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Old Gaol House, Winchester

Wetherspoons pubs tend to come in for a battering on this site, sometimes deserved, mostly not. This place however is a truly hideous example of theme-pubbery gone wrong, and especially sad in arguably one of England's most beautiful towns. Full of council-estate scum mingling happily with coke-sniffing public school kids, old fat alcoholics smoking dog-ends, illiterate immigrant workers.

I wonder if this place is deliberately gloomy and badly lit.

31 Oct 2006 14:56

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

Admittedly my last comment was rather petulant. In fairness this pub is much, much better since the smoking ban, with many of the dubious characters now drinking elsewhere.

31 Oct 2006 14:52

The Trout, Hammersmith

Walked in and walked straight out, didn't even stay for a drink.

This is the sort of place Americans call "quaint" whithout (bless 'em) realising it's part of a huge transglobal conglomerate.

5 Apr 2006 22:48

Bar 38, Hammersmith


Possibly the most forgettable bar I've ever been in.

5 Apr 2006 22:44

Jack George Phillips, Godalming

Thanks for clearing that up, Karen.

14 Dec 2005 23:25

The Chapel Arms, Southampton

Handily located a stone's throw from the red-light strip that is Chapel Road. So you pop behind the church for a blowjob from a crack addict, and the stroll over here for a relaxing pint afterwards. Nice one!

27 Nov 2005 03:24

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

A pleasant locals pub conveniently located a stone's throw away from the red-light district on Empress Road. So you can pay 20 to a crack addict for a blowjob, then pop over to the Guide Dog for a relaxing pint afterwards. Nice one!

29 Oct 2005 11:28

The White Horse, Hascombe

One of the best pubs in the world. Excellent food, drink, and atmosphere. Good friendly service. Admittedly this does not come cheap, but makes a refreshing change from the second-rate chain oub nonsense served up in town centres.

22 Oct 2005 23:12

The Ham and Blackbird, Farnborough

Popped in for a pint while waiting for a train. Atmosphere none-existent, but in fairness that's true of almost all pubs near rail stations. Standard theme-pub, faux-country style, the sort of place that Americans would call "quaint", blissfully ignorant of the fact its part of a huge company.

13 Sep 2005 18:31

Hush, Godalming

I've not been here yet, am told it's quite good. That Godalming is lagging behind Guildford is hardly a surprise - Guildford's "nightlife" is shocking. Godalming is never going to be Surrey's Rio, with a population of 18,000, most of whom are old people and families the demand for a club simply is not there. The Sports bar had it's well-known problems for a while, Number 28 was very good but was dead during the week. Hopefully this will be better.

9 Sep 2005 11:53

The Richmond Arms, Godalming

Old skool boozer, very clean, locals place, civilised, pleasant.

7 Sep 2005 20:52

The Wey Inn, Godalming

Full of scum and pikies from Farncombe, avoid.

7 Sep 2005 15:49

The Spitfire, Southampton

Full of slappers aged 39+ dancing away to Abba. Imagine Sharon and Tracey from Birds of a Feather, multiply by 200, and you have flares. Always police outside every time I have been past.

6 Sep 2005 12:23

The Orange Rooms, Southampton

Very much designed for showing off. Full of lovely ladies. Along with Mono this is the only proper cocktail bar in Southampton.

6 Sep 2005 12:20

The Hogshead, Southampton

I don't like the massive, clunky, wooden tables and stools which seem to be a feature in many pubs nowadays, god know why.

6 Sep 2005 12:19

The Alexandra, Southampton

Decent pub, plenty of signs up warning kids, and adults with kids that it's a no-go zone, which is always a good thing.

6 Sep 2005 12:17

The Cricketers, Southampton

The barmaids are fit, but service is awful. Gets riduculously cramped at weekends, and I had to pay to get in last time I was here, I don't agree with the concept of paying to get into a pub.

6 Sep 2005 12:16

Seymours, Southampton

This place doesn't really know what it wants to be. Some sort of cross between an American diner, a wine bar, and a cafe.

6 Sep 2005 09:32

The Grapes, Southampton

Very good pub. Always clean, excellent service, and welcoming atmosphere. Admittedly not cheap, but nor is anywhere else on Oxford Street.

