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Jabez Clegg, Manchester

A fantastic pub which I have visited several times. Perfect for a pint before seeing a gig at the Academy. Always got plenty of choice of real ale and I have never had a bad pint in here. The pool tables are great for a quiet afternoon drink and right next to the Holy Name Church which is ideal for me and fellow Smiths fans :-)

21 Mar 2013 20:16

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

I always make sure I take a trip to the Lass on every trip to Manchester. The Betty's Best bitter is to die for. The food seems to have gone down a bit over the last year but the ale is still very good.
Shame that the BBC has relocated from across the road as the pub has seemed a little quiet since they all moved up to Salford. Hope they can stay open as I like the feel of the pub with the 80s memorabilia and original Paperboy computer game with handle bar!

21 Mar 2013 20:13

The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

Enjoyed going into this pub and had a few nice pints of Old Rosie cider. A dark but quirky little pub which was serving a vegan menu when I went (not sure if this is all the time) but I didn't eat in here.
Would go back again. Good pub.

21 Mar 2013 20:10

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Simply one of the best pubs in Manchester. The sheer range of ales and whiskys makes this pub a must every time I am in Manchester. The front room can seem a little crowded, as it is very thin, but there is plenty of room in the back. The bar staff are very quick, knowledgeable and know how to pour a perfect pint.
I have tried about 20 different beers in here over the past couple of years and have never had a bad one. A great pub 10/10.

21 Mar 2013 20:08

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

A pub full of character that is like stepping back in time. The outside is a horrendous, garish colour and the inside is dark... but it works perfectly and I loved this pub.
As some have mentioned, it is sometimes difficult to find this pub actually open but it is well worth a visit. The Everards Tiger was very good the last time I was in there. A must for a pub crawl around Manchester (as long as it is open).

21 Mar 2013 20:05

The Rain Bar, Castlefield

Only ever been in the Rain Bar during the afternoon but have always found it a pleasant enough place for a pint and a chat. They had Lee's Coronation Street Ale on the last time I was in which was in good form. The pub is well looked after and very clean, if lacking in real atmosphere.
It is a decent place to get some cheap food and is definitely a step up from a Wetherspoons. There are a lot of good pubs within close vicinity but I would chose to go into here for a relaxing drink and some grub.

21 Mar 2013 20:02

The Northern, Manchester

Worth a visit for the novelty value. The John Cooper Clarke wallpaper is perhaps the highlight of this pub, looks fantastic. Plenty of Manchester music memorabilia around the pub with a huge paining of Mark E Smith on the back wall (and strangely a photo of the Foo Fighters).
Pretty much standard beer, with no real ale that I could see, but the Peroni was good for a quick pint before moving on.

21 Mar 2013 15:37

The Temple, Manchester

A very unique pub that is a must for a good pub crawl around Manchester. A decent selection of beers, mostly bottled but it is let down by the state of the toilets. Some amusing graffiti which seems encouraged but very dirty.
I would go back for novelty value.

13 Oct 2011 03:12

The Salisbury, Manchester

Surprised to read a bad review about the ale in this pub as I found it excellent. This is is a rock pub but is also very welcoming and clean inside. Myself and my brother stayed in here for a couple of hours the last time we visited Manchester and enjoyed several pints, all of which were excellent. It was nice to find a friendly pub where we could play pool while listening to good music.

13 Oct 2011 03:09

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

I had a great time in this unusual looking pub. I enjoyed the beer in here although there could be more choice. It is a must for a pub crawl around Manchester.

13 Oct 2011 03:05

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Went on a recent pub crawl around Manchester and loved this pub so much that we went in there twice during the day. We started off in here about 12pm and found the Betty's Best a great way to start the day. We also had a pie and chips which was very well priced and very nice.
Was great to see Old Trip on tap as I have only had it in the Trip Jerusalem in Nottingham before.
The staff were very welcoming and we could have stayed in this pub for a long time. We are having another weekend around Manchester in November and this will be our first port of call again.

13 Oct 2011 03:03

The Dock Inn, Penzance

Excellent pub. Is currently in the process of being renovated but the pub still had an excellent feeling. The locals, the barman and the land lord made myself and my brother feel very, very welcome. We nipped in for a quick pint and ended up staying in there until closing due to its welcoming feel and the excellent Spingo beer.

