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The Glue Pot, Swindon

As I was in Swindon on business, on the way home I called in The Glue Pot, intending to stay for a few pints. I did not feel at all welcome or comfortable. I had the distinct feeling JC did not like me.

I had one drink then went to Yates round the corner, where the manager made me feel very welcome. He also had some excellent beer on which was very reasonably priced and some decent food.

21 May 2016 14:21

The Queens Tap, Swindon

Went in there the Saturday before last, to see a friends band. The atmosphere is nothing fantastic and they were charging £3.70 for a pint of Reverent James.

I thought this was a bit expensive. The nearby Glue pot, has a good range of really well kept beers, from £2.70 - £3.30 in a friendly atmosphere.

The Castle in Old town is also friendly and has Timothy Taylors Landlord a lovely beer in really excellent condition for £3.10. They also have good regular bands and sky-sports.

4 Oct 2015 14:25

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Ballymoss, apologies if you found the language offensive.
Except for the last paragraph, that was a copy of a post on the landlords facebook page which has since been deleted.

JC went through a phase of swearing at and in front of customers and crashing glasses around, possibly due to his medication. I don't know.

I've been back a few times when visiting Swindon and really enjoyed it. He was chatty and really friendly, and also having a bit of banter with the bar-maid.

Hopefully, that is a sign that things are going a lot better for him.

4 Oct 2015 14:13

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Jonathan 'jc' Crisp
1 hr · Swindon ·
Customers are bloody stupid! "Sorry that beer will be off for about half an hour while we clean the line" "no problem, put two in and we'll wait, we're not in a hurry" "ok but I can't guarantee how long it will be" 2 minutes later "is our beer not ready yet?, guess we'll have something else then" cunts!

Charming, as the old saying goes, if you can't stand the heat, let someone else have a go

11 May 2015 20:18

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Went in there a few days ago and the beer and atmosphere were really good. I didn't think I would say this again but JC was both friendly and cheerful. He was having a bit of banter with a really lovely young lady, who apparently works there, which was nice to see.

There are probably a lot of things in JC's life I know nothing about. Hopefully, whatever was upsetting him is now in the past.

Well worth giving it another chance

7 Feb 2015 18:39

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Went in there a few days ago with some friends and JC was in a filthy mood. He practically threw our change at us. Really don't know what was going on there.

We didn't stay long

8 Sep 2014 14:32

The Glue Pot, Swindon

I was in Swindon, so popped in for a couple of beers. Didn't feel particularly welcome but the beer was good as always.

The place has been spruced up a bit with a new carpet. I forgot to ask JC, if he had started doing food again.

23 Aug 2014 13:14

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Nowadays, I much prefer The Hop Inn Old Town, next to the Arts Centre, or The Carter's Rest Wroughton, a short bus-ride from Swindon bus station on the no 49 or no 72. In both these venues, there is a much better selection of beers all in top condition and no grumpy idiot of a landlord swearing at or in front of customers and banging bottles and glasses around. This is something I find rather off-putting and one of the reasons I haven't used the Glue Pot for a while and am unlikely to do so in the future.

12 May 2014 16:22

The Glue Pot, Swindon

I have known a few alcoholics. All the signs seems to be there, bad temper, abruptness.
If that is the case, JC probably shouldn't be working with alcohol.

21 Apr 2014 09:33

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Tried The Glue Pot again recently. JC was quite friendly and chatty, more how I remember him. Last time I was in there, he was probably going through a bad patch, something I can identify with. The beer was excellent as always. On Mondays, They knock £0.50 off all pints of Hopback and Downton beers

10 Sep 2013 15:01

The Glue Pot, Swindon

I used to enjoy drinking here but on my last visit, I felt about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.
I knew the bar-man JC before he started working there and always thought of him as a friend.I went in there Friday lunch-time 3 or 4 weeks ago and had ham egg and chips. Beyond asking me what I wanted and then asking me for money, I didn't get a word out of him. I didn't know anyone else in there and felt uncomfortable. When I left, he was out the front having a cigar. He did say goodbye but only after I said it first. Maybe he was having an off day but after that, I don't feel in any hurry to go back there

1 Feb 2013 21:21

The Carriers Arms, South Marston

A very friendly local in South Marston Village. Set in a village location but a short taxi ride from Swindon.
They serve good food and keep a good pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord behind the bar. They also have live music.
If you enjoy good, company, good food, and decent beer, you can't go far wrong.

2 Dec 2012 18:27

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Well said Jay_Cee_1961 and Hodge1.

I couldn't agree more

8 Dec 2009 19:09

The Glue Pot, Swindon

I am currently enjoying Hopback's Red Ember, very moreish.

