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The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

Yes, it's not a bad pub at all. But the trouble with Hastings is that it still displays (though it's getting better) the awful legacy of the old days when it was a GLC 'overspill town' for the scum of London who couldn't be housed there due to a shortage of housing stock in the old GLC area. The result was that the scum were 'relocated' to Hastings, much to the delight of the guest-house landladies, of course, whose cash flow rapidly improved thanks to all-year-round occupancy but, sadly, to the detriment of Hastings. Fortunately, some thirty years or so on, things are slowly improving as the 'dregs' are either 'popping off' or moving away, to be replaced by respectable people. So, the thuggish tattooed half-wits that hung around the pubs spending all their dole money on booze are slowly disappearing. Nevertheless, as some of the comments prove, there are still traces of the f****ng this and f****ing that brigade who spoil it for everyone else. Enjoy the beer and the food, but don't forget your earplugs!

21 Sep 2010 21:24

The Half Moon, Windlesham

Look - of course the food's not brilliant; they don't employ professional chefs, just local woman (and the odd guy) earning pin-money who have basic skills only. That's one of the reasons the quality of the food and the service go rapidly downhill when it's busy. If you want a first-class meal, go to a restaurant with a good reputation - it will cost a bit more, but you'll get better food. The owners are charming people, which is a plus-point, but value for money is more important. Sadly, it is over-priced, but then it's Windlesham, so what do you expect?

21 Sep 2010 20:26

The Greyhound, Weston Green

Anyone remember the Welsh Landlord from the mid-90's? I think his name was Geoff (or Jeff). Nice guy, I wonder what happened to him.

3 Dec 2009 23:32

The George and Dragon, Thames Ditton

Does anyone remember this pub in the late 80's / early 90's when it was run by John Bourke? It was great then, but sadly not so good nowadays.

3 Dec 2009 23:25

The Swan, Hanworth

Sorry, I forgot the Horse & Groom - an even worse pub, if you can imagine it!

6 Nov 2009 23:38

The Brickmakers, Windlesham

Snobby place. Ridiculously overpriced thanks to the affluent, but shallow, locals. It's not a pub, it's a meeting place for the local clique.

Avoid it like the plague.

6 Nov 2009 23:33

The Fox, Twickenham

My God, this place sounds awful. I'll stay with the Eel Pie, or just go to the always-good Prince Albert near The Green.

6 Nov 2009 23:26

The Bolton Arms, Old Basing

I remember this pub most affectionately from the early 80's when I and my colleagues (who worked in Ringway House) used to drink there regularly at lunchtime. We always enjoyed it then, so I hope it's still going strong. I guess all the staff have long since changed since then - but that's life. We were all Monty Python fans then, and jokingly used to call it 'The Notlob' (an incorrect palindrome of Bolton)!

6 Nov 2009 23:12

The Swan, Hanworth

How on earth can this shit-hole of a pub continue trading? This has to be one of the roughest pubs on the planet. Go elsewhere for God's sake.

4 Nov 2009 23:24

The Queens Head, Icklesham

We went there in September and, sadly, must say it wasn't quite the friendly place it used to be (we've been going there, on and off, for over fifteen years). A polite suggestion to the management: the attitude of your bar staff is so important. Just one rude or off-hand commemt can damage your reputation forever with some customers.

4 Nov 2009 22:34

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

Hi everyone - haven't been in for a while, but miss it terribly. Has the landlord changed? How's the Pride; is it okay now?

4 Nov 2009 22:20

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

Hi everyone - haven't been in for a while, but miss it terribly. Has the landlord changed? How's the Pride; is it okay now.

4 Nov 2009 22:17

The Fighting Cocks, Bagshot

Roughest pub in Surrey. Most customers are illiterate scum-bags. A demon of a pub if ever there was one; run far, run fast!

28 Oct 2009 13:58

Ely, Blackwater

I suppose it all boils down to what you expect from a pub. Personally, I like my beer in good condition (not sour), freshly cooked food (not frozen/poorly cooked stuff), friendly bar service (not scowls) and respectable customers (not yobs). Sadly, the bracketed versions are all I've ever experienced there. I totally avoid the place nowadays. Better to stay home where one can eat and drink at less than half the price, and not feel threatened by the clientel! Or go elsewhere, of course.