Unspoilt drinkers pub which I would love to be my local.

11 May 2009 18:19

The Admiral Benbow, Penzance

Good beer available. Best one I tried was "Proper Job". they also had "Admiral Ale" and "Doom Bar" available. All three ales were well kept.

The place is a little harsh on the eyes with far too much nautical ornaments evertwhere. Looks a little tacky if Im honest. Sure the kids would love it though.

The pub is more of a food pub rather than a drinking pub. Has a huge restaurant but a tiny drinking area. Not a bad pub but wouldnt go out of my way to go back again.

11 May 2009 18:15

The Borough Arms, Crewe

Probably the best pub I have ever been in. The outside has been done up a treat now and the inside is as welcoming as ever. Has it's own micro brewery downstairs which produces some excellent ale. If you are lucky enough to go when they have their own Wheatsheaf ale on then you have to try it, one of the best beers I have ever tasted.
Went in for a couple yesterday afternoon and stayed for about 6 hours. Havent had a bad pint in there and the service is always friendly and the locals are all welcoming.
Has a lovely beer garden downstairs which is perfect for a summers afternoon. Also has a basement bar for when the upstairs bar gets busy.
If you like real ale then you must visit this pub.

3 May 2009 12:05

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Some excellent beers on offer that are constantly changing. Tried the Strawberry ale which was excellent, but really it should have been at 3.90 a pint. Pleasant pub and well worth a visit.

7 Apr 2009 15:03

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Went into there on Monday afternoon for a quick pint. Ended up staying in there and trying many of the fine Cains beer on offer. A very clean and friendly pub with a fantastic range of locally produced beers. Perhaps my favorite pub in Liverpool City centre.

7 Apr 2009 15:01

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Excellent pub with a good atmosphere. A great range of traditional beers. Will definitely be visiting this pub again the next time I am in Liverpool.

7 Apr 2009 14:58

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

Well worth a visit if you are in Derby. Enjoyed a very nice ale in here which was obviously well kept. The building is very old and has a great feel to it. A cozy little pub which I will look forward to visiting again.

10 Jan 2009 13:58

Ryans Bar, Derby

A fantastic Irish pub serving excellent Guinness. Had a very friendly feel about it. Went in on a Saturday evening and it was busy but not packed. The barstaff also brought the Guinness to our table which was a really nice touch. Seems that this is the pub where James Morrison was discovered... but nowhere can be perfect I suppose (just kidding). A great pub.

10 Jan 2009 13:54

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Excellent pub. Went on a day trip (pub crawl) in Derby last week and this was probably the best pub we visited. Excellent ale and a nice, warm atmosphere. There was a few in there drinking, was early on a Saturday evening so I would have expected it to have got busier later.
Barman was very friendly and the locals all seemed friendly enough. Would definately go back into this pub should I be in Derby again.

10 Jan 2009 13:50

The Parade, Llandudno

I enjoyed visiting this pub. A really good pint of Guinness on offer at a decent price. The barman was friendly and the service was quick.

7 Sep 2008 14:16

The Queen Victoria, Llandudno

A very nice, well kept pub with friendly staff. The beer prices were quite high and the Bewyched beer wasnt great.

7 Sep 2008 14:14

The Palladium, Llandudno

I went in a few times during the week and I found it clean and the staff were friendly. There were a few ales on which were all well kept. The Pedigree was only 1.69 a pint so cant complain about the prices at all.
The pub looks very impressive both inside and out. It still has the original features of the theatre that was once there.

7 Sep 2008 14:13

The Nevills Pub, Llandudno

Only went in for a quick pint before I caught my train. It is a bright and clean pub and the drinks were reasonably priced. Pleasant staff. Would go in again the next time I visit Llandudno.

7 Sep 2008 14:09

The Carlton, Llandudno

Very good beer offers. Lager and bitter from around 1.70 a pint. I found the staff very friendly and efficient. Old fashioned pub but looked clean- dirty plates and cuttlery removed quickly.

7 Sep 2008 14:07

The Cavalier, Newcastle Under Lyme

The new owners have done wonders to this pub. It is a nice local pub which has friedly staff and good beer. This pub is well worth a visit for the Flowers Bitter.

