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Comments by Charlie.Crocker

Bathampton Mill, Bathampton

My wife & I have stayed here a couple times and have been very impressed on both occasions. The food and drinks and rooms have been superb. The last time we stayed, the river was flooding the lower parts of the hotel, but as we were staying in the upper lodge, it was fine! We will be back!

9 Jun 2008 13:39

The Otter Inn, Weston

Nice country pub. Good Food and fair range of beers, lagers etc

25 Apr 2006 17:12

The Holt, Honiton

Nice pub. Doesnt get overly crowded. Good selection of Beer & bottled lagers. Comfy chairs to relax in and sink a few jars. No idea what the food is like, but looks good.

24 Mar 2006 16:53

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