28 Oct 2009 13:53

The Crown Hotel, Chertsey

The Crown used to be a good pub some years ago when it was run by Phil and his wife (can't remember her name). After them came Bill in the early 90's who also made a good job of it.

I was in there recently and was saddened to see how dirty it had become. Also, a few foul-mouthed drongos at the bar spoilt the atmosphere. Time to move on methinks. Problem is where?

11 Dec 2008 19:46

The Half Moon, Windlesham

It's unbelievable what happened to the previous reviewer (Mike727). The problem, I think, is that the place is just too small for the patronage it sometimes gets.

And, the beer is still no better!

11 Dec 2008 19:21

The Angel, Thames Ditton

There was a time when you struggled to get served in this pub, simply because it was so busy. It had a great atmosphere with clientele from all walks of life. Haven't been there for some time but now I'm back in the area will do so soon.

6 Oct 2008 21:40

The George and Dragon, Thames Ditton

Bring back John Bourke! Anyone remember him? It was a great pub in those days. I seem to recall that JB owned it, but he sold up and retired in the mid-nineties. What a shame.

6 Oct 2008 21:35

The Cricketers on the Green, Weston Green

Go next door for heaven's sake!!

6 Oct 2008 21:28

The Lion Hotel, Farningham

This place should be demolished, preferably with the staff and management inside! Some weird looking inattentive waiter (a lanky Buddy Holly look-alike?) walking about. As for the manager himself - when we were there he walked across the restaurant area wearing flip-flops. Seeing his bare toes put us off the decidedly average food. The beer is a joke. Any pretence at real ale is lost in this purile place. It's a 60's thow-back without the charm.

6 Oct 2008 21:26

The Chequers, Farningham

Gump - you are correct; the Russian lass is an absolute stunner. Shame the place is so cramped - it means you can't get away from the offensive language of some of the rougher regulars. The beer is below par far too often to make this place a good ale pub - the landlord should reduce the number of ales on tap because the throughput is just inadequate to justify so many ales in a small pub like this.

6 Oct 2008 21:11

The Horse and Groom, Hanworth

Easily the worst pub in the area. Full of evil violent scum-bags. Avoid this pub like the plague!

6 Oct 2008 20:54

The White Swan, Twickenham

hobo36 - you really are an illiterate 'drongo' aren't you?

If you can't post an intelligent comment, don't bother at all!

6 Oct 2008 20:51

The Coach and Horses, Rotherwick

Supercom - Have you ever visited the planet earth?

The pub's food is crap with poor service.

5 Oct 2008 22:53

The Half Moon, Windlesham

Of course the beer's awful - the landlord doesn't drink beer and, in any case, he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Watney's Red Barrel and Fuller's London Pride even if he did!

Ridiculously over-priced for sour beer and crap food.

5 Oct 2008 22:34

The Surrey Cricketers, Windlesham

Last time I went there (a few years ago) the landlord and his son seemed violent scum-bags or have things changed?

5 Oct 2008 22:28

The Crown and Cushion, Blackwater

Good ale, although limited range and expensive, and food OK but shame about the tart behind the bar. The expression 'rough as a badger's a...e' comes to mind!

Move on.

5 Oct 2008 22:21

Ely, Blackwater

Previous message about the beer is spot on - it's awful, as is the atmosphere thanks to a few rough-looking customers swearing etc.

Avoid The Ely like the plague!

3 Oct 2008 14:30

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

You can say all you like about Ken - how 'approachable' he is, his 'prestigious' award, et al, but I'm afraid that's all irrelevant. It's the beer that counts and it's simply not up to scratch nowadays. If it's your husband who drinks Pride then perhaps he should post a comment, not you. As it happens, I have complained and returned quite a few pints but the replacements were no better so reluctantly I have given up with the pub until things improve. The simple fact is that the previous manager(s) served beer in better condition and that's that.

28 Sep 2008 22:24

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

I've been drinking in the Prince Albert on and off for over 25 years, and have always had good beer, until lately that is! I don't know why, but for the last few months the Pride has not been in perfect condition. It seems to have deteriorated since the change of landlord - coincidence or not? Has anybody else noticed?

8 Sep 2008 12:07

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