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Name: The Fleur De Lis
Address: West Street, Stoke Sub Hamdon, Yeovil, Somerset, TA14 6TU
  • Definitely worth a visit I would say. They have different events going on each night -...
  • A strange combination of attractive exterior and friendly landlords, very 'designer'...
  • St George's Day Nite great! (as far as I can...
  • beer may be good and a varied guest selection, but it's not brilliant. interior decor...
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Name: The Half Moon
Address: Ham Hill, Stoke-Sub-Hamdon, Somerset, TA14 6RL
  • Oh yeah, with reference to the comment below, I am a 49 year old biker riding a 1200...
  • Is this pub still going? Last time I went in here it was full of the local 'brain...
  • Tonight is the first time I went to this pub and it was lovely, from politeness of the...
  • Great country pub with live music on...
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