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Comments by CHELSEA_on_tour

The Boot, Bledlow Ridge

oh dear... the phrase 'footballers wives' comes to mind when you step inside and see the interior.

19 Jan 2015 13:31

The Three Horseshoes Inn, Radnage

the building itsldef is just superb, in a stunning area to match. whilst its frustrating that 90% of the inside is given over to being a restaurant, the small snug bar that survives is spectacular and worth visiting on its own. a couple of decent beers on tap and the staff are very friendly and warmth and atmopshere inside is lovely.

lovely country (gastro) pub

19 Jan 2015 13:30

King William IV, Speen

if it wasnt for the frustratingly sporadic opening times this would be a great place. lovely area and on a sunny day you can take your pint on to the green behind the pub. very friendly staff, decent beers and the food is excellent and importantly it caters very werll for Gluten Free and Vegetarians.

however, we've visited 4 times and only managed to get inside twice as its seems to closed all the time... why?

19 Jan 2015 13:24

The Whiteleaf Cross, Princes Risborough

has the feel of a chain pub and whilst its clean and tidy it did actually smell of brasso on the first visit which isnt nice. but there are some good aspects. a couple of nice beers on tap and very pleasingly there is a whole fridge full of different american craft beers.

often busy so at least theres an atmopshere.

19 Jan 2015 13:19

Bird in Hand, Princes Risborough

a pretty pub from outside, but a little lacking inside. none the less a nice set of locals, very friendly land lady and VERY dog friendly. very handy for the train station.

risborough really lacks a great pub in the town iteself (plenty of wonderfull places in the surrounding area) so this may be the best on offer.

19 Jan 2015 13:16

The Whip Inn, Lacey Green

finally got to the whip inn this weekedn and i am amazed. it is a fantatic pub.

its perched up in the chilterns with great veiws, and on a quiet road.

the building is nice and traditional and the inside is nice and cosy and traditional as well.

the landlord and bar staff were absolute gentleman, the pub dogs were lovely and the locals very welcoming.

the beer is excpetional. 6 beers on the taps (at least 4 were local) and the next 6 were chalked up on the board ready to be put on the pumps.

didnt eat but food prices were reasonalble.

a spectacular pub.

19 Jan 2015 13:11

Black Horse, North Greenford

only reasonable pub in the area. but being a fullers pub the beers are druinkable but boring.

standard fullers branding inside, lots of tables and the football is shown

9 Dec 2014 16:25

Gerry Macs, Greenford

if your unlucky enough to find yourself in or around greenford for an evening... why not go the whole hog and visit gerry macs and make it the worst night of your life

9 Dec 2014 16:19

The Lions of Bledlow, Bledlow

i do really love heading out to bledlow to spend an hour or two in the lions.not only is it a really beautifull building nestled at the end of the wonderfully picturesque village, but the beer is top rate aswell. at least 3 constanlty rotating beers, which usually include something local (thame, tring, chiltern, malt, xt, etc.)

the walking is fantastic from here aswell, so its a great place to head off and finnish up at for a sunday ramble

18 Nov 2014 15:08

The Rockstone, Southampton

wow what a great pub - first off the beers and cider selection is amazing. all the staff care about the beer too, so its well poured.

the food is also amazing - veggies and vegans are really well catered for in addition to carnivores. chilli heads will be in heaven with the burger options (one of them includes a 6,000,000 sch extract chilli sauce. this will ruin your evening if your not prepared)

great atmopshere in the evenings.

great pub

7 Nov 2014 14:49

The Red Lion, Whiteleaf

fantastic pub - in all departments this pub is brilliant

its location is perfect, hidden up on the edge of the chilterns. the building itslef is wonderfully old and genuinly charming both inside and out. great garden out front with next to no traffic passing by (horses make up half the traffic in fact). brilliantly attentive and friendly staff and owners. the beer is great with at least one local brewery offering on each visit. and really great food, which is genuinly prepared with care and attention of by the landlord himself.

all in all this is the best pub in the risborough area. 100% worth the journey up and out of risbourough town.

7 Nov 2014 14:10

The Crown, Mitcham

pub on the outisde, indian wedding venue on the inside.. very confusing. popped on on a crawl beofre seeing a tooting and mitcham game, expecting to walk into a pub, it turned out a wedding was being setup in what looks like a wine bar/indian restaurant.. still had a pint though...

7 Nov 2014 14:02

The Queens Head, Mitcham

popped in here before going to see tooting and mitcham play down the road. this pub is a bit 'spit and saw dust' but its does the job ok. dont understand why some boozers insist on having all the curtains drawn during the day though, was very dark and dingy. stepping back out into day light was a bit disorientating

7 Nov 2014 14:00

Black Boys, Aylsham

a lovely old building which dominates a very pretty market square. very fancy inside, but still showing off its old features. whilst it is largely given over to dining, you are made to feel very welcome as a drinker. decent pint of wherry, and fantastic food. enjoyed our visit.

7 Nov 2014 13:53

The Pomeroy Inn, Amersham

i'd go as far as to say this isnt even a gastropub, it is a restaurant. and despite all the effort gone into the decor it is nothing special either. food was ok. shame.

despite there being a small bar area you are not made to feel welcome if you just want a pint. only when its sunny and you make use of the (very nice) outdoor area do you fell as if just having a drink is ok.

15 Sep 2014 11:34

The White Lion, Amersham Common

the white lion is back and its genuinly better than ever. very pleased.

a nice modern refurb and a new approach means this pub is now our pub of choice on the whitelion road/little chalfont area. its gone bit more food orientated than it used to be but still a welcoming place for just having a pint.

only a couple of ales on tap (doombar i think, and a house ale which is nice).

15 Sep 2014 11:28

The Kings Arms, Stoborough

stoped in here as part of a trip to Arne nature reserve round the corner. what a great pub - the building itself is wonderfull and traditional but modern and clean, a pleasure to sit in. the beers were superb - exmoor ales are brilliant. the servcie was friendly and from what we saw the food look excellent too.

all in all definalty worth the trip from out of wareham to get to. will defintaly be back when visiting the area again.

15 Sep 2014 11:14

The Old Granary, Wareham

its waaay to restauranty inside. a nice restaurant yes, but dissapointing when you want a pub.

however, and this is a big however, the Badger beers on tap are excellent, really nice, and the location is perfect on a sunny day. so sitting outside on the river with a nice pint of Badger ale is just perfect.

plus worth mentioning the service was excellent. well poured pint with a smile.

15 Sep 2014 11:10

Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth

an excellent pub unfortunatly tucked up and away in a rather depressed street

the building itself is very big inisde, plenty of different rooms and areas to tuck your self away in means it can hold a lot of people. lots of wood and traditional features.

the beer is fantastic, a great array of beers on tap.

food also excellent and pretty reasonable prcies.

all in all one well worth the walk to get here.

15 Sep 2014 11:06

The Horse and Groom, Windsor

got to gice this place an identical review as did for the carpenters arms jut a meter or two down the road. brilliant.

despite its incredibly touristy location, this pub is not just a passing resemblance of a traditional pub for tourists, it is anACTUAL traditional oub and a good one at that.

dark and badly laid out, just like all good old fashioned pubs should be, compltete with a low door that every bangs there head on when leaving.

plus the excellent "knight of garter" on the pump

love it.

11 Aug 2014 18:21

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

despite being in litterally THE most touristy place in england, this tradiotnal pub still is an actual real pub. and a very good one at that.

almost unbeatable for its setting, the beer choice is fantastic at least 5 or so beers and ales, including local windsor and eaton brewery.


11 Aug 2014 18:16

The Queen Adelaide, Wandsworth

trendy middle class pub, with an emphasis on dining but a great place for a beer none the less.

fantastic array of beers and the food is great. the decor is cosy yet fashionable. very friendly staff.


11 Aug 2014 18:11

The Normanby, Putney

decent pub to watch the football in. plenty of screens (and a pool table. )

pub itself isnt spectacular, but the staff were friendly and a bit of banter put a smile on our faces, which goes a long way.

11 Aug 2014 18:02

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

had one of the best saturday afternoons in a pub i've had in a long time.

the building itself is quite striking as you approach it. its immediatly obvious this building is a relic from a previous age, as it juts out at the wrong angle from the road and obviously outdates everything around it. the photos on the wall inside confirm this, and you can see that it is the sole remaining building from streets long lost to modern development.

inside the layout and decor are welcoming and whilst nostalgic perfectly clean and contempary. a game of skittles is a great distraction, and all the framed newspaper cuttings and edwardian photos of the pub are a nice touch too.

the staff were immense. very friendly, chatty knew about the beers. cant ask for more.

the beers were spectacular. the taps were dominated by 2 brewerys, with a full range of 5 or 6 beers form each brewery to try. heaven.

i gather this place has a reputation for its beer and indeed thats why we headed there, but the overall experiance was equally as great, love it.

11 Aug 2014 17:59

Royal Oak, Winchester

interesting place. the building is very beautifull and the way it is squeezed into a medieval alley way adds to that. inside there are lots of wonderfull old elements, but you cant help feeling it could be so much more charming and there is a bit of a feel of a chain pub inside. however if you are lucky to sit at table no.1 which is a window table up the stairs in the small room off the bar, you have the most incredible setting for your pint. you sit in amongst the beams, and look out onto the charming medieval alley. its such a pretty setting its almost like a film set. also credit to the bar staff who were keen to let customers know about the history of the building. atmosphere was lively was lots of loud laughing groups of student types and a fair few tourists aswell. also the beer was very good, 5 or 6 variaties including a great offering from the Kite brewery

would like to confirm some of the below comments... oldest pub in England? very old building with a fascinating history yes.. but oldest? not by a few hundred years.

10 Jun 2014 08:55

The New Inn, Beaminster

the village that this pub is in, is just impossibly beautifull. from the green rolling hills on all sides to the stone houses on the bendy road stoke abott is just gorgeous. and the pub does not let the side down. a wonderfull big stone building, traditional features inside including a lovely fireplace and low ceilings (so refreshing that this place has not become a restaurant or gastro pub). Palmers beers on offer from a very friendly bar maid. the garden is a nice size and grants you more views of the surrounding countryside.

10 Jun 2014 08:38

The Hare and Hounds, Waytown

ive just had the pleasure of spending a long weekend 10 minutes walk down the road form the H&H. the setting is unbeatable. overlooking the west devon hills, on a sunny afternoon, the garden gives one of the greatest pub garden views in the country. the pub inside is a nice and cosy traditional no frills country pub. nothing pretentious or gastropubby. the locals and staff alike were all very friendly and welcoming, and the food was great value and hearty and really enjoyable. the excellent beer is all palmers from down the road in bridport. dog friendly aswell. brilliant

10 Jun 2014 08:25

The Merchant House, St Ives

lots of room inside but a bit dark and dingey on a sunny saturday afternoon. only a small patio area outback as a garden. overall nothing special at all, but adequate if you simply need a pint, as its the closest pub to st ives football ground.

