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The Griffin Inn, Loughborough

It's definitely better than the old reviews so far suggest it is. Friendly staff and a decent draught cider. Clientele no problem either. Safe recommend for the undemanding drinker.

19 Mar 2012 14:26

The Phantom, Loughborough

Sadly let down by the clientelle, not students, just general chavvies who insist on letting the whole pub hear their conversation. Beer/Cider was passable, but the garish yellow paint on the outside is hardly inviting to the casual passer by drinker. It's the sort of place youngsters go to and make one pint of beer last all night.

19 Mar 2012 13:54

Horatio's Bar, Brighton Pier

Visited September 2011 Saturday Lunchtime

It is what it is, a pier bar catering for the many numbers, and different clientele, that drop in. We were lucky, a lovely hot day so we say outside and watched the fun go by courtesy of people watching. You don't have to write comedy, it's there in front of you at a place like Horatios. 6/10

30 Sep 2011 01:00

The Railway Bell, Brighton

Visited September 2011 Lunchtime and Early Evening

Ok, so perhaps my lady and I wouldn't spend the night in there, but for our first and last stops in Brighton it was a pleasure. Landlord was most helpful to anyone who asked for his time, beer was just dandy and the train update screens behind the bar are excellent. 8/10

30 Sep 2011 00:52

Norman Arms, St Leonards on Sea

Visted September 2011 Lunchtime

Dirty and full of dirty looking old men! Toilets a disgrace but on the plus side the lager was fine and the barmaid friendly to us. Only stayed for one mind.....


30 Sep 2011 00:39

The Royal Albion, Hastings

Visited September 2011 Evening

Utterly filthy place, the outside windows and doors have not been cleaned for many a moon it looks like. Barman was ace, though, friendly and knowledable about where we could go for a decent drink in comfort! 3/10

30 Sep 2011 00:16

The John Logie Baird, Hastings

Visited September 2011 Evening

A hollow brightly lit place full of youths who like the sound of their own voices. Beer was adequate, bouncers on the door surly and not a place to unwind! 3/10

30 Sep 2011 00:09

The Anchor, Hastings

Visited September 2011 Evening

Hassle free visit where we drank shorts outside on the cobbles whilst being entertained by a Bob Dylan busker! Friendly staff and the inside has an all round good feel to it. 7/10

30 Sep 2011 00:07

Ye Olde Pump House, Hastings

Visted September 2011

Lovely. Not original features but packed with period flavours, food was gorgeous and we had a pleasant seat in the window. Lager and cider nice and chilled and barmaid most helpful and friendly.

Recommended for diners mainly, though. 8/10

29 Sep 2011 23:59

The Hastings Arms, Hastings

Visited September 2011 Evening

Hastings' equivalant of a student bar it felt like, we only had shorts but enjoyed sitting out the front. Lively enough, hassle free if a too much box like to make staying inside worth while. 5/10

29 Sep 2011 23:56

The Duke of Wellington, Hastings

Visited September 23rd 2011 Evening

Only one guy in the bar, he from Tipperary and was rude to my lady when he found out she was from Dublin! A grubby place that needs tarting up to make better use of its excellent location. But it appears from other reviews that the place rarely attracts punters so it seems the owners are still not getting the message.

29 Sep 2011 23:53

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Visited 23rd September 2011

Lovely location in the shadow of Ypres Tower and the walk up the cobbled streets was most pleasant. It was a lovely hot day so we sat in the garden, had lagers Becks and Kronenerg which were very nice. Barman was friendly and we have no complaints at all about this place. 7/10

29 Sep 2011 23:47

The Ship Inn, Rye

Visited 23rd September 2011 Lunchtime

Very quiet but nice period detail inside and the music was in keping with ye olde flavour. Only had lagers which were fine and the barmaid was pleasant to us. Nice place to unwind before getting the train back to Hastings. 7/10

29 Sep 2011 23:43

The Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath

Was here last Sunday for a gig by The Rezillos upstairs. What a smashing pub, holding onto its traditional values and full of eclectic clientele from different cultures and fashion persuasion. Beer was bang on too. Bravo 9/10

20 Aug 2011 03:23

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Visited Friday 15th July 2011. 21.00 till closing.

Used to be a punk rockers haunt of mine back in the early 80's, and although the layout hasn't changed much, obviously everything else has! A good selection of ales on draught for those who like that sort of thing on here, with the popular choice being something called Blonde. Our strongbow and lager orders were nice and flowed with ease, and the bar staff were very friendly and helpful. Nice atmosphere in there as well, candles always make a nice touch when you are out with your partner, so they are making an aesthetic mark straight away. Music was varied and crucially, not too loud so as you could hold a conversation with others.

Yeah we liked it 8/10

18 Jul 2011 03:48

The Prince of Wales, Kennington

Visited June 27th whlst down Kennington way for the international cricket match.

