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Name: Abbey Lakes Hotel
Address: Orrell Road, Orrell, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 8QZ
  • now an Indian restaurant called the Raj...
Name: Alexandra Hotel
Address: 213 Whelley, Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 1BL
Name: The Amberswood Tavern
Address: 272 Manchester Road, Ince, Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 2ED
  • a bit...
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Name: Anvil
Address: Dorning Street, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1ND
  • Still a busy pub, 7 ales & 2 ciders, pleasant barmaid. I indulged in Abbeydale...
  • Still got 7 ales on, I had Marston's '61 Deep' , a decent pint....
  • Cheap town centre real ale pub. Lots of TV screens and jolly pensioners inside. Worth...
  • The Anvil does not change much, pleasant staff, friendly locals. % ales on I opted for...
  • Another visit to the Anvil, I had pints of Abbeydale Brewery 'Moonshine', a very nice...
Name: The Avenue
Address: Severn Drive, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9NF
Name: Beech Tree Hotel
Address: Beech Hill Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 8PL
Name: Bel Air Hotel
Address: 236 Wigan Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2NU
  • The bar here (known as Wilf's bar) is good value and in a very pleasant location...
Name: The Belle Vue Inn
Address: 210 Woodhouse Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7NF
Name: Bellingham Hotel
Address: 141-149 Wigan Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2NB
  • Large, multi-purpose building opposite the infirmary on the A49 north of Wigan. It's...
  • no real ale had two pints of stella ok handy if you are visting wigan infirmary being ...
Name: Ben Jonson Hotel
Address: 702 Warrington Road, Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6XN
  • Boarded up and has been for a while...
Name: The Berkeley
Address: 27-29 Wallgate, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1LD
  • Sizeable, lively pub [with plenty of seating]. efficient barmaid, only 2 ales on our...
  • A drinking barn with loads of screens. If you want to watch the sport it's ok and does...
  • Large Wetherspoonesque pub on Wigan’s main drinking street. Several semi-separate...
  • Comfortable spacious establishment, but does not have a smoking area, Staff were...
  • Friendly welcome on our most recent visit - good range of beers (Copper Dragon Summer...
Name: Bird I'th Hand
Address: Wigan Road, Hindley, Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3BG
  • Now serving 2 real ales from Caladonian...
  • only keg beers so had a pint of 1664.temp landlord in charge who was a great...
Name: Bird I'th' Hand [CLOSED]
Address: 102 Gidlow Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7DY
  • Bordered up with metal plates over the windows March...
  • This used to be a really good pub, but has suffered in recent years from crass...
Name: The Black Bull
Address: 140 Hardybutts, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 3NE
  • I wasn't too impressed by this backstreet Wigan pub. No real ales were available, with...
Name: The Bold Hotel
Address: 161 Poolstock Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 5HL
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Name: The Boulevard
Address: 17-19 Wallgate, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 1LD
  • Had 30 minutes in between trains at Wigan on Saturday evening. So I managed to fit in...
  • Was my last port of call on yesterdays outing. Sadly it only had about 6 or maybe 7...
  • We nearly walked in the wrong bar when initially arriving here. There is a ground...
  • Located on Wallgate, just 100 mtrs from Wigan Wallgate Station this single door...
  • I was expecting a grungy and dark bar but was pleasantly surprised at how bright and...
Name: The Bowling Green [CLOSED]
Address: 134A Ormskirk Road, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 9ED
  • Closed and up for sale for a few years...
Name: The Bowling Green Hotel
Address: 106 Wigan Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2LF
  • Has had an internal makeover, modern 'plastic' bar, a glorified gin bar, noisy when we...
  • Busy on our visit last Sunday, still a decent pub. Had Moorehouse's 'White Witch',...
  • Spacious pub, 2 ales on [Dizzy Blonde & Timothy Taylor's Landlord], good smoking...
  • Love this pub, fab entertainment, the landlady is a great singer. Wonderful...
  • Yes Freddy i am calling you a liar,and i think you have a some gripe with this pub,for...
Name: Brickmakers Arms
Address: Woodhouse Lane, Wigan, Lancashire, WN6 7LN
  • went in before a game at the dw stadium was packed. but their was 24,000 on at the dw....
  • I've been using this pub for thirty years and it never looks any different, thank God....
  • Tardis-like Thwaites pub where it feels like it could be 40 years ago once you step...
photo available
Name: Brocket Arms (JD Wetherspoon)
Address: Mesnes Road, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2DD
  • Staff still efficient, busy on our recent visit, good range of ales on; I had...
  • Good selection of ales on during our visit prior to the ale festival, I had Grafton...
  • Same as on previous visits, good staff, well kept ales; I had Saltaire 'Mosaic'...
  • Same as last year, still well kept ales & efficient...
  • Large Wetherpoons hotel, good range of ales, efficient staff, smoking terrace at the...
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