6 Sep 2005 09:26

The Cork and Bottle, Southampton

I used to drink here when I was in halls over the road. It was quite busy then, but it's dead now. Dirty, dingy and dark, and expensive as well. Avoid.

6 Sep 2005 09:25

The Chambers, Southampton

You order food, the barmaid gives you some kind of "buzzer", it buzzes, and you have to go and collect your food yourself. This is the only place in my entire life I have had to do this. At night, the sound is absolutely deafening. I've nothing against loud music, but this place has a massive speaker system rigged up in a place with a very low ceiling. It's actually quite unpleasant to be here.

6 Sep 2005 09:23

The Academy, Southampton

Can be absolutely packed full of skirt on certain nights. It's always amusing trying to identify the Uni girls from the Institute girls.

6 Sep 2005 09:21

The Polar Bar, Southampton


5 Sep 2005 01:48

The Varsity, Southampton

Decent well-priced food. Very busy on weekends. Fit barmaids.

5 Sep 2005 01:46

The Standing Order, Southampton

Standard Wetherspoon outlet. Food "ok", drink "ok", service "ok".

5 Sep 2005 01:45

Bedford's Bar, Southampton

This is a strange old pub. The most eye-watering clashing colours you can get, and rammed full of students, but not particularly cheap. Busy on match days though.

5 Sep 2005 01:44

The Pensioners Arms, Southampton

Good value drink offers, regular clientele amusingly eccentric. Both barmaids attractive last time I was there. Not at all bad.

5 Sep 2005 01:42

Kelly's, Southampton

Crap. Like a shabbier version of the Johnny Allen's club in Eastenders.

5 Sep 2005 01:40

Kaos, Southampton

It's so bad it's actually quite good.

5 Sep 2005 01:34

Mono, Southampton

Very pretentious, but in small doses I like that. Doormen are quite friendly, lots of lovely ladies, and expensive but very good cocktails. You know somewhere is "cool" when people queue to get a bar.

5 Sep 2005 01:34

The Rose and Crown, Godalming

I was last here on my 16th birthday in 1999, when it was Frank and Marilyn running the place, and it was rather charmingly stuck in a time warp back to the 1950's. I remember getting absolutely lashed and throwing up in the patio.

5 Sep 2005 01:31

The Lounge Bar, Godalming

One of the better places in the town, though much more enjoyable during the week, as weekends are just too busy for such a small venue.

5 Sep 2005 01:26

The Kings Arms Royal Hotel, Godalming

This is more of a hotel bar than a pub. Very basic, don't even think about eating here.

5 Sep 2005 01:23

The Slug and Lettuce, Godalming

The irony being that Chelsea and Putney are in many ways very similar to Godalming...

5 Sep 2005 01:22

The Sun, Godalming

An old school boozer, doesn't do food. Darts, Sky, bitter, fruit machines. Decor is a little dated, but I quite like that. Comfortable, and one of few proper drinkers pubs left in the area. Does what it says on the tin.

5 Sep 2005 01:21

The King Alfred, Godalming

Ockford Ridge, so expect chavs and pikies.

4 Sep 2005 02:41

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

In does what it says on the tin. Wetherspoons are usually a love and hate thing. Cheap drink, food, no music. Gets absoulutely packed most nights during the week.

3 Sep 2005 22:47

Joe Daflos, Southampton

This place is certainly punching well above its height. If it wasn't for the theatre, it would be dead.

28 Aug 2005 15:48

The Inn On The Lake, Godalming

With regards to the comments posted since the refurb, the posters seem to be missing the point. The Inn On The Lake before was a depressing, dreary venue, serving equally bad food. It is now a much more pleasant environment. The prices are not cheap, but this is Surrey, and people don't usually look at the bottom line. The cries of "come back, Martin" are useless - the licensed trade has changed beyond recognition over the last ten years, privately owned venues are few and far between. The comment one user made about the tables being scratched - the are designed to look used! She states that a pint and a glass of wine were nearly 8, less than 5 in Wetherspoons - Wetherspoons operate a completely different strategy! As for M&B not doing their homework, they are the biggest pub operator in the UK - they rarely get it wrong. The conversion of the IOTL is down to change in demand, M&B are a business, they exist to make money, you make money by giving people what they want. I went in the IOTL last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed its vastly improved state. Martin has sadly been and gone.

14 Aug 2005 15:07

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