A real treat, both in location and customer service. We had been let down on our quest for food at the Old Red Lion 30 minutes earlier, so sought out the POW at 21.30. Upon asking if food was still being served we were gladly informed that it was, Menu is not overly large but there's enough there for the standard palette. Guy doing the cooking was Eastern European and not only did the food arrive piping hot; and the steak for my companion was cooked to the asked for medium rare, but it was also delicious, as was my companions cumberland sausage and mash.

Staff and clientele appear to be well to do university types, absolutely no problem and the atmosphere is truly delightful. We sat outside as it was a very warm evening and sampled the workings of this square where the pub is housed. Edwardian houses and street lamps ooze character, while the green in the centre of the square was party to a number of folk playing Boules. Guinness and Lager was nice but we quickly replaced those with Vodka/Gin tonics since the mood called for it :- )

A top place and easy to recommend, and we shall make it our port of call when we next visit the Oval for some cricket. 9/10

29 Jun 2011 23:43

The Old Red Lion, Kennington

Visited June 27th and June 28th whlst down Kennington way for the international cricket match.

Nice place with character.

Was disappointed to be told that as it was Monday night they didn't serve food, and again on Tuesday night when we went in at 21.00 we were told no food as there was no chef! Which considering that the advertising board on the pavement states food till 22.00 is obviously a shame. However, both evenings the staff were helpful, apologetic and friendly, with the young lady working Monday night giving us directions to a couple of other places we might like to try for food. Also a very nice touch is that they have some free snacks and savouries on the bar (pork pies etc), which is something you rarely see these days.

The beer was fine, we had Heineken and Guinness on our two visits, while sitting in the neat beer garden during a balmy evening was a pleasure. Clientele wise no problems, couples and mid 20's age bracket, and place is ideally located close to Kennington Tube Station and a ream of buses stop close by.

Very recommended place that I hope can survive, they just need to tighten up on the food issue by way of correct advertising. 8/10

29 Jun 2011 22:45

The Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield

Thursday 20th January 2011 12.30 for lunch and drinks with my disabled Mother.

What is a nice pub in looks from the outside is let down by some shabby work on the interior. Carpet looking tired and where we sat (table next to the kitchen entrance) there were dirty hand prints on the wall! Two of the beer taps had been stripped of their logo`s and the hand drier in the mens was broken.

It was quite busy with mainly elderly patrons eager to take in the two for 5 meal deal that the Sizzler chain offers here. Only one guy serving behind the bar, and one girl serving food. Have to say that both members of staff were first class, pleasant and helpful. In fact I tipped the ladd behind the bar. The Guinness was excellent and my Mom was happy with her Stella. But the food.....

Good enough menu, with value for money as regards the afore mentioned 2 for 5 deal. But I fancied something nice and saw that they had a silver section on the menu that proudly proclaimed was for those that want something special. So I ordered what was meant to be two succulent lamb rump steaks with mashed potatoe and seasonal vegetables. What I got was two "2 by "1 slivers of meat, runny mash potatoe and cold vegetables..and they charged me 7.99 for the privilege! Apalling dinner. The ingestion of such slop was not aided by the numerous screams coming from the kitchen that made my Mother and other elderly customers jump. It seems the young chef likes to lark around, judging by the poor excuse of a meal served up to me, the joke was on me!

We left soon after never to return. Poor kitchen doing hard working service staff no justice at all.

28 Jan 2011 04:21

The Crown, Birmingham


I think you have the wrong pub, this is The Crown on Station Street at the back of New Street Station, The Crown by the Courts is up on Corporation Street opposite where Yates used to be.

15 Sep 2010 01:26

The Bull, Birmingham

Delightful establishment. Only small so does get very packed when the office staff nearby turn out ofter a shift, but other times its relatively quiet with a lovely home feel. Ale is nice and the food too is tasty. Sort of place that time has forgot, and that`s a very good thing. 9/10

15 Sep 2010 01:14

Yates's, Birmingham

Now a curry buffet place.

5 Sep 2010 16:25

Yard Of Ale, Birmingham

Has gone down hill fast. Excellent prices for the beer and the staff always pleasant, but toilets a disgrace. Up for sale now and it`s hoped that someone gets hold of it and restores it to its former glory. 4/10

5 Sep 2010 16:24

Windsor, Birmingham

Distinctly average boozer where the management can`t quite detemine what clientele they want to attract. 4/10

5 Sep 2010 16:21

The Wellington, Birmingham

Quality ales with eccentric clientele. 8/10

5 Sep 2010 16:19

The Trocadero, Birmingham

I echo the comments of Blastbeat below dated 1/9/10

5 Sep 2010 16:17

Scruffy Murphy's, Birmingham

Great for harder music fans. Beer ok, the Guinness is spot on, and the clientele are salt of the earth. 7/10

5 Sep 2010 16:04

The Queens Head, Birmingham

A sad state compared to what it used to be, just the policemen and lawyers use it now. 3/10

5 Sep 2010 16:01

The Old Royal, Birmingham

Recommended. Has sadly lost some of its old fashioned value on the interiors, but beer always nice and the clientele safe and friendly.