22 May 2014 15:00

Ye Old Red Cow, Smithfield

amazing beer pub. great saturday afternoon atmosphere on our visit. brilliant array of craft beers and ales. set right opposite the facinating smithfield market. quite small inside so it filled up quickly, which made having an exceptionally well stocked bar both up and down stairs a great touch.

this pub will have no doubt seen a lot of changes over its life, as the comment below mentions. in its current life its a very decent, trendy city pub, which has caught a hold of the craft beer craze that your average well off, 30 year old city type is into. great fun.

19 May 2014 15:49

Red Lion, Marsworth

nice and cosy and full or charm inside. fantastic beers on tap, a good and interesting selection. the garden was full on a sunny bank holiday afternoon

9 May 2014 09:28

The Firecrest, Aylesbury

it'sa harvester, or a toby carvery or one of those chain type 'pub themed' restaurants. and if its not, it certainly feels like one. th bar area feels exactly like waiting area for a restauarnt, becuase thats what it is. not condusive to a nice relaxing pint.

two good positives though; firstly on a sunny day the garden is a great (road nosie yes, but nice veiws), and does feel like a pub garden. secondly, the beer was suprisingly good. Ubu ale and others.

9 May 2014 09:04

The Old Swan, The Lee

great pub. the surrounding area is wonderfull, with the pub in a very quiet and secluded area of the green and rolling chiltern hills. loads of olde worlde charm inside, brilliant beers on selection (chiltern brewery ales, and warsteiner lager), and a huge garden area for those sunny days.

didnt eat, but was happy with everything else.

9 May 2014 09:00

The Cherry Tree, Kingston Blount

really nice pub. very pretty building set in a lovely part of the world. the bar area is spacious and open yet cosy. the food area is a seperate room which is also great as too many pubs are just gastropub/restaurants nowadays.

very friendly staff and a friendly bunch of regulars made this an excellent stop whilst passing through. will definatly stop again

24 Apr 2014 11:57

The Squirrel, Amersham

really enjoyed my sunday afternon visit to the squirrel. the location is fantastic, and the beer was excellent and the food reasonable

set directly opposite a cricket pictch, i would love to spend a summers day watching village cricket from the front garden with a pint.

the beers enjoyed were XT '4' and Robinsons 'Hoptimum Prime' which were two excellent pints on draught, and bottles of Punk IPA. excellent.

food was pretty good, no complaints.

service was great too, especially on a busy easter sunday. helpfull and friendly.

will be back when in the area.

22 Apr 2014 14:22

The Wakatipu Tavern, Queenstown

great selection of beers, including a couple of local ones.

on a sunny day the open front of the bar is a great place to people watch from.

8 Apr 2014 11:39

Red Rock, Queenstown

a good fun place, but not in any way relaxing. music was pumping on a weekday afternoon and pints of Tui were $5 which is as cheap as you will find anywhere, and they have a pool table. 99% of the people in here were irish/british and a very loud bunch.

not somewhere to head to if you 'fancy a pint' but if your on the lash then head here.

8 Apr 2014 11:35

Grand Central, Brighton

its very busy beofre and after brighton home games. but aside from the convenience of the station there's no reason to choose this place over any of the many many fantastic pubs brighton has to offer.

not bad as such, just nothing good at all.

10 Feb 2014 13:59

The Craft Beer Co, Brighton

just amazing. i mean amazing.

its hard to expand on the comments below. every asepct of our visit from the staff, to the beer, to the layout of the pub, just make this a wonderfull place to have a few beers.

one thing worth mentioning is there is no food menu as such. but a good selection of pies and other freshly made bar snacks are available and are genuinly superb in themselves.

of course ive not done them all, but i would'nt be suprised if this was named best pub in Brighton.

10 Feb 2014 13:51

The Merry Widows, Derby

came here with chelsea for our fa cup game agaisnt derby. was packed to the rafters with away fans, as i imagine it would always be on match days with its location to the station.

inside was decorated with various bits of derby county fc memorabilia, but none the less the staff were happy to have us singing and shouting, and even lets us put on a load of chelsea related music (madness, liquidator, etc etc.)

cant remeber what beers were available but when your drinking out of plastic glasses it all tastes rubbish anyway.

6 Jan 2014 14:02

Jorrocks, Derby

stopped in here as part of the pub crawl beofre derby v chelsea.

only got a quick half and kept my mouth shut as only when i igot inside did i realise pretty much every one in there was a stone island wearing derby casual.

very partisan crowd on match days and not a scarfer in sight. avoid if your from out of town.

6 Jan 2014 13:54

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

an incredible looking old building, complete with a wondefully claustrophobic layout that old pubs have. low ceilings, exposed beams and a huge array of bits and bobs on the walls and shelves. The snug room had a fire going and in the main bar area plenty of locals were having a decent time.

i noticed the food was well priced and judging by the portions coming thorough it was good value too.

i had a pint of the 'dolphin ale' which was served from a large jug kept under the bar, instead of out of the tap which was a nice traditional touch aswell.

6 Jan 2014 13:50

The Brewery Tap, Derby

a really fantastic beer pub.

nice traditional victorian building with a bright and airy, modern inside but still welcoming and comfy. very attentive younger staff.

a huge variety of local ales and beers including the option to try 1/3 pints of all six offerings form the Derby Brewing Co.

also despite being match day, and all the punters being derby fans, as a chelsea fan i was made perfectly welcome by staff and drinkers alike.

food was great too, i went for a simple sausage sandwich but even that was exquisute.

top pub!

6 Jan 2014 13:43

Pink and Lily, Princes Risborough

yes its a bit posh and its a bit foody. but none the less everything about this place is just brilliant. lovely location up in the chilterns, lovely building with a nice mix of modern and traditional interior provide a warm atmosphere. the beers are all excellent local breweries (tring, xt, chiltern and malt etc.). the food whilst pricey was fantastic. all the staff were really friendly and the pub dog is wonderfull too.

16 Dec 2013 16:17

The Golden Fleece, York

not a bad pub, beautifull outisde, and the olde worlde theme continues inside. and sensibly they have a doorman who 's job is to count in people when it starts to fill up so i doesnt get impossibly full like some other pubs in york centre.

nice pint of golden pippin, really nice service. although in my opinion there are better places in the centre this one is still worth a visit, maybe to do as part of crawl.

2 Dec 2013 16:24

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

i was blown away by this place. the building is so so stunning, located bang in the middle of beatiful ancient york, and inside they've maintained that historic feel. low bowed cileings, exposed beams, and a welcoming warmth that only comes from old pubs.

those factors alone would be enough for a great pub in my books, but the fact that this is a fantastic world beer/craft beer pub makes it even better. there is a great big selection of bottles and on the taps of all sorts of beers ales perrys and ciders. not so much emphasis on local ales, but on craft beers from all over the world.

i would love, one day, to spend a whole evening here just working through the pumps, with friends in a great atmosphere and a wonderfull setting.

2 Dec 2013 11:24

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

yes it gets VERY busy, mainly with touirsts, but its busy for a valid reasons.

this place looks fantastic inside and out, and at night only candle lights are used which gives this place a great charm, the atmopshere was warm and friendly, and the beer selection was good too (a mix of local and other). the restaurant area looked very nice, more candles and dark walls. friendly service too. all in all i really liked this place.

2 Dec 2013 11:15

The Moors Inn, Appleton-le-Moors

stayed here as part of a walking weekend over the moors.

the pub is lovely, charming from the outside in its rural yorkshire stone style, inside theres lots of beams and a really nice metal fire/oven/arga thing kicking out some warmth. the pub was staffed by a young lad who was such a great guy. very friendly and welcoming. three local ales on tap, i really enjoyed a few pints of the 'prickly back' from the great newsome brewery.

we ate in the restaurant area, and the food was amazing. lovely hearty portions of excellent food. i had a hare pie which was perfect, and my partner the lasagne also excellent, the chips were perfect, the gravy thick and rich. and all for a very very reasonable price. great all round.

the hotel is also really nice. it's not he hilton, but the its so much more charming and homely than the hilton. very comfy beds, clean rooms and bathrooms, perfect. the full english breakfast that was included was as good as dinner the night beofre. delicious.

2 Dec 2013 11:06

The Birch Hall Inn, Beck Hole

one of the most incredible and charming pubs you'll ever find.

the setting is just ridiculously amazing, a stunning hamlet, nestled in the hill side of moorland and farmland, complete with a rocky river flowing beside the pub garden, and a train line that has a steam train going up and down it. on a bright and sunny winters day this was my idea of heavan on earth.

the pub itself is the most quirky and fantastic pub ive been in. the bar is just one small square room, with a warm fire burning away, and hunting scenes on the wallpaper. there is a serving hatch in the wall, which the barman serves you though. at first i thought i was in a side bar, but it turns out this is the whole pub, and the barman is actually in the village shop next door, which has an off licence. its a genuine hole in the wall pub.

on a december sunday, the place was full to bursting with incredibly firendly locals and tourists/ramblers filling up the all the benches and chairs that were crammed into the floor space. the smell of the wood burner and the warmth and sound of pople enjoying themselves was just bliss.

the benches out the front of the building were filled with walkers in wooly hats enjoying the sun on their faces and the pints in their hands, and the garden out the back looks onto a stunnig bit of river where a stone bridge, and rocky tree lined hill sides making the scene look magical.

one of the best pub experiences ive ever had. in my top 5 easily.

2 Dec 2013 10:46

Rockwoods, Aylesbury

a nice old building in the corner of the kingsbury sqaure, with a nice traditional interior.

nice selection of beers, didn't eat but those who did seemed happy. good service, and footbal shown on skysports and Bt sports.

all in all its a good pub

10 Oct 2013 15:22

The Golden Lion, Port Isaac

speding a sunny afternoon (if you can get) on a seat out on the balcony, overlooking the harbour, is one of the greatest pleasures you can have.

the building is stunning and the village is nestles into is even more beautifull. the staff (all 20yr old girls by the looks of things) were quick and happy, even on a busy sunday afternoon. atmosphere was lively and friendly, and the beers were decent.

all in all, an absoloulty amazing place. worth popping in just for one pint to experience that balcony view.

23 Sep 2013 15:16

The Rising Sun Inn, Launceston

brilliant pub. friendly locals, fantastic local beers (love the penpont brewery), and a nice buzz of an atmosphere in the evenings.

being located in the middle of nowhere adds to the charm of this place.

