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Comments by Cox

The Old Tiger's Head, Lee

This is a very solid local pub. Dutch Landlord is nice and keeps his beers well and the pub clean. The Sunday spread laid on is great and the screens to watch football are terrific. Regulars aren't from the landed gentry, but they are friendly.

I wouldn't go if you are looking for real ale; There isn't any.

Definitely recommended.

15 May 2011 14:26

The White Horse, Soho

I think Nicholsons must be my favourite pub chain. Whenever I think "this is nice pub", it's nearly always a Nicholsons. Despite this one being reemed on a lunchtime the service is fast, friendly and fair. I've never had a bad pint in here.

1 Apr 2009 11:52

The Lord Northbrook, Lee

I really like this pub. The regulars are friendly when you get to know them and not unfriendly if you dont'. The landlord and lady keep the beer well. It's great to watch the football. Admittedly it could do with a revamp, but I don't go in for the decor.

1 Apr 2009 11:34

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