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Comments by Bola

The Pembury Tavern, Hackney

Whilst the beer is always great in the Pembury sadly yesterday lunchtime the food was pretty appalling, a view shared by me a our others.

The fish pie was rank and cold and was sent back, the veggie crumble looked like a lump of suet and tasted none to clever and was sent back. Finally the lamb was served in a foul tasting aniseed gravy. To be fair a refund was given and a sweet given in compensation but after bigging up the lunch menu to our out of town guests we all felt let down.

2 Jun 2008 13:06

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

The other two pubs have shut. The Jerusalem is the only one left.

16 May 2006 12:26

Tal Y Don, Barmouth

Excellent pub serving fine ales (Titanic White Star for one) and quality food which is worth going their alone for.

Pub created a friendly atmosphere which enable locals and holidaymakers to get on well in a relaxed atmosphere especially over the pool table! Erm I had better re-phrase that.

Best pub in Barmouth by a mile.

11 Oct 2005 10:23

The Chesham Arms, Homerton

Nice pub serving lots of Nethergate Beer. Friendly atmosphere and a decent but small pool table. They could do with turning the cable music channels off but apart from that I cannot fault it. Beer is kept well and the pub is Hackneys hidden gem only opening after 16:30 on weekdays. Sunday lunch is excellent too!

10 Sep 2005 01:53

The Princess of Wales, Clapton

This is my local. Expensive for lager drinkers (3.05 for Carling but luckily I drink mixed) and is not a locals pub with trade of the canal or Hackney Marshes providing most custom.

The staff change on a regular basis and the pub spent a tidy sum on turning the public bar into a football/sky sports area only for the landlord to say he couldn't afford it any more which lost them a lot of custom, plenty of it local, to the nearby Ship Aground.

It's a great pub to sit outside in the warmer weather but on Saturdays Evenings and winter nights it's dead hence their aim to get the Sunday Lunchers in which conflicts with their recently introduced draconian policy on children.

As for the Youngs beer it's hit and miss. Do't have Waggledance on draft as it is rank but the mixed is generally okay. They donb't serve the full Youngs bottled range either meaning dedicated Youngs drinkers miss out on a few treats.

10 Sep 2005 01:48

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