23 Sep 2013 14:46

Wellington Hotel, Boscastle

its a wierd one the wellington, becuause on the face of it, the place looks and feels like an outdated hotel. on arrival for a table we had booked we shared a couple of raised eyebrow glances.

but any concerns were very quickly put to rest by the incredibly helpfull staff. not only were they genuinly friendly, but they bent over backwards to help out with gluten free options that the chef could do on the spot. AND the food was excellent, really enjoyable.

so whilst we arrived pesimistically, we left incredibly happy and pleased with our evening.

23 Sep 2013 14:16

The Ship Inn, Polperro

steeped in history, but lacking in atmpshere on our visit.

shame really as the location and the building are near perfect, but this was a bit grubby inside and lacking in charm.

23 Sep 2013 14:06

The Crumplehorn Inn, Polperro

a lovely old building (parts of it are 14th century) and a lovely warm atmosphere when the place is full. nicely decorated with a traditional feel, and that pleasingly chaotic layout that old pubs have.

excellent local ales, i forget which ones now but a nice selection, and food was really good. nice big hearty portions and really tasty. plus the vegetarians in our group were well looked after with a refreshingly decent selection of veggie meals.

its only downside is its location. being right opposite from the main car park, and up at the wrong end of the impossibly beautfull village of polperro, makes you feel so near yet so far from polperros unbeatable charm. however it is onyl a 10 minute walk down to the harbour or a 1 minite 'tram' ride, so its no the end of the world.

23 Sep 2013 13:56

The Trout Inn, Wolvercote

yes its is in a beautfull location, and it is a stunning building, but its completely food orientated. and also on a sunny day it is so exceptionally busy thats its not really realxing, even outside looking at the river. interior is a bit paint by numbers, and whilst clean and pleasant a little souless.

food was nice. pizzas especially were superb.

12 Aug 2013 17:03

The White Horse, Oxford

love the small and traditional layout.very crowded, but if you were lucky to grab a table it'd be a cnie spot to pass a few hours. also the bench out front (missing from the photo) was a great spot for people watching on a sunny afternoon

12 Aug 2013 10:31

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

everything about this pub is just stunning: the way the building is hidden from view, nestling in between other old buildings and walls. the building itslef is a wonderfull old lump. the interior with its inglenooks and low cielings and dark wood beams everyhwere. and to top it off 11 real ales!

only downside was how exceptionally busy it was. admitedly it was a sunny saturday afternoon, but what else do you expect. theres good reason as to why 200 tourists were trying to cram into every space inside and out.

i am looking forward to visiting on a cold turesday night when i might get a seat.

12 Aug 2013 10:27

The Bear, Oxford

excellent pub. inside its all small rooms with low ceilings and wonky beams. wonderfully traditional. nice beer, great service. also the calm and quiet of the street despite being directly off the high street makes it a little oasis.

also, the atmoshere was great, lots of laughter and friendly people. there seemed to be maily locals in there too, not that many tourists which is (understandably) a rareity in the pretty pubs of central oxford.

12 Aug 2013 10:16

The Greyhound, Aldbury

very nice place, set in a beautifull village.

whilst most of the building has been put over to food, the bar area still has lots of charm, and on a sunny day if you can get a seat out front, your view of the village is just spectacular, especially with the dramatic chiltern hills backdrop.

pint of badger was very nice. didnt eat but food looked 'ok'. most dishes around the £14 - £15 mark, so a touch pricey too.

only gripe was the bar wouldnt accept card payment below £15, why???

5 Aug 2013 15:30

The Kingsbury, Aylesbury

sticky floors, over weight chavvy girls, horrible lager pints, loud chavvy music, missing teeth, ben sherman shirts and crew cuts from the 90's - welcome to the kinsgbury aylesbury.

31 Jul 2013 13:50

The Harrow, Aylesbury

really very pretty from outside. its big inside, has a bit of a chain feel to the place, but for atmosphere and 'feel' its defiantly head and shoulders above your average litten tree/hogs head. food was average. my baguette was warmend from frozen and the ham was out of a packet. they also show the sports. however the beers are great. nice locals beers on tap, including aylesbury brew house and the excellent aylesbury vale brewery.

overall theres not a huge choice of good pubs in aylesbury, so by default this decently average place is fairly high the list of pubs to visit.

31 Jul 2013 13:43

Chequers Inn, Lymington

fantastic pub. exposed beams and low ceilings but a suprisingly spacious feel to the place. theres a covered courtyard bit as you enter, and also a fatastic walled garden, and an eating area in a permanent tent thing, so the choice of where you want to enjoy your pint is yours. didnt eat, but saw nice handsome protions coming out to happy customers.

the locals were a friendly bunch, plenty of dogs snffing around, nice atmopshere, and i did have to laugh at the christmas tree up by the bar, in july, with a sign saying "dont ask" attached.

31 Jul 2013 12:23

The Red Lion, Boldre

really good pub. lovely building, nice traditional interior, and decent garden space for sunny afternoons. inside the majority of the floor is given over to food, but the bar areas are comfy, and the staff were really friendly. the food was spectacular, i mean really really good. had the battered black pudding and steak and ale pir, both superb. great visit, will visit again when in the area.

31 Jul 2013 12:16

The Royal Oak, Bishopstone

absoloutly loved our visit to the royal oak.

Nestled in a ridiculously pretty english village, in stunning country side, this pub has great garden area, and a decking area out the front facing the quiet road. the inside is nice and open plan, with a country charm to it. the service was superbb, really top friendly service. the beers were excellent,. 2B, 3B and wilshire gold were all on and all very enjoyable.

the food, was just out of this world. i mean best meal ive had this year. i had the pork belly, which was perfect and my other half had a wild foraged salad, which was a genuine contender for best salad, and most interesting dish shes ever had.

cant sing the praises high enough for this place.

29 May 2013 16:03

The Antelope, Tooting

excellent pub, the decor is strangley edwardian but very trendy, there is a huge amount of space inside and a really good varitey of beers. food is excellent, and the service is always friendly and genuine.

always a pleasure to visit when in the area.

24 May 2013 12:05

The Oak, Aston Clinton

amazing pub

the building itslef is a joy to behold, lovely old thatched building. inside its all low cielings with beams and wood. the bar area as you enter is cosy and gets nice and busy, and their is another bar over at the resturant side for when it really fills up.

the garden is big and well kept, and will be a top spot for summer

the food is just immense. huge portions and delicious, one of the best pub kitches in the area.

1 May 2013 08:54

Euston Tap, Euston

yes its small and yes its crowded, but the beer is immense. usually standing room only, but provided you dont expect a typical pub and you'll be happy. combined with the bree louise just down the road, you have a pretty good night out.

19 Apr 2013 10:11

The Bree Louise, Euston

does anyone know if todays news on change of plans for HS2 platforms/track in euston station mean the bree louise will be saved?

19 Apr 2013 10:02

The Cross Keys, Thame

amazing pub. not only home to the thame brewery, but also a fantastic selection of ales, both local and regional.

great service, great locals and real pub.

looking forward to my next visit.

15 Apr 2013 15:11

The Birdcage, Thame

amazing building, really a wonderfull sight form the outside. inside is noce too, but the bar area does feel a little bit too foody to be a proper pub.

plenty of good beers, including the rebellion brewery. seems to be a focus on decent pilsners and german lager style beers, which is nice.

food is really very good. all steaks are brought out raw and on a hot stone so you cook them to your own liking.

prices are a bit much , but if you can spare the extra 50p on each pint its definatly a nice place to kill some time in.

15 Apr 2013 15:09

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

what an amazing pub.

at least 8 or 10 exciting differnet beers on tap, and loads of varities in the fridges, including one of my favourites 'la chouffe'.

all the beers are well kept, properly poured and the staff know and care about what they are selling.

the building is pleasant enough, its bright and airy, and kept clean, with plenty of space. they also show the sports, but fortunatly not in a over bearing way so you dont have to be subjected to who ever is playing if not interested.

the onsite brewery shop out the back promisis to be good too. it was closed when i visited as there was a beer festival on, but i am keen to get back and have a look.

food available too, but havn't tried yet, nor have i seen any one else try it, but as i said there was a festival on, so not normal service i guess.

only down sides derive from the fact that the pub is in aylesbury, and in a rubbish part of aylesbury at that! the pub has stood for ages, way before town planning turned aylesbury into one large industrial park/council estate. so i imagine it could have been quite charming at one point, but now the view out of the front windows is of a vw garage, and the view out the side is of industiral units. plus a steady flow of chavs, equipped with baseball caps and staffs gawp in at you through the windows as they drift between home and the nearest off licence.

otherwise, it is an excellent place.

3 Apr 2013 14:07

The White Lion, St Leonards

under new ownership, and hopefully back on its way up. trevor, the new landlord is a top bloke and hopefully wil have the place buzzing again, after the last couple of tennants alomst killed the place.

the pub itself is just gorgeous. low ceilings, beams, huge fire place and nicely situated amongst lots of walks in the chilterns. decent outdoor area to enjoy the country views a sunny day too.

looking forward to visiting again soon

25 Mar 2013 08:39

The Unicorn, Great Malvern

could do a lot worse. nice and small (cosy) pub with firendly barmaid and friendly locals.

21 Mar 2013 16:07

The Hob Nails, Tewkesbury

nice beers, nice fireplace and friendly owner, and an even friendlier Border Terrier.

was a little quiet when we visited late on a freezing wednesday evening but enjoyed our visit.

21 Mar 2013 15:57

Ye Olde Black Bear, Tewkesbury

its a strange mix of charm and chav.

the building and the layout are wonderfull, and the leaflets about the histroy was a nice touch. the ales were very good and there was a decent selection. but the food was diabolical, microwave burgers and ready meals (cheap but awfull). the amount of drinks promotion flyers and posters are around the place gave the feel of a weatherspoons inside a 15th centruy building... which is essentially what the place is... mixed feelings.

21 Mar 2013 15:52

The Bell Hotel, Tewkesbury

paint by numbers interior, and a little souless. two ales on, one of which was greene king, so nothing to get excited about.

was clean and friendly though.

better choices in town.

21 Mar 2013 15:49

The New Inn, Gloucester

the cathedral aside, gloucester in general is a complete dump. after a total misjudgement of where to spend an afternoon whilst in the county, we ended up there and just couldnt believe how rubbish the town is and how 'special' the local-yokels are. having quickly realised the re was nothing on offer in the town other than the cathedral, at least we had this historic pub to visit later as some sort of reward.

well.... it is an unbelievable shame that such a superb building houses a complete dump of a pub, and a carvery resturant with less charm than a holiay inn.

after admiring the stunning galleried courtyard, and getting all excited about the historical aspect of the building i expected something special but found a stagnant and stale pub festooned with gloucester rugby flags and the smell of brasso. the locals were so 'gloucester' i suspect they had webbed feet.

i would say 'avoid' but i dont know if there's even a better option in the area.

