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Comments by Annabanks

The Uplands Bar and Brasserie, East Dulwich

Not the friendliest of pubs, the bar staff rarely understand what you are asking them.
The music quiz is good fun but pretty impossible, it's not a very welcoming pub.
Needs to do something to sharpen up, its in a great location.

4 Jan 2008 14:27

Sankey's, Tunbridge Wells

Regulars only!

4 Jan 2008 13:05

The Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells

Nice for lunch and the bar is open then, older clientele and not actually a pub as it is an arts centre.
Nice for meeting up in the afternoons

4 Jan 2008 13:04

The Prince of Wales, Tunbridge Wells

grotty but good for live music. I love the Tar Babies!

4 Jan 2008 13:03

TN4, Tunbridge Wells

Badly designed inside but good fun if you can get one of the small areas.

4 Jan 2008 13:02

The Sound Garden / Biscuit Factory, Tunbridge Wells

Nice friendly place but often quiet. Seems to change hands every 6 months..The Clarence, The Jailhouse, The Biscuot Factory.....

4 Jan 2008 13:02

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

Good for Grannies get their cheap lunches..the food is awful. the atmosphere is awful...its awful

4 Jan 2008 13:00

The Compasses, Tunbridge Wells

Great pub, used to do a great pub quiz on Sunday nights with free sandwiches which was excellent. Not been in years, must pop back...

4 Jan 2008 12:59

The Bedford, Tunbridge Wells

Is this still a gay pub?

4 Jan 2008 12:58

The Hole In The Wall, Chichester

I worked here in 2001 as a student and from the reviews not much has changed!
Sort it out Hole in The Wall! Used to be nice for pensioners at lunch times and students in the evenings...sounds like a chav haven now.

4 Jan 2008 12:50

The Hayfield, Stepney Green

Please clean this pub, the bar flies are gross, everywhere is sticky.
The toilets are rancid.
knock it down!

4 Jan 2008 10:05

The Castle, Camberwell

Great for Sunday breakfasts the Eggs Benedict are great. Friendly staff, nice place.
Weird stuffed animals..beware the fox by the door

3 Jan 2008 18:00

The Sun and Doves, Camberwell

strange furniture but generally a nice pub, slightly out of the way but attractive

3 Jan 2008 17:58

Castle, Farringdon

interesting decor, decent food. Reasonably priced and well prepared. Good for a stop off for lunch or after work beer.

6 Nov 2007 14:56

The Vibe Bar, Shoreditch

great for summer, huge space. Funky

1 Nov 2007 12:43

The Catch, Shoreditch

tiny bar but nice, very busy at the weekends with people spilling out onto the streets.

1 Nov 2007 12:40

The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

grubby wannabe trndy pub. Smelly and the toilets are rancid

1 Nov 2007 12:39

The Elbow Room, Shoreditch

Really good for pool, avoid on Saturday nights as the whole of Essex seems to decend on it. Jack Daniels chicken wings are amazing and the bar staff are friendly. Good DJs on Sundays.
Saturdays mean a long wait for the tables but they have a good system with pagers to ensure you get your table.

1 Nov 2007 12:38

The Bleeding Heart, Clerkenwell

Great food, great service great drinks. Really lovely place.

1 Nov 2007 12:32

The Lava Bar, Tunbridge Wells

weird location weird bar...uncomfortable and unfriendly. Has changed hands about a million times and they still don't get it right.

1 Nov 2007 12:24

The Coco Lounge, Tunbridge Wells

Is this the Chez MOi, revolting place full of junkies and Sherwood estate chavs, if you want a fight go here. Over priced drinks and the scum of Tunbridge Wells reside here.

1 Nov 2007 12:23

Cassidys, Tunbridge Wells

nice pub for large groups, like the layout.

1 Nov 2007 12:21

Beau Nash, Tunbridge Wells

Local pub for local people. Very very small, tiny door to get through. Beer garden is lovely in the summer.

1 Nov 2007 12:20

The Barn, Tunbridge Wells

Fantastic food, nice big bar. Lovely traditional pub. Bar staff a bit dim.

1 Nov 2007 12:18

The Woolpack, London Bridge

Really nice pub, great atmosphere. Great outside space. Good food. Friendly bar staff. Always busy.

1 Nov 2007 12:16

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Cute, tucked away. Quite grubby and uncomfortable but I do like for wine after work.

1 Nov 2007 12:14

All Bar One, London Bridge

Wall to wall suits going for after work drinks. They even reserve tables for work do's. Avoid!

1 Nov 2007 12:13

Inside 72, East Dulwich

Great sunday lunches, small but nice. Toilets are not great but it's a funky little place.

29 Oct 2007 14:32

The Clock House, East Dulwich

Very friendly bar staff, good food. You can usually get a seat. would recommend!

29 Oct 2007 14:31

The Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell

This is the worst place to get your lunch from. Ok, the food is good but the service is appalling. Very very slow, often the wrong order.
I have never been there and have them get the order right. A houmus sandwich once took 45 minutes to arrive! It's cold! What are they doing in that kitchen.
Unless you have a 3 hour lunch break don't order here! It's such a shame as the food is really quite good.

29 Oct 2007 14:27

The Palmerston, East Dulwich

Fantastic food, nice to sit outside and read papers on a sunny sunday as well.

More restaurant than pub.

3 Sep 2007 10:23

Inside 72, East Dulwich

Brilliant Sunday lunches, always a good place to go as the other pubs are always rammed for Sunday lunch.

Toilets could do with a clean up. But the intimate atmosphere and friendly bar staff make up for that.

Would recommend!

3 Sep 2007 10:22

Liquorish, East Dulwich

Strange place. Quite quiet and not really comfortable, bit pretentious. Bar staff are friendly though, good stop off place if you are heading out somewhere else.

They should rethink the seating plan, could be more comfortable and sociable.

3 Sep 2007 10:20

The Crystal Palace Tavern, East Dulwich

Good pop quiz on a Tuesday evening, good for a giggle. Nice large pub. You can usually get a seat.

3 Sep 2007 10:18

The Black Cherry Bar, East Dulwich

Brilliant cocktail bar. lovely decor, decent food and good bar staff. Always busy, I highly recommend trying a Zombie...just once. You are limited to 2 a get the picture.
Anyone visiting ED I would recommend the Black Cherry as a must!

3 Sep 2007 10:17

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

Nice pub, can get quite hectic if there are any sport events on but if you are looking to watch a game this is a good place to go.
Recently ate here as well which was really nice. The bar staff are sometimes a bit slow but other than that generally good.

3 Sep 2007 10:15

The Bishop, East Dulwich

Great pub, lovely bar staff. Always busy. Has front and back open space often with locals spilling out onto the streets. Highly recommended.

3 Sep 2007 10:12

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