It does get too packed at lunch times, tho, so arrive early for a seat. 7/10

5 Sep 2010 15:59

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

A smashing pub with lots of choices on tap and a friendly and warm atmosphere always. Highly recommended at Xmas time during the evening if you can get a window seat, from there you can take in the lights on the trees and the church gorgeously lit up. 9/10

5 Sep 2010 15:57

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

One of the best pubs in the centre of Brum. They look after the beer and the food is of a high quality. Staff last weekend were fine and pleasant enough. The trek up to the toilets is a task, but take in the wonderful army murals on yer way to the stairs.

Lovely pub that`s not frequented by idiots and aggressors. 9/10

5 Sep 2010 15:52

Fibber Mcgees, Birmingham

Now known as The Sound Bar. Youngster pub, beer expensive but tasty. Live music a plus, tho it can take an age to get served when a band is on. 5/10

5 Sep 2010 15:45

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Was served a frozen pie for my dinner! They took it back and I then waited 45 minutes before having enough and asked for my money back.

Beer was fine, and the manager was helpful during his mortified spell. 3/10

5 Sep 2010 15:42

The Golden Hind, Kingstanding

Was once the "flagship" public house for North Birmingham but now dwells near the bottom of the ocean. The steady flow of ill equipped and untrained managers employed by the brewery over the last 15 years has seen the place become a joke.

Ok for a pint in the lounge between 12.00-16.00 Sunday to Thursday, but outside of those times the place is threatening and trouble never sems far away. Quality of the beer is so so, tho the Guinness is now not too bad. 2/10

5 Sep 2010 15:35

The Tennis Court, Perry Barr

Safe and sound sort of boozer.

5 Sep 2010 15:16

The Church Tavern, Perry Barr

I would strongly urge people to ignore the old reviews for the Church tavern. This year (2010) has seen a 100% improvement, both in quality of service and the food on offer (which is still the excellent two for one deals). I take my disabled mother every other Friday and have not been let down yet this year. I even had friends over from Ireland who were amazed at the quickness of the food arriving and the quality of the food.

It could do with making sure that the rule of no kids past the line is adhered to more riggedly, but by and large the Church Tavern is the most improved public house in North Birmingham.

5 Sep 2010 15:13

The Boars Head, Perry Barr

Shut down and soon to be a Buffet House.

5 Sep 2010 15:06

The Hobgoblin, Marylebone

Nice Guinness and we certainly didn`t have any problems with the young ladies who served us (Saturday/Sunday 28/29 August). There was a wedding reception or something similar on the Saturday evening so it was a bit packed. Found it strange that outside on one side of the pub you aren`t allowed to drink your beer, but two paces around to the other side you can! ; - )

Didn`t try the food as too packed, but a nice pub with friendly locals to chat with outside. 7/10

5 Sep 2010 14:26

The Harcourt Arms, Marylebone

A small compact pub with an adequately sized beer garden. Does not serve food at the weekend which is a bit strange and in spite of notices in the garden asking for patrons to be aware of noise levels, the crowd out there on this Sunday evening (29th August) was loud and intrusive.

Guinness was nice and the bar staff friendly. 5/10

5 Sep 2010 14:20

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

Whilst down this way for the England/Pakistan Test Match August 28/29 my father in-law and I found this to be the most relaxing of all the pubs we visited in the area over the two days. It gets busy during the day with most people eating, but more sedate during the evening. The food was of a real good standard, with the beer & ale pie particularly tasty.

However, at 20.00 on the Sunday evening they were unable to provide three requested ales for us from the taps, so we were left to rely on the Guinness which was a sound pint. The staff during our three visits were friendly and helpful (and apologetic about running out of ales). while it should be noted that this pub does not show sky tv and that the tv is cleverly hidden by a menu board! 7.5/10

5 Sep 2010 14:11

The Globe, Lisson Grove

It`s the "in" pub for sports fans in the vicinity of Marylebone Staions. My father in-law and I was down that way for the England/Pakistan Test Match. On the Saturday we couldn`t find a pub local to our hotel that was showing the cricket. When we got to The Globe they were showing the Rugby League Final, but after speaking to the manager he said he would put the cricket on upstairs in the restaurant area for us. A real nice and helpful touch was that. Nice Guinness and our Scampi and Lasagne dinners too were of a delicious quality. As the evening came in the bar downstairs got raucous as it was full of Leeds Rugby fans watching Manchester United playing West Ham United! Nothing threatening, tho the bar was now ominously issuing out plastic glasses to everyone, but clearly this is not a pub for a quiet pnt and a chat.

On the whole, great service, great goods, but definitely a pub for the louder crowd. 7/10

5 Sep 2010 14:00

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