21 Mar 2013 15:39

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

this might be.. just might be.... one of the best pubs in the world.

the best pubs are in england (sorry but its true), and this is one of the best of the pubs in england, so by definition... a world beater.

the setting is just ridiculously beautifull. wonky beams, low ceilings and sinking floors with a totally preserved interior (not a plug socket or cable in sight). we were lucky enough to get a seat right in the fire place and on a cold evening it was just superb.

the beers are absoloulty perfect. 5 or so on the pumps, a well thought out variety, all of which the bar man knew about and were perfectly kept and poured. (on our visit the 'dodgy banker' was a wonderfull pint)

the food was top notch aswell, good portions and really well cooked. pork belly with black and white pudding on mash. what more cold you want?

yes, it does attract tourists from far and wide (us included) but it was wonderfull to see a really healthy and welcoming bunch of locals, young and old, are the heart of this place. a great atmosphere.

i may blive a few hours drive away but i know that we will be making trip back to gloucestershire JUST to visit this place again.

21 Mar 2013 15:21

The Bricklayers Arms, Aylesbury

wonderfull charm to this split levelled feel pub. i visited in the early afternoon so dint get to experience what the true atmosphere of the place is like, but i love the traditional interior and quirkiness of the layout. the back garden looked decent for the summer months and despite most of them being 'off' on my visit, there was a nice range of ales from the hooky brewery, plus the usual fullers.

looking forasrd to popping in on a friday night, to properly get a feel for the place

25 Feb 2013 11:55

Aristocrat, Aylesbury

its yet another fullers pub, so nice but boring beers.

nice and clean, looks like its had a refurb, staff were nice. sports on the telly and a realy exciting load of live music nights being advertised.

not bad.

25 Feb 2013 11:49

The Queens Head, Uxbridge

nicest feeling pub in uxbridge. nice and dark, with wood beams and low cielings.

the ales do rotate so theres a nice variety.

15 Feb 2013 11:49

The Metropolitan, Uxbridge

doombar and green king IPA, not exactly exciting but were enjoyable pints.

otherwise its got that chain pub feel.

there are some booths which would be good if your in a group in the evening but otherwise its just a paint by numbers high street pub/bar.

15 Feb 2013 11:38

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

only beer is john smiths.... eevrything else is standard pi55 poor lagers.

probabaly a good place to watch an england game, but a terrible pub otherwise...

15 Feb 2013 11:35

The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

expensive pints, and far too gastropubby. shame.

13 Feb 2013 09:10

Ye Olde George, Colnbrook

its definalty a locals boozer. and the locals seem to range from villans holding 'business' meetings, to quiet lonely men in beenie hats dotted about the place.

bar maid was nice and polite.

the food was suspiciously cheap, too cheap to be anything but microwaved.

only one ale on, and it was highly suspect. cant remember the brand but its was a hard pint to finish.

pretty building from outside, and the inside had exposed beams and a low wonky ceiling, but its in need of a lick of paint and a bit more life injected into it.

13 Feb 2013 09:08

White Hart, Buckingham

essentially a wetherspoons, and i dont know if it actually is one or not... it just had that terrible feel to it.

the building itself is fantastic, and the layout with all its corridors and stairs could lead to a fantastic pub, but unfortunatly its just a sprawling souless chain pub full of the types that frequent souless chain pubs.

1 Feb 2013 15:17

The Whale, Buckingham

yet another fullers pub, thus good but unexciting beer. the pub itself is nice and quirky, with a split level feel. nothing wrong with this place, but hard to find anything exceptional about it.

28 Jan 2013 09:23

The Whale, Buckingham

yet another fullers pub, thus good but unexciting beer. the pub itself is nice and quirky, with a split level feel. nothing wrong with this place, but hard to find anything exceptional about it.

28 Jan 2013 09:23

The Three Cups, Buckingham

Barman was excellent, nice guy, and knew about the beers he was pulling. The beers were Aylesbury Vale brewery, so very nice. The price was really good too, £2.50 a pint, very refreshing.

however, this place is frequented by complete imbeciles. and loads of them too. (there is a difference between banter, and cretins trying to out noise eachother.) combine this with the lack of charm to the interior, you have a thouroughly un-enjoyable venue to spend your time in. shame.

28 Jan 2013 09:16

Woolpack, Buckingham

Set on a beautifull street, and from walking up and admiring the exterior i expected a lot of charm , but was disappointed with the interior as it is a bit bland and modern, but not exciting or classy. bland. atmosphere was flat, but it was mid afternoon.

28 Jan 2013 08:39

Mitre, Buckingham

excellent pub, the best pub in buckingham in fact. Despite it being a 10-15 minute walk from the centre, it is worth the walk, made all the easier by the fact that that half of Buckingham Town is stunningly picturesque.

The building is beautifull, and the interior is wonderfully traditional. 5 good ales on rotation, all well kept and poured well too. friendly locals and all the sports shown.

excellent pub.

28 Jan 2013 08:33

The Russell Arms, Butlers Cross

its posh, maybe too posh to be an actual pub that you'd spend a night in drinking with mates, but its really good none the less.

the beer selection is the best in the area, every single beer (lager inlcuded) is local or at least regional. the wine selection also top shelf, as you'd expect with the owners other business being a fancy pants wine bistro in nearby wendover.

the new malt brewery and the chilterns ales are the 2 local brands on tap, and are superbly kept and poured. the cotsolwds beers are great too.

service is keen and knowledgable and friendly, so despite the emphasis being largely on eating, its still well worth popping in just for a few superb pints.

8 Jan 2013 11:09

The Plough, Lower Cadsden

terrible pub, which could be superb.

1) its a lovely red brick building, from the outside,
2) superbly positioned on the ridgeway footpath running accross the chilterns.

1) the interior is something out of a catalogue. yes theres exposed beams and a stone floor, but its completely clean and souless. as if ikea tried to do traditional pub interiors.
2) the attitude of the manager (wont say landlord as he was wearing a tie for some reason??) towards walkers was insulting. he made everyone put on blue over shoes as if at a swimming pool. despite the fact that all the walkers that came in did clean their boots at the entrance. everyone feels stupid in those overshoes, thats fine with the staff, who would reather that than the odd whip round with a broom everynow and again.
3) the food was offensivley expensive. sausage and mash, £15!!!!
4) 99% of tables were reserved on a sunday afternoon, despite noone sitting at them. all the walkers who arrived for refreshment had to stand around (in stupid overshoes) becuase only two or three bar stool sare provided and nearly all the many tables were reserved and empty.
5) most exciting beer was london gold. nothing local or interesting.
6) do i need to go on?....

in conclusion a rip off 'pub themed' resturant that doesnt like walkers depite being on a major rambling route.

8 Jan 2013 09:51

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

stubled in here after seeing AFC play. despite appearing to be closed down we could see a light round the back, so we gave it a go , and it turns out it is in fact open, and is now a 'pound in the pot' strip pub.

if £1 fannies are your thing, then fill your boots.

18 Dec 2012 12:30

The Cricketers, Richmond

decent fairly upmarket pub. amazingly posh location facing onto the green, but not pretentious itself.

clean and bright interior, freindly service, decent beers. nice.

18 Dec 2012 12:27

The White Swan, Whitchurch

nice pub, in a very pretty village right out in some lovely buckinghamshire countryside. a lovely old building, the pub is split between two rooms, nicely kept, real fire, great service and well stored and pulled (fullers) ales.

definatly worth a visit.

4 Dec 2012 10:54

Red Lion, Hockley

superb pub.

Despite the insistence of the Red Lion to call itself an Art Venue and Bar, aside from a big pop art print in the bar area, it is just a normal pub, a very good normal pub.

staff were really friendly and attentive, the beers were excellent ('batemans best' is one of the best pints ive had in recent times).

food was really good, although slow to come out.

the atmosphere was good, and lively and young on a saturday afternoon.

along with the villa rose, this another must visit again pub, when doing a crawl of the Jewellery Qt.

19 Nov 2012 10:56

Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

a brilliantly victorian yet trendy venue. tradidtional stained glass windows, glazed ceramic wall tiles, and other victorian trimmings, combined with very trendy art work and brightly coloured furniture etc. odd combination, but it works really well.

beer selection was excellent, although my pint of Jaipur IPA was as cold as a lager. i dont mind that, but most beer drinkers would be offended.

the staff were absolutly useless though. every one of them was a 20 something, skinny jeans wearing hipster. complete with x-factor hair, sailor tattoos, and geek glasses. service was painfully slow, uninterested and resembling the shop window of river island.

ignoring the staff, the pub itself is superb, and i will definatly be back (as part of a jewlerry qt. pub crawl) when ever chelsea are playing in brum again.

19 Nov 2012 10:47

The Brown Lion, Birmingham

currently shut for a refurb.. not sure when back open

19 Nov 2012 10:38

The Gardener's Arms, Oxford

i wish to echo the comment below, i am a meat eater, but could not be more impressed with the vegetarian menu here. food is wonderfull. the currys/burgers etc., all great.

its up and out of the way, but it adds to the charm. stroll down an idyllically quiet street in one of englands most wonderfull cities, and arrive at a warm and welcoming pub. wood panneled walls, books everywhere, friendly staff, excellent beers, and food well worth travelling for.

the atmosphere is relaxed and elevated in an ox-bridge kind of way, but it is in no way pompus. its charming. and oh so english. love it.


13 Nov 2012 10:56

The Rising Sun, Little Hampden

drove all the way up to find this pub, only to find out im a couple of years late. sad.

12 Nov 2012 11:26

The Hampden Arms, Great Hampden

this place is just brilliant. first time visiting on the weekend and its already our new favourite sunday venue. a real friendly community country pub.

warm, inviting, decent local ales, dog friendly, SUPERB sunday roast, great staff, great locals, traditional interior, just wonderfull.

and i havent even mentioned the icing on the cake.... all the chelsea fc memorabillia on the wall by the bar.

if your after a proper country pub, you'd be hard pressed to find a better example.

12 Nov 2012 11:24

The Plough, Bloomsbury

not a great deal right or wrong with this place pub-wise, but the set of beautifull Bar Maids are worth the visit alone. this place certainly has a strict employemnt policy.

7 Nov 2012 09:01

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

its close location to the (amazing) british museum, means this pub is obviously going to be full of day trippers and touirsts, but a nicer tourist pub will be hard to find.

excellent range of beers on tap, excellent service and all set in a lovely victorian london pub. atmosphere was up and buzzing on a friday after work. worth visiting when in the area.

