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The Kings Arms, All Cannings

Decent little friendly village pub, Wadworth's beers, pub food (didn't eat but looked ok), camping site out the back. Only drawback is beer a tad expensive. - 3.30 for 6X; that extra 30p makes all the difference!
Definitely a proper pub though.

11 Apr 2012 14:03

The Black Lion, Llanbadarn

Can't get my head around this place. Friendly staff but totally lacking in atmosphere. Also, beer choice is pretty dull and on my last visit I had the worst pint for years. Glad that my mate who lives up the road is moving away; I can't see me ever visiting again.

28 Mar 2012 17:00

Yr Hen Orsaf, Aberystwyth

Went in for a couple while waiting for a curry from next door. Pleasantly impressed, as Wetherspoons these days are, on the whole, pretty poor. A decent couple of pints, decent price, quick service and somewehere to sit once you can get your head around the strange layout. It's still a Wetherspoons, but you could do worse in Aber.

28 Mar 2012 16:57

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

I've been going to the Coeur, on and off, since the great days of Dennis and Miss Piggy back in the late '70s. After they left, the place varied from ok to bloody awful, and was even threatened with closure at one point (greedy pubco trying to maximise it's value in one of Bath's prettiest streets.) Luckily the amazing Devenish stained glass window more or less prevents it being turned into a shop, so it's still there. Since Abbey Ales took it over a few years back it's been tootling along pretty well.
I popped in again last week and had a perfectly nice pint of Bellringer served by a welcoming barmaid, and the locals were, as ever, a mixed bunch. It's had a few changes but it 's still pretty much ok and worth going into for a pint. Not great, but pretty good.

11 Feb 2011 20:37

The Hop Pole Inn, Limpley Stoke

Proper pub with a friendly welcome. No quibble about serving eight of us even though we arrived after last orders had been called, and they were in no hurry to throw us out immedaitely after time. Beer range limited to Courage Best and Butcombe and we didn't eat, but I'll be quite happy to go back. Handy for the canal towpath walk/cycleway.

2 Jan 2011 10:04

The Wheelwrights Arms, Monkton Combe

First time I've been back to the Wheelwrights in a few years and I can do nothing more than echo the comments below. This is no longer a pub. There were NO seats available for anyone wanting just a drink. In fact, every table was reserved for diners. We were, of course, quite welcome to sit in the garden on a January lunchtime. Garden? There used to be a nice garden but now there's a patch of gravel and an enlarged car park where the wah-wah nim-nims can park their Rolls Royce whilst partaking of the expensive food. Yes, there WAS one there.
Beer choice was limited to Butcombe and a Christmas special, but seeing as the chap behing the bar was more interested in serving the waitress with the diners' orders than any actual customers...
Won't be going back. Another good pub ruined.

2 Jan 2011 09:58

Grain Barge, Bristol

Fairly characterless bar on a barge moored in the docks. However, we sat on deck in the sunshine of the late afternoon and had a couple of nice pints. Wouldn't want to be there if it was busy or the deck wasn't available (rain etc).

5 Sep 2010 18:41

The Salamander, Bath

Had a bit of a refurb this year; the leaky loos have been replaced and they've gone for a lighter, leaner look. Now that the smell of paint has finally vanished it's not too bad, apart from the perennial problem of not enough staff when the place is busy. Don't bother with the food, and get there early if you want to drink SPA. Almost every time we're in they run out after we've had one pint.
Still worth a visit, but not quite what it was a while back.

5 Sep 2010 18:38

The Porter Butt, Bath

Now a music shop.

5 Sep 2010 18:27

The Pineapple, Bristol

Oops. Ignore the comment below - wrong pub!

3 Sep 2010 10:48

The Pineapple, Bristol

Shut on a Thursday lunchtime. Boo!

3 Sep 2010 10:46

The Nova Scotia, Bristol

Went in here on matchday lunchtime, last season. The place was, unsurprisingly, heaving so I didn't get much chance to look around. What I could see looked pretty scruffy, and the only real ale on tap was Courage Best. All these years after Courage stopped brewing and they're still selling the same horrible muck. On the plus side, got served pretty quickly seeing as the bar was four deep.

3 Sep 2010 10:44

The Porter Butt, Bath

Closed and boarded up.

12 May 2010 19:34

The Lamb Inn, Stoke Goldington

Booked a table for a meal last Saturday, the weekend of the Steam Rally.
Arrived early and started a tab while waiting for another member of our party.
As usual, beer well-kept and varied. Let the staff know that we were ready to eat well before the booked time; then, 15 minutes after it - no sign of a table. Upon enquiry it was discovered that all the tables were now full, having been given to people arriving 'on spec'. Waited another 15 mins, then shown to table where we waited another 30! When the food eventually arrived it was extremely ordinary, almost appearing to be the last scrapings in one case. They had also doubled up on the portions in an attempt to make it seem better.
I was not offered it, but asked for the bill to be reduced so as to make up for the delay, which it was. (The young lad behind the bar appeared to be the only one there with any idea of running the place, the older bloke was wandering about in a daze or talking to his mates.) As I was paying the bill there were complaints coming in from other parties of diners concerning stuff that they had or hadn't ordered/received, wanted/didn't want, been billed/paid for etc. All in all, not a good experience and we won't be going there for food again.