Since Keith and Karen took over, I have always had good and friendly service, no matter who is behind the bar. IMHO, that, was not always the case when Mike and Becky were there. Does anyone remember Dave the barman.

The beer is most certainly the best kept in Swindon

23 Nov 2009 16:04

The Duke of Wellington, Swindon

The Duke is now under new management. The new Landlord and Landlady seem nice.

The ale is still gravity fed, well kept and very reasonably priced.

The internal appearance of the place, has been much improved with a fresh coat of paint and new tables and chairs.

Most importantly, I've only been in there a few times since it changed hands but have always felt very welcome. It certainly is not cliquey.

Well worth a visit

7 Mar 2009 11:19

The Beehive, Swindon

I went back to the Beehive last Sunday, because there was a band I particularly wanted to see.

I tried the Osset Beijing and it was absolutely superb and really well kept. I ended up having a few of them.

What a contrast from my last few visits.

Excellent beer and great music. And a really good atmosphere.

I would therefore like to withdraw my earlier comments about the Beehive's beer. It is once again, a pub I could highly recommend.

I'm still a bit miffed, that Andy Marcer didn't reply to the e-mail I sent him a week before posting on BITE.

I've always believed, if I don't like something about a pub, I should tell the landlord/landlady.
Even negative customer feedback, can be valuable. If they don't want to know, then and only then, complain about it on BITE.

19 Aug 2008 19:23

The Cricketers, Swindon

This has always been a friendly pub. A lot of Glue Pot regulars use The Cricketers as well.

The food has always been really good value.

Unfortunately, it will be changing hands on Sunday 27th July, so I think everything is winding down. I like Tony, the existing landlord, I'm not sure I will be visiting it when he's gone.

It's a shame really.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say Tony will be missed.

17 Jul 2008 17:16

The Beehive, Swindon

I have used the Beehive, on and off for a number of years.
On the positive side, the atmosphere is generally very laid back, with as far as I know, little or no trouble.
They also have decent free live music on, usually about 3 or 4 times a week which is why I don't have a problem with their high beer prices. Presumably this covers the cost of the artists.
However, I noticed during my last few visits, that the quality of their beer has gone rapidly down hill. The problem is not their brands of beer but how they keep them. Also, if they cleaned their lines once in a while, that might help.
As a beer drinker, I don't mind paying a bit extra for free entertainment but I do object to paying higher prices for something that is practically undrinkable.
Last Sunday I went to see Out of the Blue.
My first pint was a bit on the cloudy side and tasted slightly stale,so I saw that off and decided to try something else.
The next pint was even worse. The barmaid cheerfully acknowledged it was a bit cloudy but assured me there was nothing wrong with it, it was just the way it came out of the tap. I accepted it, as so far as I knew, there was nothing better to replace it with. I drank that one, at these prices I wasn't about to waste it, then went home.
I felt very ill for the rest of the evening and was sick a few times, the first time in living memory that only two pints has done that to me.
There is another good band on this afternoon, which I would have liked to see but I am certainly not in a hurry to go back there. Not until someone can convince me that teir beer has improved at least.
I e-mailed the Beehive on their web-site last Sunday, but so far have received no reply.
Hopefully, now that they know their beer is not only crap but making people ill, they might do something to improve it

13 Jul 2008 14:15

The Carters Rest, Wroughton

A bit out of the way for me as I live in East Swindon.
Though I've visited a few times and found it very friendly. Open fires in the winter. Good beer at very reasonable prices.

3 Mar 2008 10:44

The Glue Pot, Swindon

Since retuning to Swindon, I have been using the Glue Pot regularly for about 3-4 years. In all that time, I have never known any trouble in there.
I have always found both Keith and Karen, the landlord and landlady very friendly and easy to get on with.
Also Keith is highly enthusiastic about real ale and keeps his beers well, which is exactly what is needed in a CAMRA pub.

Some of the Glue Pot regulars, felt the previous owners Mike and Becky where unfairly evicted by Hopback. Though my understanding, is some of the customers (not me) complained to Hopback about their attitude. I suspect that is what ecunemical really has a problem with, though by his/her own admission he/she had been drinking for 10 hours prior to their visit. It is highly unlikely, he/she would have been in any state to know what was really going on. Maybe he/she/it should pluck up the courage to speak to Keith or Karen directly instead of taking the cowardly option of hiding behind a computer keyboard making snide remarks. They are both very approachable and I'm sure would be prepared to discuss any reasonable concerns.

Neil or Jason as he's known to his friends is working there part-time so that he can afford to go to college. He is young, has long hair and a beard but is intelligent and again very approachable and friendly.

13 Dec 2007 11:44

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