7 Nov 2012 08:58

The Village Gate, Wendover


outside, the building is beuatifull, although it suffers from a busy road being directly in front of it. if you are able to get the outside seating thats tucked away out of view of the road then its nice, otherwise... your view is a main road.

inside, this place is clearly trying to be as upmarket as possible. its all very modern and bright, with very trendy paint scheme and fittings. not usually what i like in a pub, but they do seem to have gotten this trendy feel right.

ales and beers were suprisingly very good, and some interesting varities too.

all in all, if i feel the need to go somewhere a bit fancy pants, then this is where i'd choose... but that doesnt happen often.

1 Oct 2012 11:55

The Chequers Inn, Oxford

Suprised by the poor reviews, my honest opinion was this place was fantastic. But i admit i have only visited once. To address the most common complaints from the reviews below: The beer was good - 4 different IPAs to choose from is a nice dilema to have. Service was good, tables were clean and atmosphere on a saturday evening was nice and lively.

will be back.

26 Sep 2012 08:34

The Angel, Soho

nice traditional oasis in the waste land that is st giles.
one of the many sam smiths pubs in the west end, so nice beer, but 4.30 for a lager is offensivley expensive but what can you do?

Although its been rebuilt in the gerogian or victorian era, the history of the Angel pub is brilliant. Apparently it was a stopping point for a final 'one for the road' for those on their way to the tyburn tree down the other end of oxford street. the history isnt in any way celebrated in the pub though, but its a name that pops up a lot in various history books.

20 Sep 2012 09:11

J J Moons, Wembley

ummm what to say... its a wetherspoons. it reminds me of the wetherspoons in middlesbrough, and the one in wycombe, and the one in manchester, and the one etc etc....

12 Sep 2012 13:25

The Rose and Crown, Wendover

good sports pub. All the football is on including the 3'oclock games ;)

does food, decent portions, didnt see prices though. Beers are standard lagers and no good ales.

4 Sep 2012 12:00

The George and Dragon, Wendover

traditional pub-cum-thai restuarant, a phenomenon that ive noticed appearing more and more around the country. its a nice place to be, with low ceilings and exposed beams. seems to range form completely empty to heaving with very noisey 50 year olds.

food prices very good, havnt tried but tempted at the price. beers are standard, not much to choose in the ales department.

4 Sep 2012 11:56

The Red Lion Hotel, Wendover

Stunning building, although the beams seem too straight and tidy to be authentically old. inside is a bit hotel/restuaranty but it does get busy on the weekends so nice atmosphere. Outside area is not vey nice being enclosed by buildings and the car park.

yet another fullers pub (i like fullers but its getting boring). Summer ale aseafarers and wild river all very nice. Food is very good, but also pricey.

all in all, its average. do it as part of a pub crawl in the village but there's better 'food' pubs and better 'pub' pubs.

4 Sep 2012 11:49

The White Swan, Wendover

lovely traditional pub. nice building, nice traditional layout, atmophere gets going on the weekend evenings. proper pub. the various staff who've been on in a my few visits have all been great.

have to laugh at the toilets though. anyone whos around the 6ft mark will bang their head against the sloped wall above the urinals. looks like a few unwahsed souls have fallen asleep in this standing/pissing position too over the years, judging by the grease marks.

4 Sep 2012 11:25

The Pack Horse, Wendover

a nice small local. Very pretty from the outside, being the end terrace building on the spectacular tudor 'boleyn cottages'. not so stunning inside, but the fireplace end is nice, and its a decent traditional pub. definalty a locals place, but still very friendly. They have sky, so the football is shown, and its dog friendly.

its a fullers pub, so usual fullers stuff also including summer ale and wild river, both very nice. also the honey dew is always good on a hot day.

decent pub.

4 Sep 2012 11:19

The Luttrell Arms, Dunster

lovely building. different rooms to sit and drink in depending on your mood. some posh and grand, and others more traditional. lovely setting, obviously caters for a lot of tourists visiting the town, but still had a soul to it. Pint of fox was very nice, dont know which brewery it was from though.

28 Aug 2012 14:23

Shoulder of Mutton, Wendover

if you've visited one 'chef and brewer' chain pub, you've visited them all. its food orientated, and a paint by numbers interior.

however, of the 5 or 6 chef and brewers that i know of, its the best. the service is actually very good and upbeat, and the choice of beers/ales seem to rotate quite a lot which is a nice touch. the menu even seems to have a bit more variety than the average C&B.

28 Aug 2012 13:44

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

an astonishingly beautifull building, positioned in the most spectacular way jutting out towards the sea, with a 17th century cottage and a huge hill side as a back drop. its so pretty to behold, that its perfectly obvious as to why its overrun with tourists (like ourselves).

despite the crush of punters at about 7 or 8pm, the service was good, the food pretty good and the beer excellent. the exmoor ales are available as three 1/3 pint tasters which is a great touch. the stag and the gold were lovely.

only one complaint. the pub chef suffers from delusions of grandeur. he refused to put cheese on chips, for some reason he feels that it's beneath him. but he will still serve mushy peas and chips. idiot needs to get over himself. its a pub your serving. not the ritz.

none the less, ignoring the cooks pretensions, the place is brilliant.

28 Aug 2012 13:36

The Church House Inn, Ashburton

What a pub! loved our time here. camped down the road in mitchelcombe, so this was our local for the visit to dartmoor. we couldnt have asked for anything better.

a beautifull building, with a lovely wooden beamed, warm feel to the inside. the Dartmoor IPA is a special beer, and there were a few other local ales to try aswell. the food was superb, generous portions and really hearty. the service was better than good, really friendly. the chefs were having a rave up in the kitchen, dancing about to drum n bass. a nice mix of locals and walkers/visitors/campers. make it a really enjoyable place to waste an evening in.

28 Aug 2012 13:22

The Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge

ummm its a chef and brewer, so if you've ever been in one, you been in them all. dull as dishwater. plus, boil in a bag food and the blandest of beer selections. but its clean and the building is quite pretty, and next to a canal, but also next to the main road into uxbridge, so its pretty in one direction, horrid in the other. service has always been very good, and due to the proximity of office blocks opposite, its rarely empty and void of atmosphere.

review in one word: "meh."

7 Aug 2012 14:51

The Red Lion, Amersham

not only closed but removed from existence. absoloutly infuriated that this beautfiull building has been torn down, no doubt to build more pointless housing. who ever allowed this place to be closed and then demolished is scum.

30 Jul 2012 10:31

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

quailty atmosphere in the evenings, generated by a pleasingly poor floor layout, meaning the already small pub gets filled up very easily, and the noise levels get up with it.

the alley way the puib is on is very charming at night with the white fairy lights over head and lovely sandstone buildings all around. along with the coeur de lion, ill definatly be back when ever in bath.

25 Jul 2012 15:37

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

i love this pub, nestled in the central alleys of bath, this tiny pub is a lovely, old fashioned, authentic british pub.

great beers from the local abbey ales brewery and various lagers. great service.

always be back when in bath

25 Jul 2012 15:35

Perth Arms, Dunkeld

a no frills boozer. service was friendly and beer was decent. you would have expected something much posher considering the idillic village setting.

24 Jul 2012 15:19

The Old Mill Inn, Pitlochry

looks and feels exactly like your average 'hogs head' or 'litten tree'... in other words a souless paint by numbers chain pub. im not sure if it is even a chain pub but theyve managed to create the sterile feel of one.

did'nt stay to drink or eat. why anyone would travel to such a special part of the world and put up with somewhere so devoid of local feeling is beyond me.

24 Jul 2012 15:12

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

just returned from a wonderfull week staying opposite the moulin inn. visited everyday, and would keep visiting if i was there longer.

the moulin inn's own brewed beers are great, especially the Braveheart. and as with any decent pub in scotland, the whiskey selection was extensive, including the local edradour whiskeys.

the staff were wonderfull, especially a chap from bristol, who made us feel so welcome. all the staff put up with us idiot tourists trying the whiskeys and trying our scottish acents.

food was decent, some dishes more than others. the battered haggis starter was sublime and the veggies amongst us loved the macaroni cheese. the atmosphere in the pub was very good, with a healthy mix of tourists and friendly locals.

the building itslef is a wonderfull 18th century building, really liked the feel of the inside, the bar area was dark and wood lined, and the back eating/drinking area was lined with booths for groups to enjoy themselves in. plenty of stuff othe walls and stained glass making it really comfy.

if you are in pitlochry, this pub is 100% worth the short trip out of town.

24 Jul 2012 13:29

The Green Man, Ingrave

driven past many times whilst in essex, and always liked the look of the building, a wonderfully pretty white building, set perfectly off the road.

i had the opportunity to pull over and pop in this weekend, and i was very pleased with my visit. the garden is spacious, and the back edge of which looks out onto farmland. very nice. the interior is nice and traditional, and there was a good bunch of locals creating a nice atosphere.

i was disappointed that the pub is a Shepherd Neame pub, as all the ales were kentish. nothing against kentish ales, but when in essex, it would be nice to drink essex beers.

in conclusion, a stunning building with a pretty good pub inside.

9 Jul 2012 10:37

Harte and Magpies Pub, Coleshill

brilliant pub. nice dark wood feel to the inside. whilst it can feel a bit food orientated, there is a great atmosphere, and the area with the sofa and fireplace tucked around the back of the bar is perfect for a pint or two and to rest your feet.

chiltern ale was 2.90 and the other pints were around the 3 mark, which in this day and age is very welcome. the britannia pale ale, which is berewed at the Royal Standard pub (same owners) is fantastic and only 2.50 a pint.

the service matched the excellent beers.

like the beers and the service, the food was brilliant. pizzas are better than most italian resturants.

whilst the traffic going by cant be helped, when its sunny the outside area is really decent too.

also the pub dog, barney is lovely. he roams the pub lookng for attention and maybe checking out if theres any stray chips under the tables.

will be back.

2 Jul 2012 09:42

Here and Now, High Wycombe

picture the scene... the year is about 2000 or 1999 or something.... it was a thursday night (every thursday night to be honest)... this venue was called club eden, and if you entered club Eden at 8pm..... drinks were 80p. EIIGGHHTTTYYYY PPEEEENNCCCEEE. then at 9pm, drinks were 90p and from 10pm onwards drinks were 2 all night....

AS A 17 TO 19 YEAR OLD THIS WAS LITTERALLY AMAZING. sticky floors, shite music, vomit on every wall of the bathrooms, and plenty of underage girls.

ahhh those were the days.

28 Jun 2012 15:52

The Barley Mow, Marylebone

wonderfull boozer. feels quite spit and sawdust, but its clean and tidy. the staff were all irish, and very friendly. a bunch of very decent beers on the pumps, including fullers summer ale which is a great pint. free hot bar snacks were put on the tables when the football was on, great touch. will be back.

