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Comments by Aquastar

The RISC Global Cafe and Bar, Reading


Basically it is what it is, the bar staff are average and the beer is alright. That pretty much sums' it up in all honesty.

11 Apr 2010 20:34

The Purple Turtle, Reading

A good bar.

Yep it is good, you know what to expect here a Legend in terms' of Reading. Good drinks and average customers. You can certainly have a good chin-wag with some of the boys' down here.

11 Apr 2010 20:32

Yates's, Reading

A decent pub.

Good location, easy walk from the Oracle, for a sneaky weekend pint just after you've been shopping and the shops are closing. The staff are generally ok, if not a bit slow at times'. I love the 3D football and it does seem to be thoroughly decent to me.

11 Apr 2010 20:30

The Walkabout, Reading


Good for food & drinks, the bar staff are quite nice also. Obviously if you want to watch sport in the town this is your point of destination.

11 Apr 2010 20:19

The Oakford Social Club, Reading

The best bar in Reading.

Simply put... good drinks, world class bar staff, nice bouncers who have a laugh with you and the best meals' you will get in all of Reading. Oh and they also have great bands' play there sometimes, this bar is pretty much perfect.

11 Apr 2010 20:14

Pavlov's Dog, Reading

Awful, awful and awful.

This place is truly terrible, firstly the staff are rude, they ID you on purpose to annoy you & they also criticise you if you put a song they don't like on the jukebox. Also the bouncers are awful, they seem intent on upsetting everyone who goes in there, even the staff! The manageress is also very up herself and rude.

Secondly you get allot of fights in here, the staff also are not perfect at dealing with someone almost injuring half of the customers of 'Pavs on a Thursday afternoon.

Thirdly the people who stay in here are generally nasty people who will steal something off you, if you let your eyes off of it for a second.

Forth, the food isn't good anymore they used to have an extremely good chef team but they have moved on to bigger and much better things now! That sums it all up nicely it used to be a good pub, when the legend that was the last boss ran it, it is now awful, they have lost all the good staff and lastly. Don't get a Yellow Card if you insist on going here, if you lose it they won't give you another and that one girl who we all know will just give you the blankest of blank stares, I have ever seen.

So to sum it all up, bad food, bad service, bad choice of drinks, average drinks and fights. It's awful so just stay away and go to the Purple Turtle or Oakford Social Club instead please!

11 Apr 2010 20:10

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