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Comments by Dart_Man

The Surprise at Pimlico, Pimlico

OK dartboard though the lack of any marks on the floor to show where to throw from is a bit of a problem. Beer OK.

31 Dec 2006 18:06

The Duchy Arms, Kennington

Superb oche area, with plenty of chalkboard space. Good beer, including a guest ale (harveys at time of writing).

31 Dec 2006 18:00

The Royal Albert, South Lambeth

Don't bother going in to play darts, as there isn't a board. Beer pretty poor too.

31 Dec 2006 17:58

The Market Porter, Borough

As mentioned above, has 2 dartboards. Unfortunately they are purely for decoration, as the tables on the oche's are permanently occupied. Maybe if you pop in at 7am after getting bored of arranging oranges in a body-centred cubic lattice you might get close enough to a board to open the cabinet. Undeniably superb beer, particularly if you enjoy being served short measures by eastern Europeans.

4 Dec 2006 22:50

The New Prince, Surbiton

Darts area tucked away to the back of the pub. You might find a few tables on the oche, but if you find them unoccupied and move them aside, you will find an excellent darts cabinet housing a good board. In fact, an excellent place to throw, and good beers too from the Fullers/Gales range.

4 Dec 2006 22:22

The Halfway House, Barnes

Dodgy dartboard can be reached by moving a table or two. Good beer.

29 Nov 2006 14:06

The Royal Standard, Wandsworth

As long as there isn't a big rugby game on the TV, an excellent place for some darts. Beer reasonable.

29 Nov 2006 14:02

The Scarborough Arms, Whitechapel

Good darts pub. Dedicated area downstairs, with upstairs also available for darts on some match nights. Good beer.

29 Nov 2006 13:58

The Exmouth Arms, Exmouth Market

Nice well-lit dartboard. A small table often finds it's way onto the oche, but can usually be moved without causing any inconvenience. Beer not bad.

29 Nov 2006 13:56

The Horseshoe, Clerkenwell

One of Londons best darts pubs, one permanent oche, up to five in total on big darts occasions. Good beer.

29 Nov 2006 13:51

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

Excellent oche, acceptable beer. The board is well used, and is a blade III so can't be that old. One small criticism is that it if you move to the right on the oche you hit a wall.

29 Nov 2006 13:36

The Lord Clyde, Borough

A pub which is the home venue for a couple of darts teams, though in the absence of organised darts you can often turn up and find a table on the oche with a family of 12 tucking into their dinner. Good beer.

29 Nov 2006 13:31

The Nightingale, Balham

Excellent oche area, good beer too.

29 Nov 2006 13:28

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

Unfortunately the advertised 'Dartboard' is actually an empty darts cabinet. Arghhhhh.

29 Nov 2006 13:27

The Market Porter, Borough

OK, great beer. Unfortunately, rubbish for darts. 2 boards, as advertised above, but both have tables on the oche, which are generally occupied. Dartboards aren't ornaments you know. Disappointing in a pub which clearly tries to be traditional.

29 Nov 2006 13:25

The Duke of Somerset, Aldgate

OK darts area. Maybe slightly too close to the pool tables, which seem to often be full of city tossers playing a 25-person game of killer. Karaoke can also get in the way of darts. Beer poor.

29 Nov 2006 13:23

The Lambeth Walk, Lambeth

Excellent place for darts, dedicated oche area, you're never going to turn up and find a table of people eating their dinner on the oche. Beer just about drinkable.

29 Nov 2006 13:21

The Rising Sun, Belgravia

Good ache area, occasional problems if someone is sitting on one small nearby table, otherwise, a nice throw. Beer ok.

29 Nov 2006 13:17

The Hope, Tottenham Court Road

Head up the stairs, what's this in the corner? Hurrah, a darts cabinet. Open it up, oh dear. There is a round thing which looks like a dartboard but isn't. OK beer at least.

29 Nov 2006 13:15

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