20 Jun 2012 11:45

The Thornbury Castle, Marylebone

very nice pub, good beers and ales (albeit expensive). Service was good and the atmosphere very welcoming.

definalty a rugby fans pub, but do show the football when its on.

20 Jun 2012 11:38

Europub, Amsterdam

if you are going to amsterdam then its very very simple. just get off damrak, and dam square.

its a bit like going to london and only eating drinking and shopping in leicester square, when soho is so close.

if you only go a street or two off damrak/square you'll find a ton of special places.

sod the europub, and find somewhere good.

6 Jun 2012 13:53

In de Wildeman, Amsterdam

my favourite pub on the continent.

superb service, superb beer selection on tap and in bottle form, beautifull dutch building, and great atmosphere in the evenings.

due to its central location you may have to burn a few extra euros, but its not offensively expensive.

love it!

6 Jun 2012 13:49

Stones Cafe, Amsterdam

for thoses that wish to know: you CAN bring weed in here that you can purchase at any of the coffeeshops, and happily smoke away whilst having a beer.

ive spent many many evenings at stones, good lively atmosphere, good place to watch british football. stones throw from the red light district too.

6 Jun 2012 13:45

't IJ Proeflokaal (Brouwerij 't IJ), Amsterdam

i do really like this place. if its a sunny day (which are few and far between in holland) then its great to sit out under the windmill with a selection of beers and a plate of peppered cheese. if its not so sunny, the tasting room/bar is suprisingly spit and sawdust, which is also nice.

its worth mentioning that if you are heading out to the brewery from centraal station, 'voyagers coffeeshop' is en route which is one the best coffeeshops in amsterdam, smoke wise, so combining t'ij and Voyagers product leads to a thoroughly pleasant and hazey afternoon.

6 Jun 2012 13:42

The King and Queen, Wendover

superb pub. food was immense, and we were more than made to feel at home from the landlord, who went out of his way to chat.

the rotating home made pies and the rotating veggie options make the menu stand out here, more than any pub in the area.

30 May 2012 11:21

Fox Country Inn & Hotel, Ibstone

well, i feel sorry for the locals of Ibstone, becuase the only pub in the area is one of the most souless venues ive ever been in. it seemed more like a premier inn hotel bar than a country pub. ikea style pine and white paint everywhere, and the cd of choice playing was a saxophone/muzak pop song cover album.... shudder.

30 May 2012 11:18

The Bull and Butcher, Turville

set in one of the most idyllic villages ive havd the pleasure of walking into, this old pub looks wonderful inside and out. on a sunny sunday afternoon it was full to the point of being almost uncomfortable. but, i guess this is not really a negative as its a testiment to the popularity.

food was hit and miss though . one dish superb, other dish actually awfull.

all the oxfordshire breakspear beers were really nice, and the service was great, especially considering how busy they were. definalty visit again.

30 May 2012 11:14

The Crown, Pishill

superb building, nestled in a valley, a huge stunning brick pub, with outdoor seating that looks onto the fields and wood on the other side of the road. some accomodation buildings attached, but other than that, no neighbours within sight of the pub, so it feels like you are truelly remote.

a wonderfull place to sit in the sun and enjoy various oxfordshire brakespear beers and a really decent pint of Rebellion IPA from marlow down the road.

food was reasonable, service was great, beer was wonderfull, setting near unbeatable. great place.

30 May 2012 11:09

The Sun, Clapham

outstanding beer collection in bottles and draft, including bottles of my favouirte lager beer lao. service was good, crowd was young and trendy but a good bunch of people none the less. whe the suns out, the beer garden gets pretty packed, but a good atmosphere is the result.

14 May 2012 15:57

Swan, Chesham

unfortunatly a recent refurb has killed off some of the historic charm to the interior. nothing special inside anymore.

9 May 2012 14:26

The Plough, Hyde Heath

the husband and wife team who own/run the place are just wonderfull, amazingly welcoming and lovely banter. the pub itself is a great village pub, situated ideally on the common, so its a great place for starting and ending some nice walks in the area. lots of nice country trimmings nice comfy feel inside. food was very nice, generous portions and the batter on the fish was probably the best batter ive had in a while. we will be back!

9 May 2012 08:32

The Blue Posts, Soho

also, thats not the blue posts in the photo above.

8 May 2012 14:16

The Blue Posts, Soho

quailty boozer. its an authetic english boozer, in a lovely old building, slap bang in the middle of trendy soho. its like an oasis (if you like this sort of thing). carpet form the 1970's, decorations from the 1970's, irish landlord from the 1870's.

its such a genuine pub, that passing tourists hoping for some london glamour would open the door, take a look around and leave, all day long. thats not to say it was empty, it was perfectly busy, with a good atmosphere and great service. a lovely pub.

one of the nicest features of the building is how it sits, when viewed from broadwick street. the building is much older than its neighbours, and sticks out in a way that shows then original lie of the road.

8 May 2012 14:16

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

popped in last week, and the RSOE has just started selling its own brewed beer, called Britannia (or similar). a really nice golden/pale ale, and only 2.50 a pint. well worth the trip.

26 Apr 2012 13:05

The Torch, Wembley Park

absoloutly heaving before football, 1/2 hour to get served. 10 deep around the bar. security on the entrance will check your bags for beers you are smuggling in, but not your pockets for hip flasks ;)

the atmosphere is great inside and out when full of fans, very noisey, but waiting 1/2 hour for a pint is a pain the arse. the location of the pub means you get to walk straight down wembley way on the way out which is good too.

cant imagine its great during the week, but football days its a good laugh.

17 Apr 2012 12:16

The Crock of Gold, Wembley

its near the stadium and sells beer. Cant think of anything else good to say. litterally nothing great about it.

before matches its too small to get in, totally rammed. After matches the police usually funnel everyone into wembley park station, which if you avoid you can get to the pub through side streets and its very easy to get served.

17 Apr 2012 12:11

The Queens Head, Chesham

first off, i love how this part of chesham reamins an oasis. its a beautifull area in what is an average town. i swear most of the locals dont even realise it's there.

This pub is also fantastic. a genuine warm atmosphere in a lovely interior, in a lovely setting. Favourite chesham pub.

13 Apr 2012 10:28

The Saracens Head, Amersham

brilliant pub. it may call itself a gastropub, but thankfully, in reality it's a quailty traditional pub that serves food. nice low ceilings, exposed beams, and traditional trimmings. pleasantly full on a saturday night, good atmopshere and friendly service. the sorcerer which is currently on tap is a great pint too.

10 Apr 2012 10:08

The Slug and Lettuce, Brentwood

you'd have to be an amoeba to think this place was good. not only is it a 'paint by numbers' souless slug and lettuce, but due to its proximity to the sugar hut, it also attracts the worst kind of people in the evenings.

26 Mar 2012 13:28

The Wheatsheaf, Fulham

9.90 for two pints of estrella dam. you have to be an idiot to order that round again.

20 Mar 2012 11:41

The White Horse, Parsons Green

brilliant pub. impressive range of beers and ales and lagers, all in good condition and pulled by a barman who knew what he was doing. interior greaty as is the area the pub is situated in. on match days you get a very civilised bunch of fans at this place, so its a pleasant atmopshere all week round. great pub.

20 Mar 2012 11:37

The Dalston Jazz Bar, Kingsland

stumbled in here after midnight so i dont remeber anything really about it except they sell whitstable bay ale and tequila, and it was bloody busy.

7 Mar 2012 15:26

The Kingsland, Kingsland

an authentic depressing boozer, frequented by mainly by irish customers who look like they have come here to die slowly. most customers were sitting in silent pairs or on their own, with lifeless eyes and ruddy noses......on a positive note the prices are fantastic, a round of two stellas, gin and mixer and a red wine came to 11 quid!

6 Mar 2012 11:17

The Bootlegger, High Wycombe

an amazing selection of beers, and a modern interior. the building exterior is a lovely flint building, true to the traditional chilterns building style. with 300 odd beers available its a really fun place to induldge your inner beer geek. the no footlball colours rule annoyed me, but all in all that doesnt take away from it being a great place. not quite a comfy local pub, but a superb pub/bar to visit o a night out.

1 Mar 2012 17:01

Royal Saracens Head, Beaconsfield

just no. expensive and souless. you can tell the interior was designed by a marketing team. outside its technically a lovely building in a pretty, but posh area. inside absolutly souless.

1 Mar 2012 16:52

The Old White Swan, Beaconsfield

beconsfield is the centre of the 'souless gastro pub' universe. so having the swan available is such a relief. by a mile the best pub in beconsfield. nice low ceilings, and good pub atmopshere, can get really busy on weekend evenings. chiltern brewery bitter on tap which is always a good thing.

29 Feb 2012 16:55

Ivy House, Chalfont St Giles

its clean and contemporary inside, but this place lacks any real charm or character. its a standard middle class identi-kit pub. the building itslef is very nice, but the interior is straight out of fullers marketing guidlines. the beers are decent, the food looks good. in the summer the views out the front onto the chiltern hills are wonderfull, untill a car flys past on the A413 two meters in front of you. overall nothing bad, but nothing special.

9 Feb 2012 16:16

Zero Degrees, Bristol

this place couldnt be any further from a "pub", but i absolutly love it. all brewed onsite, the beer is amazing, and the food is wonderfull too. the pilsner is superb, and the pale ale is spectacular. the black lager is a thin stout (not my thing) and the mango beer was enjoyable too albeit a touch 'alco-poppy'. the venue itself is really not conductive a nice relaxing pint, as its a huge, metal glass decorated building and full of groups and parties on a night out. but as a dinner and drinks venue its brilliant.

9 Feb 2012 15:46

The Flint Cottage, High Wycombe

This pub is now called 'the bootlegger' - the flint cottage is no more.

9 Feb 2012 15:35

The Red Lion, Amersham

a proper local. you get the impression you have to earn your right to stand at the bar. despite the beautfull building, and the large garden, the decent service and the traditional interior... this is still a locals pub.

3 Feb 2012 14:50

The White Lion, Amersham Common

best thing about the white lion? its only a 5 taxi ride away from amersham old town, wheres theres some decent pubs. this place is perpetually void of customers and atmosphere and stock.

3 Feb 2012 14:44

The Bree Louise, Euston

amazing pub. only been in after work hours, so its been very busy. its a plain, and no frills room of a pub, but the beer selection form the barrels piled up behind the bar is superb. around 10 or so options. a discount for camra members, but the normal price was not too offensive considering its london. a real beer lovers pub.

1 Feb 2012 14:41

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

amazing pub. its quite rare for a pub to get the balance between local and welcoming right, but this place has. friendly regulars, bantering barmen, plenty of tourists and and good warm atmosphere. i do like fullers honeydew too. a spectacle to behold from the outside, and equally wonderfull interior. will definatly be back.