I reccommend this pub ONLY if it is quiet, when you'll get a nice pint. But for heaven's sake, don't start ordering food, you'll only confuse them.

12 May 2010 12:34

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Another Bath pub that has slipped, ever so gently, from the superb place it used to be. The beer is now too expensive and the atmosphere is drifting out the door. It wouldn't take much to bump it back up again - perhaps a change of landlord (although I'd prefer to see the current one do it, he's been there quite a while now)?

22 Oct 2009 12:56

The Salamander, Bath

I like this pub, especially as I remember what the place was like before Bath Ales got hold of it. Excellent for an early evening drink, although they closed early (10 pm) a couple of months back because we were the only ones in there.
It certainly does seem to have slipped a bit from it's previous top form, and is emptier of late, but still has excellent beer and I see no reason not to pop back in a week or two.

22 Oct 2009 12:53

The King of Wessex, Bath

Horrible, horrible Wetherspoons. Worst one I've ever been in. Bad design, no atmosphere and less beer choice than other 'spoons. Not even worth going into while waiting for the cinema.

22 Oct 2009 12:48

Wetherspoons, Milton Keynes

Unlike other reviewers, no problems getting served. Beer decent and cheap, food adequate but not great. In other words a bog-standard Wetherspoons.
This pub's best attributes are that it IS a pub - MK is devoid of them in the centre. To be honest, MK centre is pretty much devoid of life, especially at the weekends, but this place is handy if you are stuck at the station for too long.

22 Oct 2009 12:44

Dolphin Hotel, Beer

Best pub in beer for a few pints. In fact, I had more than a few and can't remember what it was I was drinking, but it was something other than the ubiquitous (and lovely) Otter, and was very nice too.
Bar skittles, darts and pool table plus friendly locals. Apparently a bit of a singalong on Saturday night although I missed that. I didn't eat here but note that they do breakfasts from
Best pub in Beer for a few pints.

22 Oct 2009 12:29

The Barrel of Beer, Beer

This is a definite food first, pub second kind of place. We didn't eat as the food was very expensive, although the selection of fish dishes was extensive. Popping in at 5 pm we were able to sit by the fire with a nice pint of Otter, but I can imagine that attempting to drink later on in the evening wouldn't be much fun as it will be full of diners.

22 Oct 2009 12:24

The Anchor Inn, Beer

Went here to watch the footy. Beer was nice, food (which can be eaten in the bar or restaurant) was a bit expensive for just the snack we wanted, so we had starters and garlic bread. My calamari was good and the garlic breads ENORMOUS! Think half a loaf and you won't be far out.
The Otter was good too, but the pub has less atmosphere than the Dolphin up the road.

22 Oct 2009 12:21

The Quarryman's Arms, Box

Food-oriented but excellent pub, with a good selection of beers and drinkers made welcome. Lovely views from the picture window too.
Only one drawback - I ALWAYS have trouble finding it!!!

29 Aug 2008 11:04

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Worrying times at the Green Tree. The beer's gone up again and is now too expensive; the BOB (Brand Oak Bitter) has disappeared and the barman greeted everyone's order with 'What?'
I've been coming here since 1977 and this is the first time that I've thought that maybe I'll give it a miss next time in town.
Hope that it gets back to form quickly.

29 Aug 2008 11:01

The Two Pigs, Corsham

Excellent local pub for drinkers. No food, no fruit/gaming machines, no TV, just good beer, good conversation and good blues playing unobtrusively in the background. Except on Monday nights when the live bands make it hard to hear yourself think! Still, that's just one night a week so I don't mind really.

Really nice and friendly landlord/landlady and staff, the only drawback is the limited opening hours (evenings and Sunday lunchtime only). Still, out of these hours you can always go next door to the Hare & Hounds for a pint. The two pubs are different enough to complement each other well.

This is my favourite though.

29 Aug 2008 10:58

The Hare and Hounds, Corsham

Just been given a lick of paint and some new carpets, and the pool table's gone (not a bad thing to happen IMO). The beer is always well-kept (although the price is creeping up a bit too much) and the food good.
I prefer the Two Pigs next door for an evening drink, but this is spot-on for during the day or for something to eat.

29 Aug 2008 10:52

Chapel etc, Corsham

No real ale, and everything is a tad expensive for a little town like Corsham. Best just to drop in for a coffee and take a look at it, 'cos it's been well designed and looks good.