6 May 2008 20:41

The Cavalier, Newcastle Under Lyme

Lovely local pub with very friendly staff. Well worth a visit.

17 Apr 2007 02:41

The Albion, Newcastle under Lyme

Not terrible but not good. Standard beer and a bit of a flat atmosphere.

17 Apr 2007 02:40

The Shroppie Fly, Audlem

Lovely to sit by the canal on a hot day. Decent beers but I wouldnt go unless the weather is good enough to sit outside.

17 Apr 2007 02:38

The Express, Crewe

Nice pub close to the train station. Made to feel very welcome by staff and a good place to watch live football. Decent beer and a good jukebox. Also a pool table in the back.

17 Apr 2007 02:31

The Limelight Live Music Club, Crewe

A fantastic pub. Pool tables, pinball, quiz machines, fruit machines, good beer, good live music, great jukebox, nice staff. What more could anyone want?
Always a pleasure to go into the Limelight.

17 Apr 2007 02:29

Orry's Cafe Bar, Walton

This is a great pub to have a beer in before heading off to Goodison Park on a Saturday afternoon. It is a sports bar but it is a good sports bar. Nice, cold lager which gets you ready for the kick off. I found this pub very friendly and I was served very quickly everytime even though it was very busy.

17 Apr 2007 02:23

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

One of the best rock pubs in the country. A fantastic, loud jukebox with every rock/metal album you could wish for. Lovely range of beers and ciders. The Cains ales and lagers are very good. Dark inside with a huge picture of Karl Marx on the wall but it is actually very friendly and welcoming.

17 Apr 2007 02:19

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

Lovely pub inside and out. Right on the Albert Dock so nice to have a drink and a bite to eat before and/or after having a look around the shops and attractions. Nice outdoor area on a hot day and a well kept inside for the not so hot days.

17 Apr 2007 02:16

The Krazy House, Liverpool

A great night out. Different floors playing different types of music. I usually spend my time in the alternative room where they play bands such as The Clash, The Smiths, White Stripes etc. Cheap beer for a night club and open late.

17 Apr 2007 02:13

Crown, Liverpool

One of the cheapest pub in Liverpool and right by Lime Street Station. The pub sells decent, cheap food and beer. A roomy pub with pleasant staff. Well worth a visit when you step off a train.

17 Apr 2007 02:11

The Tube, Newcastle under Lyme

Not a bad pub at all. Has table football which is always good for a laugh. Has a big screen showing football matches, as well as several other TVs around the pub. Standard lagers, bitters and ciders but clean and well kept.

17 Apr 2007 02:07

The Rigger, Newcastle under Lyme

Open again and as good as ever. Thankfully the rumours about the pub being turned into flats never materialised. One of the best jukeboxes around, 1 for 15 songs is unbelievable value as well. I have seen some great bands here in the past and hope to see more in the future. There is pool tables and a pinball table. A really fun pub and a nice pint as well.

17 Apr 2007 02:05

The Oxford Arms, Newcastle under Lyme

Only went there once and I wouldn't go out of my way to go again. Went to see a Sex Pistols tribute band. The security wouldnt even let people stand up, let alone dance. They even kicked a man out for constant standing and taking photos!!! The beer was ok but nothing special and the stage was difficult to see from 50% of the room. The bar area is again ok but nothing special. A pool table and dart board that are both impossible to use due to seats next to them. Disappointing.

17 Apr 2007 02:02

The Old Brown Jug, Newcastle under Lyme

The best ales in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in my opinion. This pub is fantastic no matter when you go there. Nice chilled out atmosphere and some good bands in the evenings that you wouldn't get in other pubs around Stoke-On-Trent.

17 Apr 2007 01:58

The Full Moon, Newcastle under Lyme

Great pub with some great ales, lagers and ciders. Good jukebox to listen to in the afternoons and some good bands in the evenings. Very lively at weekends but a friendly atmosphere and chilled out security.

17 Apr 2007 01:56

The Offley Arms, Madeley

A decent country pub which has been updated throughout. It is a nice pub to visit and doesnt have that "local" pub feel. Nice location next to the pool.

17 Apr 2007 01:54

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