1 Feb 2012 14:33

The Boot and Slipper, Amersham

your standard chef and brewer chain pub. A couple of decent beers on tap though, and all in all not a bad place. not offensivly bad, nothing special.

1 Feb 2012 14:25

The Eagle, Amersham

great pub, with low ceiling and wooden beams and various areas to choose to sit in. service is great, and the unexpected garden area is great in the summer. usually our last stop on crawl in old amersham, but thats due to geography (being at the far end of the road) as opposed to quailty. much like amersham in general, it can be heaving or litterally empty.

1 Feb 2012 14:15

The Elephant and Castle, Amersham

This place has reopened after a refurb. for the month or so it was shut, i was genuinly worried about it being turned into a gastropub or other eqully souless venue, but im pleased to say the refurb has not been disasterous. its still a pub. a very good pub. just not quite as rustic inside anymore.

1 Feb 2012 14:11

The Red Lion, Chenies

brilliant village pub, in an astonishgly beautfull village. Always full on sundays with a nice atmosphere. the beer is always good, and the service was good too. the food, although priced in accordance with the expensive area, is good. only the veg on the sunday roast was near raw as opposed to crunchy. a matter of taste i guess. brilliant pub.

1 Feb 2012 14:01

Cock Inn, Church End

good service, amazing beer sleection (if you are a fan of badger beers), and wonderfull building in a beautifull little village. The restaurant area is something to behold aswell, wonderfull wood beamed barn. well worth the walk for a sunday afternoon there.

1 Feb 2012 13:57

The Langstrath Country Inn, Stonethwaite

we had the pleaure of spending an evening here before doing scafell pike the next morning. the beer was fantastic, the food was a little pricey but very good quaility. eating in the pub area was a pleasure too as the restaurant area, is very restauranty. The service was by far and away the best part of the evening, with the brilliant bar maid, making us tourists feel very welcome. general friendly banter, she advised us on starting points for the walk next day, and even told us of a spot where we could park the van up and sleep for the night for free, undisturbed. if and when i return to scafell pike, i will also be returning here.

1 Feb 2012 13:50

The Harbour Inn, Southwold

Love visiting the harbour inn. great in the summer with all the seating both in the garden and out front looking at the river and boats. portion of chips was nice and big, and the adnams beer was great (as expected). plus, the nice 10 minute walk from southwold certanly builds the appetite for a pint on arrival.

8 Oct 2011 14:54

The Bell Inn, Walberswick

wonderfull pub. situated in an unbelievably pretty area, this pub is stunning inside and out. big garden, wonderfull beer selection and service with a smile. excellent.

8 Oct 2011 14:50

The Red Lion, Southwold

My favourite pub in Southwold. Wonderfully situated on that green common, and next to no distance from the sea front. Perfect to sit outside of in the summer, and perfect to sit comfortably in during the other 10 months of the year. as with most of southwolds pubs, the Adnams beer is great.

8 Oct 2011 14:48

Travellers Rest, Penrith

surprised by the reviews here as i loved this place. i admit i did not eat here, so cannot comment there, but i we spent a really enjoyable eveing there. the service was with a smile, and the atmosphere in the bar was really nice. the beer selection was great too, the helvellyn gold was very good. a decent pub, ideally placed after a long walk up helvellyn itself.

27 Sep 2011 16:12

Queen Victoria Inn, Stroud

only ever visited once, during the recent stroud fringe festival, and it was a very decent place to include on a crawl of the town during the festival. lovely hog roast, live music outside, 15 or so different beers and as many ciders to try. only one of them was nice but thats not the point ha ha. fun place.

10 Sep 2011 09:51

The Prince Albert, Rodborough Hill

from the outisde you'd expect a traditional cotswold pub, very pretty exterior. the interior was a suprise, it was like a student union/rock venue pub. but this is not a negative. its got a great atmopshere, and good service. the camra newsletters on the window sill show that despite its alternative feel, its a pub at heart. a very good pub,

10 Sep 2011 09:46

Golden Fleece, Stroud

brilliant pub. quirky bar staff, decent range of beers, various area to sit in, board games, live music taking up half the floor space, excellent garden, pretty much the best pub in stroud. the badly positioned stairs and the luminous magic mushrooms in the garden just add to the experience. lovely.

10 Sep 2011 09:43

The Old Crown, Uley

really decent pub. almost perfect for a sunny day sitting out front soaking up the village, or out back soaking up the view of the hills. food portions a very generous and service was with a smile.great experience.

10 Sep 2011 09:37

The Dog and Duck, Soho

friendly service, great selection of beers (brentwood ipa on sale anywhere is a rareity!), and stunning small interior. one of the best spots in soho.

10 Sep 2011 09:35

The Jolly Farmer, Cookham Dean

An absolute gem of a pub. Traditional country pub full of wood beams, low ceilings and nice locals. Ale fans will be happy here, and the service was with a smile and some banter. Only critisism would be the sandwhiches we ordered were a bit poor for the price. but all in all it didnt detract much from a great pub experience.

24 Aug 2011 15:26

Uncle Toms Cabin, Cookham Dean

Lovely country pub, but felt a bit food orientated. The area is stunning, and this pub fits nicely.

The pub will also organise a horse drawn cart for a local pub crawl which sounds amazing.

24 Aug 2011 15:20

The Sugar Loaf Inn, Little Chalfont

really happily suprised by this place. nice wooden pannelled bar area, which is kept seperate from the eating areas, so it actually feels like a pub. plenty of outdoor seating and great service too. not a bad place for a pint every now and again.

27 Jul 2011 12:15

The Pineapple, Amersham Common

building has now reopened as a pub (sadly a gastro pub by the looks of things) called the Pomeroy Inn

27 Jul 2011 12:11

The Tower Arms, South Weald

stunning setting opposite a beautfull church in a hidden little village. the bar area is a really nice place to spend an afternoon or evening. nice wooden bar in the middle, lovely country trimmings. decent set of locals who hold court up one end of the room, and add a nice atmosphere ot the place. very good service from the bar girls, pint topped up without asking. great place.

27 Jul 2011 11:14

The White House, Guildford

actually had very good service here despite the reviews below, staff were happy to point me in the direction of other decent pubs in the area. Pub is light inside and has high ceilings, but still had a good buzz about it, even on a weekday afternoon it was busy. very god pub.

27 Jul 2011 11:07

The Kings Head, Guildford

lovely genuine pub, i will come back here if and when im back in Guildford. Nice and dark inside, beams, low roof, and good service. Loads of cuttings and articles about the history of the place around the walls, a nice touch.

27 Jul 2011 11:02

The Boatman, Guildford

the building itself is beautifull, and is ideally placed 10 mins walk out of the town centre. this place does look a bit 'gastro-pub' like inside, but its a decent gastro pub. i had great service and a nice IPA. in the sun sine the out side area by the river is wonderfull, and worth the visit for that alone. you feel 100 miles form guildford and can watch the slow boats and ducks go by, with the park and trees on the other bank. very very decent summer spot. Also, minimum amount taken on bank cards is 5 which is good, as its a fair walk back to the nearest cash point.

27 Jul 2011 10:59

The Royal Standard of England, Beaconsfield

Best shepards pie in the land, a near unbeatable interior/exterior, so much history and so many decent local beers. A wonderfull place.

You could argue its not the cheapest, but nothing is cheap any more, and every other factor more thab makes up for it with this place. Love it.

7 Jul 2011 10:21

Swan, Chesham

just amazing inside. lovely wonky low beamed ceilng. i love the snug room at the front of the pub which fits up to 5 people nicely. i will happily walk all the way up from amersham just for the pleasure of sitting in this pub.

in the summer there are benched tables out the front under the tree and facing the cricket pitch, shared with the pub next door.this gives the brililant (and fairly unique) opportunity to swap between the two places for refills as you like.

19 May 2011 22:37

The Kings Bar & Bistro, Amersham

an astonishingly beautifull building, which is part hotel and part pub, but pleasingly the pub part is a good pub in its own right and not just a hotel bar. great service, great atmosphere in the evenings and a great setting. great pub.

they serve the local chilterns brewery 'beechwood bitter' which is a nice touch, and the 'home made' pork scratchings are the best in the area.

19 May 2011 22:22

The Chequers, Amersham

im not sure what to give this pub as a rating.

it is a real honest no frills pub, with good service, and the building has tons of history and charachter, which i would give probably a 7 or 8 for.

but... im tempted to score it much lower ....this pub has commited the biggest crime any pub can commit by having large tv's showing actual sh*t saturday night tv, volume up so loud, so that even though you hate ant and dec, you cant help watching. theres no better way to kill an atmosphere and dry up conversation than by having over powering tv's on in a pub.

but as i say, its a stunning building with tons of history, and if thats important (as it is to me), then its worth a visit.

22 Apr 2011 16:59

The Red Lion, Amersham

brilliant villge pub, in a pretty village up out the way of anything. its perfectly located 3/4 of the way round circle walk to and from old amersham in the chiltern hills. cosy and traditional indoors, and great seating outdoors for when the suns out. the bar food menu is well priced and has pleasingly simple and good food. great pub

22 Apr 2011 16:46

The Ugly Duckling (Harvester), Tatling End

Cheap carvery, that tastes even cheaper. Not good.

The bar area is a typical paint by numbers harvester/toby etc bar area which did actually appear to be frequnted by a few locals, on account of this being the only establishment in the area with the apperance of being a pub. Saying that, i just cannot understand why any one would waste their life in a souless chain carvery bar, when denham village and chalfont st peter are a 5 taxi away.

No amount of faux antique pictures and pub style furnishings will take away the fact that this bar is actually a waiting area for before you sit down for a dissapointing carvery.

12 Apr 2011 16:57

The Falcon Inn, Denham

My favourite pub in the village, and this stunning village is blessed with a handfull of gorgeous pubs.

Its small enough and intimate inside that you get decent personal service from the staff and more times than not a bit of friendly banter with the other customers. Always a nice atmosphere.

Also a suprsingly big area out back for the summer months.

12 Apr 2011 16:22

The Elephant and Castle, Amersham

Beautifull building, a proper pub, that has'nt fallen into the trap of becoming a gastro pub/pretentious wine bar.

A big telly out the back provides a good space for watching the football but doesnt intrude on the main bar area. A great touch.

Highly recommended, a proper pub in a proper setting.

12 Apr 2011 16:08

Swan, Amersham

Old Amersham is blessed with a selection of great pubs. The swan is absolutly the worst of these pubs for the main reason of service. Terrible service.