29 Aug 2008 10:48

The Dog and Duck, Stourmouth

Very un-pub looking building fronting a caravan site and close to the river. Garden has an exceptional flower display though; makes the place look really good. Odd design inside too, with a strong emphasis placed on food. However, there is what must almost be called a 'public bar', so drinkers are not made to feel unwelcome at all. There's a good cross-section of regulars in this end.
Beer range is well-kept but limited; usually just a couple of real ales and none too exciting at that. The food is one step above standard pub-grub, but it's always good and the portions are big.
Really nice friendly and helpful staff too.

So to sum up, although it's not really my kind of pub, I've never had any reason to say no, I don't fancy it. You''l always get a good pint, some good grub, and if it's not peeing down, perhaps a seat in the lovely gardens.

29 Aug 2008 10:41

The Bohemian, Deal

Modern seafront pub with good beers but often very crowded. If you are on your own at such times it's not much fun, but if you are local or with a crowd then it's one of the places to be.

22 Dec 2007 15:46

The Prince Albert, Deal

Just along the road from the Ship, another pub with excellent beers plus what looks like great food. Not as homely as the Ship and not quite so friendly, but still well worth a visit.

22 Dec 2007 15:43

The Ship, Deal

One of my favourite pubs in the whole country. Always a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, always great beers, always feels 'just right'. It can be hard getting to the bar if the locals are sat round it, but they'll happily let you in and, if you can get a seat there yourself then you'll soon be one of them.
Great pub!

22 Dec 2007 15:41

The Swan Inn, Corsham

Not deserving of an 8.0 rating but not a bad pub nonetheless. Decent beer and food and a pleasnat view from the back window.

1 Oct 2007 23:58

Chapel etc, Corsham

Nice conversion of a former chapel with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff. Good seating area outside.
No real ale and very expensive drinks though. Food also expensive but good.

1 Oct 2007 13:22

The Eagle, Cambridge

I wish I could like this pub more but I don't.

The main problem is that is so crowded of an evening that finding a seat can be a real impossibility, hell even getting in is a challenge, and on each of my visits there has only been GK beers (no guest ales). GK is ok but not spectacular (that's GK's fault, not the Eagle's). But what is having the bar staff dressed like scruffy schoolkids supposed to be about? Not keen on the way the pub is cleared out in snowplough style at closing time either.

I'd like the chance to go in and explore this pub; take time to appreciate the history and character of it - if I could buy it then I would lock everybody else out for an hour each day, just me and my mates having a nice quiet drink; sadly never been possible on any occasion that I've visited.

9 Jul 2007 17:26

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Definitely one of the best 'proper' pubs in the city centre. Friendly, two bars, well-kept beer although it is a GK house. I'd hate to visit Cambridge without dropping in for a couple.

9 Jul 2007 17:19

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

Excellent pub with well-kept and interesting beers, and a good-looking menu. Also, unlike most of the other city centre pubs it hasn't been knocked about and consequently retains bags of atmosphere.
The only shame of it was that I had time for just two pints - I'll definitely be back on my next visit to Cambridge.

9 Jul 2007 17:14

The Mitre, Cambridge

One of the worst-managed pubs that I have been in for many a year.
The barman was very uninterested in what he was doing, which was not surprising as there was only him trying to serve, take food orders and, at times, clear up. There was only one person working in the kitchen, with the result that they wouldn't even take any food orders for half an hour as the poor devil couldn't cope with it. When the food came, half an hour after we eventually ordered it and an hour after we we walked in, it was only so-so. The pasta, for example, was undercooked. The harassed barman was constantly coming out and telling people waiting for food that they'd already ordered, that actually, that dish ahd run out, so would they like something else.
In the middle of this the supposed manager dragged the barman out into the public seating area and got him to fill out and sign some forms. Then, instead of helping out his harrassed staff, he swanned off with a drink in his hand.
The bar staff eventually pulled the plug on doing any more food well before they should have, and I can't blame them.
The pub itself is a horrible mismatch of styles and colours and there was a lot of refuse outside the (public) back door.
Oh, and the beer - Deuchars IPA and Adnams Bitter was also only so-so. Not cared for enough to make me want another pint of either.
I'm unlikely to ever go there again - and neither should you.

9 Jul 2007 17:11

The Baron of Beef, Cambridge

Rather bland and dull pub, with matching beer. The food looked good though.

9 Jul 2007 17:00

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Nice little boozer with some good well-kept beers, which is quite unusual for central Cambridge. Unfortunately the place was totally spoilt by the landlord who was drunk, and aggressive to anyone who wasn't one of his regulars - the 'cliquey' comments already made are definitely true. I haven't been made to feel so unwelcome in a proper pub for years. I won't be going back; I'll stick to the Champion of the Thames up the road; the beer isn't as interesting but it's a much nicer place.

9 Jul 2007 10:12

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