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Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

visited with friends on a Friday just before the offices emptied out.
Had a tip-top pint of Pride in a delightful beer filled oasis.
With time running on we hastened to our next destination but I look forward to returning to further sample its delights.

6 Jun 2011 22:26

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Visited on a crawl the other day with friends having not been there for many a year and was sadly dissapointed.
Was served a very short pint by quite possibly the surliest barmaid in Christendom and upon asking for said pint to be topped up I was given a look that would have turned Medusa to stone and had the pint topped up by no more than a few microns.
Whilst beer was servicable I think the service and general demeanour of the Pub lets it down.
Shan't be returning any time soon.

6 Jun 2011 22:12

The Orange Tree, Baldock

Heard that a new landlord had taken over so thought that was as good a reason as any to see what the pub is like.

The pub is undergoing a minor refurb but the Lounge bar is quite welcoming with a fire going at the far end and a little music wafting around in the background.
Beers are the usual GK suspects and one guest ale. I stuck to the IPA which was in tip top nick.
Was quite busy on the Sunday I went in there with a nice buzz going on .
Didn't have anything to eat but I must say that the sunday lunch looks tremendous value and there were no shortage of takers during the time I was there.
All in all a pub to add to my (sadly short) list of pubs in the area worth a repeat visit.

22 Nov 2010 12:43

The Bell House, Camden

Nice no frills boozer.

Had a decent pint of Deuchars whilst the locals played pool and Blondie wafted through the air.

Miles better that the shitheaps on and around Camden High Street.
Should you find yourself going to camden for a gig etc you could do a lot worse than take a detour here to have a few drinks first.

18 Nov 2010 09:19

The Old White Horse, Baldock

This has undergone a refurb and is now a bland shade of brown and cream with shaker style furniture in the main bar area and high back chairs in the die annexe (ex restaurant)

To get a drink you have to negotiate a sea of rather large tables and chairs and squeeze up against the bar with other drinkers in the miniscule amount of space not laid over to the aforementioned tables.

As this is a Charles Wells pub the beers on offer were Eagle, Bombardier & Youngs Ordinary. All are dispensed though a sparkler so you can expect short measures pint-wise althought the staff are willing to take the sparklers off on request.

Beer prices are stratospherically high (3.30 for a pint of bomardier on my visit) so best talk to your bank manager before buying even the smallest of rounds.
This , associated with the large amount of dining tables in both the bar and side extension would seem to indicate that the focus of this pub is now on those wanting food rather than just drinkers.

Haven't eaten there so cannot comment on the food quality and value for money but all in all it struck me as a rather unexciting pub.

If you are just after a pint or two I would suggest you drop anchor elsewhere in town.

11 Oct 2010 16:50

The Princess Louise, Holborn

I nerver fail to be amazed by this place.
Quite possibly the best refurbishment of any pub I've been in. and I've been in a few in my time.

Sam Smiths pub so only the one choice of beer but is always top notch. Bar staff unfailingly freiendly any time of day I have visited

One word of caution. the doors to the snugs have rather tightly wound return hinges on them and so can be difficult to open if you have a drink in both hands.

4 Oct 2010 13:12

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

Nice little pub tucked around the corner from the hurly-burly of covent garden. A little on the dark side inside but has a drinking area out the front.

Had 3 Brodies beers on offer when I visited, Best, Amarilla and Sunshine. All were in pretty good nick altought the best had a bit of a tang to it but perhaps it is suposed to taste like that.

Both the Landlord and the Bar staff were joivial and helpful. Service was efficient given that there were quite a few of ordering.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area and can't face the scrum you get in the pubs nearer for CG itself

4 Oct 2010 12:58

The Harp, Covent Garden

KIcked off a mini crawl here the other day.
What a place to start.
A cosy old pub with a great selection of ales and flagons of proper cider in the chillers with the bottles.
The pub itself is rather narrow and the area in front of the bar can get a little cramped but is worth it for the beer and the convival atmosphere.

A welcome change from the sea of faceless chain pubs/bars which seem to dominate the area.

4 Oct 2010 12:47

The Engine, Baldock

Two bar Greene King pub with the public bar fronting onto the street and the lounge bar at the side/back.

As it is a Greene King pub only IPA & Abbot on offer bother of which were serviceable if a little uninspiring quality and taste-wise.

Only drank in the lounge bar which appears to have been turned into an amusment arcade. To get to the bar which you have to negiotate several fruit machines, a Pinball table and a pool table which is rather bizarrley placed in the middle of the room leaving a few tables and stools sitting rather forelornly at the rear of the drinking area

Judging by the noise emanating from the the jukebox the volume control goes up to 11 and is jammed there.

Definitiely one for the younger drinker I would suggest.

4 Oct 2010 12:29

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Have to agree with the previous posters.
An agreeable local with well kept beers that change quite frequently and more often than not there are a couple of decent ciders in the cellar as well as the fizzy stuff.

No loud music (at least not when I have been in there) just some gentle jazz - or similar - wafting around in the background

Haven't eaten there but the food I have seen come out looks pretty decent and is reasonably priced too .

The Landlord and his missus have done a good job of taking a rather down at heel establishment and turning it into a nice little pub.
Perfect for a couple of lunchtime pints and a read of the newspaper

20 Sep 2010 15:33

The Oddfellows Arms, Chelmsford

Went there for the inaugural beer festival .
A good selection of 20+ beers kept in excellent nick. can't comment on the regular beeers are they were not on sale during my visit

Didn't try the food but they have pub-grub staples (lasagne, fish & chips etc ) on the board for 5.95 each which seems pretty good value these days

I agree withe previous post that the decor is not the best but thats not what I go to a pub for.

In conclusion If I was in the area I would probably pop in again.
A decent local boozer with friendly staff and customers.

2 Aug 2010 17:18

The Fox Inn, Willian

Serves decent beer and Aspalls Cider but you can't help feeling that the bar is just the waiting room for the restaurant

11 Sep 2008 15:49

Cock, Baldock

This pub comes into its own in winter with the log fire and chestnuts available for toasting.

Without doubt the best beer to be had in Baldock and thankfully one of the few pubs Greene King has left alone is its 'refurbishment' programme.

A minor point but the landlady is Danish ( a fact she is proud of) not Dutch.

11 Sep 2008 15:45

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