I cant speak for the resturant service, but on a friday or saturday night when the place is busy, the staff make it as clear as possible that they dont want to be there and they dont want you there.

Such a shame as to have a full selection of good pubs to choose from of an evening, in Old Amersham would have been perfect. As it stands, the swan is the only one i now avoid.

12 Apr 2011 15:56

The Pheasant, Amersham

Great service, great landlord, as cheap food as youll find anywhere, and all the sports on the telly. A beautifull building, decent outdoor seating and a very decebt recent refurb.

All in all a very decent pub.

Many moons ago, whilst i was doing my A levels at the college in Amersham, this place provided a good alternative to going to lessons. It was a place with a dodgy reputation, full of pool tables and frequented by underagers like us. Although great memories, im glad that the phesant has shed its old image and is a decent pub for the right reasons now.

12 Apr 2011 15:35

The Baby Betjeman, Kings Cross

as train station bars go, this ones not bad. classier decor than some places, witha nice high bar, to sit around. the outdoor area is decent too.

14 Dec 2010 13:16

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

only been in the ground floor bar area, but was impressed by the interior and the layout. a few 'snug' like areas and a big open plan area. decent selection of lagers and ales, would happily use this pub when near liverpool street station again.

14 Dec 2010 13:12

The Kings Arms, Liverpool Street

A very decent place to watch football, loads of screens and busy enough to get an atmosphere. despite its location, it seems to be a pub for locals instead of city types. by no means the best pub in the area, but good enough to be included in a crawl of the area.

14 Dec 2010 13:09

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

The pub itself is decent enough. nothing special, but nice feel inside. we had great service from the bartender. nothing sells it above the other pubs in the area, butits not bad.


real real down side was the food (or specifically the breakfast). the advert of two ful english breakfasts for a tenner, was the reason why we went in, but the food was terrible. it was 11.30 when i ordered my food, and it was plainly obvious that the sausages and bacon had been out since early that morning. rubbery and tastelss. shame.

14 Dec 2010 11:58

The Full Moon, Hawridge Common

put it this way.... i want to move to this area, just so that i can claim the Full moon as my local pub. lovely place. amazing location.

was only in here briefly after a country dog walk, but i was absolutly impressed. real fire going, various small rooms, an authentic country pub. attentive bar staff.

6 Dec 2010 12:18

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

the interior of the pub is amazing. a wonderfull example of a victorian (i think?) pub. the huge amount of cut glass and the ornate detail all over.

during the day, it suffers from a lack of atmosphere, despite its beauty. it feels a little like a high street wetherspoons. many 'lost' tourists from leicster square dont help the atmosphere either. but in the evenings, when the chatting and laughing noise levels pick up, and the pub fills out with revelers, the atmosphere and the interior are spot on. a great evening pub. often come here when in the area at night.

18 Nov 2010 13:22

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

despite the lunch time crowd of suits and tourists, there is a wonderfull 'living room' atmosphere to the place. nice small rooms steeped full of history. the building is at a jaunty angle, tucked away down an alley like a hiddenn gem (a secret that everyone knows about though).

really liked my time here, good service, good atmosphere, and from the look of other peoples plates, good pub food. authentic pub. authentic history.

18 Nov 2010 13:13

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

went here on a thursday lunch time, for a drink. really nice alpine lager, and another nice fuller flavour lager from same brewery. nice to see a change from the ususal brands. food menu was cheap too, didnt eat, but at those prices, i would come back and try it.

the interior is amazing, wonderfully dark, and the 'crooked house' feel to the layout, just oozes history. 4 small rooms, off a corridor, two bars, the front step is a smooth dip from hundreds of years of punters coming ang going. nice.

love this place. the fact its situated next to fleet street and all the horrible "post-yuppee" types cant be helped. just try to ignore them.

great place.

18 Nov 2010 13:10

The Half Moon, Stepney Green

a really supringly high level of quality here, consideing the area, and considering the fact its a 'wetherspoons' too.

very well done up, great use of the space its in. has a very decent selection of beers and lagers on tap and in bottles. the outside area is decent too, you really dont think your on or around miled end road when there.

downside: is its quite souless though. it is well done, but its still a very 'paint by numbers' wetherspoons place, and it almost has the feel of a costa coffee or starbucks inside.

plus points: amazing value, some wonderfully cheap prices and offers on everything, including food. the place serves breakfast from 7am and alcohol from 9am! perfect starting point for an all day east end pub crawl :)

12 Sep 2010 11:58

The Little Driver, Bow

absolutly loved our time in here yesterday.

we were the first ones in at midday, so it was quiet, but the guy (who i presume was the landlord) was a true gent, and made us very welcome. the barmaid was also great and played along with our banter. great service. also the lager was fresh and clean, and a much trastier pint than we had from the (open very early) wetherspoons down in stepney.

the interior is a large open space and is a wonderfull example of a traditional pub, complete with huge painted mirror on one wall and period trimmings behing the bar.

excellent proper pub, will definatly be back when in the area.


12 Sep 2010 11:52

The Bow Bells, Bow

was in this pub yesterday, was a great atmopshere with friendly locals.

decent traditional boozer decor and layout. nothing pretentious or winebar like.

the lady barmaid was friendly and serivce was good.

a really decent proper pub. will come again when back in the area.

they were showing football in 3d, which was a bit wierd walking in to see half the pub looking as if they were wearing sunglasses for blind people. ha ha

12 Sep 2010 11:47

The Princess Louise, Holborn

one of my favourite pubs in existence.

the interior is a wonder. its an authentic old victorian gin palace, complete with snugs around the bar.

decent different variety of beers and lagers, but the interior is what makes it.

31 Aug 2010 18:53

The Flower Pot, Aston

this was a wonderfull pub to stumble upon on a long enjoyable dog walk through the area. good pub food, and good service :)

the inside is full of wonderfull hunting/fishing bric a brac.

feel i should mention that this pub is very dog friendly with water bowls ready and waiting for your dog when you turn up. always a good thing.

a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon and watch the red kites circling above.

31 Aug 2010 18:50

The Poachers, Chalfont St Peter

just to add, there is a documented story from during World War 2, in which a large group of american G.I.s who were based near the area got into a full scale brawl with a large bunch of locals from chalfont st peter out the front of the Poachers. The article goes on to mention that the brawl continued for ages with a lack of police available.

Just goes to show, the poachers is part of chalfont, and has always represented the same thing in the area. ha ha ha

31 Aug 2010 18:45

The Poachers, Chalfont St Peter

love cocaine, but hate having to be secretive about it? then come to the poachers and no one will bat an eyelid as you snort the stuff in full view. poachers has had a reputation for years and years, its a wonder its never been closed down.

this place was recently burnt down during a burglary (sums up the poachers) but its going to reopen in a few months apparently.

no idea if it is going to remain as the chavs favourite football pub of the area, or if changes will be made.... i hope it does stay as a football pub, as the atmosphere is cracking for england games.

love it or hate it, poachers is part of chalfont.

31 Aug 2010 18:40

The Green Man, Wembley

have been to the green man 3 times with chelsea, and once with england, when we are playing at wembley.

average pub, but its got a decent open plan on mtachdays and a realyl good large covered smoking area outback which means you can create some really good atmosphere.

will be going back againfor the fa cup semis (at least) this year.

15 Apr 2009 14:20

The White Hart, Waterloo

great pub.

this place has a huge amount of beers/lagers on offer. about 7 or 8 lagers on tap, and probably 3 times as many more in the fridges.

nice comptempory decorations, but fortunatly not too 'wine bar' like.

i had great service, and the bar lady was kind enough to suggest other good pubs in the area.

4 Mar 2009 15:37

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

This is a perfect pub.

i cannot reccomend this place enough. its situated in a nice street, that feels a million miles form waterloo station, but is actually a coulpe of minutes walk.

the pub exterior is lovely, and is matche dby a genuinely cosy and nostalgic interior.

out the back is a great resturant, with some fantstic thai food.

if you're in this part of town, check it out.

4 Mar 2009 15:33

The Connaught Arms, Fratton

nice place. the locals/regulars are friendly and so are the bar staff.

a very friendly dog lives there too, who roams the pub, which is nice.

they serve cornish pastie with chips which os only a good thing.

beer wise, they had the usual lagers, but they also have a 7.8% cider for 2.80, should u be in the mood to get legless.

good pub atmosphere.

also its a great location to take the quicker back route to fratton park (pompeys ground).

4 Mar 2009 15:29

The Magpie, Fratton

this place is closed

4 Mar 2009 15:26

The Froddington Arms, Fratton

was in here breifly before portsmouth away.

its a drinkers pub definatly.

Nice large pub, lots of space, service was decent, and is a decent enough pub.

average, but thats not a bad thing.

4 Mar 2009 15:25

The Cornucopia, Southend on Sea

Really enjoyed this pub. was here on a january mid week evening, for chelsea's game at southend.

very small, drinkers pub. which had a nice charm to it. the ale drinkers amongst us really enjoyed their pints, im a lager drinker and the beer was perfectly adequate.

also one of the only pubs i know of which still has free nibbles on the bar. i think statement sums the place up.

27 Jan 2009 14:12

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

a must visit, when on tour to lverpool, simply for the interior.

havnt tried the food, but beer was nice enough.

11 Jul 2008 17:15

The Arkles, Anfield

this pub is often an away fans pub for liverpool and everton games. despite being so close to anfield, and also quite close to goodison.

on match days it fills up fast, and gets really packed, you can end up waiting 30 mins to get served, but the open floor space can mean a good atmosphere.

otherwise its an average pub, in a real sh*t hole of an area.
i wouldnt advise any one to there on non match days, simply becuase of how awfull anfield is, and liverpool in general.

11 Jul 2008 17:13

The One Bell, Watford

Great place,short walk to watfords ground, and is smack next to the shops if thats what u need.

very friendly, staff and nice people who go there.

pints are acceptable, but the food is out standing. its the only place around this end, that when you order a bowl of chips, you get free bread and butter, to amke chip butties with! nice touch

5 Oct 2007 09:39

The Shakespeare, Manchester

Love this pub, nice atmosphere, ideally placed.

when ever we come up to play bolton, city or manure, we always pop in here.

Its hidden just off the main sqaure for tram to old trafford and paddington is a short walk away for the reebok stadium.

its calm and quite dark, and on match days isnt particularly partisan.average pints, but it does great cheesy chips and other pub food.

5 Oct 2007 09:35

Packhorse, Gerrards Cross

Best pub in Gerrards cross.

is generally quiet, and is spacious. On fridays and saturday nights it can get a bit livlier and is the social point for many younger locals.

Decent range of lagers, currently have cobra on tap which is nice.

food is typical prepackaged pub food, but is reasonably priced for gerrards cross.

4 Oct 2007 14:16

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