:31

Strines Inn, Bradfield

Just stayed here (only 1 night sadly!). Great accomodation (4-poster bed), fantastic views for reservoir from room. Evening meal VERY good, not too longa wait although busy, and good sized portions, freshly prepared and excellent quality. Coffee in bar afterwarsd is to die for (so the wife says) - I stuck to the beer, which was well kept, and a good selection (Boondoggle, Wolf Cry and a Jennings - Cockerhoop!). Breakfast (excellent) served in our room. Staff polite, pleasant, courteous and attentive. Worth recommending and returning.

16 Jul 2009 11:47

The Bell Inn, Cheam

Very nice pub, cheerful landlady friendly efficient staff, and some interesting characters. Good beer, and the prices are reasonable (unlike in nearby Sutton, where EVERYWHERE is expensive). Food served, although I havn't tried it - yet. Two plasma screens showing sports events, etc. Live bands/singers sometimes at the weekend and Karaoke on a TUESDAY. Now that's a rarity. Some good singers there too. Even if you don't join in it's worth just going along to listen. See ya there.

11 Mar 2009 15:40

The Lord Nelson, Reedham

The pub has now re-opened, with new Landlord and Landlady (since June 2008). Very good selection of real ales - many from local breweries including Humpty Dumpty - and a good range of wholesome home cooked food. Folk music Wednesday Evening and Sunday afternoons in the Summer, and other entertainment on an ad-hoc basis. Well worth a visit.

14 Aug 2008 09:46

The Mole, Monk Sherborne

Went there on Saturday 15th March 08. Despite booking in person at 6pm for a table of 3 for 8pm, the landlady (Fiona) didn't remember the booking, kept us waiting over half an hour for a table - despite the fact there were 4 empty tables in the restaurant which were not, or ever were, in use. 3 starters & 3 main courses ordered - 2 of each were NOT available. Soup (as a replacement starter) was nothing more than thin gravy with a lump of stale bread in it, steaks were tough and dry. Service poor (had to ask for cutlery - are you supposed to eat soup with your fingers?) Pricy for VERY poor quality. DON'T GO THERE.
Try ANY other pub in the area for food first

17 Mar 2008 09:48

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